My Uncle’s New Wife; Part 3 Cousin Ashley Takes Charge

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My Uncle’s New Wife; Part3 Cousin Ashley Takes Charge

Shock would be a mild word to describe what I felt the moment I opened my eyes. Expecting it was Aunt Laura next to me in bed only to see my little cousin Ashley. She had one finger pressed against her lips while her other hand was fondling my morning wood. Don’t get me wrong, it felt good and my erection didn’t care who was handling it. Add to that my cousin Ashley was a hottie.

In many ways she was a smaller version of her mother, my Aunt Debbie. Though around half a foot shorter she had an hourglass figure like her Mom and they had very similar facial features. They both had jet black hair although Ashley’s was straighter than her Mom’s curly tresses. The biggest difference was Aunt Debbie had black eyes but Ashley’s were a deep shade of blue.

“Ash” I whispered “what do you think you’re doing?”

A smile came over her face for a moment before changing to a more thoughtful expression. Ash leaned down quickly and gave me a quick kiss on my lips before pulling her face back.

“Jim we have to talk, it’s important” she said with that serious look of hers. Meanwhile her hand continued stroking me.

“I think then you should let go of my dick because I can’t think straight while you are playing with it.”

Ashley looked down at what she was doing then. Her little hand couldn’t fit all the way around my shaft but that hadn’t hindered her in any way. She removed her hand reluctantly it seemed but she continued to stare at my erection.

“Thanks Ashley. So what’s going on?”

“Sorry it’s just so big and good looking to me. I’ve never seen one so nice.”

“At your age you shouldn’t have seen any” I told her disapprovingly.

Ashley made a face before answering. “I’m only a year younger than you but its okay for you I’m sure.”

“What do you mean?” I said defensively.

“The real reason I wanted to talk to you proves I’m right. When I said earlier that an animal had marked up your back I didn’t realize it was a cougar. I’ll just come out and say it. I know what you and Laura have been up to and I even have proof so there’s no sense in denying it Jim. Now what do you have to say?”

“How did you find out? And are you going to tell Uncle John?”

“I don’t want to tell Dad but that is also up to you and Laura. I found out when I heard something last night, or should I say this morning. I wasn’t asleep and I heard someone creeping past my door. When I opened it I caught a glimpse of Laura slipping into your room. Maybe it wasn’t anything bad but when she stayed in there for a while I became suspicious. My room and John junior’s room not only share a wall but also air conditioning ductwork. If I open my vent and his vent is open I can see into his room.”

“Well I saw Laura riding on top of you. I even took a picture with my cell phone so you see I hold all the cards. I was really mad at the two of you for doing this. It would hurt Daddy a lot to know. It’s bad enough that Laura is cheating on him but with his own nephew as well.”

I hung my head in shame. Everything Ashley had said was true. But what could I do now?

“The more I thought about it the less I blamed you Jim. You are only a teenage male and Laura is very attractive as well as being sexy. Believe you me, I have a crush on her myself.”

That confession surprised me and I looked up at Ashley.

“Yeah I’m bi, I like girls too” she admitted. “Since you’re my cousin and I’ve known you my whole life I decided to talk to you first. I waited until Daddy left to play golf and I sneaked in here. When I saw you lying in bed, handsome and naked and with that big hard-on, I couldn’t think straight. I became so flustered and I realized how Laura would be attracted to you. Now I don’t know what to think. How did this all happen Jim?”

Taking a deep breath to calm myself I told Ashley how Aunt Laura had walked in while I was jerking off triggering my massive orgasm and how since that moment we were lusting for each other until we couldn’t control ourselves. Ashley nodded her head on hearing my story.

“I can understand it better now. Let me make a confession to you Jim but you have to promise to tell no one, especially my Dad. Do you agree?”

I just nodded and said “I promise Ash.”

“Last year I had to go to the doctor for some tests. Don’t worry it turned out to be nothing but while we were waiting on the results my Mom had a talk with me. One of the things I was tested for has a genetic basis or something. My Mom was really worried at the time and she let it slip that there is a good chance that Dad may not be my biological father. You can’t ever let him know Jim, it would hurt him so much. I’m telling you for two reasons. This way you have dirt on me too, so if I get mad at you for something in the future I won’t be stupid and rat you out. And since I plan on doing “things” with you at least you know there’s a chance we aren’t blood relatives, we might be but I’m not sure.”

“Wow” I said in reply. Ashley sure had given me a lot to think about, that was for sure. After what happened with Aunt Debbie yesterday I wasn’t totally surprised about Ashley’s paternity but I still felt like I had been hit with a ton of bricks. Also I had a pretty good idea what she meant when she wanted to do things with me and my cock had started to grow again. Ashley noticed this immediately and her small hand gave it a quick stroke before she stood up.

“Take a shower first stud and then wait here, I’ll be back” she said as she headed to the door.

It wasn’t long before I was sitting on the bed squeaky clean sporting a big hard-on. When the door opened Ashley came in and she had a big smile on her face. After she saw my erection if it was possible her smile actually grew as did my cock in response to her. She had on a black, silky pair of boy shorts and a black spaghetti strap top that came down low enough to display a generous amount of her tanned and ample bosom.

“You like?” she said already knowing the answer. “Now follow me to my room, I have a surprise for you.”

“With no clothes on?” I asked.

“Did I tell you to get dressed Jim? Just come with me” Ashley ordered in her big sister voice.

Without question I followed Ashley out the door. The past week I had been complying with females’ directives leading to outstanding results for myself. No longer was I a virgin, that stigma had been lifted from my shoulders. I had fucked two older women and now my teenaged cousin was promising more of the same. With an exaggerated flourish Ashley opened the door to her bedroom, which was closed as usual, and as I walked in I beheld a sight I can never forget.

In the middle of the room was a queen sized bed with brass head and foot boards and which was covered with pink sheets and pillowcases. And tied to the foot boards with a pair of scarves was Aunt Laura. Her supple, nude body was bent at the waist over the footboard with her arms spread in a cross, each wrist secured by a scarf tied to the brass knob at the end of the foot board. Her head and upper torso hung over the mattress while her shapely, lithe ass was stuck up in the air. She looked up at me as I entered the room and bahis firmaları I saw another scarf was tied between her red lips. When Ashley followed me in Aunt Laura cast her eyes down to the bed.

“Move it Jim, go stand beside Laura” Ashley said in her now familiar imperious manner. She closed the door and I heard the lock click. Ashley then walked over and sat on the bed so she was right next to Aunt Laura before removing the scarf from her mouth. Lifting her head up Ashley locked her lips right on her stepmothers. The two of them began to go at it and I found myself stroking my dick watching them kiss. It was evident that they both were enjoying it even though Aunt Laura was restrained. When Ashley finally broke the kiss she reached down and tweaked the older woman’s nipple making Aunt Laura jump.

“Get on the bed Jim and kneel right in front of her” she told me and I eagerly complied. “You want to suck Jim’s big dick, don’t you Laura?” she then asked her. Aunt Laura just nodded her head and licked her lips.

“Feed her your cock Jim, fuck her face” Ashley said with a glint in her blue eyes.

Aunt Laura opened her mouth wide and I slid between her wet lips into her warm mouth. Her tongue swirled along the underside driving me wild. My hand caressed her brown hair softly as I watched her cheek bulge from my head pressing against it. Meanwhile Ashley had gotten up and now stood behind Aunt Laura.

“Listen up” Ashley began “keep sucking him Laura but be careful because I’m going to spank you. Jim let me know if her teeth touch your beautiful cock and I’ll spank her extra.”

Aunt Laura managed to meet my gaze while continuing to suck on me. She had a worried look but I murmured encouragement to her.

“Ashley isn’t going to hurt you Aunt Laura.”

“How can you be so sure Jim” Ashley countered as she raised her hand above the waiting ass. Her hand seemed to come down in slow motion until it connected with flesh. From the sound it made it wasn’t a hard blow and Aunt Laura barely flinched as she continued sucking me. In fact she was working further down and my shaft was now halfway in her mouth. No one would ever accuse Ashley of being strong but it was obvious she wasn’t trying to hit Aunt Laura hard. In fact after around ten half hearted blows Ashley crouched down so that she could bury her face between her stepmother’s legs.

That actually caused Aunt Laura to move her body forward which resulted in my cock head hitting the back of her mouth. I started to move my hips back and forth pushing my dick to the limits she could handle before pulling back until just my head was between her lips. From the look of things Ashley must have had her tongue buried to its full length inside her stepmother as not only was Aunt Laura moaning around my thick shaft she was also squirming her pelvic muscles like crazy.

Ashley’s mouth broke contact with Aunt Laura’s pussy as she stood up but she made up for that by slipping a couple of fingers into her wet folds. That turned me on so much I leaned down and kissed Ashley on her pussy juice drenched lips while continuing my face fucking of Aunt Laura. After a couple of minutes of this I was getting very worked up and I didn’t know how much longer I could last. Ashley seemed to sense this and she stopped kissing me while staring intently at my eyes.

“You’re close aren’t you? Don’t cum yet, take your cock out of the cock suckers mouth” she said giggling at what she had just said.

Reluctantly I did what she said and Aunt Laura moaned with disappointment which was magnified when Ashley then removed her fingers from her pussy as well. First she undressed until her glorious body was naked as the day she was born, then Ashley picked up something from the top of her dresser and climbed on the bed again. She had a pink hair scrunchy in her hand which she proceeded to encircle the base of my cock and balls with twice, so it was nice and snug. Ashley then took my shaft in her hand and began running her tongue all around it before pushing the tip of her little tongue into the hole on top. Next she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took me in causing a moan to escape my mouth.

Ashley slid her lips up and down my shaft until I felt I had to explode but she stopped before I reached release. With a wicked grin she pulled her head away and pushed my hips forward until Aunt Laura was able to swallow me again. Then Ashley worked her body so that she was lying on her back with her head right between my legs. In a moment she brought her mouth up and took one of my balls into her mouth as Aunt Laura worked her mouth back and forth over my head and the top of my shaft.

Ratcheting up the pressure Ashley grabbed the part of my shaft not in Aunt Laura’s mouth and stroked it with her small hand. A stone statue wouldn’t have been able to withstand the assault of pleasure I was experiencing unscathed. One of my hands ran through Aunt Laura’s brown tresses as my other searched for then fondled Ashley’s round breast until my thumb and forefinger clamped on her large erect nipple. Her reaction was immediate as she gripped my shaft tighter as well as sucking harder on my nut.

That was it as I let out a loud groan. Honestly I was surprised I had lasted so long with two sexy and talented females working me over orally. But the floodgates had opened, the dam had broken, the horse had bolted the stable or any other cliché one can think of. Since Aunt Laura’s hands were tied to the bed and she had me deep in her mouth at the time I started to cum she could only attempt to swallow it as fast as she could although the amount I was shooting made that difficult. Shot after shot of protein rich cum fired toward her throat as Ashley kept pumping her hand on me prolonging my orgasm. The improvised pink cock ring she had put on me intensified my climax as well.

I shuddered as Aunt Laura greedily continued to suck on my spent member until Ashley, after first pulling her mouth from my nuts, then coaxed Aunt Laura off me so they could share a kiss. Through all that Ashley had kept her hand firmly attached to my rod. Bringing my head down I in turn kissed both the vixens passionately.

“You want to fuck us both Jim, don’t you?” Ashley asked.

“I do but first I’m going to taste your pussy” I growled at her before pushing her flat on her back and nibbling on her throat. Resisting the temptation to immediately feast on her pinkness I forced myself to slowly proceed. When I reached her full breasts I fondled them before sucking on her areola and nipple. Ashley greatly enjoyed this and arched her back trying to fit more of her breast into my mouth though it was far too large to work most in. Being fair I then took the other nipple into my mouth and sucked on it as well.

Finally I left a trail of kisses from her glorious bosom down her little tummy until reaching close to her paradise. Not surprisingly for someone who tanned frequently in small bikini thongs she waxed down there and only left a tiny triangle of downy black hair. Pushing her legs wide apart my hungry eyes feasted on her young womanhood. I put my head between her legs and ran my tongue the length of her starting above her clit and running over her juicy lips and continuing until I grazed her tiny puckered asshole. kaçak iddaa Ashley let out a little gasp as my mouth pulled away.

Reaching to the nearer end of the footboard I untied Aunt Laura’s wrist then I moved to release the other. She rubbed them more out of reflex as she hadn’t been tied tightly. I beckoned her to join us on the bed and there was no need to make a second offer as Aunt Laura climbed aboard. Without prompting she immediately latched her hungry mouth onto Ashley’s ample cleavage and sucked. My cousin had started to writhe on the bed before I again put my lips to her mouth watering pussy. Ash was in heaven as we orally serviced her firecracker body.

Her teenaged twat was sweeter and tastier than any summer treat I had ever sampled and I was determined to get my fill. I lapped at her lips and the wet pink flesh between them greedily devouring any of her fresh nectar that seeped my way. She had grabbed my hair and when one of my fingers brushed across her erect little button her thighs clamped on my head as she pulled my hair hard. Aunt Laura pinched the nipple she wasn’t sucking and Ashley spiraled into multiple orgasm territory.

We waited until her body settled somewhat to continue forward. I directed Aunt Laura to lick Ashley’s clit as I continued licking her vulva and occasionally spearing her opening with my tongue. Ashley liked that so I began probing as deep inside her tight little cunny as I could reach. Her tunnel was tight but also covered in her sweet pussy juice so I toiled valiantly in extracting it no matter how difficult or enjoyable the task was.

Not until her body began thrashing again did I realize we had delivered another orgasm to Ashley. Aunt Laura winked at me from her position inches from me as her tongue continued its clitoral assault and my hands kept Ashley’s trembling thighs from crushing my face. When her latest spasm’s subsided she weakly called out.

“Enough with eating me, I can’t take any more. I want you in me now Jim, I don’t want to wait any more. Please put your cock in me and fuck me.”

There was no way I could turn down an offer like that but I still didn’t think her tiny little puss was quite ready for me. Pulling my head away I crawled up the bed so my stiff dick was by Ashley’s dirty talking mouth.

“Suck it Ash and get it nice and wet so I can squeeze it in your little pussy.”

She seized the shaft and opened wide and took it as deep into her mouth as she could coating it with her saliva. I smacked Aunt Laura in the ass to get her attention as she hadn’t paused in her clit licking the whole time.

“Aunt Laura you better work some fingers in her to loosen her up before I try to put it in her” I suggested.

She followed my idea to the letter working a slim finger into her horny little stepdaughter while never stopping in her oral attention. Before long she had worked a second, then a third digit into Ashley and was slowly working them in and out. Meanwhile Ashley continued slobbering all over my knob prepping me for entry. When I couldn’t take it any more I climbed off the bed and dragged Ashley’s petite frame to the edge of the mattress and positioned her to my liking.

Aunt Laura repositioned herself so she and Ashley were in a sixty nine and again began to lick her enthusiastically down there making me shake my head in admiration of her dedicated pussy licking.

“Just a guess Aunt Laura, but I don’t think this is the first time you’ve eaten pussy, is it?”

She reluctantly pulled her head from her stepdaughter’s snatch and shook her head no.

“Back in college I went through my experimental lesbian phase. Until today I hadn’t thought about it in years but it’s like riding a bike.”

She would have gone right back to what she had been doing but when I lifted Ashley’s legs in the air while positioning my body between them she looked on with unfeigned interest. When the head of my cock brushed at the entrance of Ashley’s opening Aunt Laura took the shaft in her hand and guided me between her lips. Both of us groaned from the contact but Ashley’s was muffled by her face being smothered by muff.

My head pushed forward opening her lips like petals from a flower. She was extremely tight as befitting a teenager who was small to begin with. Slowly I worked myself inward stretching her tiny pussy as I went. When I was halfway in her I pulled back before thrusting forward. Her muscles clamped on me giving me a great feeling of pleasure. I took it nice and slow to start with giving Ashley’s pussy time to adjust to my intrusion.

As time went on I slipped deeper into her love canal until I was pretty far in there. For a short girl she could take a good amount of manmeat in her vagina. Aunt Laura now resumed her stimulation of Ashley’s clit and I could hear her muffled response from under her stepmom’s body. Now that she could take it I started to give it to her faster and I could feel her juices seeping around me to wind up on the bed beneath her.

Once I pulled out too far and before I could reinsert it Aunt Laura swallowed my head in her hot mouth making me almost scream with pleasure. She sucked on it for thirty seconds before putting it back at Ashley’s entrance where I drove it home making my cousin’s body jump. After that after every couple of minutes I would pull out and let Aunt Laura suck on it before she would invariably put it back in Ashley.

By now Ashley was so wet and her body was so relaxed that I could slide to the depths of her pinkness without much difficulty. Don’t get me wrong she was still a tight little teen angel but she had adapted just enough to allow a good fucking. After my cock and Aunt Laura’s tongue had brought her yet another orgasm I pushed my Aunt’s body up so that her pelvis was still firmly over Ashley’s face but her body was now in an upright position.

I brought my body parallel to Ashley’s now and began pounding her like my life depended on it. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh competed against Ashley’s louder yet still muffled moans. My ass was moving like a runaway freight train now and with a final deep thrust I exploded deep inside her. My body sank on top of hers as I filled her with my seed. Aunt Laura and Ashley both were stroking my hair and almost cooing at me.

With a groan I withdrew my dripping prick and rolled onto my back on the bed with my legs hanging off. Though Ashley remained motionless Aunt Laura wasted little time in crawling to where she could take my messy cock smeared with both mine and Ashley’s juices into her mouth. It felt so sensitive that I tried to stop her but was unsuccessful in that. She then licked it up the underside to the red, swollen head before working her way down the other side. When it was cleaned to her satisfaction she gave it one final lick before releasing it.

Aunt Laura then stood and bent over so that she could do the same thing to Ashley. Her mouth attached itself to Ashley’s swollen, sticky lips and she began to suck and lick up my jism. This turned me on so much that I dragged myself to my feet and placing a foot on either side of Aunt Laura and forced my still mostly hard dick up her cooch.

Aunt Laura spread her legs wider in response and also reached back with her hand and pulled my torso kaçak bahis closer to hers. Through all this she continued to lick up my cum from Ashley while also pleasing her little bad kitty. Soon Aunt Laura brought Ashley to such an intense climax that she forced her stepmother away from her over sensitive pussy and rolled away from her.

This allowed me to work Aunt Laura’s body halfway onto the bed where I attempted to nail her to the mattress with my banging. She was whimpering with every thrust as I filled her to the limit each time. After recovering Ashley now sat up at the edge of the bed next to her stepmother and put her fingers between the older woman’s thighs and began to manipulate her clit driving her even crazier.

I pulled my cock out and guided Ashley’s mouth down onto it and reveled in the feeling of her warm mouth before again plunging it into Aunt Laura’s snug box. Looking at me with an evil glint in her eye my cousin continued to play with her stepmother’s pussy but she craned her neck to where she could also start to lick at her asshole. After a minute of this when it was good and wet she began to force her little finger in there.

Aunt Laura’s whole body tensed from this anal intrusion but this in no way discouraged Ashley. She allowed some of her saliva to drip from her mouth onto the puckered brown hole and worked it inside with her finger. As I continued pounding her Ashley then pushed a second finger into her.

“Relax Laura and loosen up. In a little while when you are ready for it I’m going to have Jim force his big, thick cock into your tight little ass. How do you like the sound of that?”

A low moan escaped her lips but that was her only response. The idea of plowing her back door appealed to me greatly but I wondered if she could take it there. With Ashley’s two fingers inside her it still didn’t seem nearly open enough to work my manhood there. I think Ashley felt the same because she slid her fingers out and went to her bedside table and opened a drawer. She returned with a bottle of lubricant and squirted some on Aunt Laura’s backdoor before again working two fingers in. Ashley then began to vigorously finger fuck her stepmother’s ass finally working in a third and fourth finger.

“She’s as ready as I think she’ll ever be Jim” she announced to me.

That was something that I didn’t need to be told twice. Sliding from her snug pussy I rearranged my Aunt so that she was totally on the bed on her hands and knees with her head resting on Ashley’s smooth thigh. I climbed on the bed and while staying on my feet I crouched behind Aunt Laura’s behind. Pressing my slick head to her virgin ass I pushed but her sphincter rebuffed me.

“Ashley spread her cheeks as wide as you can” I instructed my cousin.

Once she did I again attempted to enter through the backdoor. Holding my stiff prick I managed to work the tip inside causing her to gasp from my effort. With a little more pushing the head popped inside her chute.

“Are you okay Aunt Laura?” I asked with concern for her.

“She’s fine, just ram it in” Ashley answered with a gleam in her eye. I gave her a look and asked my Aunt again.

“I-I’m okay Jim. Just go slowly okay.”

I grunted my assent and continued to probe deeper with my cock. It took some time but eventually I felt my ball sac pressing up against Aunt Laura’s kitty as I had buried the full length in her. I waited for her to adjust to being filled like that.

“Ashley why don’t you play with her pussy. It might relax her some then I could fuck her ass which is what you want to see I think.”

Ashley just nodded with that strange look on her face but her fingers went into action immediately and were soon bringing Aunt Laura close to another climax. As her moans became louder I pulled my cock almost out of her and as she trembled I slammed all the way in triggering her orgasm. While her body shook I began making short, deep thrusts but I doubt that I lasted twenty seconds before I also last control.

My cum started to spew but I pulled out and jammed it deep into her pussy forcing another orgasm from her. Again I withdrew and once again slipped in her anus where I deposited the last drop of cum that oozed out. A few minutes later the three of us were stretched out on Ashley’s bed catching our breath and recovering from our sexual exertions.

“Laura do you love my Father?” Ashley suddenly asked her point blank.

Without hesitation she emphatically answered “Yes.”

“Then you can never let him find out what you’ve been up to. Don’t be stupid like the other night and do it under his nose like that.”

“I know it was because I was drinking but never again, I promise.”

“Well for a start if you ever want to be with Jim talk to me first and I’ll help talk you out of it. On the other hand if you want to eat some pussy I might be interested. And maybe on special occasions you could hook up with Jim, but only if I’m there to keep my eye on things.”

We both looked at her when she said that but she only smiled. Since I had work that afternoon I went to shower and get ready. That evening when I got out from the job I was surprised to see Ashley waiting for me. She greeted me with a deep kiss and took my hand as I started to walk.

“I have a great idea Jim. We can go to your house since no one is there and you can fuck my brains out. You just have to do me a favor first.”

“And what’s that Ash?”

“Call Stacy and tell her you can’t make that date tomorrow.”


“What are you stupid? Because I’m jealous and I want to be your girl. I know I’m your cousin, or maybe I’m not, I don’t care. That’s how I feel.”

After saying that she actually snuggled her head against my shoulder as we walked. Though there might be difficulties with her idea I had to admit it did appeal to me. When we got to my house I called for delivery from a Chinese restaurant for our dinner. When I called Stacy I went into another room for privacy. Though I felt bad I figured it was probably for the best especially for her. I’d been screwing all these women at the same time and it didn’t make sense to lie to Stacy or string her along.

In the long run I was really doing her a favor and I told her that, though not with all the details obviously. She seemed upset and tried to get me to change my mind but I told her she was too nice for me. In a little while the doorbell rang from the delivery and I went to answer it. After paying the man I brought the food into the kitchen and set it up. When I called Ashley she came in but she had a weird expression on her face and my cell phone in her hand.

“What the fuck is this?” she demanded angrily.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“When you went to the door your phone went off and I picked it up. You got a text” she said before practically hitting me with my phone as she threw it.

I managed to catch it and I looked down at the screen. She was right, I had received a text from her Mom. My fingers shaking, I opened the message.

[ Hey Jim, I’m home all alone and very horny baby. Why don’t you come over and give me what we both want. Hit me back and let me know. Otherwise it’s time to put batteries in the vibrator.]

While Ashley stood staring at me I couldn’t think of what to say.

The End of Part 3


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