Nathan’s New School Part 3

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AUTHOR’S NOTES: This part is a bit longer than the other two, but there is more story progression and more sex. So I think you should like it. I hope you do.

It had been a month since Belinda Kripke had told Nathan Turner about the baby and Nathan hadn’t been able to get a real night’s rest since she did. He was scared. How was he going to be a father? He was only fifteen. Not to mention, how was he going to tell his mother? He didn’t just get a girl pregnant; he got his twenty-four year old teacher pregnant. Nathan couldn’t see a good way of that conversation going down. It just couldn’t happen. It wasn’t just a matter of telling her. It was a lot more complicated than that and Nathan knew it. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that once people found out that Nathan and Belinda had sex, then Belinda was going to be in a lot of trouble.

But Nathan still had a lustful crush on Belinda all the same. The baby didn’t change that. He still wanted to fuck her brains out. Since the evening that Belinda Kripke confessed the news to Nathan, the two of them hadn’t had sex together. Going this month without having sex with her was really getting to him. He kept thinking of what they did together. He kept imagining new things that they could do together. He was so horny. His hormones had built up to new heights over the past month. Nathan wanted to fuck her again; badly. But now with the news of her pregnancy, he didn’t know how to approach her.

Even when he had her class he wouldn’t sit up the front like he used to. He’d sit up the back trying to avoid even making eye contact with her.

Nathan wished he could talk to someone about it but he couldn’t. He wondered if he’d had a father if he’d be able to talk to him about it. The more he thought about it, the more he doubted it. He couldn’t tell anyone what has happened. Nathan’s father had been killed in a car accident the same year Nathan was born. It upset him at times that he never had a father figure in his life. But he lived with it.

At school, Nathan had actually made a couple of friends to talk to. One of them he got along with really well. Jacob Porter was his name. They were in a few of their classes together; English, maths and science. They even started walking home together after school. Jacob was the same age as Nathan and was a good looking boy as well. Nathan had actually imagined what he looked like naked more than a couple of times. Nathan did have a dark homosexual side that fuelled some pretty wild fantasies.

On Sunday afternoon, Nathan was lying down on his bed, looking up at the ceiling with a blank look on his face. His mind and emotions were just as blank. He felt numb. As he looked up at the ceiling, everything else in the world seemed to drop away from all around him. This was the closest he had been to actually feeling good since Ms Kripke told him the news. But this was still far from feeling good. It was as bad as it gets, only it was covered by a sheet of denial. But Nathan liked denial. It helped.

But then his little world of numb denial was suddenly shattered by a pounding knock at his bedroom door. He was a little startled at first. He didn’t even know she was home. He’d thought she had gone shopping with their mother. Then he called for the person to come in. The door opened and Nathan’s seventeen year old sister Kelsey walked in. Kelsey walked over to Nathan and sat on the edge of his bed.

“What are you doing home?” Nathan asked. “I thought you were out with mum.”

“She’s still out. I kind of got a bit bored, so I came home without her.”

Nathan nodded, and then the two of them went quiet for a moment of awkward silence.

“Last month when you told me that there was nothing going on between you and Ms Kripke, I had no reason not to believe you. But this last month I’ve seen the changes in you. I’ve seen how you’ve been acting around her. If you don’t want to tell me what’s going on, then fine; but don’t try and tell me that there’s nothing going on. I know it’s more than just rumours now.”

He was nervous that he had been called on his secret. He got up off the bed and started pacing around the room. When Nathan got up off the bed, Kelsey laid back and relaxed on it in the same position that Nathan had been lying back in.

“Come on Nathan. You can tell me.”

“Okay. You’re right. There is something going on.” He admitted. “There is something between me and Ms Kripke.”

“You can tell me, Nathan.”

Nathan nodded as he looked at Kelsey. He was very reluctant to share the secret, but Kelsey seemed very genuine. “I had sex with her.” He stammered out.

“You had sex with Ms Kripke?” She sounded shocked and in disbelief.

Nathan nodded. “Yes.”

“If you don’t want to really tell me what’s going on than just say so. Don’t try and get me to believe some bullshit like that.”

“It’s not bullshit Kelsey, it’s the truth. I had sex with Ms Kripke; twice, as a matter of fact.”

Kelsey could see that Nathan genuinely looked sincere. So she decided to take a leap of faith and believe what he was saying. But she wanted to get all the facts.

“If you really did, then why are you avoiding her like the plague? I thought you’d be happy about that. I could tell you had a crush on her.”

“The sex was a good thing. But the sex isn’t the whole story. Something else happened.”

“What?” Kelsey asked. “What else happened?”

“She’s pregnant.”

“Get out!” Kelsey said sounding more shocked than ever. “You got Ms Kripke pregnant?”

Nathan nodded. Feeling rather embarrassed.

“What has Ms Kripke told you? Is she asking for anything?”

“No.” Nathan said shaking his head. “She hasn’t told me anything.”

“What are you going to do?”

Nathan shrugged. “I don’t know. What can I do?”

“Well, I think you better tell mum.”

“I don’t know. I don’t really want to tell her unless I really have to.”

“Nathan, it’s a baby. You’re going to be a father. That’s not something you just brush under the rug. You’ve got to tell her.”

Nathan didn’t respond. Because he knew that, even though he didn’t want it to be, what Kelsey had said was right. This wasn’t something that you could go on keeping a secret your whole life. Usually in the end secrets this big would blow up in your face and become even worse than it would’ve been if you had simply come out with in in the first place. Kelsey was right. He had to tell mum.

“Well, it’s up to you Nathan. If you don’t want to tell mum than you don’t have to, but I think it would be a mistake if you didn’t.”

Nathan nodded. He didn’t know quite what to say. He felt nervous and uncomfortable.

“Was Ms Kripke your first time?” Kelsey asked.

“Yes.” Nathan choked out and slowly nodded.

“What was it like?”

“It was great.” Nathan said. He felt a little more comfortable now that Kelsey had stopped talking about the pregnancy. He was already scared enough about that as it was.

“Where did you do it? Here or at her place?”

“We did it at school.”

“You had sex with her at school?”

“Yeah, we did it there both times. It was at the end of school when everybody else had left.” Nathan said. He was actually feeling excited now to be telling somebody what happened. He sat back down on the edge of his bed right next to Kelsey and got comfortable.

“You could’ve gotten caught.”

Nathan smiled and shrugged as if to say, ‘Oh, well.’

“You must’ve made her feel pretty good if she risked getting caught a second time.”

Nathan nodded. “Yeah, she says I’ve got the biggest cock she’s ever seen.”

Kelsey laughed. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s what she said.” Kelsey said in a light hearted sarcastic voice.

“She did. She even measured it for me. It’s ten inches long.”

“Now I know you’re lying.” Kelsey said with a laugh.

Nathan shook his head, almost so fast it was comical. “No, really, that’s the truth.”

Again Kelsey could see that Nathan was being sincere and knew he really was telling the truth.

“God, that’s amazing. You really are big, aren’t you? Jeez, it’s hard to believe a cock can even get that big.” Kelsey said with a smile. She only spoke with half seriousness.

“I can prove it to you if you want.” Nathan said jokingly, though a part of him was half serious. But it didn’t show.

“I think you might have to.” Kelsey said, continuing along the joke. But like Nathan, there was a part of her that was actually half serious. Nathan could sense this. Even though he couldn’t pick it up in her voice he could still manage to sense it somehow.

Nathan popped the button on the top of the fly of his shorts and then he slowly started to unzip the fly’s metal teeth.

“I was only joking.” Kelsey said with a smile and that same half serious attitude as she heard the sound of the metallic zipper opening.

Nathan didn’t stop. When he finished unzipping his fly he pushed down his shorts to down around his knees. Then he put his thumbs in behind the waistband of his boxer briefs, and he held them there for a moment; giving Kelsey plenty of time to abject. But she didn’t. So then he pulled down his boxer briefs and bunched them up around past his knees with his shorts. Then Nathan kicked his shorts and his boxer briefs off in one pile on the floor. Then Nathan took his limp cock in his hand and stroked it a couple of times to get it hard, and it grew to its full ten inches. Then Nathan stopped stroking and took his hand away.

“So now do you believe there is such a thing?” Nathan asked with a shy smile.

Kelsey nodded quietly. She stayed silent for a few more awkward seconds and then she finally decided to break the silence and ask a question. “Can I touch it?”

“If you want to, you can.” Nathan said, trying to answer in a way that told her she could but didn’t make him sound too eager, which he was. He had had some very conflicting thoughts about his sister. She was very attractive.

Kelsey sat up on the bed next to Nathan and slowly reached out and took his cock in her hand. She didn’t stroke it or move it around. She just held it there.

“This is the first time I’ve ever touched a guy’s cock before.” Kelsey said. When the words came out of her mouth, she was regretting saying them. When you’ve got your brother’s cock in your hand the last thing he wants to hear is that you’ve never been with a guy before. But in fact, Kelsey had nothing to worry about. Nathan didn’t find what she said insulting or confronting at all. In fact, it actually turned him on a little bit.

“Have you ever seen one before?”

“Does the internet count?”

“It does, but you only get half a point.” Nathan joked.

Kelsey smiled. She kept holding his cock in her hand but she still didn’t move.

“It feels nice.” She said. “It’s so soft and smooth.”

“It feels pretty good in your hand too.” Nathan said with a smile.

Then Kelsey started slowly stroking it. “How does that feel?”

“It feels great.” Nathan said and reached over and grabbed Kelsey’s thigh and started rubbing it softly with the full palm of his hand.

Nathan moved his hand up from her thigh and slipped it down Kelsey’s pants. She didn’t resist him. He felt around for her panties. Then he slipped his hand down behind them too. Then he slid a finger into her pussy and she let out a little gasp. He started fingering her in and out very slowly. It felt great for the both of them.

Kelsey used her free hand to pull down and take off her pants and panties entirely and give Nathan some room, and a view. Then Nathan stopped fingering her pussy and pulled his finger out of her. Then he got up off the bed, stopping Kelsey from stroking his cock. But it was still raging hard. As he got up off the bed, Kelsey got a good glimpse of his arse. But it only lasted a split second before he turned back around and faced her and she got another eyeful of his raging cock. Although that was a gorgeous image too, she wanted to see more of his arse. She hadn’t seen much of it but she thought it was the firmest and cutest arse she had ever seen.

“You’ve got a really nice arse.” She said.

Nathan smiled and blushed and then turned around so Kelsey could get a good look at it. She reached out both her hands and took hold of both of his arse cheeks. She gave them a light squeeze and let them go. Then Nathan turned back around.

Kelsey went quiet as she thought for a moment. “Why’d you stop?” Kelsey asked.

“What do you mean? You were the one who stopped touching my arse.”

“That’s not what I meant. Why’d you stop what we were doing here on the bed? Why’d you get up? I thought we were having fun.”

“We were.” Nathan said. “I just want to show you something that’s going to be even more fun. Lie back down on the bed.”

Kelsey did as Nathan asked of her and lied back on the bed. She looked over at Nathan to see what he’d do. He slipped off his shirt and then he hopped up on the bed as well. He crawled on top of Kelsey and stood over her on his hands and knees.

“What bahis firmaları are you going to do?” Kelsey asked. Although deep down she knew exactly what Nathan was planning to do.

“You’ll see. It feels good.”

Nathan lowered himself down onto Kelsey. His cock was pressed up against her inner thigh. Then he held his waist up in the air and adjusted himself and lined his cock up with her pussy and he pressed it up against her pussy’s lips and held it there. This felt great for Nathan. He couldn’t believe he was touching his sister’s pussy with his cock. The forbiddingness of the whole situation turned Nathan on even more. He was really turned on.

Kelsey wrapped her arms around Nathan’s neck. “We really shouldn’t Nathan.”

“Trust me; this is going to feel good.”

“But you’ll be my first. I think you’re too big. You mightn’t be able to get it all in.”

“Trust me.” Nathan said again. “This is going to be good.”

Kelsey didn’t say anything else. She was very nervous and she knew that doing this was wrong, but she was still excited as well. Nathan pressed his cock even harder against her pussy lips. Kelsey let out a little gasp as she felt it press harder against her. Her pussy was very tight; even tighter than Ms Kripke’s. It’ll take more to get inside.

Then Nathan pushed his cock against her pussy even harder and it finally slid inside, and Kelsey let out a shrilled moan. Her pussy was so tight around Nathan’s cock. It felt great. Nathan slowly kept sliding his cock further inside and Kelsey had an uncomfortable look on her face and kept squirming around. That made Nathan’s cock feel even better. Then finally his cock was completely inside of her. Right up to the base of his cock.

“I can’t believe you got it all in.” She said, still with a slightly uncomfortable look on her face; but not quite as much as it had been. She had stopped squirming.

“I told you to trust me.” Nathan smiled. “Now get ready. This is where we really get going.”

Then Nathan pulled his cock partway out and then he slammed it back in and started fucking his sister. Kelsey was moaning and grunting with each movement. Mostly out of pleasure, but there were a few grunts of pain. But as they kept going, those painful grunts disappeared and they all became moans and grunts of pleasure. She was close to reaching her climax already. Nobody had been inside her before. She had never been touched at these depths. It was a new and beautiful experience for her. She still had her hands wrapped around his neck, only they were wrapped around even tighter now.

Kelsey couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her brother’s pulsing hot cock slamming in and out of her. Kelsey let her hands move away from around Nathan’s neck and glide down his back with roaming fingers. Her hands brushed over the top of Nathan’s arse, and then she decided that she wanted more of that beautiful thing. She cupped his arse cheeks in her hands and started rubbing and squeezing them. They were soft and firm at the same time. They felt great in her hands. Nathan loved getting his arse played with. During sex made it ten times better.

Nathan kept pounding his cock in and out as Kelsey continued squeezing his arse. Then the pounding finally hit the mark and Kelsey began to scream and moan even louder as her orgasm hit. Her pussy tightened even more and juices started to flow out of her and around the sides of Nathan’s cock. A split second later the built up pressure he had been feeling for Belinda Kripke for the last month finally exploded. As Kelsey’s orgasm continued and her juices kept flowing, Nathan’s orgasm hit and he started to cum. There was a clash of liquids and a mixture of cum and pussy juices seeped out of Kelsey’s pussy and around the sides of Nathan’s cock. He kept shooting rope after rope of cum and Kelsey could feel it shooting inside of her. It just kept coming. It felt like it wasn’t going to stop. Neither of them wanted it to. It felt great.

Kelsey’s hands went limp on Nathan’s arse as she came down from her orgasm. When he was done, Nathan slid his cock out of his sister and rolled off her and onto his back; lying next to her. They were both puffing and panting and trying to catch their breath. Nathan’s cock was still rock solid. He was ready to go again. Kelsey looked over and couldn’t believe that his dripping wet cock could still be hard after all of that.

“How can you still be hard?” Kelsey asked with a smile.

“I’ve had a lot of pressure building up lately. It’s going to take a lot to get rid of it all.” Nathan said. Then he thought for a second and added. “Do you want to go again?”

“God, I don’t understand how you can want to.” Kelsey joked. “How can you have any energy left after that? Let alone any fluids.”

“I can go again easy. How about we have another go?” Nathan asked again with a smile that helped hide his seriousness.

“I don’t think my pussy can handle any more. It’s just too sore and sensitive.”

“That’s alright. It doesn’t have to be your pussy.”

“What does that mean? I don’t want to do it up the arse. It was enough losing my virginity; I couldn’t handle you fucking me up the arse too.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve got an idea.”

“What idea?” Kelsey asked, but Nathan didn’t answer.

Then Nathan moved higher up on the bed and pressed his hands up against the wall behind the headboard and used the wall to take his weight. Then he wrapped his legs around Kelsey’s head and nestled his groin against her face. He had his balls pressed right up against her chin and his thick throbbing cock was pressed upwards along her face. It was still wet with their fluids. She didn’t really want to go along with it, but by the time she realised what was happening, she didn’t have time to move out of the way.

“Give it a nice tongue lashing.” Nathan said.

Kelsey really didn’t want to, but she couldn’t really move with him on her face. So she started licking his cock. Then when Nathan realised she was going along with it, he loosened up the grip with his legs and he lifted up his crotch off her face. Then he pressed the head of his cock up against her lips. But Kelsey didn’t do anything.

“Suck! Suck!” Nathan demanded.

Kelsey opened her mouth just enough for the girth of Nathan’s cock to get through. Then he slid his cock into her mouth and Kelsey started to suck and lick. She could taste the mixed flavours of cum and pussy juice. Nathan was still very horny and decided that he wanted something a little better than this. So he slammed his cock as far back into her mouth and into the back of her throat as he could. There were still a couple of inches to spare that just would not go in. Kelsey started coughing and gaging. The coughs and gags vibrated around Nathan’s cock and gave him a nice tingle up his spine. Soon Kelsey’s gag reflexes admitted defeat and the couching stopped. Then she started trying to push Nathan back off her. Nathan wrapped his legs back around her head even tighter than before so she couldn’t struggle free.

“Keep sucking.” Nathan said. “I didn’t say you could finish.”

Kelsey didn’t suck. She just sat there and stayed completely still.

“You’re not going anywhere until you do as you’re told. So it’s best if you suck and get this over with. You might even learn to like it.”

Kelsey admitted defeat and she started sucking his cock again. She wrapped her tongue around his cock and started sucking and licking it. Nathan started to shuffle his cock back and forth down the back of her throat and started to deep-throat his sister. Pleasure tingled down Nathan’s spine. He’d never felt anything quite like this before. Even though Kelsey didn’t want to admit it, she was actually starting to enjoy being deep-throated by Nathan. She loved the taste of his cock. She even liked the feeling of his balls resting against her chin. She loved it all. She loved everything about Nathan’s body. She was beginning to get very horny again.

Kelsey moved one of her hands down between her legs and started fingering herself. He used her other hand to reach around and grab one of Nathan’s arse cheeks. She started squeezing it in a frenzied hurry. Even though Nathan couldn’t see that Kelsey had started fingering herself, when she started grabbing at his arse, he knew she was started to enjoy this. He started feeling very full of himself. His hormones also started raging with even crazier urges.

Soon his cock was throbbing again and he could feel the tingling’s of an orgasm begin to creep over his body. As the orgasm built up he slammed his cock as deep into her throat and he let out a major roar of a moan as he let out several ropes of cum down her throat. Nathan let out a moan with each stream of cum that shot out of his cock. He could feel Kelsey trying to swallow as much as she could. When the streaming valleys of cum stopped flowing Nathan took his cock back out of Kelsey’s mouth and sat back down on the bed. Kelsey was still swallowing the last of his bucket load of cum. She was still fingering her pussy.

When Nathan spotted her fingering herself, he grabbed her hand and moved it away. “Let me get this for you.”

Then Nathan ploughed his face into his sister’s pussy and started trying to drive his tongue down inside of her. She started moaning under her breath. Then she placed her hands on the top of Nathan’s head, and pressed down as hard as she could, to bury his head down into her pussy. Then she started moaning even louder. Nathan could hardly breathe, but he could just get some air, and that’s all that mattered. He wasn’t moving his head away from her pussy.

“Oh, Nathan yes.” Kelsey moaned out as her orgasm hit and began to peek. She still had some of Nathan’s cum coated around her lips.

Kelsey let out another high moan and pushed down on Nathan’s head even harder, and he buried his tongue as far as she could, and then she shot a wave of pussy juice up into Nathan’s mouth and all over his face.

Kelsey let her hands drop down off of Nathan’s head and then he lifted his head up from her pussy and his face was dripping with her female cum.

“That felt great.” Kelsey said.

Nathan nodded in response and smiled.

Kelsey looked at the pussy juices dripping from his face and smiled. “You know you look pretty sexy like that.”

“You look pretty sexy like that.” Nathan said pointing to her cum covered lips.

Kelsey licked her lips and tasted his cum and gave Nathan a smile. Then she leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips and tasted her own pussy juices. Then they started making out. Then the jingling of keys and the unlocking of the front door quacking jolted them out of their kiss. Their mother was home.

“Oh, shit.” The two of them said simultaneously.

Then they both quickly got up of the bed and started getting dressed. Then they both hurried out of Nathan’s room to greet their mother. She greeted them with a smile. Kelsey was acting a bit nervous. Luckily their mum didn’t pick up on it. Nathan didn’t act nervous at all. He was used to covering his arse about Ms Kripke. He knew how to hide his nerves well by now.

The next day at school went pretty well. He had all good classes and he had his friend Jacob Porter to hang out with. Then when the last period of the day started approaching, Nathan began getting very nervous. English was his last class for the day. His plan was to sit up the back, to do the work as quickly as possible and talk to his new friend Jacob to try and help get his mind off of what was going on. That’s what he’d been doing for the past month and it had been working. He just hoped that it kept working. Nathan and Jacob would quite often talk about Ms Kripke. Jacob had quite a big crush on Ms Kripke. Much like the one Nathan has on her. So they usually end up talking about how hot they think she is. But Nathan had no plans on telling Jacob what happened between him and Belinda Kripke. Not now anyway.

When they got into the classroom, Nathan and Jacob went straight up the back of the class and sat down next to each other. As the class went on, Nathan kept trying to avoid contact of any type with Ms Kripke. For the most part, it was working. Nathan could notice a few signs of the pregnancy beginning to show. Her stomach was a little bit bigger, and so were her tits. It was hardly even noticeable. It Nathan didn’t know she was pregnant than he probably wouldn’t have noticed them. But then just five minutes before the bell rang when Nathan thought that he was home clear, Belinda Kripke asked to see him after class.

“What do you think that’s about?” Jacob asked him.

“I don’t know.” Nathan replied. Although he knew full well exactly what it was about.

“Should I just start walking home without you?”

“You can wait if you like. I should only be a few minutes.”

“Okay.” Jacob nodded.

Then the last remaining minutes of the class finally ticked away and all of the students started pouring out of the class. Only Nathan and Jacob were left and Ms Kripke of course. She was sitting at her desk patiently waiting. kaçak iddaa Nathan was very nervous. He could feel butterflies flying around in his stomach.

“I’ll go wait for you outside.” Jacob said and left the classroom. He stood out just behind the door and waited.

Nathan got up from his desk at the back of the room and walked up to Belinda’s table at the front of the room. Belinda got up from her desk and stood in front of Nathan.

“I know you’re nervous about this baby Nathan.” Belinda started. “But you don’t have to ignore me. I’m not expecting you to be a father. You’re only fifteen. I’m not expecting you to be responsible for what happens for me or this baby. I’m quite prepared to look after this baby by myself. Nobody even has to find out that it’s your baby. But I would still like us to at least keep our friendship. We were good friends, and more. I’d like to keep that.” She finished up and rested her hands on Nathan’s shoulders.

Nathan nodded. “I want us to be able to keep our relationship. I haven’t wanted to avoid you. I’m just scared. I don’t know how I’m supposed to act.”

“It’s alright sweetie. I know it’s scary, but if we keep on top of it, then everything will be alright.” Belinda moved her hands down from his shoulders and slid them down his arms. Then she held his hands. “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed your body.”

Then Nathan’s cock hardened and created a tent in his shorts. He was so horny. He missed fucking her so much.

“It looks like you’ve missed me too. Maybe we could start to catch up.” Belinda said, and then she reached out and grabbed the bulge in Nathan’s shorts and started rubbing it. “What do you think?” She asked.

“I’ve missed you so much. What I wouldn’t give to fuck you right now. But I’ve got Jacob waiting for me outside. I just can’t leave him there while we do it. He’d wonder what’s taking so long and he would end up walking in on us. If I tell him to just go home without me he’ll think something’s wrong and he’ll never quit asking me what happened.”

“It’s good you’ve made a friend.” Belinda said with a smile. “I like Jacob. He’s cute. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” Nathan said with a smile. “He thinks you’re pretty cute too. Hot as a matter of fact. He has quite a crush on you.”

“Does he really? Did he tell you that?”

“Yeah, he talks about you all the time in class. About how hot you are and stuff like that.”

“You’re not just pulling my leg are you?” Belinda asked.

“No, no, of course not; he really does have quite a crush on you.”

“How about you bring him in here?” Belinda asked. “Maybe the three of us could group up for a little Ménage à trois. Would you like that?”

“Yeah, I’d like that. I think that would be hot.”

“Do you think Jacob would be up for it?”

“You know, once he saw that we were really being serious, I think he would.” Nathan said.

Belinda smiled. “Great. How about you go and invite him in and then we can get started?”

Nathan nodded and smiled and hurried out the door and saw Jacob leaning up against the wall patiently waiting for Nathan to come out.

“That was quick.” Jacob said.

“Actually, Ms Kripke was wondering if you could come in here as well.”

“Me? Why? What did I do? Am I in trouble?”

“No, you’re not in trouble. It’s something good actually. You’re going to like it.” Nathan said with a cheeky smirk on his face.

Jacob nodded. “Okay, if you say so.”

Then the two of them walked back into the classroom and Nathan closed the door behind them. Belinda was leaning against her desk and smiling rather seductively. They both walked up to her. Jacob was standing right in front of her. He had a rather confused look on his face. He had a million thoughts running through his mind at a mile a minute. None of the thoughts seemed rational.

Belinda placed her hands on Jacob’s shoulders, just like she had done to Nathan. Then, also like she had done to Nathan, she ran her hands down Jacob’s arms and then held his hands for a second at the end and then let them go. It also had a similar effect on Jacob as it had on Nathan. A big bulge began to form in Jacob’s shorts.

“You liked that, did you?” Belinda asked.

“I’m sorry.” Jacob said blushing with embarrassment.

“Don’t be sorry.” Belinda said. “It’s a perfectly natural reaction. In fact, it was the reaction I was hoping for. It was the reaction that Nathan and I were both hoping for. We asked you in here because we wanted to ask you to join us for a Ménage à trois.”

Then Jacob looked over at Nathan as if to ask him if what she was saying was true. Nathan sensed this and nodded in reply. Then Belinda reached out and took Jacob’s bulge in her hand. Then Jacob’s attention quickly shot from looking at Nathan to looking at Belinda Kripke’s hand reaching out and grabbing his crotch.

“So what do you think Jacob?” Belinda asked. “Would you like to join us?”

Jacob nodded. He couldn’t think of any words to speak. He was completely dumbfounded. As for Nathan, he was excited. He couldn’t wait. He thought it was cool that his friend was going to be a part of this. It was going to be like a secret club.

Nathan quickly slipped off his own shirt and threw it on the floor, and then he slipped off his pants and tossed them to the side. Jacob was nervously watching him.

Belinda started unbuttoning Jacob’s shirt. “I thought it looked like you could use some help here.” When it was unbuttoned, she pulled the shirt back over his shoulders and it dropped to the floor. “Wow, you’ve got a nice body too Jacob.” Belinda said.

Then Belinda started rubbing her hands over Jacob’s chest. Then she started using her index fingers to rub his nipples which were hardening rapidly. Jacob didn’t say or do anything. His face was blank. He almost seemed like a robot that needed to be turned on.

“What do you think Nathan? Jacob has a good body doesn’t he?” Belinda asked.

“Yeah, you’re hot dude.” Nathan smiled. Nathan was still wearing his boxer briefs. He was standing back and watching what was going on between Jacob and Belinda. Watching it was making him hornier than he already was.

Then Jacob finally reacted. He looked over at Nathan and smiled back at him. “You’re hot too man.” He said with a cute little smile.

Then Belinda slid her hands down Jacob’s chest and down his smooth stomach and grabbed the waistband of his shorts, and then she yanked them down. Jacob wasn’t expecting that. He was shocked. But he still managed to step out of the shorts and flash Belinda with the same cute smile he had given Nathan. Belinda got a good look at the tent in Jacob’s boxer shorts.

“It looks like you’re a big boy too.” She said. Then Belinda started unbuttoning her shirt and looked over at Nathan. “While I’m here doing this, how about you two help each other get rid of those annoying bits of underwear?”

Nathan got a bit closer to Jacob and looked him in the eye. Then Nathan slipped his thumbs in behind the waistband of Jacob’s boxer shorts.

“So, what do you say Jacob?” Nathan asked with a smile. “Do you want me to get rid of these boxer shorts?”

Jacob nodded. Then without further ado, Nathan slipped Jacob’s boxer shorts down to the floor and Jacob stepped out of them. Jacob’s big cock stood out straight, pointing at Nathan. Then without even asking, Jacob grabbed the waistband of Nathan’s boxer briefs and yanked them to the floor. Then Nathan stepped out of them. Nathan’s ten inch gleaming cock stood in front of him. They kept looking at each other’s stiff member for a few moments. Then they both looked back at Belinda Kripke. She had undressed down to her bra and panties. Jacob kept staring at her breasts. He wanted to reach out and grab them. He thought they were beautiful.

“Look at those monsters.” Belinda said. “Nathan’s cock is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and it looks like you’re almost tied with him.”

Belinda grabbed the wooden 30CM ruler off of her desk and then she grabbed Jacob’s cock in her other hand and he let out a little gasp as she did. She held the ruler up to his cock and measured it. Then she placed the ruler back on her desk.

“Twenty centimetres, that’s eight inches. It’s only two inches shorter than Nathan.” Belinda said smiling. “You’re both my big boys, aren’t you?”

Nathan moved over to Belinda and reached behind her back and unclasped her bra and it dropped to the floor. Then he slid down her panties and Belinda stepped out of them. Then Nathan stepped back, and Jacob had a full view of Belinda’s full nakedness. His cock twitched at the site of her naked tits and pussy.

“I felt they were ruining the picture.” Nathan said, justifying himself.

Belinda smiled. “You were definitely right.”

Nathan went and grabbed Belinda’s big leather office chair from behind her desk and swivelled it out in some open space. Nathan sat down in the chair and then he looked over at Belinda and smiled.

“Come sit in Daddy’s lap.” Nathan told her with a grin.

Belinda walked right over to Nathan and then turned her back to him and started leaning down to sit on his lap. As she was moving down Nathan put his hands on her arse and spread apart her arse cheeks and got a perfect view of her arsehole. Nathan lined up his cock perfectly with her arsehole, so that when she sat down, his cock would go up her arse.

Belinda sat down and let out a moan. There was a light pop as Nathan’s cock slid up her arse. Nathan put his hands on her thighs and started shuffling her around on top of him to create movement for his cock. Belinda went with the movements to help make her hips move faster around Nathan’s giant cock. Belinda was beginning to softly moan.

Belinda looked over at Jacob. He had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it. Belinda slid her finger into her pussy and then she slid it back out. Her finger was all wet.

“I’ve got a hole here for you to slide your meat into.” Belinda said with a cheeky grin.

Jacob moved over to Nathan and Belinda on the office chair. Jacob put his hands on the arms of the chair and started leaning against it, slowly lowering himself down on top of Belinda. When the head of his cock started rubbing up against her pussy lips, Belinda took his cock in her hand and lined it up perfectly between her pussy lips. Jacob lowered himself down further and his cock head slid inside of Belinda’s pussy. It felt amazing. It was a completely new experience for Jacob. Once the head of his cock was in he quickly lowered himself down the rest of the way until his cock was completely encased in her pussy. Belinda let out a joyous moan. Then he moved his hand to the small amount of free space on the outer side of Nathan’s legs. Then Jacob started pushing himself up and lowering himself back down and started getting into a slow pace of fucking Belinda’s pussy. Then he slowly started to speed up. This was complete ecstasy for all three involved, especially Jacob. This was his virginity losing experience, and it was doing something that most don’t even dare think about: A threesome.

Jacob started kissing the tops of Belinda’s tits. Then he started sucking on her nipples. As Nathan fucked Belinda’s arse he ran his hands up the sides of her smooth body. Then he took her tits in his hands and started squeezing and rubbing them as Jacob sucked and licked them.

Jacob was really picking up a sweat. He was puffing and panting, and grunting and moaning. He was thrusting his cock into Belinda’s vagina as hard as he could. Belinda was moaning and screaming from being penetrated in two of her holes.

Nathan went from squeezing Belinda’s tits to rubbing his hands along the sides of Jacob’s body as he continued sucking her tits. This might be the only chance he had to fuel his homosexual fantasies. He wanted to make the best of it. Nathan brushed his hands over Jacobs back and then his arse, and gave it a nice little feel. He decided he didn’t want to freak Jacob out so after a few more moments of exploration, he went back to squeezing Belinda’s tits.

Belinda’s pussy started to throb and orgasm. She wrapped her arms around Jacob as his cock brought her to her peak. She grabbed at his back with one hand and she grabbed at his cute arse with the other. Then Belinda let out a moan as her pussy tightened and sprayed out a load of her pussy juices out around Jacob’s cock. Nathan could feel Belinda’s juices dribble down onto his inner thighs. That helped turn him on even more.

The effects that Belinda’s orgasm had on Jacob was almost immediate. As her muscles tightened and constricted around his cock, it didn’t take long before he too was brought to orgasm. His cock began to twitch and cum started spraying out deep into her pussy. He had never felt anything like it. He had never came so much before in him life. His cum started to fill up Belinda’s pussy and seep out the sides around Jacob’s cock. Jacob’s dripped onto Nathan’s thighs as well. That made Nathan twice as hot and horny.

When Jacob finished emptying his load kaçak bahis his cock went limp inside of Belinda’s pussy. He pushed himself up off the chair and slid his limp cock out of Belinda’s pussy and then he fell back onto the floor with a thud. His cock was covered with Belinda’s pussy juices and a coating of his own cum. Jacob looked back up at the show as Nathan continued fucking Belinda up the arse.

Nathan kept pounding and pounding into Belinda’s arse. The two of them kept moaning louder. Then finally Nathan’s orgasm hit and he started shooting ropes of cum into Belinda’s arse. He kept filling her up more and more. Some of his cum started dripping back out and joined the mess of liquids already over his thighs. It became of mixture of Nathan’s cum, Jacob’s cum and Belinda’s pussy juices. When Nathan’s cum stream died down to a halt, Belinda pushed herself up off him. His cock came out of her arse with a pop. More of Nathan’s cum dribbled out of her arse. Some landed on Nathan’s legs. Some landed on the chair or the floor. Nathan let out a sigh as he relaxed in the office chair. His cock had started going limp, but not completely. It still maintained some of its hardened length. It was slicked with a layer of his own cum.

“It looks like we’ve got you in a bit of a mess.” Belinda said to Nathan as she looked at the pussy juice and cum on his legs and thighs.

“Yeah, it looks like you did.” Nathan said with a laugh. “Are you going to help me get cleaned up?” He asked with a cheeky grin.

“You know what? How about Jacob cleans you up?” Belinda suggested.

Nathan smiled. He liked that idea. He got to live out more of his fantasies. “I’m more than happy with that. What do you think Jacob?”

Jacob nodded. “Alright, I guess.” He said nervously. Then he got up on his knees and shuffled over between Nathan’s legs and put his hands on Nathan’s knees. “What do you want me to do?”

“How about you start by licking up some of this stuff off my legs?” Nathan suggested. “Then we’ll see what happens after that.”

Jacob nodded and smiled. He didn’t look nervous anymore. He actually looked like he was getting a bit excited. Jacob lowered his head down and started licking up the juices that had dropped onto the tops of his legs. Then he moved his head in-between Nathan’s legs and started licking up the juices and cum off of his inner thighs. All this had started getting Nathan’s cock completely hard again. When Jacob had licked Nathan’s thighs completely clean he lifted his head back up. Then he noticed Nathan’s cock had gotten stiff again.

“It looks like this got pretty messy too.” Jacob said.

Nathan nodded. “It’s the messiest.”

Jacob started moving his face closer down to Nathan’s cock, and then he looked back up into his eyes. “I’ve never done this before.” Jacob whispered in a voice that sounds almost like a frightened child.

“It’s alright. It’s easy. There’s nothing to it. You just suck.”

Then Jacob looked back down at Nathan’s cock. For a few seconds he just stayed there looking at it. Then he started moving his head down closer to it again. He opened his mouth and took the head of Nathan’s cock in and tightened his lips around it. Then he slowly started sliding more and more of his friends cock into his mouth, until his gag reflexes kicked in. He had around half of Nathan’s cock in his mouth when that happened. Jacob started moving his head up and down on Nathan’s cock. Nathan started letting off gentle moans as Jacob started getting more creative and wrapping his tongue around his cock.

Then Jacob took Nathan cock out of his mouth and started jerking it off with his hand. Then he started sucking on Nathan’s balls and kept stroking his cock. Then he took Nathan’s cock back in his mouth and took his balls in his hand and started rubbing them and massaging them. A shiver went down Nathan’s spine. He couldn’t believe how detailed this blowjob was.

“God, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Nathan asked.

Jacob laughed with Nathan’s cock still in his mouth and it sent a vibration through Nathan’s cock. Then Jacob continued sucking. It didn’t take long for Nathan’s sexual pressure to build up again. His cock always got extra sensitive right after an orgasm. Nathan looked down at his friends beautiful face and could feel his orgasm start to build up.

Nathan started running his fingers through Jacob’s hair. “Oh, Jake yes. I’m gonna cum.” He moaned.

Nathan expected Jacob to pull of his cock, but he didn’t. He kept sucking. Then Nathan’s cock burst again, and cum went flowing into Jacob’s mouth. Jacob kept trying to suck it all up, and he did just that. He got every drop. When Nathan stopped cuming, Jacob took his cock out of his mouth. It was completely limp now. But as for Jacob’s cock. It had gotten completely hard again.

“Now you’ve got me going again.” Jacob said and giggled.

“You boys are just too horny.” Belinda said laughing at her own joke. “You know what Jacob? You could help me give Nathan a little pay back for me.”

“What do you mean?” Jacob asked. Judging by Nathan’s face, he was thinking the same question.

“Nathan has fucked me and fucked me over and over again. Since you’re raging and ready to go again, I think it’s time you showed him what it feels like.”

Jacob smiled. He liked this idea. But Nathan wasn’t sure. When he had thought of having gay sex with a guy before he was the one doing the fucking.

“What do you say Nathan?” Belinda asked. “It looks like Jacob’s on board.”

Nathan thought for a few moments and then he nodded. “Alright, I’ll do it.”

“Will we do it on the chair again?” Jacob asked.

Belinda smiled as she remembered something that Nathan had done to her, and then she decided to set an idea into motion.

“How about you do it over by my desk?” Belinda suggested. “Bend him over my desk and give it to him. He’ll like that.”

“That sounds cool.” Jacob said. “What do you think Nathan?”

“Yeah, okay.” Nathan said and gave Belinda a coy smile. Belinda let out a little laugh.

Nathan walked over to Belinda’s desk and leaned over it; just like he had made her do only a month ago. He was nervous. His heart was beating fast. But he was getting very excited as well. He wanted to feel Jacob’s cock inside his arse, he was just afraid of it hurting. But he wanted to do it.

Jacob walked up behind Nathan and then pressed his hands against Nathan’s arse cheeks. He was excited as well. He had thought about Nathan before. The reason Jacob had decided to go up to Nathan and talk to him and make friends with him was because he thought Nathan was very cute. Jacob didn’t consider himself gay, but he did have thoughts of men. He had even had found himself jerking off over Nathan before. Jacob thought that Nathan had such a beautiful arse. He couldn’t believe he had his hands on it now. He couldn’t believe he was actually about to fuck it either. He was excited to make Nathan scream.

Jacob started squeezing Nathan’s arse cheeks and smiled. “You’ve got a really great arse Nathan. It’s really beautiful.” Jacob said.

“That’s what people keep telling me.” Nathan said with a smile.

Then Jacob took one of his hands off Nathan’s arse and spat in the palm, and then he rubbed the spit into his cock. Then Jacob put his hand back on Nathan’s arse and then he spread Nathan’s beautiful arse cheeks apart and slid his cock in-between them and pressed the head of his cock up against Nathan’s arsehole. Nathan let out a gasp. His heart started beating even faster.

Jacob pressed his cock harder up against Nathan’s hole. Jacob’s cock was not going in, so he started pressing even harder. Then finally the head of Jacob’s cock slipped passed Nathan’s arsehole and slid inside of him. Nathan let out a gasp. He was shocked at the pressure Jacob’s cock built up in his arse. Jacob slid his cock deeper inside Nathan’s arse. Nathan felt uncomfortable, but it wasn’t painful. Once Jacob’s cock had passed Nathan’s arsehole, the pain was quick to sooth down. Jacob’s cock finally made it all the way into Nathan’s arse. Jacob’s balls were rubbing up against Nathan’s arse cheeks. The muscles that lined Nathan’s arse were encasing Jacob’s pulsing cock. Jacob was almost ready to cum again without even doing anything more than just holding his cock in Nathan’s arse.

“God, this feels great.” Jacob said and let out a moan. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.”

Jacob started sliding his cock back out of Nathan’s arse, but still kept a little of half of his swelling meat inside of him. Then he slammed it back in and Nathan let out a quiet shriek. That definitely hurt. Bet it still felt good in a weird way as well. Then Jacob quickly started to into the rhythm of fucking Nathan’s arsehole. It was hurting Nathan’s arse but it still felt unbelievably good as well. Nathan could hardly believe the strange mixture of feelings. He started clutched at the desk as if that would help ease some of the pain.

Nathan could feel Jacob’s cock begin to twitch inside of him, and Jacob body start to shudder each time it slammed against him. Nathan knew that Jacob was reaching orgasm and was only moments away from cuming. Then Jacob started moaning louder as if to confirm what Nathan was thinking. Then Nathan felt his arse fill up with globs of goo as Jacob started cuming into his arse. Jacob shuddered and his knees buckled. He finally finished cuming and he collapsed down onto the floor. Nathan dropped down off the desk and landed on the floor beside him.

“God, that was great.” Jacob said. “How did that feel for you?” He asked Nathan.

“It was strange; but in a good way. It was a mixture of so many feelings. I can’t really explain it.”

“How does it feel to have cum up your arse?”

“If you really must know, it’s really fucking uncomfortable.” Nathan said with a laugh.

“You boys put on quite a show.” Belinda said sparking the boys’ attention.

As the two guys looked over at Belinda they saw she was fully dressed. She had gotten her clothes back on while they were fucking.

“What are you all dressed up for?” Nathan asked her.

“I don’t want this to end, but I’m afraid I have to get home. If I’m any later my room-mate will start worrying about me. And knowing her she’d call up the school to check on me. Then somebody would have to come up here to check if I was still here. Then if we were still up here, I’d be in all kinds of trouble. Even if we were all clothed and simply talking there’s no possible excuse I could think of that would justify why I’m still here at school after hours with two of my students. Let alone if they walked in on while we were in the middle of something.”

Nathan and Jacob both nodded. They understood perfectly what she meant. They weren’t dummies. They both got up off the floor and made sure there weren’t any come spots on them. Then they grabbed their piles of clothes and started getting dressed. Jacob’s cum that was sloshing around in Nathan’s arse really was uncomfortable. Although Nathan had enjoyed himself, he really was dreading having to walk home with that up there. What a pity that the school toilets get locked up as soon as the final bell rings for the end of school.

When the boys got dressed Belinda, Nathan and Jacob all left the room and Belinda locked up the room behind them. The three of them walked down to the staff car park, and that was where they said goodbye to Ms Kripke. She got into her car and left for home. As for Nathan and Jacob, they started walking home. They didn’t really talk much on their way home; mostly just little bits of pointless chit-chat. After walking for god knows how long, they finally got to Nathan’s street corner, where they had to separate. Jacob’s house was up further up along the street.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Nathan said.

Jacob nodded. “This evening was really good. It was fun. Will we be able to do it again sometime?”

“I don’t see why not.” Nathan said. He was almost certain that they would do it again.

“When Ms Kripke can’t do it with us, maybe the two of us could do it together.” Jacob said. A part of him looked a little bit guilty. As if he felt she shouldn’t be asking that question.

Nathan smiled and nodded. Then Jacob smiled too. Then the two boys went on their separate ways and started heading home. When Nathan walked in through the front door and his mother was sitting in a lounge chair, watching the front door as if she had been waiting for him. He immediately got nervous. He didn’t like the look on her face.

“We need to talk.” She said. “Kelsey told me about your little predicament.”

Nathan’s mind was blank. He just stammered and stuttered. The only words he could possibly think were, ‘Oh, shit.’ And he didn’t dare speak those.

“So? What do you have to say for yourself young man?” His mother asked.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I hope you liked the story. Any positive or negative feedback would be much appreciated. If there’s anything you’d like me to improve for the next part than just say so. If there are any plot points are any story ideas you’d like in the story, then just tell me what they are and I’ll work it in the best I can.

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