Naughty Itches

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Naughty Itches
Naughty itches.

One night, it was myself my girlfriend Jessica, my mate James and his girl Samantha. We were at my house having a braai and a few drinks, enjoying each others company. After eating we continued having a number of drinks and chatting about all random things. As always the sexual topic came up and we started talking about our likes and dislikes in the bedroom.

As the conversation continued the drinks continued and it was clear that we all started getting horny. The sexual topic soon arrived at bi-sexuality and being young friends we all were willing to explore. With swinging involved it all started off with Samantha coming to me and my babe going to James and the girls first undressed us guys exposing our throbbing hard cocks.
It then led to James and I watching the two girls slowly remove one another’s clothes, and soon there tits and shaven cunts were exposed and we all looked at each others bodies.

Soon I took Samanthas hand and James took Jessicas and we made our way to the bedroom where things got a bit more experimental. Us guys first dared the ladies to touch and make out while we watched. Jessi and Sams lips met and we watched as their güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mouths opened allowing their tongues to meet. Their hands ran over each others bodies exploring their tits and eventually as we watched we saw how they started playing with each others wet cunts.
Their lips soon aparted and they turned their attention to us guys. Samantha walking up to me and Jessica up to James. Focusing on Sam as the ladies moved us all closer, she soon took my hand and placed it on my friends cock. First time for me to touch another man’s cock and a few seconds later I had another man touching my cock. Feeling a little weird having my cock being jerked by another while jerking his cock off, the girls slowly dropped down to their knees and took over. Samantha deepthroatting my cock as I look down to see Jes sucking my friend cock. James and I looked at each other and smiled while enjoy the pleasure of a good blowjob.

Samanthas lips soon left my cock and then she got me to kneel down next to. James cock soon left out of my girls mouth and they then slowly moved my head to my friends cock. My mouth opened and for the first time I was giving güvenilir bahis şirketleri a blowjob. I sucked his cock back and forth slowly, and trying to see how deep I could go. Eventually James cock was deep down my throat as I gagged while sucking him. The girls giggle and soon moved off my friends cock and onto the bed. Laying on my back I soon felt the warmth of a mouth taking my cock in. Looking down it was James and I watched as he sucked up and down on my cock. He deep throated me as the girls watched on enjoying themselves and soon I watched as their lips once again met and they started kissing. James mouth soon left my cock and we both started focusing out attention onto the two slutty bitches.

I positioned Jessi onto her back with her legs spread. Her wet pussy open and James and I moved his babe to between her legs. Sams tongue met Jessicas cunt and she start eating away. We watched on as Jessica moaned from the pleasure and it wasn’t long till we saw her body tense up. James shoved his cock into her mouth to suck while she orgasmed from Samantha eating her puss.
After Jessica finished her orgasm James pulled his cock out of her mouth and canlı bahis şirketleri we then moved Samantha up to sit down on top of Jessicas face. She lowered her body and soon Jessicas mouth was eating Samanthas wet cunt. As she moaned from the pleasure I stood up in front of her, giving her my cock to stuck while she road my girls face. James moved and made his way to between Jessicas legs eat her pussy, as we all enjoyed our first swinging bi-sexual 4somes. I felt how Samantha sucked my cock hard as she reached climax and orgasmed.
After her orgasm we all moved around. Jessi and Sam laying opposite away round with their heads next to each other. James moved in over Jessica and I moved to between his girls legs shoving my hard throbbing cock into her wet tight cunt. James and I looked at each other as we my each others girls moan as we fucked them hard and rough. Listening and watching the girls moan as we fucked, it wasn’t long till I reached capacity and pulled my cock out of Samanthas tight cunt. I took my cock into my hand and jerk it as I exploded shoot my hot load of cum onto her belly and sexy tits. With James watching my cover his babe I hot cum he too reached climax and pulled out of my bitches cunt and I watched on as his cock exploded his hot cum onto Jessica.

After having our great fuck, while the girls cleaned up our cum off their bodies, James and I went downstairs for a drink and chatted about how much fun that was to experience our first bisexual swinging 4some.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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