New TV

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New TV
I’m gonna tell you a real happened story about what my girlfriend and I have experienced when ordering a new TV My girl is from Moravia, part of the Czech Republic and we both live in Prague. She is a very pretty blond girl, very nice legs, turquoise eyes and she is also a very intelligent lady. She is called Nikola and she is 1.70 m long and has a very beautiful body. Oh she is by the way 27 years young.

As Nikola’s tv was broken and unrepairable I decided to buy her a new television. So we checked on the internet and found a very nice bigscreen which had a 40% discount on it. The delivery times were only in the evening from 19:00 till 22:00 and on the weekends. We decided to let the TV be delivered on a Thursday evening.

So when it was Thursday evening we waited until the doorbell rang. There was a dark guy (African we think) who was the chief or so and he told us that he was delivering the TV. There were two other black guys who brought the TV up (as we live on the 4rd floor).

Nikola was a little bit afraid when she saw the 3 black guys entering her studio. They brought the TV inside and I asked the guys if they wanted to drink something. The chief was saying something about the TV (details which we already found out online) and Nikola kissed me because I gave her this nice present.

The guys accepted the drink and they stayed for a short talk. When they finished their drinks they told us that they would leave. I walked with them to the door. Then things went fast.

One bahis siteleri of the guys grabbed me and brought my arms behind my back. At the same moment one of the other guys grabbed Nikola and brought her to her bed. We had no idea what happened to us and we were afraid that they would rob her studio. The other guy took a rope and a big piece of scotch tape. The guy who was holding me put me on the chair, facing the bed and the other one tied my hands and my feet, followed by putting the tape over my mouth. I couldn’t do anything. The other 2 men had Nikola on the bed and they tore her dress off.

My girl was screaming and one the men told her to be silent otherwise they really would hurt us. Nikola lay completely vulnerable on the bed as the 3 black men stood around her and were holding her with one hand while they opened their trousers with the other one.

Within a second there were 3 black cocks coming out of their trousers, all 3 quite big. One of them told us that we didn’t need to be scared as they only wanted to give my girl some real pleasure which I couldn’t give her. They told us that they did it more often like this.

I was so angry and tried to free myself, though this didn’t work out at all. I simply had to watch what they would do with my girl.

The guy who stood infront of Nikola put his cock inside my lady. The men told her that if she wouldn’t do it that the would hurt us big time.So she had his cock inside her mouth as he started to fuck her mouth.

At that bahis şirketleri moment one of the other guys went to the other side of the bed and put Nikola on her knees and hands. He took off her string and put his cock inside her pussy. Starting to fuck her hard immediately.

Nikola was first real scared and frightened. Between having one cock in her mouth and then the other she begged the men to stop and they could get our money and jewelry She also told the men that they should use condoms as she didn’t use the pill. Though the men just told her that they only wanted to fuck her and they would only do it bareback..

As she got fucked hard she was starting to groan silently, it appeared to me that she was liking it. The other guys also recognised that and they said to me: „You see, she likes it.”

I heard again a „mmmmm”. I was totally surprised that these 3 black men were r****g my girl and she liked it.

The guy who had his cock in my blond girl’s mouth took it out and the other guy put his cock back inside her.

The guy who was fucking her doggystyle took his own out too and the other guy lay on the bed and ordered Nikola to sit on top of him. She guided his cock in her pussy herself and she started to go slowly up and down. The other one went to sit kinda on top of her and put his black cock inside her ass, so deep that I couldn’t see his cock anymore. Nikola was moaning loud now.

It seemed that she had completely forgotten about me as I heard her say: „Ooooooohhhhhh, illegal bahis yeahhhhhhhhhh, fuck me deep and hard, you men are soooo good. I just need your black seed deep inside my pussy!!!”

The black men didn’t let her repeat that and both were fucking her harder and deeper, this while she was still blowing the other black guy. Nikola was moaning and moaning and I knew that she came again and again by the fucking of these thick black cocks who were inside her pussy, ass and mouth.

Suddenly it was so far. The two guys who were fucking her groaned out loud and came deep inside her pussy and ass. Nikola was never ever looking so incredible hot as her eyes were full on fire

The two men went outside of her and were standing now infront of her. My blonde girl was again on her hands and knees as the other guy who got blowed put his cock now inside her ass.

He was fucking her hard and a few minutes later he shot his load in her ass while the other 2 guys were jerking off and shot their load on her face.

Then they simply put their clothes back on and asked Nikola if she was happy with the delivery service. I was absolutely surprised as she said „yes!”.

„Alright lady, just order something else or just call us for another delivery of loads.”

The guys left. Nikola untied me and took the tape off my mouth. Then she took my clothes off and started to suck me. When we went to fuck she took a condom and simply told me that I could fuck her but only with condoms. From now on only black men could fuck her bareback.

Of course Nikola has called the men again and there was more action going on. She is still my girlfriend though I learned my place in her sexual life. Apparently girls indeed don’t get back when they got black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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