night cruising sissy

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night cruising sissy
Its summer again , 2am driving in my big suv wearing my brand new disney princess cute panty , in a hoodie slightly open my little little camisole underneath it

I love parking near the daddy i spotted

and wait watching him starting to get curious about me, alone smoking my cigarette waiting for him to get closer

I love to watch them look down at my shave legs in my very girly little pink panty with a disney princess on the side , my little cage so obvious in my tight panty smilling at him opening my hoodie

the big smile they do when they realise what iam and what i need

reaching down to rub me , my legs spread and hoodie open to let him see how cute and girly iam all smooth and waiting to be touched

”hi , you wanted me to see you dont you ”


”you are very cute”

”thank you, are you a daddy ? i need my daddy ”

”oh yes? my little princess found her daddy”

opening my back door getting in my suv backseat

crawling with him in the back sit on his lap

”hi daddy”

”hi sexy girl, you needed some big black cock dont you?”

”mmm mmmm daddy”

reaching down touching his crotch feeling his bbc

getting doggy on his side half my casino siteleri body over his legs kissing his sweat pants

my ass up wiggling his big hand massaging it

”you have such cute panty, you vuy them yourself?”

”yes daddy , in packs at wallmart”

”id like to see them all, its very cute, like being a princess ”

”mmmm mmmmm”

”yesss you like that here princess you deserve some big black cock tonight”

getting his pant down , my mouth open like a magnet destined to be wrapped around such a beautifull cock

”ohhh you so hungry take you time girl , yes like that my princess lick my cock”

”ohh your a good princess, yes look at me while you lick daddy big balls”

”oh babby ”

”mmmm i want your cum daddy”

”fuck , you so small i love that…..oh what is this baby girl”

getting his hand on my hole feeling my little plugged pussy

”oh you little slut are ready for daddy cock arent you?”

”yes daddy always”

getting my lil panty down looking at my pink plug

”what we have here”

”ahhhh mmmmfffff”

mouth push on his cock my lil plug removed slowly

”oh that cute pussy”

”its clean right ? iam married i dont want trouble”

”yess casino şirketleri daddy i am tested , i have the papper here ”

pointing the console in front

”you k**ding right? you have the papper here? show me ”

getting in and put back on my knees to suck him

”omg this is real, i cant believe you, you really are the perfect little doll”

getting the papper away looking at me before grabbing my neck

”so tell me little girl, you ever been ****d before”

”because that what im asbout to do”

getting my hands in my back tied up repeating his going to rip me appart

my disney panty pushed in my mouth

he lift me up on the back seat and literally mouted me

”your not running from this slut, im gonna **** you cindy, its over for you”

i squeal like a dog and got smack until i shut up

”shut up slut , you wanted this faggot”

and he made sure i felt **** like a wore ass up pounded in my car by a huge black cock

”daddy daddy ahhhhh ”

”yes princess , call me daddy, daddy r****g you good you stupid slut”

”cute little princess faggot , you wanted this , you fucking little faggot wanted to be a girl, then be one”

”awwww awwwww awwwww ”

”daddy canlı casino siteleri love that tight cunt,

”i love this, this is great , great fucking bitch , stay down wore, you fucking stay down and take it like a girl”

”you never gonna be a boy, look at you, fucking slut, where your wallet you are mine now im not giving you away”

”where you wallet , smack smack, tell me slut”

i plead him this was my secret

but he made sure i was going to cry

sit on his cock opening my wallet taking all my cards one by one

”oh this is close lets go to your place”

i cried on his arm trying to beg not to do this

but he didnt care the least

i was trembling , shaking like a leaf when he drop me on the bed

i didnt want her to wake up

but he made me moan pumping in me

it took her a while to understand why i was looking at her crying and mouth open trying ti say something bouncing back and forth near her

”hi sexy , look at your boi , he wanted to show you something ”

she stood straight looking at the scene

”wtf alex what is happening why why ”

”your boi here is dressing sexy and getting fuck at night , this is him wanting you to know”

he cum in me looking at me gf

getting out of my used ass drooling cum

”your turn now”

and i look speach less at my gf spread for him

looking at me in disbelief

before moaning herself

”ohhh i need this so bad”

my gf entering a trans just like her sissy gf

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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