No one underfoot.

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No one underfoot.

I was on my own for a change. My girlfriend had left town for a week and I was on my own for the first time in what felt like a long time. I walked through the streets. The city was busy around me and I felt a little lost in it. I had a fortnight to spend on my own and nothing much planned.

I turned a corner and continued my walk. It had been a long time since I had gone out for a drink just because I had nothing planned. I felt free. Reckless, even.

So it was that I found myself roaming the bars. I went from pub to pub and I went into places I wouldn’t have dreamt about going into had I not been on my own. I felt a bit heady as the night grew older. The beat of the clubs had sucked me in. I actually went dancing.

Now, let me make this clear. I don’t particularly enjoy dancing per se, but women do. I was drunk on alcohol, yes, but more importantly I was drunk on seeing all those women out having a good time. They were noisy and full of vibrant life. More to the point they were rather younger than me and dressed for the occasion.

I gorged myself on young women. I soaked myself in low cut dresses that showed a lot of skin. Tight fitting tops on hot women in clubs. Smiles and sweat, perfectly shaped bottoms in the flickering light of the dance floor. I laughed and caroused.

Finally I found myself hanging out in a bar in the wee hours of the morning. It was nearly closing time and the clientele had turned from the happy to the desperate. I was slightly grieved to find myself in among that lot, however I had not really allowed myself to flirt too much. I did have a girlfriend, I told myself, and she would rightfully cut my balls off if she even suspected that I had been unfaithful.

So I was alone.

Or as alone as a man can be when still amongst the revellers. The bass still beat out its throbbing rhythm, the dance floor was still fairly packed. I could still order another drink. (Right! I had had drinks tonight. Not my usual pints of ale. A thing to be taken into account as well.)

My imagination wasn’t the best at that point so I ordered a gin and tonic. And it was as I was waiting for the bartender to deliver that I felt a sudden presence to my right. I slowly lifted my head and turned it rightwards…

The first thing I noticed was the décolletage… It was unbelievably beautiful… A deeply cut top and firm, large breasts in a perfect cleavage. My eyes drifted slowly upwards. The soft curve of the shoulder. Deeply tanned skin, nicely accentuated by the curling brown hair. The smooth line of the neck and the prettily tilted jaw. A slightly amused, wicked little mouth. The pretty nose and the fabulously naughty eyes. Clear, blue and innocent in a way that could only mean that they were hiding something.

I goggled a bit but then two things struck me. The first thing to hit me was a realisation that I knew this girl. She was a former student of mine. And to make matters worse, she had graduated only last year!

The second thing was her. She looked at me once and then hurled herself around my neck, pressing her fit little body against mine and grinding her firm breasts into my chest. I found my hands fitting themselves comfortably around her narrow waist, and they liked being there.

‘Sir!’ she cried in my ear and hugged me tighter still. ‘Shit, it’s so good to see you! Oh, sorry… No cursing…’ She withdrew and gave me that wicked little grin again which had had me stumped even when she was in my class. ‘I’m sorry…’ she said and her eyes shone with mischief. ‘Will there be any punishments now?’

I just laughed. ‘I doubt it. You’re not in my class any more. If you were, however, I think we would have a serious talk right about now… Frida, what the hell are you doing here? You’re not even 18!’

‘Oh, come on!’ she actually simpered at me. ‘Don’t be so stuffy. Besides, what are you doing here? Isn’t it past your bedtime, sir?’ The way she said “sir” made my hairs stand on end and goose bumps ripple down my arms.

‘Well…’ I suddenly realised that she was still in my arms. I looked down into her eyes and I could feel myself growing hotter. Other things were happening too. I reluctantly released her. ‘Be that as it may, I can’t leave you here. I still have the number to your parents, for crying out loud! Now come on. I’ll get you home.’

Her beautiful face clouded over and she set her mouth in a grim line. ‘You’re no fun at all,’ she said. ‘And I thought…’


‘Nothing.’ She sighed and shrugged. ‘Alright, Mr Tomas. You’ve totally spoiled tonight. Let’s go, I guess.’

‘Right.’ I paid for the drink I no longer wanted and gesticulated for Frida to take the lead.

This might have been one of my many fatal mistakes that evening. As she walked ahead of me there was really nothing else to look at other than her behind. It was the most beautifully shaped ass you could imagine. Firm and round and perfect. The short skirt she was wearing did very little to hide it, rather it accentuated and highlighted it. Her back was bare in a narrow strip between her silky top and her tight, black skirt, and the muscles rippled invitingly there.

We had to go up a flight of stairs. Frida placed her stiletto-heeled shoe on the stair and it was clear that she was putting on a show from step one. Her hips swayed from side to side, her ass moved like poetry. He slim legs were a promise of paradise.

When she dropped her purse it might have been an accident, but I doubt it.

‘Oops,’ she said and bent forward to pick it güvenilir bahis up. A slow, graceful leaning down it was. I felt my heart skip a beat when suddenly her perfect teenaged ass became so wonderfully presented before me.

‘Oh…’ I said and it was not until then I realised I had actually moaned out loud.

Frida gave me a look from across her shoulder. That wicked little smile again caressing her lips. ‘Mmm…?’ She said and placed her hand on the side of her bottom, slowly letting it caress her round posterior. ‘What was that, sir? I didn’t quite catch it?’

I tore my eyes from her perfect ass. I swallowed. In a voice that must have sounded rough, I said: ‘Shit, Frida…’ I shook my head and gave her what I hoped was a scathing look. ‘If you don’t stop this and start behaving I’m going to have to spank you.’

Was that mistake number two? Oh, yes…

Here eyes suddenly glittered with something. Lust or anger, I couldn’t tell. She picked up her purse and sauntered up the last few stairs.


We were sitting in a taxi. Next to each other in the back seat. The drone of the engine and the flickering of passing streetlights were the only things that changed.

Frida shifted a bit in her seat. She pulled her jacket tighter. She must have been cold. She was dressed for clubbing, not the actual temperature. I looked at her and tried to give her an encouraging smile, but the only thing I could think of was how incredibly hot she’d made me in the staircase.

I had told the driver to drive us to her parents’ house. That had taken more strength then I really had. I gritted my teeth.

‘Sir…’ She almost whispered.

‘Yes, Frida?’

‘Please… Don’t take me to my parents’…’ She leaned over to me and put her hand on my arm. Her lips almost brushed my ear. ‘Please… I’m begging you… I’ll do anything you want…’

I turned to her. If she had only looked a little less innocent… A little less guileless…

‘When I saw you there…’ she breathed… ‘I was so happy. I have dreamt about you… Fantasized about you… Please… Just, please don’t take me to my parents tonight…’ She slowly unbuttoned her jacket a bit… unzipped it so I could see down the front of her top. The sheer perfect curves of her breasts. ‘Sir, please…?’ And she looked up at me with her wide, blue eyes.

Well what the fuck could I do? The built up pressure of having looked at scantily clad young women all night and then the added desire of seeing Frida, whom I had had more than one unprofessional thought about during her years in my class… It all welled up inside and for a second a red haze fell over my eyes.

‘I think we have a new destination,’ I told the driver and gave him my address.

The look in Frida’s eyes was grateful and so beautiful. I leant over and caressed her cheek.

‘You might regret this…’ I warned her with wry grin of my own. ‘Now I am going to have to punish you myself…’

She bit her lip and gave me one of her looks again. ‘Promise?’ she said.


We got out of the taxi outside my gate. The house was old with a heavy oaken gate. I punched the code and opened it, ushering Frida in ahead of me. I could feel my hands trembling slightly as I caressed the small of her back. She sauntered in, again with that sway to her hips, but now I didn’t mind. I just revelled in it.

She stopped before the stairs. She looked at me across the shoulder again.

‘Where to?’ she asked in her best naughty little girl voice.

I smiled and nodded towards the staircase. ‘Two flights.’

Again she smiled her wicked smile. ‘You know,’ she said and started walking towards the first stairs. ‘A gentleman wouldn’t dream of letting a lady walk ahead of him in the stairs.’

‘True,’ I said. ‘But judging by the way you acted in the last staircase we climbed, I doubt you qualify as a lady. Besides… You seemed to enjoy yourself quite a bit, so I thought I’d give you a second chance.’

‘Hmm…’ she pursed her lips and then started up the stairs. Slowly she unzipped her jacket and let it slide off her shoulders… Again she undulated up a staircase, her perfect ass, her tight little body, all moving with such sexy grace my mouth went dry. Suddenly she stopped and turned, a challenging look in her eyes. ‘So, what you’re saying is that you like watching me walk?’ Mischief radiated from her.

I grinned at her. ‘You could say that. At least when you walk like such a little slut.’

She giggled and tossed her hair as she turned. She continued the show all the way up to my flat. Turning and twisting in the staircase. Letting her hands slowly caress her body. She was getting me horny as hell and enjoying every minute of it. Well, so was I. Anticipation consumed me. What shame I felt had curled up in some remote corner.

I unlocked my door and let her in. I closed the door and locked it. We were alone. I was alone with a girl of barely seventeen, one of my former students! And I knew I was never, ever going to be able to stop myself now.

I turned towards her. She had dropped her jacket on the floor and now stood dressed as she’d been in the club. Sexy as hell. She looked up at me with her big, innocent eyes and asked me with a slight blush to her cheeks: ‘Well, sir… I know I’ve been a very bad little girl… Please, is there anything I can do to make it better?’

‘Maybe there is…’ I said and stepped close to her. Her smell was intoxicating. I caressed her cheek again, felt the smooth softness of her… I leaned forward and kissed her softly. Her lips pressed hungrily against türkçe bahis mine and her pert little tongue brushed against my lips.

I kissed her again. Deeper now. My hand crept down across her throat and shoulders. I could feel her hands clawing longingly against my back. The heat of her body radiated through my clothes and her stomach was bare under my caressing hands. I pulled back again, breathing hoarsely.

‘There might be something you could do…’ I said and raw lust coursed through my voice. ‘But that depends on what you’re willing to do for me…’ I cupped her firm breast in one hand and felt her breathing become shallow, panting…

‘Anything,’ she breathed… ‘I’ll do anything… Fuck, sir… I’ve never been so horny in my life…’ Her eyes glittered as she looked up at me.

I laughed and kissed her roughly. ‘I know. Me too.’ And it was true. ‘Now shut up. I’ll tell you what you can do for me…’

I released her and stepped back a bit. ‘Come with me,’ I said and beckoned her into the living room. The blinds were open but I quickly closed them. I turned on the stereo to some soft music. The big, black sofa stood along one wall but I chose the armchair in stead.

I sat down in it and looked at Frida. I took a deep breath…

‘You’re right,’ I said. ‘You’ve been a very naughty girl indeed… And this is where you start your punishment. You have to do whatever I say from now on. Until tomorrow you will be my slave, if I so wish it. Do you understand?’

She stood in front of me. Grinning wickedly she licked her lips with a small pink tongue. ‘Yes sir… I’ll do whatever you say. Please, I’ll be a good girl…’

‘Not unless I want you to. First I want you to prove you mean what you say… Tell me you’ll be my slut.’

There was like a ripple of something going through her. She actually moaned softly with pleasure as I said those words.

‘Yes sir,’ she whispered, sheer vibrating lust powered her voice. ‘I’ll be your slut, sir… I’ll be your dirty little whore if you want me to, sir!’

‘Good,’ I told her and I could hardly stifle a moan of lust myself. ‘You really like to show yourself off to me, didn’t you?’

‘Oh, yes, sir…’

‘Do it again,’ I told her. ‘I love watching you… You want to be my slut? Strip for me… Go on, show me what a dirty little girl you can be.’

‘Mmm… Yes, sir…’ she all but groaned. She immediately started moving to the music. Her hips swayed and her hands eagerly caressed her whole body. She clasped her breasts through the thin fabric of her top and then down across her waist and smooth belly. She caressed her thighs and between her legs.

Then she turned and began to smoothly give me every opportunity to admire her firm backside. She caressed her ass and bent down deeply in front of me. Then she slowly got down on all fours and pushed her ass towards me. She was so incredibly beautiful.

I felt my cock begin to throb in my pants. God, she was turning me on!

She turned around and got up to stand on her knees. Caressingly she started to take off her skirt. She got out of it more gracefully than I would have dreamt possible. Her long legs shiny and perfect as she kicked the skirt away. She was wearing the sexiest g-string you could possibly imagine.

Sitting back slightly she started fondling her breasts again. Then she looked right at me and smiled. It was the sexiest smile I’ve ever seen. ‘Do you like what you see, sir?’ she asked.

‘Oh, yes… Mmm… You’re so fucking beautiful, Frida…’

She laughed her wicked little laugh. ‘Well, you just wait…’ And with an arched eyebrow and a devilish look in her eye she slowly started taking her top off. ‘You know…’ she whispered. ‘I won’t mind if you want to take your cock out…’

Seeing her arch her back and slowly pull her top off was too much for me. Her firm breasts had not been in a bra. They jumped out from underneath the top; round, firm, large and perfect, nipples erect. I couldn’t help myself. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. I jerked it a few times and felt how hungry for her I was.

Frida loved seeing me jerk off. She caught her breath when I took my cock out and a soft moan escaped her. She licked her lips and clawed at her breasts. Then she started caressing her pussy through her panties. ‘Oh… Mmm…’ she moaned. ‘It’s so beautiful…’

Then she turned around and slowly pulled off her g-string. Turning on her back she spread her legs and opened herself up to my hungry gaze. She was shaved clean. She was naked and beautiful and mine.

‘Please,’ she moaned and caressed herself. ‘I want to suck your cock… Please, sir… Let me suck your cock…’

‘You little slut…!’ I gasped and stood up.

She looked up at me, her fingers deep in her pussy. ‘Yes,’ she said. ‘Call me your slut. I’m your little whore…’

I ripped off my clothes. ‘You fucking whore… You cunt… Turn around! Let me see your little ass again!’

She turned around and eagerly arched her back that extra little bit. I went down on my knees behind her and started caressing her but. The feeling of her smooth skin underneath my hands. Mmm…

‘You’re such a dirty little whore, Frida,’ I said and I could hardly recognise my own voice. ‘Such a dirty little whore…’ I raised my hand and spanked her. And again.

‘Ow! Oh! Mmmm… Yes… That’s right… Spank me… I’m such a rotten little whore, sir… Ohhhh….’

I spanked her again. Hard. She cried out. Her moaning just made me want to spank her harder. And I did. Between spanks I caressed her firm buttocks and every once in a while my caressing güvenilir bahis siteleri fingers brushed across her pussy. She was so wet…

‘Ooohhh… Mmmm! Ah! Ow! Oh! Mmmmmm… Oh, sir, yes… Spank your little whore… Mmmm…’ Frida was shaking in ecstasy already.

I pushed her down and spread her asscheeks wide. I plunged my tongue deep into her cunt and felt her juice drip along my chin. She cried out in surprise and pleasure as my tongue started to explore her hot pussy. I loved the taste of her.

‘Oh, sir…! Yes! Mmmm! So good… That’s soo good!’ She started to shake slightly and I could feel the first tremors of an orgasm ripple through her body. I licked her harder. Deeper… Pummelled her clitoris with my tongue.

‘Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Mmmmmm! AHHHHHHHH!’ she came hard. Her cunt gushed desire.

‘Now it’s your turn, slut…’ I said and roughly pulled her to my cock. ‘You wanted to suck it, well… Here’s your chance!’

Frida’s head was still lolling from her orgasm but she eagerly opened her mouth and licked my cock. As soon as she tasted it she hurled herself over it. Her small, red lips locked themselves around the shaft of my penis and she sucked as hard as she could. She made me moan and cry out loud.

‘Oh, God! Mmmmm! Shit, that’s it!’

I couldn’t take much more of it. I pulled her off my cock.

‘Fuck me,’ she panted. ‘Please, fuck me!’

I spread her legs and pushed my cock against her pussy. Felt her opening up and then I entered her. She was so wet it felt as if I plunged the whole way in with one thrust. Still she jerked and moaned.

‘God, you’re so big! Mmmmm!’

I pinned her down on the floor and started fucking her. She felt so good! Her sloppingly wet cunt squeezed my cock and I couldn’t stop or even take it easy. I fucked her as hard as I could. She screamed and writhed underneath me. Her pleasure made her incoherent and I was half mad with pent up desire aching for release.

I slammed my pelvis against her, shoving my cock as deep as I could into her with each thrust. Harder and harder. Faster and faster!

‘Ahhh! Ahhhh! Mmm!’ I heard my own breathing as if at a distance.

‘Oh, God! Oh, God! Fuck me! FUCK ME!’ Frida’s words were slurred.

I stopped and pulled out of her.

‘No! No…!’ she almost sobbed.

‘I want to fuck you from behind,’ I rasped…

Frida turned and pushed her ass towards me. Hungrily she clawed after my cock. But in stead of guiding me to her pussy she put it against her other hole in stead.

‘Fuck my ass, sir,’ her pleading was slurred but the need in her voice was acute. ‘Please, sir… Fuck me in the ass! I want your cock in my ass!’ She all but sobbed.

‘Oh, you fucking whore…’ My cock was glistening with juices from her pussy, but her tiny asshole looked so tight… I spat down her ass and started rubbing her with saliva. I spat again and again, making her wet for me… ‘You dirty little whore… Want me to fuck you up the ass, huh? Do you really want my big cock up you little asshole?’ I pushed a finger into her but and felt how tight she was… And how much I wanted to fuck her there.

‘Yes… Oh, yes…! Fuck your little whore in the ass, sir…’

Finally I couldn’t wait any longer. I put the head of my cock against her tight little asshole and pushed… She screamed with pain and pleasure as I slowly forced myself into her ass. Deeper and deeper.

She was so tight! It felt so amazingly good!

Tears were pouring down her cheeks now but still she begged me for more and I was beyond anything other than sheer need. I plunged my shaft deeper into her ass and slowly started fucking her. Her arched back and round ass was so beautiful. I took a firm hold of her hips and started pulling her towards me.

‘Yes! YES! Oh, GOD!’ she cried and her voice trembled. ‘FUCK ME!’

Her one hand went to her cunt and started rubbing. Her whole body was quivering with desire and pleasure again.

I fucked her harder and harder. I felt her muscles relax somewhat and I could pound that little ass faster and faster. Frida screamed with pleasure. Her every breath was a shout of lust.

I pulled her hair and fucked her. I clawed at her breasts and fucked her. I slapped her bottom hard and fucked her. It was the most wonderful thing. I gritted my teeth and gloried in her firm body giving itself to me. The hot burning in the pit of my stomach told me I was close. Really close!

Frida came again, harder than I have ever seen a girl come. She howled with pleasure and her whole body trembled as if in the throws of some fit. I just fucked her harder and felt my own climax build, and build.

‘Oh, shit! Oh, Frida! Aaaaah! Mmmmm!’

‘Come on my face, sir… Please, come on my face…’

I was beyond words. I pulled myself out of her and she eagerly opened her mouth below my cock. I jerked hard and came almost immediately.

‘Ooooohhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm-uuhhhhhhh!’ Hot jets of white semen gushed out of my cock and plastered her beautiful little face. Her mouth open, white splatters of come landed on her tongue and she hungrily swallowed them.

‘Mmm…’ she moaned. ‘So good… Mmmmm….’

She popped my cock into her mouth and sucked the last remnants of come out of it. Her come-covered face turned to me and she smiled around the shaft of my penis. It was the most beautiful sight in the world. I caressed her hair and leaned down to kiss her soundly on the lips.


We showered. We looked at one another in the aftermath of what we had done. Both very satisfied. Both very much uncertain as to what would happen now.

Just about then the phone rang. I looked at the number display. It was my girlfriend.

-Might be continued.-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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