(Pt 14) Sunday was a nice way to end the weekend

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Well Saturday night had gone better than we had hoped, with possibly 30 plus guys, all more than happy by the time they went home, Liz had slept over, around 10 we woke, the bed was a mess, all sorts of dry cum stained the sheets, Liz and I took off for a shower and internal clean, Grant and Les were still sleeping.

It was so nice cleaning her body, as fingers began to find sensitive holes, Liz went down licking my clit as I stood over her, warm water run freely over us both adding to the feeling.

After some time, we both had several orgasms, and ended up in a 69 on the floor, when my butt was pocked by a hard cock, Les was easing his cock in me, then with one hard push got his cock fully in and fucked me hard, he must have had tight balls, as he didn’t last long, the warth of his cum, filled my body, after showering of again, we went out to the pool.

Dfor was running around, jumping up to welcome us all, so with little effort, I knelt over a garden chair, and his cock, found the mark, going right up my arse first push, Les cum helping lube his cock. It was so nice, he pounded me hard and fast for some time, before his knot found it’s way in, locking tightly inside he began to fill me with doggy cum, I love the feeling as the dogs cum in me, thier cum is so hot and lots of it.

I had several orgasms while he continued to cum, then as he turned arse to arse with me, my orgasms started again, the knot seems to hit every good spot when he does bahis firmaları this.

Then some 10 minutes later he pulled away, leaving me gapping open, Liz didnt miss a chance, her fist went right in, as I screamed another orgasm out, I turned around, finding her pussy wet, I slid my fist inside her, and we fucked one another like this for some time, as Les, fucked her arse, from the side.

Les wasn’t able to cum, so we left him, and spent some time using our douche, just to double check we were nice and clean, then Grant got up, and with his morning woody, popped it in Liz’s butt, fucking her for a short time, before seeding her, by now we were very comfortable with one another, and let the others use the douche in each other, mainly flushing out loads of dog and horse cum from last night, before going in for a swim.

Sunday wasn’t planned as a play day, but as always when we’re horny, any day becomes a play day, so Grant and Les began to make a few phone calls, as we ate a light brunch, seeing as it was midday already.

I had already had Dfor fuck me, so Liz found Jake and got on her knees, seeing as she was dry, his cock was not going in very easy, so I pulled him aside and sucked his cock, wetting him as Les ate Liz’s butt for her, slicking it up. then with a few pushes, his cock found her butt hole, going deep insdie within a few strokes. Liz was going strong, her orgasms got faster as Jake got faster, then his knot went in, swelling fully in a kaçak iddaa matter of seconds, Grant was face fucking her, his cock sprewed cum over her face, as Jake began to growl into his orgasm.

Liz’s eyes rolled back, as he rammed deeper still, the knot well out of sight inside her hole, then he swung around, butt to butt, the knot held firm. She rocked back onto him, forcing him to cum more, cum began running out between her and the the knot, then Jake pulled hard, her hole opened up fully as the knot came out fully swollon, what a lovely sight, her butt gapping fully wet with cum.

I saw Grant, his butt now filled by a cock, as guys started to turn up, it didnt take long before Liz and myself were being used once more by guys, I took a good load of cum in my butt, then asked Les to get Flame, as I lay on the frame, ready for the onslaught to begin once more.

I took a good sniff of poppers, Flame stood above me, Les next to him, mare’s scent in hand, as my back, was hit by his cock, I knew I wouldn’t have long to wait.

Then Les held his cock, my brown eye open ready for him, I screamed as his meat went in deep, the huge flared head forcing my hole wide, caused me to orgasm wildly, then with more poppers, Les gave him more scent, another hard push he went in further, fucking me deep, but I knew there was more to go yet.

I let him fuck me for a few minutes, then took a huge sniff, Les knew, as he gave Flame another good long sniff of the mares kaçak bahis scent, this time Flame reared up, his legs knocking me, and his full weight went onto his cock, the full lenght went in, then blank, I passed out.

Liz was holding my face, Flame still pounding away, his cock fully home, felt good now, as I took more poppers, my orgasm began once more, I love the feeling, his cock is bigger than a arm in me, the head makes my orgasm so intense, Les gave him some more scent, as Flame snorted, his cock now swollow so much it could hardly move inside me, then he cum, and did he cum, my stomarch entended, with the pressure, it hurt, but a nice hurt, as more orgasms raced though me, then as he slowed he pulled out, my butt ripped open, horse cum spewed out over us all.

Liz went behind me, eating his cum, then bringing it to me and sharing it. as some one fucked my abused hole, then his cock slipped into my pussy and his fist went deep in my arse, sending me over the top once more. he didn’t last long, depositing his seed in my cunt as I squezed his cock tight.

Well the day kepy going, more guys turned up, Liz took on both dogs, and then Flame, Grant also took them all on, first Patch then Flame, who was by now starting to show signs of fatigue, having fucked us all last night and again today.

It was a shame that around 10 pm we had to call it quits, but we did need to get some sleep before Monday morning reared its ugly head. Les said to let him know when we were free for more fun, next time he wanted to contact some one else who might come up from the country to join us and bring his pets too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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