Re Entering the lifestyle….

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Re Entering the lifestyle….
Some years has passed since my innocence was brutally and viciously taken from me and turned me into the creature that I have become, seeking to pleasure and please men and give them a receptacle to deposit their seed. Over the years I have bottomed for numerous men, finding them in dark alleys, bushes and even the much vaunted Adult Book Stores (ABS).

With the onset of certain ailments that have no cure as of yet, I have tried to be much more selective and discrete with satisfying my craving for the male appendage. Some years ago there was a small break thru and a d**g was formed that could prevent one from contracting the dreaded alphabet virus. Now I am one of millions that swallow the small blue tablet known to many as PrEP. I even have started being more discrete in securing a partner for sexual romps.

I place an ad in one of the many male hook up spots and in time receive casino siteleri a reply and invite to come to a home and pleasure the guy. I arrived at the appointed time and entered the home with my small bag of accouterments. You know, lube, condoms and my small bottle of ‘Poppers’.

Once in the bedroom and stripped of my clothes I took small sniff of the bottle and was ready for the task that was before me. I knelt before him and gently took his throbbing member in my fingers and gave the tip a small kiss. Then slowly extended my tongue and begin to lick the pre-cum that oozed from the slit. Opening my lips I very gently started to suck at the male member as if it was a babies nursing bottle. As the phallus throbbed and twitched I administered to it showing my host that I wanted to please him as to his desires.

Once he was ready we retired to the bed and I laid on my stomach as he applied the lubricant canlı casino to my waiting bung. Once done he straddled my buttocks and guided his man hood into my butt crack and started to probe my anal opening till his penile glans entered my anal sphincter tube.

Once he was in I took a longer sniff at the small brown bottle and after securing the top begin to undulate my hips up to his thrusting. His male member slipped deeper and deeper till his pubic hairs were pressed into my butt crack and he started to grind and hunch.

I was moaning and whimpering in lust and some pain as he worked his thick tool around my innards. His rock hard shaft was stretching and filling my anal sphincter tube and his breathing and words of encouragements spurred me on to heights of sexual pleasure that I did not hear the door as it was opened.

He slipped his arms under my chest and clamped my shoulders as he started to hunch kaçak casino and grind more quickly till I felt his phallus start to throbbed and felt his substance as it struck the walls of my rectum. As he pulled his penis from my well used anus he gently turned me to my back and lifted my legs and re entered my anus again. I shivered and quivered as his male tool slide effortless back into it’s sheath.

It was then he lowered his lips to my ear, I took him in my arms and held him tight as he whispered ‘…I also like to watch…’ not knowing what he meant I tilted my head back exposing my neck to his kisses. It was then that I was aware of the sound of clothing being removed and strained to look around. There was two other guys, one completely naked stroking his manhood and the other removing his trousers.

I tried to push the guy in me up but he had a good hold onto me and continued to explain. ‘…We like to see punks like you get a good fucking, we don’t want you to leave unsatisfied! Somewhat terrified at the thought of being tricked and used. I was yet lustful as I watched the guy stroke his massive phallus.

Too be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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