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I stayed at Cait’s place till the end of the week and we figured her mom and dad hadn’t noticed anything missing from their closet because they didn’t say anything and they were cool and Cait and I had a lot of fun with the toy, and then on Friday afternoon I told them I should be going home and Cait’s mom said she could take me because she was heading out anyway so I said “Cool, thanks” and I went to my room to get my things and Cait went with me and I packed my bag and then Cait and I kissed and she grabbed my ass and she had her tongue in my mouth when her mom walked in.

And Cait practically pushed me away from her but her mom just said “Are you ready?” and I said “Yeah” and Cait just stared at the floor and was blushing so bad with her lips sucked in her mouth and so I said “Bye” and she said “Uhm, yeah bye” but now she was looking at me and her eyes said ‘Please don’t go’ and I looked back at her and tried to say ‘It’s okay’ with my eyes.

And in the car it didn’t take long for me to realize we were going in the wrong direction and I said “I’m going home” but it sounded more like a question than a statement and aunt Beth said “No, not yet” and I just said “Okay” and I got this feeling that I was in trouble and I wished I had stayed with Cait after all and then I said “Where?” and she said “My office”.
And now I was just looking down at my hands and picking at my nails and I was pretty sure I knew what was going on but I had to ask anyway and my mouth was so dry so when I said “Why?” it sounded like a frog croaking and aunt Beth said “Because you’ve been bad, haven’t you?” and I said “No”.
And she looked at me quickly and then looked back at the road and I said “I haven’t” and then I said “It was Cait. She took it” and now I sounded like, and I felt like, a little girl caught eating all the candy and blaming it on her baby sister or something, and aunt Beth said “Really?” and I said “Yeah”.
And then she said “That may be, but I can’t blame Caitlin now can I? After all, she can’t help herself. Because of you. Isn’t that so?” and after a while I said “I guess so”.

And then we bahis siteleri arrived and she parked the car and we went inside and she unlocked the door on the right and we went downstairs and I just followed her like a dog and we went in to the old yoga studio that now was like a living room or maybe even more like a lounge and aunt Beth said “Wait here” and she went into the next room and I just stood there in the middle of the floor and waited.
And then she came back out and it wasn’t my aunt Beth.

Or it was of course, but at the same time it wasn’t. She was wearing a black, shiny teddy that had metal rings and studs on it and it was open cup and even open crotch and she had black high heel platform boots on and they went up above the knees and she had something that looked like a stick or like a whip for horse riding in her hand.
And she looked so incredibly sexy and I wasn’t really surprised because I had known for a while really but still I was in a way because I think this was when I realized that this was the real aunt Beth and the other one I knew was just someone she pretended to be, like a super hero that now had taken off her geeky glasses and ruffled her hair and put her costume on.
And my heart was beating like it was trying to burst through my chest.

Then she said “Are you ready?” and I just nodded and then I followed her into the bedroom and she didn’t even have to tell me to undress because I just started to do it and she went over to an old cabinet by one of the walls and she found some rope and she started to tie me up, with some of it around my neck and some of it around my chest with my arms behind my back and then she pushed me towards one of the beds and she pushed me down on it so I was laying there on my stomach and my legs over the edge so my toes were still on the floor and I had to keep my legs straight so I wouldn’t just slide off the bed.
And then she hit me. And it hurt. It wasn’t like the thing she had used before and this one really stung and she just kept doing it and I started to cry a little but I was so horny now I thought I was going to pass bahis şirketleri out and in between the lashes I tried to hump the edge of the mattress because I just had to but I couldn’t reach the right spot and so I tried squeezing my thighs together in stead and that was better and I was so wet and I think I could have come like that but she wouldn’t let me, and she told me to stop and to spread my legs and so I did and I slid down a little and my calves where aching now and she climbed up on the bed in front of me and spread her legs and then she grabbed my head and pulled my face to her pussy and she let me lick her.
And she tasted so good and I licked and sucked on all of it and soon she was saying “Oh fuck yes” and “Oh fuck you’re good” and my neck was aching and my arms and thighs and calves were too and then she came and she grabbed my head when she did and rubbed her pussy in my face and my toes lost their grip on the floor and I almost did the splits and when I tried to regain my footing I just fell away from her and landed on my butt on the floor.
And she was in the middle of her orgasm and she had to finish it herself with her hand and she said “Aaaarrghh” and “Hhnnnngh” and rubbed herself so fast like she was angry and when it was over she sat up quickly and said “Fuck! What the hell are you doing?!” and I said “Sorry, aunt Beth” and she stood up and grabbed me under the arms and helped me stand and she untied me but then she just pushed me down on the bed and then she tied me up again like she had done that time in their room, spread eagle on my back.

And then she went back to the cabinet and got something else out and it looked like a strap-on but it was a lot smaller and she came back to me and straddled my chest and the strap-on had like a flat ball on the opposite side of where the dildo was and she put that in my mouth and put the harness around my head and tightened it and now I was laying there with this black dick sticking up from my face and she turned around facing my feet and then she sat down on it and it went all the way inside of her and the tip illegal bahis of my nose was touching her asshole and then she fucked herself with my face like that.
And she had that horse whip in her hand again and she hit the insides of my thighs with it and sometimes she hit my pussy too and it hurt but in a really really good way, and she fucked my face and rubbed herself and then after a little while she dropped forward and grabbed my right thigh and her face was so close to my pussy I could feel her breathing hard into it but she didn’t touch it and I wanted her to so bad but she just hugged my thigh and fucked my face hard and then she said “Oooohh fuu-uuuck” and she came again.

And she just laid on top of me like that with it still inside of her, hugging my thigh and breathing hard and my pussy was on fire and I tried to say ‘Please fuck me, aunt Beth’ but it became just “Blghhs ughhee, angh-ephfh” and my spit ran down my cheeks and I almost cried again and she didn’t do anything.

And then she pulled herself off and she untied my feet and then my hands and only then did she take that thing out of my mouth and off my face and every muscle in my body was aching even in my face and I threw my arms around her and I think I sobbed just a little as I tried to hump her thigh but she pushed me away and said “Wait, sweetie” and she turned around and sat on the edge of the bed and then she pulled me to her and on her lap and held my head in her arm and guided my mouth to her nipple and then she said “You can finish yourself now, sweetie” and I laid there sucking on her boob like a baby while she held my head and stroked my hair with her other hand and I masturbated and now I didn’t really want to come yet because I wanted this to last but of course I did almost right away and I moaned and I think I bit her and aunt Beth moaned too.

And we got dressed without saying much and she threw the dildo and the stuff she had been wearing in a steel trash can by the door and said “My secretary cleans these things for me later” and then she took me home, and in the car she said “Doesn’t everything feel better after you’ve redeemed yourself like that?” and I said “Yes aunt Beth”.

And at home mom said “How have you been?” and I said “Good” and went up to my room and then I checked my phone and I had 3 missed calls and 9 text messages from Cait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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