Revisiting a teenage lover

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Revisiting a teenage lover
As I did up the top button of my blouse, I looked in the mirror at my reflection and sighed heavily. I couldn’t believe I was going to the funeral of a 28 year old man. Liam had been the youngest of our group when we were teenagers. He was happily married with a daughter and another baby on the way. All it took was one drunk driver to jump a red light and wipe out his car, and he was gone. Just like that.

The the funeral parlour was packed, as any funeral for a young person is. I surveyed the congregation. There were people there who I hadn’t seen in nearly 15 years. Sure we had all grown up, got married, had families of our own, or were career minded but looking around it brought back great memories of just hanging about together as k**s.

At the wake, I was making pleasant conversation with Liam’s auntie when I had a tap on the shoulder. I turned and standing there was my old best friend from my teenage days, Deanna. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed as I put my arms around her and hugged her tight.

Deanna had lived next door and was born the same year as me. She was stunningly beautiful. Tall, long blonde hair, slim and the most enormous pert breasts I’d ever seen on a teenage girl. She got so much attention from boys. She would walk down the street and boys would thrust their numbers into her hand. She would always flutter her eyelashes at them and beam her perfect smile. I was insanely jealous of her. I was studious, round, plump and bespectacled. Boys only feigned interest in me to get closer to her. Although we couldn’t have been more different we struck up a really close bond.

“It must be 15 years since I last saw you” Deanna said to me, surveying me with those bright blue eyes of hers. Her face now wrinkled when she smiled, but she was still stunning. She was a little plumper than before, but that’s what having 3 k**s will do to you. Her blonde hair was starting to grey at the roots, and she still, in my opinion, put too much bronzer on her face.

“So, tell me everything! How are you? Are you still married? How’s work?” I started to tell her a mini version of my life story. Yes I was still married, although going through a rough patch. No we didn’t have k**s and work was beyond stressful! Deanna listened intently, smiling and nodding. Then all of a sudden her eyes darted behind me, and she jumped up and waved, “Brandon, Brandon! Over here!” I could feel my face flush red. Could it really be him?

Brandon was Deanna’s brother who was two years older than her. I remember the first time I had seen him. I was 15. He was tall, with blonde floppy hair, a rippled body with steely blue eyes and soft cushion like lips. The first sight of him had made my teenage heart skip a beat and had produced an urging in my loins that I had never felt before. He was god-like. But he could have any girl he wanted. He was a DJ and drove a van. I knew he would never look at me, the fat, geeky best friend of his younger sister. And now, 15 years on I could feel that same rush as he approached me from behind.

I turned to to look at him. He was still gorgeous. The floppy blonde hair was gone, now cut shorter. I could make out that underneath his suit, his body was still rippled. He still worked out. His skin, although aged a bit was a gorgeous bronze colour and I could bahis siteleri tell he’d just been away. His steely blue eyes clocked me, looked me up and down, and those gorgeously soft lips parted into a smile. I could feel myself trembling, my heart beating against my chest. My mouth was dry. How could he still have this effect on me?

“You remember Brandon, right?” Deanna said, tugging at my sleeve snapping me out of my daydream. “Er, yes. Yes. Hi Brandon. Lovely to see you again. Deanna and I were just catching up. It’s been a long time.” “It sure has” he said as he smiled and winked at me. He was remembering our past as much as I was. The secret past that we had shared. You see, Brandon was the first boy to ever take an interest in me sexually. He was the first boy I french kissed, the first boy I let feel my skin naked, the first boy I let finger my pussy and finally, the boy I gave myself to for the very first time. It was our secret, Deanna knew nothing about it.

We sat and chatted some more, reminiscing about old times. All the time I could feel Brandon’s eyes burning into my soul. I could tell he was eying up my body. I could see he was glancing at my breasts and looking at my legs. He licked his lips occasionally, the saliva glistening in the dying sunlight of the day. My pussy throbbed. How could he still make me feel like this? I still felt flushed, I wasn’t sure if it was the wine or his gaze. I needed to get out of the room, so I headed to the bathroom.

I leant over over the sink and splashed my face with water. “Stop it, you stupid woman” I said to myself in the mirror. Regaining my composure, I left the bathroom only to be greeted by Brandon heading to the Gents. “Well, we meet again” he said. “Yes, looks like it.” I replied. “You look amazing. It’s great catching up. We had fun when we were younger didn’t we?” He said winking at me. “Yes we did” I said, staring at him. He leant forward his mouth to my ear “I bet we can still have fun” and he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a cloakroom.

Brandon pushed me up against the wall and pulled the door shut behind us. It was dark, apart from a small crack in the door that streamed the light through. I heard him turn the key to lock the door. “Brandon, no. We shouldn’t be doing this….” “shhhhh” he said putting a finger on my lips. “You were one of the best fucks I ever had. We had fun. Remember the night I took your virginity? All the times we fooled around before that? How I taught you what guys liked, how I encouraged you to suck cock until you became an expert at it. I bet your husband enjoys what I taught you. I want to see if you remember.” I couldn’t breathe. My body was heaving as my heart thundered against my chest. My panties were sopping wet with my pussy juice. I hadn’t felt like this for years. Brandon pushed my hair back with his hand, and kissed my neck, my knees buckled slightly at his touch, to which he put his other arm around my waist and held me close to him. His mouth found mine and he slipped his tongue in, to meet mine. He was always such and expert kisser and I eagerly kissed him back. I could feel his rock hard member pressing against my body. I had never forgotten what a perfect specimen it was. It was long, beautifully circumcised, with a small amount of girth. His two gorgeous bahis şirketleri testicles strained against the skin as his erection stretched past his belly button. I’d never found a cock like it since, and I never thought i’d get the opportunity to revisit it either.

Brandon began unbuttoning my blouse. He then released my right breast from my bra and expertly sucked at my nipple. His warm breath and wet, sticky saliva mixed with his tongue as he flicked over my skin. His hands were running up my legs, pushing my skirt up to my waist. He hooked his thumbs into my panties and pushed them down, never once removing his mouth from my bosom. My head arched back. I knew it was wrong. I was a married woman for gods sake. But here I was, feeling like a teenager again. I wanted to see that gorgeous cock again. I wanted to see it, feel it, caress it and suck it. My hands felt for Brandon’s zipper, and I released his magnificent specimen. He groaned a little as my hands began to work the shaft. It was just as I had remembered. I cupped his balls, and could feel the weight of them. They obviously hadn’t been emptied in a while. Brandon released my breast, and instinctively I dropped to my knees. I couldn’t make much out in the darkness, but my hands could feel how hard he was. I pulled him to my mouth, and starting at the base proceeded to lick the shaft up to the head, flicking it with my tongue. I did this a couple more times before engulfing his huge bulbous head in my mouth and sucking as hard as I could. I rubbed my tongue all around his member as it twitched in appreciation. Gently I tugged at his balls, which made him gasp a little. As I worked away, he grabbed my hair and with every forward motion I made with my head, he thrust his hips forward until I was gagging on his cock. A mixture of saliva and pre cumdripped down my chin, which I tried to wipe away. Brandon held my head to his body, his cock thrust to the back of my throat until I nearly passed out. He then pulled out, leaving me coughing and spluttering on the floor.

“Get up” he said and I did what I was told. “Turn round.” I faced the wall, and bent over a small cabinet. Brandon placed his arms either side of my body, “let’s see how much you want me” he whispered in my ear. He stood back and ran his hands over my ass, and down to my now dripping love hole. His fingers brushed my clit, making me shudder. Then he slipped one finger in. “Wow, you really want me” Brandon said, to which I squeezed my pussy onto his fingers and he replied by inserting another one. His thumb found my clit as he finger fucked me, my juices squelching at his touch.

He then grabbed my hips. I could feel the head of his cock caress my slit. Then he paused slightly as he pushed it in. I yelped a little as I had forgotten what a big cock was like. “Shhhh, relax” Brandon said as he attempted to push harder into me. “Damn, you’re tight” he said, tugging at my hips to make it easier to enter. I relaxed some more and he was able to get his whole cock in my aching pussy. As he reached the top, he growled “ah yeah baby, that’s it” as I pushed back into his body. He pulled back out and thrust himself into me again. Over and over he thrust in and out of me. I held onto the cabinet, Brandon fucking me harder and faster. Every thrust was combined illegal bahis with a grunt as if he hadn’t had sex for years. I was panting heavily, maybe even screaming a little bit. I’d forgotten how good he was, how he knew what turned me on, how good his cock felt. I was in ecstasy.

Brandon’s thrusts got more and more forceful. Then he grabbed my hair with one hand and my hips with the other and let out a mighty groan as his orgasm washed over him and he pumped my pussy full of his warm seed. Wave after wave filled me up, -and he continued to pump in and out of me. I could feel my own orgasm building, I tried to stop it but it was too much. It was too overwhelming. I let it go and screamed as I was awash with hedonism. My pussy squeezed at his member as it erupted over his cock. I gripped him tight, trying to squeeze every last drop of his cum out of him. My once rigid body, flopped forward and I grabbed the wall to steady myself. We both paused for a moment, heavy breathing.

Brandon slipped his cock out, and I could just make out it glistening with our combined juices. As I came to my senses, I fumbled around in the dark for my panties and tried to hastily do up the buttons on my blouse. “We shouldn’t have done this” I said as I tried to pass Brandon and find the key to the door. I found it, unlocked it and went to leave as Brandon grabbed my hand. “You wanted that as much as I did. We always had fun together. Don’t deny you didn’t enjoy it.” I opened the door, the bright lights hitting my eyes startled me. I checked the coast was clear to the bathroom before turning to Brandon. I didn’t know what to say apart from repeating “we should not have done this”

I ran to the bathroom, and locked myself in the stall. I sat down and could feel our combined juices now soaking through my panties. I was still flushed but now from post orgasmic, shame. I’d never cheated before. Ever. But there was something so intoxicating about Brandon that I just became putty in his hands. What was wrong with me? How could I let him have this effect on me? I wasn’t a teenager anymore. I was a grown woman.

I cleaned up my face, rearranged my clothes and sc****d my fingers through my hair to tidy it up a bit. “You’ll do” I said staring at my reflection in the mirror. Then Deanna burst through the door. “There you are! You’ve been gone ages! Brandon is going. Probably some executive meltdown blah blah blah! You coming to say goodbye?” “Yes I’ll be there in a minute” As I left the bathroom, Deanna and Brandon were hugging each other goodbye. “I’m going to make a move in a minute too” Deanna said “I just need to grab my bag and say goodbye to a few people” and with that she disappeared leaving Brandon and I alone. “I’m off” he said leaning forward and kissing me on the cheek. He stopped and whispered in my ear “you really are the best. I’d like to see you again. Our little secret. Like old times” as he pushed a piece of paper into my hand. Deanna suddenly appeared beside us. Reaching out to hug me “it was so lovely to see you again. Brandon’s giving me a lift. Don’t be a stranger for so long next time ok?” “Ok” I stumbled. As I watched Deanna and Brandon leave, I looked at the paper in my hand. It had the words ‘call me’ and Brandon’s number on it. I knew it was wrong but he was just so fucking hot. Could I really let him go again? Give up that absolutely mind blowing sex? I called out “Brandon!” He stopped and turned to me, “maybe I’d like to go back to the good old days too” and with that he winked at me, smiled and walked towards his car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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