Rocky Mtn Road Trip – Part Ten – Final Chapter

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Rocky Mtn Road Trip – Part Ten – Final Chapter
Rocky Mountain Road Trip
Part Ten

So while I was sucking John he stood up and I just
continued to suck his cock. Then he opened a knife
he had taken off his belt and for just a second I got
scared. I continued to suck him but my heart was
beating faster now and I thought, what the fuck is he
going to do with that knife? Then he bent over me and
cut the rope off my wrists and then said, “Undo your
pants and pull them down enough to finger yourself
while you worship my cock slut. You have permission to
cum as a reward for your good behavior today.”
I thought, whew, and I did as he ordered. I started rubbing
my clit as I sucked him and I got wet fast. Then I got several
fingers inside myself and again, my heart started beating
faster but this time I was enjoying the shit out of it.
John was enjoying the shit out of me and he clenched my
hair and started working my head and driving his cock as
deep as he could and then he’d stop and just leave it deep
down into my throat. It was hard to breathe but then at
the moment I thought I would gag he pulled my face back
up and down and up and down again as I sucked his hard
cock I was able to catch my breath too.
I had no idea what the rest of our group was doing and I
just focused on pleasing John and making sure I stayed a
good girl in his eyes.
I know I have all the skills of a great illegal bahis siteleri cock sucker and John
was getting ready for another release. He was panting now
and had both his hands pulling my hair when he shot his
load. I lapped it all up like a good girl and I rubbed my clit
even faster trying to get myself off too. I was almost there
and then, Oh baby, I had a intense orgaism. I was still hot
on his cock and he was done spurting but there was still
some after cum juices dripping and I lapped them all up
and finally he pulled my hair and lifted my mouth off his
cock and said, “Now I want to watch you suck those sticky
fingers while you kneel there as my whore.”
I said, “Yes My Master” and then I carefully sucked each of
my fingers and he just watched, smiling a smile of a man
who was enjoying himself to the max.
I asked John, “Have I been a good slut for you master?”
Then he said, “Yeah baby. You’re a keeper. Now put my
cock away and zip me up.”
I was still kneeling before him with my pants down around
my knees and John reached down and stuck a couple of
his fingers into my pussy and started rubbing my clit. Then
he started pinching it and working his fingers in and out
and in no time I was panting and he had me fucking way
wet again. Then he switched hands and held the hand
with my pussy juice on it up to my mouth. I eagerly began
sucking his canlı bahis siteleri fingers and moaning at the excitement that
was building in my shaved pussy.
John pulled his hand out of my mouth and grabbed me by
the hair and yanked my head back as he furiously worked
his other hand still in my pussy. He had at least 3 fingers
in and I was so turned on I just wanted that big release
and then John said, “Are you going to cum for me Slut?”
I was panting and my voice was raspy when I said, “Yes
Sir, Yes Sir, make me cum for you baby.”
When I finally had that climax I groaned and screamed
and said, “Fuck yeah, thank you daddy.” He seemed
to like me calling him daddy and as I don’t usually say
that it surprised me too. It was such a gush and a rush
climax and that just popped out.
John stood up and pulled me up by my hair and then
still gripping my hair he stood me up and started kissing
me. Long lustful kisses. I kissed him back and he had his
hands on my tits and continued to kiss away. I never break
off a kiss, I always let my partner do that when they have
had enough. Finally he broke off and then he untied the
rope on my collar. The rest of our party were finished
doing what they had been doing and it looked like it was
time to saddle up for the ride back to the hotel.
Us girls were all topless as had been dictated and after the
men started up their bahis firmaları bikes we all climbed on.
I got up behind John and put my arms around him tight
and pressed my tits hard against his back.
On the ride back we got some looks and a few cars honked
at us when they noticed all us girls had bare backs. It was
fun and when we got back to town the guys made one
pass through the biker crowd and John told me to give the
crowd a thrill so I turned with just one arm around his
shoulder and let everybody with a cell phone get some
memories recorded to take home with them.
When we pulled up at the hotel and parked the bikes the
guys got off and us girls were standing there with our arms
crossed covering our tits as best we could. More looks
from people and a few more cell phone photos too.
Finally Mark came over to me smiling and put his leather
jacket around my shoulders and I pulled it on.
The girls all standing around hugging themselves to cover
our nakedness had attracted a crowd and although it was
fun, I was happy to slip into Marks jacket.
We made some dinner plans and talked about attending
the Saturday night main concert later after dinner. The
headliner was a well known band and a personal favorite
of ours so we were definitely going. We were leaving
in the morning for home but tonight we were going to
party down. What a FANTASTIC day. Mark took me by
the hand and we walked into the hotel and back up to
our room. I was all smiles. I just love our life together.


So, should John and Kathy return in future stories?
Should we do another weekend at Robert’s mansion?
Which of the stories I have written did you enjoy most?

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