Roleplays Revisited

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“Good god, look at her!”

“What a cow!”

“Ugh, how can she handle those?”

Dana ignored the barely whispered comments about her bust line. Sporting a hefty 48H cup bust, the girl simply smiled at the would-be tormentors, gave her shoulders a slight twist, and her full breasts jiggled wildly and then smiled sweetly.

“At least I know I could get any of your boyfriends if I tried.” The other girls were silent and glared at her as she left the locker room, headed to meet her boyfriend, Justin. He smiled broadly as she left the college gym, and jogged over to her. The martial arts and track student embraced his girlfriend warmly. “How’re you, beautiful?”

“I’m pretty good. Classes were good, Yoga was relaxing and fulfilling as usual.”

“You know that new student? The weird girl?”

“The one who most of the wannabe Goths were begging to join them?”

“Yeah. She joined the martial arts club.”

“And? What about it?” The semi-short girl cuddled against Justin, sitting next to him on the bleachers.

“Well, she’s damned good- she can really lay down some serious pain on some poor soul. I still stayed on the top of the ranking list, though.”

“So you’re still


“Yep!” He smiled at her fondly. “Hey, look! There she is!” Justin pointed across the football field.

A woman, slender, slightly tall, athletic, skin that was as pale as either of them had ever seen.

There was an air of casual indifference about her- the way she moved, and her clothes, especially. Slightly baggy denim pants, faded camouflage colored adorned her hips and legs, the waist of the jeans too loose to stay up yet somehow staying up. A black t-shirt covered her torso, the styled lettering on the front proclaiming “Digital Angel”, and a pair of circuit board wings adorned the back of the garment. The hem of the shirt had been cut high, exposing a slender midriff and the barest glimpse of the undersides of her breasts, full and round, though not very large- B or C cup sized. A gray baseball cap rested on her head, long silver/white hair done up in a loose ponytail hung out the back of the cap, and a pair of glasses- wire frames, circular lenses, blue tint- rested on her nose. Tiny ear bud headphones were in her ears and she hummed as she walked across the soccer field.

Shouts and jeers were heard- there was a soccer practice in progress on the field and her walking around on the field was interrupting it. She was dancing, moving to the melody playing on her headphones, and anyone familiar with anime would note that she dodged and weaved among the players and the flying ball as Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop fame would effortlessly flow through a fight without taking a hit. When she was a little over halfway across the field, the players started simply trying to hit her with the soccer balls, and still she avoided all of them, dancing, her body in fluid motion.

Once she’d crossed the field, shouts, curse and taunts were thrown at here even more relentlessly than the soccer balls previously had. She smiled, faced the crowd, bowed in time for one last soccer ball to go over her head, turned, and continued her dancing walk.

“She’s crazy.” Dana shook her head.

“No, she’s not human.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, she was double jointed in places it’s not possible on a human body. Didn’t you see?”

“You mean I kicked the crap out of a nonhuman in martial arts today? SWEET!”

“Justin! I thought you had an open mind about stuff like that!”

“Hey, I do, baby, it’s just… I mean, hell, most of the nonhuman races outrank us poor mortals on the physical ability charts, y’know? So it’s gratifying to know I can even top a nonhuman. Which race do you think she is?”

“Well, she’s too pale to be a nightelf, and she’s not a Sheen, there’s not enough metal showing, and it’s obvious she’s not a nekomimi, so I’m thinking elf or flier.”


“That’s all you have to say, love?”

“Well, I’m just a little surprised- I never really thought about it.” Justin’s embracing hands were slowly moving towards Dana’s breasts, and she shied away.

“Justin, don’t. Please.”

“Sorry, Dana.”

“Look, I have class, I’ll see you tonight, ok?”

“The Gym, right?”


“All right, baby girl.”

The two separated and went their separate ways.

Later that night…

Bam! Pow! WHAM!

The sounds of someone exercising using a punching bag echoed through the gym. Justin had arrived early, to surprise Dana and he cursed under his breath. Sarah was in the middle of the workout room in the gym- granted, it was secluded and you couldn’t see out unless the door was open (which it was) and even then on a narrow view of the hallway was afforded. Justin simply hoped that Sarah’s kickboxing would be noisy enough to prevent her from hearing Justin and Dana. Justin crept under the bleachers on the basketball court, smiling to himself as he looked down on the small air mattress he’d brought in. escort ataşehir Perhaps tonight was the night.

“Justin!” Dana’s voice hissed from somewhere under the bleachers. Justin met up with her in moments. “Was having her here part of your surprise?”

“No, actually. I’m surprised anyone’s up this late.”

“Well, we’re up.”

“True, Dana.” Justin sat down on the mattress and pulled Dana into his lap. “You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m just a bit tired.” Dana sighed, stifling a yawn- she’d spent much of the day dashing back and forth across campus, and she was exhausted. Justin smiled slightly, easing her into a prone position on the mattress, and then cuddles next to her.

“So take a nap, I’ll be here for you.”

“Really? Thanks, Justin.” She smiled a little, and closed her eyes, her breathing becoming even and slow as she meditated, resting her body and mind without actually sleeping.

Justin thought she WAS sleeping and took an opportunity to grope her. Dana gasped and flinched, sitting up. “Is that what this was all about? Getting close enough to me so you could feel me up?”

Justin glared, “We’ve been going out for two months now, and you haven’t let me do more than hug you, let alone do anything else! Why the hell won’t you put out, bitch? That’s what a girlfriend DOES!”

Off in the far end of the Gym, the sounds of kickboxing had slowed some. Justin pinned Dana and pulled at her shirt. The garment, already tight and strained from her overlarge breasts, tore easily. Her pants were removed with a bit more trouble, but he kept the now almost nude girl pinned the whole time and grinned, dropping his pants.

“Justin, no, please.”

“Shut it, bitch!” He glared and shoved a piece of the fabric from her shirt into her mouth, gagging her, and grinned wickedly. “If you won’t give it, then I’ll take it.”

“I’d rather take YOU.” A slightly deep feminine voice came from behind Justin as a large, slender pale hand landed on his shoulder. It took a half second for Justin to realize that the kickboxing noises had stopped and that the voice belonged to Sarah. In the time it took him to figure that out, he’d been lifted, bodily, off the floor by Sarah, who held him up with one hand, and was glaring at him, her eyes glowing with energy. Justin was too terrified to notice that the girl was also topless. “It’s scum like you that make all my practice worth it- it’s so frikkin SATISFYING to kick the ass of someone like you.” *CRACK!* Her bare left foot swung up impossibly fast and crashed into Justin’s left hip. She dropped him and he fell to the floor, nursing the point of impact. She stepped forwards, and Justin lashed out with his foot, toppling her by surprise.

“Ah, bluffs and tricks, Justin. Really, I’d expect more from you.” The two engaged in a quick battle, and Justin held his own for a while. Sarah was starting to lose ground, bruises forming from the multitude of hits on her body. Dana, watching had pulled what she could of her shirt over her front, and as Justin began to dominate the fight, her fear began to return. Then Sarah spoke something in a language Dana didn’t recognize, and lightning flashed around Sarah’s body, crackling and hissing and she began to land punches and kicks as fast as the lightning around her moved, and Justin began to lose ground, nursing electrical burns on the bruises the punches were giving him. After only a few minutes, he could barely move, and couldn’t stand. Sarah landed her heel on the back of his head and knocked him out, the electricity fading from around her body.

She walked over, and knelt beside Dana, looking her over. “You okay? Did he hurt you any?”

She looked up at the pale woman and nodded slightly before breaking down and crying. “I-I-I’ve never had anyone do that before,” she whimpered as she clung to the last remaining bits of shirt, in a vain effort to cover herself

She sighed, helping the girl up. “I’m surprised at that- most guys would kill to touch a pair as big as yours. Can you stand?”

She rested against the wall next to the bleachers and dried her tears with the shredded piece of fabric used to gag her. She looked into the woman’s eyes and let go of her shirt long enough to wrap her arms around the taller woman. She practically sobbed, looking for a soft touch and comforting words.

She put her arms around the girl and spoke soothingly, offering her the hem of her sweat-soaked training shirt to dry her tears with. “It’s okay, it’s all right. What’s your name?”

“D-Dana, yours?” she sniffed.

“I’m Sarah. Nice to meet you, though I wish it was under better circumstances.”

“I’ve seen you around campus, and I wish too that we were meeting under different circumstances.” Her eyes welled up with tears again and she was on the verge of a complete breakdown.

“Hey, it’s okay.” She held the shorter girl close- though not too close out of respect- a tight hug would hurt her near-beach ball-sized breasts. “You’re okay, Dana. It’s all right.”

On kadıköy escort bayan the floor next to them, Justin groaned and moves his arm. Sarah’s foot slammed into his side, and the boy was bashed into the bleachers and was unconscious once more. “Do you feel up to going to the nurse?”

“I think I should, if only to keep you from getting in trouble. I know how he is,” she said disgustingly, looking to the floor where Justin lay, “He would say that it was unprovoked and the Dean would have your ass.”

“The dean wouldn’t believe his word against mine, especially if I was vouching for someone else.” She blinked. “It’s too late at night anyway, the nurse’s office is closed. There’s a first aid kit in my room. Come on.”

She looked around wearily, trying her best to cover herself completely before venturing out into the halls. Her face was covered with a deep blush as she kept tugging at the shirt.

Sarah shrugged and pulled off her shirt, exposing a dark sports bra underneath and handed the shirt to the girl, guiding her into a side alcove. “Here, put this on, it should fit. Sorry about the smell, though.”

She smiled and slipped it over her head and over her well-endowed chest. “It doesn’t smell at all! Well not bad, at least!” she said with a smirk.

She chuckles. “Don’t flatter me- it reeks of sweat so bad even I can smell it, and I’ve got a cold.”

She smiled and walked side by side with the taller woman.

She watched the shorter girl walk, eyeing the massive mammaries the short girl owned, the nearly beach ball-sized mounds bobbing heavily with each step. “Damn, I’m jealous.”

“Of these?” she said, pointing to her breasts, “They might be sexy but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I have an extra 5 minutes in the shower each day, harsh backaches and I spend so much money on clothing. And now Justin has just ruined one of my shirts! Dammit!”

She chuckled. “I’ll help with the backaches- I wish I had your breasts, honest.” Though that could also be interpreted in a sexual manner, it doesn’t seem to be. In minutes, they reached Sarah’s dorm room. She laid Dana down on the bed, and went over the bruise with an herb packet of some sort, and the pain subsided. “The swelling will go down in a few minutes. You live on the other end of campus, right?”

“Yeah in Patterson Hall, the party hall,” she said as she rolled her eyes. “I really don’t want to go back though. Justin lives in the same hall and he could come in my room easily,” she said, looking down.

“Really? Then you can stay here until ResLife finds you a new place to stay. I’ll see them in the morning.’ She smiled and put the first aid kit away. “Whatever possessed you to go down to the gym at that hour?”

“Justin convinced me. He wanted to spend some time alone with me, I didn’t know things were going to turn out so bad.” She curled up in a little ball on Sarah’s bed and smiled contentedly.

She chuckled. “I’m surprised you can curl up with those monsters at all… ” She shook her head to clear it. “Here, you sleep there, I’ll crash on the couch.”

“No, I’ll take the couch, you have done so much for me already.” She stretched and the bottom of Sarah’s borrowed shirt rode up her trim stomach, exposing the very bottoms of her breasts. She let out a satisfied moan and slid off of the bed and staggered to the couch. “Can I borrow a pillow?”

She shook her head. “You. Bed. Now. You need a real mattress under you with those boobs of yours- A couch won’t do it. Bed! And that’s final.”

She gave her a sad face in hopes of convincing her otherwise.

“BITCH!” *WHAM!* They both jumped as Justin’s voice came from the other side of the door, followed by a crash as he tried to ram it down. Sarah sighed. “Stay there, please” She said to Dana, and went outside. Two football players were tackling Justin as she opened the door. “Hey, Mike, Steve! Don’t be too gentle, he tried to rough up one of the cheerleaders earlier.”


“Stupid fucker! Wake us up, will you?” Sarah went back into her room, smiling as the football team converged like angry wolves on the man who had woken them all up in the middle of the night. The door shut and Sarah started laughing. “Hehe. What an idiot. Even I know not to tick off the football team.”

Dana looked over, still in a half stupor. She shrugged and curled up once more, wrapping herself tightly in a blanket, with a pillow under her back, supporting it as she slept.

She smiled, looking at the girl for a long moment to fix the image of those perfect breasts in her mind- she really didn’t think a girl like her would want to be in the same room as a crazy lesbian girl. She stretched out on the couch and promptly fell asleep in the darkened room.

Dana stirred, needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. She unwrapped herself, but not before stumbling and barely catching herself before she fell onto the occupied couch. She was inches from Sarah’s face escort bostancı and panting heavily. Then something overcame her and she kissed the pale girl on the lips, very softly before stepping back and heading across the hall to use the bathroom.

Sarah mumbled in her sleep, sitting for a moment and then was still, having slept through it all. Her eyes snapped open the moment the door opened. “Dana? Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I need to use the bathroom!” she said, standing there in only a t-shirt and her panties, looking for her pants but then giving up, figuring no one would be out at this time of night. “I’ll be right back!”

“Okay!” She closed her eyes, though the image of the sexy huge breasted girl wouldn’t leave her mind, and she rolled over, facing the back of the couch, one hand between her thighs, panting softly, though even that was muffled.

Dana jogged as best as she could to the bathroom, which was only a few doors down, and went in. She then jogged back and knocked really quietly before entering, panting softly, breasts heaving a bit. “Back!” she said as she climbed back in bed, “Night!”

“Mmmm” The noise was sleepy, non-committal, and about the only thing that made Dana stop and think about it was that the room smelled faintly of female sex. Dana inhaled deeply and smiled as she rolled herself up in her blankets and placed the pillow under her back, dozing off once more.

Morning came, and Dana awoke to the sound of Sarah walking into the room from the shower. Dana hadn’t noticed, but Sarah had a suite room- she had a bathroom and shower attached to her bedroom, and it was from there that the girl had come. She had a TV, computer, game system, a set of bunk beds, though the mattress on the top one was stacked on top of the bottom mattress, making for a slightly taller but much softer bed. The first aid kit was on the wall next to the door and there was a full out tall metal locker in one corner, the door open, revealing a set of swords, as well as a metal staff and some brass knuckles. “Morning, Dana!” Sarah was topless, and she sported a fine pair of C cups, though they looked like they could pass for D’s in the right bra. She was slightly muscular, though more on the side of slender and wiry than anything else.

Dana rolled out of bed and walked across the room, wrapped in the blanket and she sat on the couch. “How did you sleep last night? I didn’t mean to kick you out of your bed.”

“I slept fine, and you didn’t kick me out of my bed. Go shower, cutie.” She giggled and tossed Dana a clean, dry towel.

She caught the towel and giggled. Walking through the door she looked at the shower with apprehension. ‘There’s no way I’m going to be able to fit in there!’ she thought. But she needed a shower and took off her clothes, putting them in a pile on the floor. She approached it sideways and massaged one breast through the door with more than a little pain and difficulty. She panted and worked on massaging the other one through. She whimpered softly as she finally managed to get both in. She turned around and her nipples rubbed against the shower doors. She let out a loud moan and turned on the water COLD, trying to shake the erotic feelings from her body. As she cooled down she heated up the water and wet her hair.

She blinked at the noises. “You okay Dana?” Once she heard the water running she assumed Dana was okay and things were fine. She stretched out, replayed the sexy image of the massive breasted girl in her mind and started fingering herself, panting slightly.

Dana also couldn’t shake her feelings of eroticism and her hand traveled down in between her lips, as her left hand rubbed her large breasts.

She arched her back, coming silently and taking a moment to clean the mess up with her towel, tossing it into the hamper and dressing, pulling her bra and panties and then her pants and shirt.

Dana had come at the same time and her juices ran down her leg as she continued to bathe. She washed under and over her breasts, making sure to get every inch. Dana sighed as she rinsed off and turned off the water. ‘It was hard enough to get in here and now I am turned on and they are bigger!’ she thought.

Sarah knocked on the shower room door. “Dana? You okay?”

“Sarah,” she whimpered, “I don’t think so.”

She leaned against the bathroom door. “Do you need help?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know what you would do if you came in here. I can’t get out!”

She blinked. “Can’t get out?”

“I’m stuck in the shower stall!”

She tried to figure it out. “Can I come in?”

“If you must,” she said wearily.

“Only of it’s okay. Dana, what can I do?”

“I don’t know. This has never happened before! My… my breasts were hard to get in through the door when I first got in and they grew while I was bathing. It is a side effect of being big breasted.”

“You got turned on and they swelled, right?”

She nodded and said a soft “yes,” feeling quite embarrassed.

“Well, pinch yourself, silly! Get rid of the sex high and they’ll shrink, just not as fast. I had a roommate like you last year, she had the same problem. Kill the sex high and you just need to squeeze yourself out of the shower. I’ll wait out here so you have some privacy.”

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