Room for Two?

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I couldn’t take it anymore. I continued to think about it so much that it seemed almost like reality. I’m sure she didn’t feel the same way. The first time these thoughts occurred, she and I were having a sleepover. We both had insisted that we wanted to sleep downstairs on the floor in our sleeping bags and mountains of pillows and blankets. Truth be told, we just wanted to stay up late watching movies, but dad didn’t need to know that. In all honesty it was quite comfortable down there even though the ground was a little hard. I had almost fallen asleep when I heard her whisper, “Jamie, you awake?”

I opened my eyes and looked at Anna. Her eyes, which were ocean blue, were wide in fear. She was sleeping on her side, her hands tucked under her head and her body slightly curled. Her bottom lip was bigger than her top, but it gave her lips a fuller, more luscious appeal to them. Her nose was a bit tiny for her face, but it was cute. She was slim, I could tell, but I didn’t know her exact form because she always wore baggy clothing, claiming that she was like a stick; “Curve-less and way too skinny.” I didn’t care. In fact I was actually jealous at times because I was a bit chunky. She disagreed and stated that I was too athletic to be chunky. The fat on my stomach didn’t think so. I had only one thing going for me, and that was my ass. My mother’s genes gave me the world’s largest ass ever. Sadly, I was not so fortunate in the breasts category. My cup size was a simple 36B. Anna’s on the other hand, were an astonishing 38C. Yea, sometimes, I got really jealous. We both just got out of high school, having just finished Senior year and was about to start college, we decided to celebrate with a sleepover, which we hadn’t done in a long time.

“Yea.” I answered groggily. She looked intently into my eyes. Her blonde bangs fell over her eyes. Her hair was long. It stretched down just past her boobs. In the sunlight, her hair actually looked like gold. In the darkness, her hair looked like a light brown. She was wearing a baggy grey T-shirt and black sweatpants.

“I’m scared.” She told me, shaking. Confused, I asked, “Why?” She looked down, ashamed.

“I-I’m afraid of the dark.” I grew concerned, suddenly having the impulse to comfort her somehow.

I scooted closer to her. I was on one pillow and she was on the other. Before, there had been quite some distance between us. “Better?” I asked. She scooted closer. We now shared the same pillow. “Better.” She whispered with a smile. She had such a beautiful smile. I could now see the whites of her eyes and could feel her hot breath on my face. I couldn’t go to sleep, and it appeared, neither could she. My eyes frantically began to dart everywhere but her eyes, which continued to stare at me.

“Um, isn’t that a bit too close?” I asked.

“No, I think it’s fine.” She answered, not looking away.

“Oh…okay.” I said, returning to look at her.

She looked down at my lips, and then licked her own. She looked back up at me with soft eyes. She smiled faintly. “Goodnight.” She whispered. She turned her body around so that her back faced me. Then she snuggled up next to me, her back clear across my chest. She grabbed my arm and slowly slid it around her body, wordlessly instructing me to wrap my arm around her. She tilted her head back and looked at me with a wicked intent, a mischievous glint in her eye. “There,” she said, “now I feel comfortable.”

Now I guess you can imagine just what kind of thoughts were going through my head. Every time I dreamt, I dreamt of lush skin…a wicked smile…and ocean blue eyes. I dreamt, in detail, of screams of pleasure echoing in my ears and the cry of one word, “Jamie!” It was wrong of me, but it consumed my every thought and made me go wild with desire just thinking about it. For whatever reason even remotely comprehensible, I wanted to make Anna feel good.

It had been about a month since it happened, and I had just stopped having those kinds of dreams. My dad would be out of town for a few days due to some business meeting he had to attend. He worked for some big corporate company that was on its way to making the big leagues. He was somewhere in an office room right now making a sale’s pitch or whatever. My mother hasn’t been home in two years since she divorced dad, so I was stuck at home alone during the summer. I texted Anna the details. She replied in the text, “Why don’t you throw a party or something? Lol.” I smiled.

“Sorry, but my dad would kill me.” I replied to her.

Her response was almost immediate, “Do you want some company?”

My heart skipped a beat remembering that night. It took every inch of strength in my body to reply, “No.”

She didn’t reply back. I sighed and put my phone down on my headboard. My headboard was also a shelf for holding things. It was handy. I looked into the mirror across from my bed and looked at myself. I had black hair. It was a dull black, duller than a butterknife. It was pulled back into a hasty bostancı escort ponytail, with strands of hair sticking out from my outgrown bangs. I had a long face with high cheekbones, a sharp nose, and a relatively average mouth. My eyes were pretty cool. They were a hazel color with a blue ring around it. I wore my normal sleepwear, which was a tank top and shorts.

I pulled my hair out of its ponytail and shook it free. It was smooth, and was parted down the middle. I ran two fingers through my hair. Just as I was about to give up finding something to do and just make it a Netflix night, I heard a tapping on my balcony window. I walked over and moved my curtains out of the way. On the other side of the glass stood Anna. She was pointing at the locks, gesturing for me to let her in. I let her in.

“What are you doing?” I asked her frantically.

“Sorry.” She said, “I just came in the way I came in when we were younger.”

I looked at her in disbelief. “Yea, that was when we were like, fourteen.”

She put on her pouty face with her bottom lip stuck out even more. “Sorry. I just thought you wanted company.” I smiled. “I know.” I said. She smiled brightly, relieved that I forgave her. I rolled my eyes.

“So whatcha been doin?” She asked cheerfully.

“Nothing. I was just about to start a Vampire Diaries marathon on Netflix.” I said. Her eyes lit up. She fist-pumped the air, “Yes!”

A few minutes later we were snuggled up next to each other, as the air conditioner was turned up way too high, making it really cold in the room. “Warm?” I asked, turning to look at her, forgetting our close proximity. She turned to me, then smiled. “Absolutely.” She answered, her voice rather deep and slow. Our noses were practically touching and her eyes were cloudy and heavy. I turned away to watch the show.

“Damien and Elena are amazing together.” I commented. Anna nodded in agreement.

“Their passion is so intense. You can tell it’s real.” I added. She looked at me. “So you like passion huh?” She asked. I looked into her eyes.

“I do.” I told her. She smiled, a naughty intent clear behind her eyes. She looked down at my lips, and then quickly back to my eyes. We heard Damien and Elena talking in the show, and our attention diverted back to it. They were at the motel. This was one of my favorite kissing scenes in this show.

“Jamie.” Anna called. “Hmm?” I turned to her. She kissed me. Her hand was on my cheek and her boobs were pressed against my chest. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted to her left. She didn’t move her lips, just kept them on mine for what seemed like forever. When she pulled away, she opened her eyes, looking into my eyes pleadingly for my response. I was shocked. I mean, maybe I’d seen it coming, but thinking it and it actually happening are two different things. She looked away, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. I didn’t ever want to make her feel that way.

I cupped her chin lightly to make her look at me, and leaned down to kiss her, my head tilted slightly. I began to kiss her, actually kiss her. I kissed her mouth, gently persuading her to part her lips. When that didn’t work I playfully nipped at her bottom lip. “Ow…” She softly whispered, and then smiled wickedly, the smile I’d been dreaming of for a month. She opened her mouth this time, allowing my tongue to enter and play with hers. She tasted good, like whipped cream. Her arms slowly wrapped around my neck because I was taller. I dwelled deeper into the kiss, sucking her mouth for all its worth, and wanting all that she could give.

“You taste really good…” I told her through mumbled words, our kiss making my speech barely audible. She didn’t seem to notice.

She sighed in my mouth, “So do you.” We continued to kiss as I heard her speak, “Just as I imagined…”

I pushed her down on the bed so that I was kissing her while on top of her. Mindlessly, my hands began to wander. They found the hem of her large shirt and pulled it up over her body. In the light from my room, I could see her whole body. God, she was gorgeous. Her body was everything I imagined, possibly more. Her skin was lush and soft, her waist skinny. Only she lied about one thing, her curves. She had curves at the stomach just below her ribcage, framing her boobs nicely, which were held in an extremely sexy black lace bra.

“Fuck, Anna…” I whispered. She smiled shyly, looking down. She was propped up on her elbows, stretched out for me to see. She bit her bottom lip. “Your turn.” She instructed me. I pulled my tank top up and over my body. She looked me over for a moment. “Come here.” She said, “I want to kiss you all over.” I smiled. I put hands on either side of Anna’s face. She laid back and looked up at me. “Not before I do.” I told her. She smiled and began to rub my arms up and down.

“Kiss me.” She simply commanded. I did not ignore her request. I leaned down and kissed her while feeling the soft skin of her stomach. My hands ümraniye escort bayan came around to the clasp of her bra. I broke the kiss and pulled back. I unclasped it and let free her full, round boobs. Her pointy pink nipples were erect for me, and upon instinct I leaned down and sucked on one. Anna gasped in surprise, then moaned loudly. She placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face deeper into her boobs.

“You make me feel so good.” Anna whispered breathlessly.

My lips trailed their way from her boob to the nape of her neck. I kissed her neck lightly, nipping at the soft skin in the curve of her neck. She groaned.

“I want to make you feel better.” I told her.

I licked my way from her neck to her ear. I licked the inside of her earlobe. She moaned. “I want you so badly…” She said to me. In response, I grabbed her hands and pressed them against my silky white bra. “Then take me.” I commanded her aggressively. She smiled devilishly. She wrapped her legs around me and flipped me over so that she was on top of me, cowgirl style.

“Now let’s see…” She pondered while dragging her finger up and down my body. She traced her thumb over my bottom lip.

“I’ll start here.” She said with a smile as she leaned down and kissed me, our tongues intertwined and her hips rocking back and forth on my body. I reached down and pulled off her sweats while she pulled off my shorts. “You’re so naughty.” I said to her while she kissed me. She laughed wickedly. She knew it. She kissed my neck, beginning to move down. “You knew this would happen didn’t you, you naughty girl.” I rasped huskily, my words driven by desire. She was moving further down with my every word, her kisses becoming hotter as she made her way to my spot. “You outta be punished.” I interjected. “Yes,” she whispered on my skin, her lips circling around my belly button, “I’m a bad, bad girl. Punish me Jamie.” She told me. She reached it, my clit. She pulled down my panties and lightly licked my clit. I gasped. She licked again, this time harder. I moaned. Next time, she didn’t hold back. Her tongue dived in deep, tasting every inch of me. “Punish me for this Jamie!” She said, “I’ve been such a naughty girl.” I groaned.

“Anna…oh God Anna…” I let out. She seemed to be enjoying my cries.

“Say my name some more.” Anna commanded.

“Anna! It feels so good. Please, deeper Anna. Oh fuck!” I cried out. I reached down and pushed Anna’s face deeper into my clit. She liked it and licked me deeper and harder. I almost screamed in the pleasure it brought me, and I couldn’t wait to do this to Anna. She rocked my world. Her tongue swirled the sides of my pussy, causing me to scream. My hands left her hair as they clutched tightly onto a nearby pillow. My head thrashed from side to side, feeling and orgasm approaching. I let out a final cry as I came into her mouth. She licked all of it from my pussy.

I leaned forward and kissed Anna, pulling her back up and pinning her on her back to the bed. I quickly moved downward so that Anna wouldn’t protest.

“Are you ready to be punished Anna?” I asked while slowly rubbing my index finger over her pussy.

“Yes,” she answered with a groan, “punish me Jamie.”

“Keep your hands rubbing those beautiful boobs of yours. If you stop, you’ll regret it.” I commanded her. As she was told, she fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She closed her eyes, throwing her head back in desire. I watched her, still slowly fingering her. She groaned, then looked into my eyes. She smiled, knowing I liked what I saw, and spread her legs further. I sighed softly, wanting to touch her, but knowing that’s what she wanted too. I had to punish her first.

I kneeled down with my ass in the air. I inserted my middle finger, and then my index finger into her pussy. She was so tight. I fucked her faster and faster with my fingers, hearing her breathing rapidly rise. “Jamie…” She softly whispered, “Oh Jamie…” I wanted to make her scream.

I leaned forward and lightly began to lick her clit while rapidly finger fucking her. She became louder, “Jamie.” She called out my name, “Faster Jamie.” Anna continued to rub her boobs like I’d told her. It was making me so horny. I kicked it up a notch. My tongue entered deeper and my fingers fucked her faster. By now, she was screaming what I really wanted to hear, “Jamie! Jamie! Oh Jamie! It feels so good. Jamie!”

She took her hands off her boobs to push my head down further into her clit. She moaned. I stopped licking her clit. She groaned disappointedly. “What did I tell you?” I warned her. She sighed, and returned to fondling her boobs. Satisfied, I inserted three fingers this time. Anna screamed in pain, then pleasure, as my fingers deliberately stretched her pussy lips as far as they would go. “Jamie, it hurts!” I smiled delightfully, “Oh, but you like the pain don’t you? You love me eating out your pussy. Say Anna!” She moaned, still fondling her breasts.

“Jamie kartal escort I love it! I love the pain!” She cried out. I continued where I left off, feeling her lift her hips from the bed wantonly.

“Oh Jamie I can feel it. I’m going to cum!” She shouted. I felt her pussy lips clench around my fingers, milking them. My tongue joined in on the action to clean her up. She tasted good.

I stood up on my knees. Anna sat up and I clipped my bra. She bit on my nipple. A sharp pain emanated from it, but I loved it. “You’re so bad Anna.” I whispered, biting my lip. She smiled while fondling and playing with my boobs. Sensation erupted throughout my body, feeling her tug at my nipples and circle them with her thumbs. It felt amazing. “You have no idea how bad I can be.” She told me.

“I guess I’ll have to find out.” I said. She laughed softly, and moved up to kiss my lips hungrily. “You’re pretty experienced with this.” I commented. She just nodded. Our hands were both in a frenzy, exploring each other’s bodies in a passionate race to learn each other better. I loved Anna’s body. I could hold it and kiss it and do all sorts of things to it.

“You want me don’t you?” Anna asked me. I nodded. She smiled against my lips. “I figured. The way your hands are roaming my body. How long have you been dreaming about touching me? Since the sleepover?” I was surprised that she knew that much. I nodded again.

“Hmm. That’s a shame.” Anna smiled again, “This could’ve happened a lot sooner.” The thought thrilled me. I wanted to do this with Anna a lot more often. I wanted to feel her when I woke up. I wanted to kiss her in the morning when the sunrise shined down on her golden hair. I wanted to hear her screams before I started my day. I wanted Anna.

“How do you know all of this?” I asked.

She grinned wolfishly and then whispered into my ear, “Oh sweetie, you don’t offer someone something like this and not show them aaaaall of the benefits.” She then nipped at my earlobe playfully, and in return kissed it gently.

“Yes,” she whispered lustfully, her lips creating a line along my jawline and collarbone, “you deserve to know. I can show you everything.”

She then looked into my eyes and cupped my chin, forcing my lust-filled, hazy gaze to meet her passionate look. “There are so many things I want to do to you…” She told me, her voice deep and husky, her eyes longingly trailing over my lips and my skin; my boobs and my pussy. My breasts perked up at her attention. She rubbed my bottom lip with her thumb, biting her bottom lip.

“Kiss me.” I told her. She looked into my eyes, a glint hidden behind them. I knew she was planning something. She leaned in with her hand on my cheek and I quickly followed, anticipating her luscious mouth that tasted of whipped cream and her tongue that could do wondrous things, not just to my mouth. But just as our lips were about to touch, she pulled away with an intensive smile and denied me her taste.

“Anna!” I complained as she pulled away. She only smiled.

“Shh…” She cooed with a finger to my lips. Anna was now on her hands and knees, pushing me down onto my back on my bed. She lightly and slowly kissed my cheek. “Patience.” She commanded. She came closer to my lips so that they were barely touching each other. “Be a good girl, Jamie.” She said against my lips. I so wanted to lean forward. That’s all it would have taken. But I didn’t. She smiled. “Good!” She praised, and then pulled back.

“Touch yourself.” She said. I obeyed, loving this commanding side of Anna. I spread my legs open wide, exposing my shaved mound of dark hair. Anna’s hairs were a beautiful golden. I licked my lips. My fingers began to rub my clit in circles while my other hand pleasures my breast. My eyes returned to Anna’s, which were watching my fingers intently. My breathing was becoming heavier. My fingers slid into my folds, and the real fun began. I pulsated in and out of my pussy, but was frustrated because my fingers were never long enough to reach that sweet spot. Anna noticed my frustration. She leaned down and helped me by inserting two fingers into my pussy. I almost died of pleasure, feeling her fingers pound deeply into my vagina.

Little sounds like, “Oh!” and, “Ah!” escaped my lips. Then that feeling came over me. It was the pleasure before the climax, the endless abyss of lust that drives people to the point of no return. I was approaching it fast. “Anna, go faster!” She slowed down, and I was left hot and horny, my breath rapid like my heartbeat.

“Jamie, be a good girl. Have patience. Let it come.” Anna commanded. I groaned. She knew I was a very impatient person. To my relief, she sped up, and I was returned to where she left off. I was forced to remain quiet in fear that Anna might stop. When I reached my climax, Anna couldn’t help but lick me. She took her fingers and placed them in my mouth. I sucked on them while rubbing my boobs. I tasted good. Anna came up to kiss me, her tongue immediately invading my mouth. I could taste myself in her mouth. I sucked on her tongue and explored every area in her mouth from her teeth to the back of her throat. My arms were wrapped around her neck as her hips slowly rocked back and forth on me. Her hands fondled my breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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