Sailor II

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Sailor II

Day 2 after my first meeting with Jim

I woke up in the morning at 5 am when it was time to get started with the day’s work, at that time I was a cook student on board a Danish freighter. and my dough every morning included a bake of fresh bread for the crew
  I stretched myself in the bed and felt I was lying on something hard, it was my dildo that I had enjoyed in my asshole when I got home, I thought, hihih you fell asleep with it in the ass and actually felt me also both satisfied and slightly tender. grabbed it and hid it in my hand cloth to take it in the bath and have it cleaned there
Get out of bed and went into our shared bath where I, as always, was alone at this time of the day, got a nice warm bath and, washed the dildo, considered whether I should just take a little trip with it, considering that maybe (hopefully) later in the evening when I was going to shop with Jim, getting more than ample to look at and wonderfully warming up in my tight ass, or with Jim’s words ” Little Trick Scandinavian Choirboy Ass ”, whatever What, am I looking forward to seeing him again and seeing what the evening could bring with wonderful experiences
I finished in the bath, got in the clothes, brushed my teeth, and felt that my jaws were a little sore, I smiled at the thought of it, and not least the reason they were sore. Namely, Jim’s wonderful lovely big stiff cock long in my mouth and its eruption of hot hot sticky delicious sperm. I could actually still taste the salty / sweet taste of it and him, and it actually made me a little horny, and the joy of what would come, hopefully tonight warmed me, I actually really enjoy the coming evening and more time with Jim
I came down to the galley and started the day’s work, the first thing was to bake bread, buns for the boys, and it went by hand and when the dough was finished and I could shape the balls with my hands, I think it was Jim’s Balls I massaged and nullified while sucking on his big stiff cock, hihi
After that I started the day’s otherwise normal work, and the other people working in the galley met up. Among other things, the headmasters, who were a sweet and kind guy, who gladly let us have a little extra free time when we were in port, if we asked nicely, and even though the chef usually complained, we got free anyway (the chef was actually even a lovely older gay man, a real old school, he had never touched me or tried anything, even though i was sure he had a good eye for us young boys on board)
And he often came up with shabby words or remarks to us, like, well, you got your cock sucked tonight’s boy, or well, you go out and find some pussy tonight, and the young girls on land don’t understand sucking your cock properly, it requires a professional, and the like, and in fact he had, quite a few times, randomly put a hand on my tight boys ass when I bowed down after something on the lower shelves, or “put a supportive hand on my or one of the other boys’ tight ass when we were on a ladder and picking up goods from the upper shelves. but otherwise he had not tried anything, not with me at all, but perhaps with one of the other boys he was a little more attentive and yielding to
But now back to the day. I asked the headmaster if I could get the next day off when I was invited to shop and dine with one of the sailor’s club employees that evening and it might be late and I would like to enjoy the evening better if I didn’t get up early
the headmasters, looked at me a little and said, hmm are you sure it is a good idea to go home with a stranger, I replied that he was no stranger and that he was actually one of the priests in the club and I was not quite frankly when I said he had actually talked to my dad in the phone last night when I called home from the club and that the pastor had asked my father if it was okay and that my dad had said ok for it (a little stiff lie, but I wanted to have that day off)
The headmasters said I don’t really know, what do you say, he asked the chef, the chef looked at me a little (and I knew he wasn’t happy to give us boys free days, because then he himself had to do something he didn’t bother), can we trust you Rene, and that he is a priest, do not have to mean he can take care of you, or that you can trust him, so i do not really know
I answered please, let me have the day off I know he will take care of me, and I know from other ships that he is good at taking care of us young men and special that we are not cheated and deceived on land, or do they go wrong places, let me have that day off
  The headmasters and the chef looked at each other and I could look at the headmasters that he would say yes. so it was up to the chef who then had the last word
He said so. Rene Okay on a condition, namely that when we sail from Newark again, you spend some extra time on your cooks books with me, since I think you are a little behind, and I had planned that you should have some extra education when we again stuck at sea, so if you want to take a little ” private education ” to show your interest in the subject, along with me, and then then the headmaster can check your tasks and see if you are understanding the subject better, will easily have the day off

I thought a little about it, it sounded strange, but again why not, just if I could get a day off and be with Jim, I would pretty much do everything
(even suck his cock, but he din’t new that, or say in another way, I did not know he was planning that it would be part of the teaching and that he was actually pleasantly surprised that, if nothing else, I had studied, the subject suck dick quite well and thoroughly, and was an accomplished one)
I did not know at that time what the chief chef’s “private education” consisted of I had heard others had been taught earlier, but never what the outcome of this “teaching” was and whether it was actually a ” requirement for our education ” but I answered yes. it’s a deal.
The chef smiled and patted my shoulder, and saw, well clean, you can look forward to it, and it will be good for you and your future, I thanked him, and then he said to the headmasters, then give him the day off,
And with this I had a nice day off in the morning and would enjoy a nice evening with Jim and his delicious cock and what he and his cock or could offer little horny cock swallowing hungry boy
That my teaching with the chef, will take a little different turn than I thought it would be, is another matter, that it also ended up being a good experience with the chef, and I got an understanding why some of the other boys , after his extra teaching with them got a little less hard work and a little more personal attention, it was just one of the benefits from he’s teaching
I was justfull of joy and looked forward to my evening and day off
The day went quietly with my work, my thoughts repeatedly returned to the delicious experience I had had the night before with Jim, and my thoughts revolved especially on the fact that he’s lovely big cock and heavy Balls, had been such a wonderful and wonderful experience, not least with the feeling it was to feel the big lovely smooth and wet cock head, sliding into my little hot wet cock starving mouth, then filling it with, its hot greasy and delicious hot sperm
The thoughts also revolved around the fact that I had lied a little to the sweet Jim, about that I hadn’t had a lovely hot pounding cock in my little tight boys ass, earlier,
But I thought that this little lie probably went off when the only cock I had in my tight ass had been with a nice waitress at a bar / disco, the town of Kiel, Germany about half a year ago it had been an incredible and warm experience I had had at that time with Paul as the waiter called
He had actually seduced me into the bar store, after closing time and sucking and licking my young rigid boys cock according to all the rules of art, and not least he had swallowed my sperm with joy and pleasure, then inviting me to his home and offered that I could stay with him for a couple of days when he would then show me Kiel (and it also showed several delicious things about his lovely cock, and not least he loves his girlfriend Tina’s way of sharing sex life, which then came me beneficial)
But I thought Jim would probably not feel it and the fact that Jim’s dick was bigger than Paul’s, and that made me last night during my experience with Jim at his office asking Jim if he would be the one took my tight boys ass with a big and nice thick cock, and thus made my little boys ass to a real fuck delicious ass, precisely because Jim’s cock was as big as it was
I had also bought myself the dildo I occasionally used when the longing and desire to feel something nice in my ass came over me, again it was to Paul’s profit that I, at that time in Kiel that I had tasted to get fucked in the ass, which i did not regret the least, especially i got a lot of pleasure and enjoyment, first suck a delicious big cock big and stiff, then to be taken, like doggy style of this big cock while i can feel the man’s big ball’s bang / knock against my own ball’s and cock, to the fucking cock in my tight ass burst a big load of hot sperm up into my ass, which afterwards. when the dick slips easily and greasy out of my ass. slowly would run out of mine through fucked boys ass hole
I thought it was horny and nice, and enjoyed every time so I bought myself the lovely dildo I had in my cabin, so that I could both enjoy myself and make my jerk of situations more exciting or horny, but also because I wanted to train my tight boys ass hole up to take some nice big beautiful stiff squirt ready man cock’s up in my ass where they can then give me the lovely feelings it is when they spray their hot sperm up in my ass. And yes I used it extensively during our long trips over the great world oceans at night when I was in my cabin and thought of lovely girls, but certainly also on lovely big and rigid adult men cock’s, which I could enjoy myself with and as i could please my respectively my wet and cock hungry boys mouth and my cock hungry boys ass,
And I also used it diligently to train my mouth in getting better and better at sucking big lovely cock’s. I even used it that when I sprayed my own warm juices out of my young cock, two spread the sperm on the dildo’s head and then suck lick the hot sticky juices in me with pleasure
And I was not without understanding that the grown-up big men, around, found us young boys with our little tight and (for the most of us) delicious ass and not least our young and strenuous stiff youthful rigid and always (then) syringe ready stiff boys cock’s
   It was now the end of the day and my working time was coming to an end, I was looking forward to the evening more and more, and maybe the night that would come, along and alone with Jim, and what he had mind,and found out what we should do together
And my thoughts were also focused on the fact that I had actually set up for Jim that he should be allowed to take ‘my’ virgin ass and make it a man’s ass. with his delicious cock, and maybe I’ll even say a bit randomly that there actually was a cock in my ass before him, some time ago, but certainly not one who was / is quite as beautiful and lovely cock as he’s, And I would definitely enjoy his cock even more
And my little lie that Jim would be the first, he would probably still believe and rejoice, even though I chose not to tell it
  I was also sure that even though Jim was told who had actually been a nice cock up in my ass before him, he would certainly find my ass both inviting and delicious, when I gave him a go fore it Jim
I wanted to make myself delicious and inviting to him, letting him know that my little wobbly ass was just for him and his big cock right now.
  let him understand once again that his cock was the largest that had yet to take my tight boys ass in possession, and that was the only thing I wanted. That I wanted his wonderful cock to penetrate my tight sphincter, let his big cock head, squeeze on and through my sphincter, expand it so I could take his wonderful big man cock all the way up in my tight choirboy ass, make it strech it, so taht i will have the ful enjoyment of his delicious throbbing cock in my ass
  But time would tell, I would do mine for Jim to have the best and most delicious and nicest fuck experience in my ass that I could give him if we came to that point and that was what I hoped we did
There was almost 2 hours until I was going to get off when the chef came to me and said I should just go with him into his office for a moment I thought oh shit, now he’ll cancel my day off tomorrow the stupid stutter.
 But I went with him, inside the office, he smiled at me and said sit down for a moment clean, I sat down, he offered me a cigarette and lit it for me, then he said,

  Rene you have, as agreed, got a day off tomorrow, so that you can meet your friend The pastor from the club tonight, do yur shopping and enjoy the evening ,
so I just wanted to just tell you that I / we on board trust you and that you wil behave properly and do not caurse Your friend any sorrow or gives him cause for concern, and that you hear what he says and takes care of yourself.
We have not been so busy tonight here on the ship, so I will allow you to get off duty now, so you can go up and take a bath and dress nicely for your evening and day off tomorrow. make sure to wear clean clothes from the inside and outside. And otherwise, just enjoy your day off my boy,
I was slightly astonished at his words and parents-like approach that I should go alone ashore to have my day off, but thought it was really nice that he took the time for it and showed it care for me, and as mentioned he was not a bad man, but maybe just a little old-fashioned in his way of dealing with us young boys (and maybe he was a little envious that maybe some cute girls enjoyed us boys and our young and virile bodies when he himself as older gay, probably had a great desire for some of the young boys) at that time I did not know that he, in fact, had benefited from several of the young men aboard, and even later would benefit from me in a completely different way than I had imagined
  I said thank you, turned off my smack, he said go up now and take a bath and get ready, but come right past my office before you go ashore, Okay Rene. Well, I answered and slipped up my room to go to the bath and get ready
After a nice bath and shaving off my balls and ass, I found a couple of nice tight silk underpants and put on some I had bought in Hong Kong,
They sat like painted on me and really showed my young virile boys cock and balls, they were also very nice to wear, the feeling of the cool soft silk made my cock feel good in them, and I always thought that silk underwear was delicious, that as a young man I found silk underwear delicious, I did not think then (or now) it was weird,
 I am getting turned on then and now on lady / woman / girl underwear and found it sexy and delicious, both to use and look at, especially a large piece of lovely cock in lady silk panties was and is delicious I think, Having it on made me more attractive and naughty, I mean, I am not feminine in any way, I just find it sexy . and know that more Men find it appealing both now and then
  “Several times in my young days I have heard more one time when Gay / bi Men talked about us, especially young boys, in bars and places where we hung out, that they thought we were sweet and attractive, that they wanted to fuck our little tight boy-pussy’s, even a few of them I had been with earlier where I just had (yummy) sucked their lovely cocks until they came in my mouth, when they were really horny they often expressed their desire to fuck me , like ” Wow it is deliciously Rene, I love to fuck your little tight boy-pussy, and similar set-ups about my young ass, but there was no one before Paul in Kiel who was allowed to touch me there ”
And when they could mention my young ass as a Boy-Pussy, it was probably only reasonable that from time to time I dressed it up with lady panties / silk underwear when I liked it without losing my boys / Man identity hihi
  And in fact I had found out that when I got my sperm trigger in my silk panties, it was more awesome and delicious to touch the cock through them
When I was dressed, I found money for my city tour, looked at myself in the mirror and thought Wow Rene you do not look bad, and you actually look a little naughty, I thought, I hope Jim looks at me the same way, and maybe he would find my silk underpants cheeky and horny, maybe even think like other Men before, wow what a lovely boy and what a nice tight boy-pussy he has in the silk panties, and not least a nice lovely cock bugle, i Just hope I’m allowed to fuck the delicious Boy-Pussy and fill the tight ass with my hot juices.
My thoughts that Jim might think so, amused me a little because I had promised or almost begged and asked him to take my tight hot boys ass hole and make it a Man ass. And if I tease him with my tight boys ass,I was sure there was no way out of it
And I was absolutely sure and aware that if he would do this, I would give him all the way to him and he desires, let him do his little Me, Scandinavian Choirboy, Boy-Pussy for a little cum cock hungry fuck doll, and let all my openings be filled with his delicious juices, he’s hot sticky hot greasy sperm. After all, I knew well with myself that I wanted it to happen and that it would happen
I put on my shoes and left my room, I just had to go past the chef’s office he had asked me, I went and knocked, after a minute or two it sounded from the inside, come on in, I opened the door and stepped in,
The chef was sitting behind his desk with a drink and cigarette, Well you are ready for your trip, he asked as he offered me a cigarette,
Sit down my boy. I sat down and took the cigarette, lit it myself, he asked if I wanted a drink? which was weird, we boys did not have permission to drink liquor on board, i replied no thanks, he said then it is okay Rene, No one will know if you drink a little drink with me,
I answered okay then, just a little one, he made a little drink for me and gave it to me
Cheers he said and began to talk about anything but ended up quickly, with what he really wanted to say, Rene You have said yes to some extra instruction when we sail from here, and I think you will enjoy it and will benefit greatly from it,
So it is not to punish you because you asked for a day off tomorrow, but because I think it will be good for you, okay my boy, I replied that I knew well that it was and would be good for me, and I was fine with it, and if I could learn a little more about the job it would be good for me as you say (again at that time I could not know, what the teaching was actually about, and that when it came to it, that I would actually enjoy the teaching)
Well Rene then we agree on this, so finish your drink and then go ashore and enjoy your holiday really much, take good care of yourself now
  We both got up, he came around the table and laid his hand on my shoulder and gave it a little long and firm hug, while with the one hand that he picked up from his pocket gave me a coherent $ 20 note, he pushed it down in my hand, here is a little extra you can buy something good for yourself for, and again be careful out there, and have a really good day off my boy
  I wonder a little bit that he gave me money, while gently pushing me out the door with his hand, which actually slipped down my back with a slight movement and ended up squeezing my hip
Then I was finally ready to go, I walked down the walkway to the pier and headed for the club, for a hopefully waiting and straining Jim
There were a couple of miles to the club, I went quietly, I had some extra time, since I had got a little earlier free, I still had the stuffed 20 dollar note in my hand, it felt a bit ” thick / weird “In the way it was folded up, I stopped and I lit a cigarette and while I was walking again I began to unfold it, and I stared a little as I saw what it was folded around, this $ 20 banknote,
For inside it , there were actually 3 condoms of the particularly thin kind, What in the world I thought, what is it that the chef has just thought of giving me this ” gift ”, and despite his admonitions, he still had a feeling of I / we young boy’s were also a little wild and horny (he had himself been young and horny, and horny he was probably still)
But even to give me condoms, I hadn’t even expected him to do, but fair enough, he had also asked me to take care of myself, and with these condoms, he had, in fact, done his part to in that area, I would thus have the opportunity to take care of myself. I also thought that it was good he gave me them this way, or would I have been a little embarrassed about his ” gift ”
I put them in my back pocket with a little laugh, and thought yes yes that’s ok, I didn’t have any plans to use them on this day off, but it might be that one day in the future I would find it necessary to use them

—————-Just an equal note regarding the use of condoms, at this time in my 70s, there was not so much focus on condoms at sea, so we could get condoms handed out on the ship, but most were too embarrassed by asking about them, and thus we / I hardly ever used them
Another thing is that I personally do not like to use condoms, neither myself nor those I am with, I do not like that they use them …. I want to be able to feel a cock ” Raw ‘ ‘I want to feel its warmth without rubber, I want to be able to play with its foreskin, with my fingers and not least my lips and tongue, I don’t like having a cock in the mouth that shoots its warmth and delicious load in a rubber holster, it takes pleasure from me, as it kind of turns me on a lot, the hot sticky and warm sperm that pumps and gurgles hot and in a warm ” lava ” flow like, into my mouth and slides slowly and deliciously Down in my throat, It doesn’t work with rubber, Right ?? and another thing is that after I was fucked in the ass of Paul’s delicious cock in Kiel, I have been looking forward to enjoying the warm and glowing feeling that the cock, big stiff wet and smooth ” raw ” slips into mine susceptible tight ass as while it fucks me well and thoroughly, i wait longing for it to grow in my ass and finally let his cock erupt, preferably with big lovely hot greasy load of sperm, spraying far into my young boys ass
 So no, I am not a supporter of condoms, but choose to believe my partner, then and now that they are both clean and disease-free———————–

Back to History
 I quickly got up to the club and went inside. There weren’t many people there, only two of the Swedish boys from the evening before they sat talking at a table, they looked up when they saw who it was coming in, they both said heyy come sit down and drink a beer with us, I replied okay, and went up to the bar where the waiter from last night, was working again today, he welcomed me and said a little randomly and lowly so that others could not hear it
well young man i guess that you are ready to get out with Pastor Jim, out to shopping and eatting , I believe, while he found a beer for me, opened it and handed it to me, yes i answered, fine he replied, you can start looking forward to it, Jim, knows a lot of great places to shop for you young boys. if you are lucky he invites you home to his house and cook for you, and maybe let you stay overnight in his extra room if you are lucky enough to have the dy off tomorrow,I replied that I had the day off tomorrow, yes, but had expected to rent a nest in the club at night, he just laughed and answered, yes you can do that too, but why not save the money now Pastor Jim has an extra room
  I replied, well yes you are right, but that’s not sure that Jim does it to me ?? The waiter laughed again and answered, I do not think you should be in doubt whether he would offer it to you, when he heard that you also have day off tomorrow too, he helps many of you young men to shop and then they can also save little money by sleeping at Jim’s home ,in the spare room , There is actually a lot that gladly accepts that offer, instead of having to go back to the club when you enjoy yourself, just to sleep, and then they also save money
Jim actually called, said the waiter, and then looked at his watch, he will be here in 20-30 minutes and then comes in and picks you up. Thanks I answered and paid my beer, then went down to the Swedes and sat down with them, to kill a little half an hour.
We talked about things that boys once do, beer girls and the like, the one that turned out to be called Bjørn ask me if I was looking forward to going out shopping and enjoying myself with Pastor Jim, I answered yes i do , and that I had only heard good things about him, and that he was good at us boys and looked after us
Bjorn looked at me, and I remembered it was he who had looked a little shy at me last night after I left Jim’s office
 Before he said, I guess you can look forward to your free evening and tomorrow morning with Jim, I was with Jim, the last time we were here in Newark, and he showed me many good places and made sure I got done some good shopping, and he is good at cooking, he invited me to eat at home with him after we had finished shopping, and I even got to sleep in ataşehir escort his extra room to save money on an overnight stay here in the club and we had a good evening you can believe that Rene,
I looked back at him and saw in his eyes a special glimpse as if he were. knew what Jim and I had done at Jim’s office last night, my answer was that it sounds good, and yes i had heard that Jim was good at handling us young boys and taking good care of us, so yes, i’m very happy about it
He’s Swedish friend didn’t say much, he was more concerned with his playing cards, but then he got up and said, I need to go the toilet and went out there
Bjørn said now that we were alone, Rene, you should not say anything if you do not want to, tell me, but I believe you and I have similar interests in some areas, and none of my friends know anything about these, my little private interests
  Nor should they know anything about it, but I feel and thought I could see it in your yes last night after you left Jim’s office,, you had a very varm and happy smile on your face
  You don’t have to answer me, but if I’m right about what I believe about you, then I just want you to look forward to your evening and day with Jim, he is regular and gentle and very attentive guy, and if you wish, he will take very good care of you and make you feel good
Now I noticed that I actually sat and turned red in my face, and felt warmth in my cheeks, Bjorn laughed at me, calmly Rene, I do not say anything to anyone, nor do I expect you to tell anyone about me, No No I answered quickly just calm down Bjørn
 I thought about it for a second, and then answered, No, I did not just talked with my people at home, Bjørn smiled at me and replied, I thought enough, I could see in your eyes when you went home last night, do you want to tell me about it Rene , i will love to hear about it,
Not now but maybe another day Bjørn I replied , Bjørn said that, Steen that was the other Swede’s boy’s name. he will be back soon. I replied hmm no not now Bjørn, Okay answered Bjorn, and remember it will be between us my friend, I nodded to him, he continued to say you Rene you should know that I am completely for Men and always think I have been it,
And again there is no one who knows it, beyond Pastor JIm here, so keep it to yourself, I clearly replied I will say nothing to anyone, And then Bjorn said all right then, and then just before Steen came back, Rene therefore I think you can get one nice evening and day with Jim, because I think you also like to play with Men like me, and gave my hand a warm hug; I quickly responded. And he said, it’s all right Rene
Steen came back and sat down with us, and we talked a little further about the day’s chores on our job’s, after a short while, Bjørn pricked it to my under the table, and with his eyes he indicated I should look behind me, I turned my head, and noticed Jim coming in from the parking lot, he looked around, saw us sitting and talking and shouting out hello boys, having a good time, we answered yes all 3 off us, and Jim smiled at us, I felt he smiled most at me, and sensed a faint nod from his head to me, he then said, and I think too all of us, I just need to get something in the office, then I leave again
And Rene, would you just come in to me in the office for a moment, yes I answered and got up and went to Jim who went into the office, he pushed the door in after us, turned to me, who was silent and waiting for what he wanted My thoughts were a little squeezed when I thought for a second he would cancel our evening and day together, but to my great pleasure it was not what he wanted
Jim just said, did you have a day off tomorrow Clean, Yes I replied, fine smiled Jim, and are you still ready to take me out to shop and eat, and you didn’t mention anything to anyone about last night ?
I replied that I was more than ready for our trip together tonight and tomorrow, and no I did not say anything to anyone, Jim smiled at me again, now the smile reached his eyes and said, well, Rene that was what I would like to hear, and now you have to deal with yourself once and for all, if you want to withdraw from our agreement, I will not be angry, but understand you if you want to do that
Now I answered, Jim stop asking about this all the time I want and want to go with you and enjoy myself with you and I look forward to it no matter what you find, as long as you are just sweet and treat me nice
Fine Rene, Jim answered, go and say goodbye to your friends, and I’m going to be with you in a minute, I left the office went to my Swedish acquaintances, drank the last of my beer and said, so my friends, I’m leaving now with Jim, I wi’ll see you tomorrow night here at the club, they both smiled at me, especially Bjørn had a lot of warmth in his smile, they both wished me a good night and day, and bears just got to say, your lucky guy , I’m sure I got red in the head of his words
  Jim came out of the office and called So Rene, I’m Ready Are You? jeps replied And nodded goodbye to the boys and said goodbye to the waiter who also wished me good evening
Out in the parking lot, Jim walked over to his car with a quick move’s , I quickly followed, Jim opened the doors and we went into the car, I was a little embarrassed and looked stiffly at Jim as he backed out of the parking lot and headed for the city
 Jim drove quietly with both hands on the steering wheel, he asked if I had any trouble getting a day off from my job, I replied no it was easy to get a day off ,
He continued fine, so here are my plans for tonight, we drive up to a large shopping center, and get a look at the things you want to buy, and then we buy a cup of coffee or a beer somewhere,
and then we can shop for some dinner , If you want to eat with at my home, That sounds fine Jim I will love too, But what about later I asked, I mean by getting back to the club and sleeping, are you driving me? or should I take a taxi and you can pick me up there tomorrow?
Jim smiled and looked over at me, it’s up to you. Rene, You can, like several other boys before you, sleep in my extra room, so you save the money for accommodation, and we can go on experiences more of Newark early in the morning, but if you want to go back to the club, then I’ll probably drive you
I was silent a little while looking at Jim, and I would lie if I didn’t admit that I was looking down in his Lap, and I could see that he was not completely unaffected by having me in his car that was a nice bulge in he’s pants,
  Then I replied, Okay Jim it sounds like a good idea, what you say , so it’s a deal, I will like to sleep in your spare room, Jim, turned his head and looked at me with the sweet cheeky smile I’d seen last night he replied, that sounds good Rene That was what I hoped you would say
He continued his drive a little, then asked if there were any particular things I wanted to buy, I replied, I thought about buying some underwear and one or two pairs of Jean’s. And some gift’s for the family at home, otherwise nothing specific We can quickly fix that, Jim said, I know a few good places in the center he continued, , it sounds nice I answered.
I saw at the same time that he did not actually carry his priest’s collar tonight, and at the same time I felt that he laid a hand in the middle of my thigh. And caressed it lightly with a loving movement up against my lap, it sent just like a fire through my body of well-being and joy when he at the same time said, Rene i think we’ll get a nice evening together, I look forward to some lovely hour with you tonight and tomorrow
Just as he swung in to a large parking lot and drove all the way up to the center building, where he drove into a parking basement, turned off the car, squeezed my thigh gently, then said, now, Rene, no one can see us, will you give me a kiss my boy, I answered yes, and bowed myself over the gear rod and found Jim’s soft lips with mine, he happily took them and our tongues found their way into each other’s mouths and began to play with each other,
I felt Jim’s hand get closer to my lap and half stiff cock, while I immediately let my hand find his pants bugle, I gave myself in and started to massage it affectionately, his hand also closed around my pants bugle, and squeezed my cock gently, our kisses became a little more violent, after a few minutes with a deep and wet heavy kiss and a little cock teasing, Jim slipped my mouth and breathed out, uhm lovely Rene, but we also have to get started to look at some clothes for you, before we forget why were really are here, and we have plenty of time to kissing and more my boy. I replied hmm it’s too bad, it was just as lovely Jim, Yes Rene, he replied with a laugh
but we just have to fix all the practical thing’s first, then we can make the fun afterwards, he open his door stood out and said. come so clean, i open my door and got out of the car too. Jim locked the car walking around it grabbed my arm and led me through the slightly obscure basement to the elevator, we walked in
Jim pressed the button to the second floor, the doors closed and we drove quietly with the elevator, we were alone, so Jim pulled me in until he held me tightly kissed my lips softly and squeezed with both hands around my tight boys ass while he after the kiss whispered, Rene i am looking forward to start undressing you and watching you naked, and i am looking forward to the naughty stuff we both will love to do later, i smiled at him and replied, Jim i know, but i also know i might be the one who is most looking forward to it, and maybe you can get a little glimpse of me almost naked when I have to try on my clothes, in the cabin ?
  Jim laughed at me and replied you are a naughty young man and you do, I can see and feel, all to seduce me and make me horny for your young body, I thought I was the one to seduce you?
I laughed at Jim, but that is also what you do to me Jim, seducing me, But I’m not doing anything special, while I squeezed his cock bugle, I’m just like you want me Jim, and that you are horny after my young boys body cock and tight ass is not my fault, I said
and turned around and pressed my tight ass against his cock bugle, wiggled with my ass, over his cock, then straightened me up, kissed his lips easily, then said, You want to be your little cock sucker Cum swallowing Choirboy, right, and i will be that for you Jim, You also want to fuck my little tight virgin boy-pussy too, Right , so I’m only what you want me to be , Your little Scandinavian boy Fuck doll
The elevator stopped with a slight bump Jim let go of me and we both went out to the center’s 2nd floor, where I met a wealth of impressions from the many people and the many lights and various shops, again Jim grabbed my arm to Get me started, while he said wake up Rene, now we’re going to shop underwear and Jean’s for you, it’ll be fun. Thus we went exploring the many shops
  We walked quietly through the center’s many arcades, so a lot of exciting things, I was very surprised at the size of this American shopping center, we had centers in Denmark, but nothing like that size and with such a large selection of shops and restaurants.
we passed a couple of shops with jean’s, where there were more i thought was nice and different than what i or could find in Denmark, Jim asked if there was anything special i had in mind i replied, no really not, but i would like jean’s that were tight and close around my legs and hips, Jim laughed at me and said yes it will suit you I think and with a slightly lower voice and I think it will suit you and your tight young boys ass And your cock bugle that you got something tight on, then you can really go and seduce the poor men like me who can’t stand such a tight-assed young boy like you,
I laughed back at him, hmm Jim I have the feeling that the pants I have today are fine enough to seduce you, it worked like that when you had a good grip on my ass in the elevator and not least your hand in my lap in your car? Well, yes, Rene, that’s right, but so you young virile boys, with your buoyant bodies tight ass, your stiff upward pointing cock’s, make us men like me very fussy and horny, and the fact that it’s not easy to get to play with you as much as we want.
Well, then Jim, I’m sorry to hear you think that it is hard to catch us , I don’t think that you last night had anything to complain about i think it was nice and well prepared , and that your seduction of me was fine and easy enough and I could feel it on you and your lovely cock reaction , and my tender jaws also reminded me of this morning I woke up, that it was a great success for you and your desires …
Jim smiled at me and replied, hey no, you probably are right in it, but you wanted it yourself and then it is much easier to seduce you boys, if only you have a little thought about trying a little man sex it is much easier to catch your interest, And I’m sorry to hear it with your tender jaws my sweet boy,
I just smiled back at him and said you shouldn’t think about that Jim ,playing with you and your cock were they sore jaws worthy i can tell you, and now that we talk about it,
I think right now whether I might be sore in them today again , i will love to ,and maybe even become sore in a completely different place later today,
Also because I can feel your horny look at my tight ass every time I’m a step or two in front of you, and the cock bulge in your lap, has not diminished since we sat in the car, it makes me feel like, that you like what you see my friend, and wiggled a little with my ass in front of a window, do you think my jean’s are tight enough, Jim, or should we find some jeans that are more tight, that gives you a better view of my ass crack, which is you now that, the road to my tigth boy-pussy, maybe you even want to take a ride there ?
Jim looked at me with his pretty eyes and replied, hmm Clean you are when one is teasing and tempting boy I think, but we have to see what happens later, and after what you asked me last night, and expressed a wish fore ,it could certainly be very good and nice part of our evening plans, my Scandinavian cock sucker
the last words he whispered in my ear, and Jim said, and now no more cheeky talk boy, or else you will have to do something nice to me soon, hihi I replied, so you get horny at the thought of me and what I do with you and not least what you want to do with me, yes Rene, iI do,I Jim replied to me
I laugh at what he said and answered in a low voice back, Wow i like it Jim and that’s what i want you to be
Okay Rene come on in here to this shop said Jim, I know the owner and they have some really nice and tight pants for boys like you, who want to show off your tight ass and cock bugles, and I get good discounts in here as well, we went into the store he meant
  I have to admit it was a great selection of jean’s of all kinds they had, I told Jim, wow it looks good, I can certainly find one or two pairs of nice pants in here ,,do they also have underwear, it would be nice to shop clothes in the same shop, when you know the owner, Jim replied, jeps Rene they have underwear as well,
and if you start to look around now , and see what you might like, I find the owner and then then we come back to you, he then went down the back of the store, to find the owner i guess
I started a walk around the many beautiful Jean’s and everything else the store had to offer, the selection here was probably the biggest I had seen, and knew it would be difficult to choose, just 2 pairs of jean’s out, there was also many lovely shirts, and shirts are something I love a lot, so I was aware that it was probably also time for the purchase of a new shirt
    I saw a nice dark blue silk-like shirt that I thought was nice, I took it with me in my further search, I saw a stand with bright blue Jean’s had some that looked really nice and tight, and they had different labels sewn on the legs and back pockets, it looked wildly smart, so I grab a pair in my size
  On the next shelf were some black slightly shiny jeans that felt really delicious in the fabric and again they had my size, they came in the basket too
Then I walked around looking for underwear, and there were quite a few common types, they were not so interesting,
but almost at the back of the store I saw a shelf with a slightly different type, it was a model that was, something called cotton satin, and seemed nice and would probably be comfortable to wear in the heat when we sailed over on the East, Another thing was that the model was of the mini slip type which seemed to me to be good on me, and not least is was properly lovely to wear, and they were also a bit naughty and would let my ass and cock show off pretty well in them, even during a swim tour, or if I had to undress for others, maybe girls or maybe Men, they were also placed in the basket in a 6 pack
I thought Jim, surely would like their fit on my little tight ass and cock bugle and would surely enjoy pulling them off me too, which he surely would like to do, I giggled for myself
  I looked for a test room, and just couldn’t see any, so I started looking for Jim, who probably knew where in the store they were located, after my eyes had explored the big store, I finally saw Jim coming down between The corridors over from the other end, he followed along with another guy of his own age, and they chatted merrily, hmm this must surely be the owner I thought, they were walking in my direction and Jim waved me toward them,
  I strolled against them through the long corridors with clothes until we reached each other
Jim said, Rene this is the owner of the store, a good friend of mine, his name is Jack, say hello to him, I gave Jack my hand and said hello, Jack replied hello Rene, Jim told me a little about you and what your are looking for, but I can see you have found something already, yes I answered it was a bit difficult with the large selection you have here, but it succeeds in finding something I like, now I just need to find a test room where I can see if it suits me
Jack said, we have them down there at the back of the store, there are a few rooms where there is a little more peace and privacy than in those right inside the door, so you can use them, Jim knows where they are so he can follow you to them, and when you are finished, just come up to me at the desk, then I find a very good price for you Rene, okay, that sounds fine I replied, thank you a thousand
  To Jim, Jack, take him down and try the clothes, just give yourself some time so you’re sure you get the right size and color, okay Jim, Jim replied, great Jack, and thank you for the help we see in a little while when Rene has tried the clothes
Jack went back to the counter, and jim grabbed me by the arm and said, follow me Clean I know where the test room is, and we went down the back of the store where I saw that there were three big test rooms, and all were empty
  Jim said Rene , get in and tried the pants first, I waited outside, I nodded to him, and smiled, okay, but you just don’t have to sneak peek in while trying them on me, right
  Jim laughed sweetly, no no Rene I will probably try not to. but I like to see them when you wear them, and I must surely be allowed to do so right , Rene,
okay Jim, so you are allowed to do that my friend, but only to see, nothing about trying to touch me , i know you are after my delicious boys body and you may not be able too keep your fingers for yourself , so i have to After all, too take care of what you do, and keep an eye on what you are doing and not going to tempt you too much
I walked in behind the curtain, Jim sat down in a chair outside, and just said take your time Rene, it should be some clothes that sit well on you and you are happy to wear, tell me when you are ready tolet me see the first pair of pants
I threw down the jacket, unzipped my pants and took them off , as they slid down my ass and cock, I felt I had a little raising in my cock, hmm I thought, I’m not quite untouched by the situation, I found the bright blue jean’s and began to put them on, they were tight, and I had to wiggle a little with my body and ass, as I pulled them up, I got them up to my lap, and there was particularly tight, I just had to straighten on the cock to get it inside the pants,I pulled them the last stretch over the ass, and pinched them, I turned around to pull the curtain back so Jim could see me in them, I just saw he quickly let go of the curtain, so he had been looked while I put them on, hihi, okay Jim you can look now, I know you’ve looked, your naughty priest , get in here and check me out , he then pulled back the curtain and looked and walked in , his eyes were hot and radiant like glowing, he said wow they sit really well and very tight on you Rene
Turn around and let me see you from behind, I did as he said and his hands lay down on my hips, I grabbed them and said, I didn’t say you had to touch me, Jim, and I saw you were watching while I Took them on, your cheater, he laughed now, and replied, ohh, Rene I didn’t look very much, and by the way your underpants look really naughty on you too, it is in honor of me you wear them, they seem to Be nice to wear
 I replied, I like them yes and I wear them because they are delicious and lovely on my skin, and yes yes maybe they are also in honor of you, but you should not see them now, only later
 Jim said sorry sorry Rene,
so I let go of his hands, which now slid around my ass and hugged it, Rene they fit very well on you and it is nice to touch you and your ass when you wear them on
hold on, Jim now you will not get too horny, we are in a shop, think what people would think if they came in here and found me kneeling, with your big cock in your mouth, or somewhere else he let go off me , I said I take these Jim, I want to try the others, will you leave while I put them on my tight ass, then you can see them when I got them
Jim said , Rene your talk is not making it less horny and hot to watching you try out Pants
  Jim looked a little too funny and begging, on me, Ahh Rene let me stay in there, there are no customers here at this end of the store, and Jack knows me, and they do not send other customers down here and try clothes while we are here my friend So, don’t worry, hmm Jim, I can now trust it and you
I even thought it was a naughty thought that Jim was present while trying clothes, and I was warm and happy about his desire. Okay Jim it’s okay, but remember, don’t touch me while I try the pants while okay, Rene I’ll promise you, just try the other pants, I like to stand quite still and just look at you
  I unbuttoned my pants and started pulling them down my ass and cock bugle, and yes they were tight and the naughty mood, didn’t make the case better, My cock had grown again and when I pulled my pants down my silk underpants slid slowly down too, I stopped and said now that it is a bit problematic this Jim
He smiled sweetly at me, replied, yes I can see that Rene , but if I now hold your underpants,do you think it will be easier for you to get your pants off, Hmm I replied,
surely enough, But will you be able to Just hold them, and make sure they don’t slide further down my butt and cock, I’ll try said Jim , i nodded and said okay Jim giv it a try
Yes, he replied, look here and he sat down, hugging my hips outside of the underpants, and said drag so Rene, I then pulled them down quietly, but either Jim did not hold fast enough (surely intentionally) or the jean’s were just really tight, because my underpants slid down the front and showed a bit of my pubic hair ,as well as the top of the cock root, I let go of the pants and grabbed after my underpants, but Jim pushed my hand away and said easy Rene, I need to take better care of them, with those words he put his one hand over my soon-grown cock bugle, and closed it lovingly around it, like this Rene now they are not slipping off, i quickly pulled the pants off completely and said to Jim, ,
Thanks for your help now you can release your warm hand from my underpants, He just gave the my bugle an extra squeeze before he let go, it’s hard to let that nice bugle slip out of my hand he chuckled
I took the other jeans the black shining, pulled them over my feet, up my legs, up to my underpants, I stopped for a while, Jim looked and said what’s wrong Rene ?, Jim I usually lie down on my back when I take so tight pants on, it is easier for me then and I can better get the cock properly and more comfortably in them with my hand
Jim now answered okay, but you can’t do that here, clean, you are right Jim, so what do we do, Could you possibly pull the pants over my ass and cock while I myself just hold the cock down so the pants slide easier over it and my ass
Jim looked at my abdomen, then looked at me and answered, no, I think it is better that I care about your cock and get it in place while yourself pull up the pants, Hmm I smiled
I’ll bet you liked that my friend, but the cock will probably just get bigger by your hand’s touch and I don’t think you will be able to stop touch it
I promise you Rene, that I don’t, I just keep it down so you can get the pants over the cock and butt, I replied okay then. Then we try, I felt Jim’s warm hand around my cock bulge again, it closed lovingly and gently around it, I pulled up the pants and, they slipped fine now, up over my ass and Jim’s hand over my cock bulge, I got them all the way up, Wiggled a little göztepe escort with my ass to get them completely in place, still with Jim’s hand in them,
 I said Jim just let go now, he was Naughty, he gave the cock a firm hug. while he said Rene, I think you have a nice cock, I unfortunately didn’t see it yesterday, but I can feel that there is a good volume and heat in it, May I play a bit with the Rene, Jim, I answer no not now maybe later if you behave properly,
And by the way, these pants are also perfect, dn’ you think so, Jim pulled his hand out of the pants, which I then closed, Jim replied they are fitting great on you, I just need to feel them again, I replied no Jim no more now, let get us out and get my goods paid,
let’s go home to you, i’m hungry and thirsty, and think it’s better to go home to you to drink something instead off here, and we can just call for pizza at home from you Okay
In fact, Jim responded quickly, surprisingly immediately, yes, it is perhaps a good idea to clean up, and I can always make a breakfast table for us tomorrow ,so you try my cooking skill’s, and I have plenty of drinks at home, so let’s get paid and get off, What about clothes Rene . I going too keep these pants on Jim
  Otherwise we will never get out of here if you have to help me get them off again, and the underpants and shirt I do not need to try. so let’s pay
  We went up to the cashier, got hold of Jack, he figured out what to pay for and said thanks for a good deal, I thanked you for a fine service. and thank you for today, Jim said to Jack, if you fancy later you can look home to me and get a beer with me and Rene
it wondered me a bit, but thought okay, he is a nice man and Jim knows him, so it was probably very normal between them, Jack replied, thank you, I would like to, while he looked at me, he sayed, Rene looks like Be a nice guy too, so thank you Jim I will do
And Jim now you behaves nicely to Rene, he’s a young and lovely guy and should be taken care of, this was said with a smile and a little laughter, I thought hmm, they are more than just good friends, but didn’t think more about it, we left the store and found the elevator to the basement where Jim’s car held
In the elevator, we were alone again, and jim noticed again how well the new pants were sitting on me, I smiled and wiggled a little extra with my ass and shot the abdomen a little towards him, Yes, Jim that’s something you like, can I see, with a glance at his abdomen and the ever-growing bugle there, Jim replied, certainly Rene it looks good and fits your tight boys ass and cock really well,
as he pulled me in to him and offered me his lips, I gratefully grabbed them while Jim’s hands grabbed my ass and hugged it before one hard for the first time slipped around and took a firm and fond search for my cock bugle, his lips left mine, he moaned weakly, Rene i think you have a good boys cock there for me, i think you like my caresses and my desire for you, i look forward to enjoying more of you and your young tender body later
I just answered when the elevator stopped, I am also looking forward to it Jim, I think you can be allowed to seduce me tonight , I think you can get it with me the way you want it , namely, your own completely private horny Scandinavian cock sucker and cum swallowing Choirboy, your own little cum slut , i’m right, Iam sure off that, Jim moaned while the elevator door opened, You are quite right Rene, let’s find the car and come home before i seduce you in the here in the basement, i laughed, It might be I liked it, Jim, now he smiled at me with his sweet smile, Rene we have enough time later . and then we went to the car, sat in and left the garage, heading for Jim’s home
As we drove Jim said it’s just 15 minutes from here Rene, then we are there, I said lovely, before letting my hand find it’s way down between Jim’s leg’s , where I felt the big lovely cock knocking and filling his pants well, Hmm Jim you seems horny is this your desire after me, I can feel, in your pant’s ?I make you really horny, don’t I, Is it thinking about my tight ass, or my wet mouth around your big lovely cock, spraying my mouth full of your Cum , or just the idea that I’m excited about what you want to do with little horny me, with your huge hard cock
Jim just groaned and said you’re naughty Rene and I love it. After some time we drove into a small street where Jim stepped in to the side of a nice big house, So Rene, here I live, he said as he left the car I followed, and soon we were inside
Jim said get into the living room and make yourself comfortable, I find a few beers and call for some pizzas, I went into the living room which was large and light, with a large corner sofa and sofa table, and a large round eating table. I sat down and waited for JIm
  I heard he was talking to some one briefly , probably just Pizza store ,He came into the living room shortly after, with two cold beers, I ordered pizza they are here in 10 minutes Rene, and gave me the one beer we toasted and Jim sat down beside me, letting a hand around me and said so sweet, now we’re alone Rene now we can do whatever we want, Come kiss me, l leaned in to him and our lips met in a wet and horny kiss ,with wet lips and played tongues we explored each other’s mouths, and Jim’s hands went exploring my body, i enjoyed his caress and kisses reciprocated by massaging his big cock bugle, and with the other hand his neck as he shrugged mine, we kiss like this for a while, then Jim let go of my lips and then said hold on now, we just have to wait for the pizzas
Otherwise it just ends that we have to accept them naked, in the door, I giggled, would that be problem ? Otherwise it just ends with us having to accept them naked, in the door, I giggled but would that be a bad thing ,if that happen , Jim,
Jim answered, maybe not for you but, pizza the man knowing I’m pastor and it would look a little strange if I received my pizzas naked and with stiff cock, and that there is also a delicious boy and he’s even half naked in my living room, Don’t you think so Rene, yes, there you may be have a point there, at the same time it rang the door
Jim went out and opened up the door, it was the Pizza guy, Jim paid I heard and said thanks then he closed the door, and came back into the room, here’s the food Rene, his put them on the sofa table, took a couple of plates in a cupboard behind the dining table
Just start Rene, I will just put on some more comfortable clothes, then he disappeared into another room, I heard a shower start and after 10 minutes stop again, then Jim returned to the living room, wearing only a pair of small underpants that barely hidden his big lovely cock and He had thrown a morning robe that d****d his body as he entered the room he gathered the belt around his waist, I swallowed him with my eyes and had to focus on the pizza, so I didn’t attack him and his cock right there,I grabbed a piece of pizza and started eating it, Jim sat down on my side and also ate some pizza, after a couple mouthful, had we also emptied our beers, Jim asked me, maybe you would like to have another beer Rene, yes I answered, Jim got up went into the kitchen after them, while I stared at his lovely body and hoped for another glimpse of his wonderful cock bugle
I got up, went to the garden door that was right next to the dining table, Jim quickly came in with the fresh beer, came over to me and said yes, there is a good closed garden for my house, but you can see tomorrow clean, and handed me my beer, cheers clean, you will not have more pizza
No, not right now, but I’d like to smoke a cigarette if it’s okay with you, you just smoke Rene that’s quite ok, I lit a cigarette, Jim put an ashtray on the dining table, so Rene you just ahead and smoke, and while I was standing there, Jim put his beer on the table, came all the way to me and then stood behind my back, I was standing still , now I felt Jim’s hands on my shoulders, and his lips on my neck, his tongue licked me on the neck, up against my one ear, placed small bit lovingly in my earlobe, and whispering in my ear, Rene I want you, I want to kiss you, I will lick you and your young boys body, I will suck your cock big and stiff
I will lick your virgin boys ass, make you wet and warm play with your sphincter ,with my fingers , and while his hands slid down from my shoulders, down my front side, down to my chest where they found my nipples, on the outside of the shirt, and began to nudge them boldly and lovingly.
Rene , will you let me do this,too you
May i do what you asked last night. may i take your tight boys ass with my big stiff man cock, do you want it ?, your little naughty cock sucker, do you want too feel my stiff cock penetrate your tight Scandinavian teen boy ass pussy and fell it pump you full of hot sticky cum,
I took a sigh of the cigarette, turned it off, pushed me back toward his lap, felt his deliciously lovely big cock against my buttocks, felt its size pressing against me. while Jim’s fingers squeeze increasingly demanding pinched nibbled and snapped into my cowardly stiff nipple nipples, I twisted my ass against Jim’s big cock, leaned my head toward his, turned it against him and said quietly
Jim is it now you want to seduce me, is it now that you can’t no longer hold back, can’t keep your fingers mouth lips, cock from my tense horny boys body, is it that’s why I can feel your lovely big cock squeezing against my boys ass,
He unbuttoned my shirt while I said these words, his hand warmly searching under it again found my nipples and caressed them merrily, I relieved me of his body pulled the shirt completely off. Leaned me back against his warm body, mine hands found it’s way behind my back to his big nice cock, I grabbed it under the robe outside his small panties, squeezed it frankly, offered him my lips as he pleasantly accepted them and another wet horny tongue kiss began his play in our mouths
After a little kissing, I let go of his lips and continued to say, is it now that you want to fuck me, is this the time when you, in your living room will fuck my boys virgin ass, with your fat stiff man cock, is it on this floor you want to take my body’s openings with your fingers tongue and cock, or will you take me from behind on the table,
it is what you want, have me lying over the table with my young ass pointing against you, with s**ttered buttocks , with my nicely shaved boys balls hanging out over the edge and my unprotected virgin tight teen ass hole, open against you and your big man cock, that is ready to penetrate me, you will just take me as the little horny boys cock sucker cum hungry Fuck slut, you are about to making me, over the cold dining table ?? is that Jim?
is now you open my pants, pull them down, and pull off my panties. Then pressing me gently over the table while you with your fingers, massage my Ball’s and teen cock, and then spreading my buttocks, spitting on my tight boy ass, so your fingers can start training and exercising, my sphincter, with a finger then two finger’s making my sphincter relaxing, making it more eager too receive your cock, so it becomes more receptive to your horny big stiff man cock,
make my sphincter more flexible, ready for your hard cock head, make my tight boy ass willing and obvious, pleasing after your big cock head to penetrate it, break the last barrier in my sphincter, so it will give it all up and leave my ass open and welcome you and your cock inside my tight ass
Or do you think my tight ass needs more lubrication, too take your lovely cock, So you first have to lick my shaved young boys’ ball’s, lick my rod, then take my young virile horny boys cock into your hot mouth, suck it lick the young tasteful cock head, fuck with your mouth, to I spray my young hot greasy sticky boys cum into it, as you then let my hot juices run out of your mouth, down to my tight and willing boy ass, where you with your tongue spread it around my tight opening, and with your tongue squeeze some of my own juices into my ass, so my own juices become the grease and lubrication your big and stiff throbbing cock need’s to penetrate into my boy-pussy, to make me the young Scandinavian ass pussy cum slut, you want me to be
Is that what you really want Jim????
  If yes, do it to me Jim, seduce me, use me, suck me, fuck me, make me suck you cock, make me eat your cum, make me lick your ass,
  I’m a young horny man, but in your hands, I’m a young handsome man whore, make me your Scandinavian choirboy fuck doll
I am a young horny man but in your hands, I am a young handsome man whore, so make me your Scandinavian choirboy fuck doll
Fuck my tight ass, fuck it well, fuck my mouth with your gorgeous lovely pounding cock, fill all my holes with your hot sticky greasy cum ,, i’ll make you proud of me
I want to be proud when your lovely cock squirting his hot squirt of hot cum far up in my boy- pussy and when you doing it i’m finally the boy whore you want me to be
Jim gazed at me, by my words, replied Rene, you are damn, naughty,
your naughty talk sending hot shivers down through my body, right down into my cock and ball, make my hot Juice’s boil’s. At this time, Rene, there is nothing that can or will hold me back, nothing can make me stop now, you make me horny you make me mad after your welcoming, tender and delicious young boy body
Yeah, Rene, I want to do as you asked last night, and beg for now, I’ll take you, your tight holes, but you will need to lick and suck my big cock wet before, it will find your tight ass, that will envelop my throbbing and stiff cock, while it slowly penetrates far into your boys ass
until it expands you and get ready for my big warm load of nice oily and sticky cum fare up your young butt. And yes it will make you what you want to be, my own little horny Scandinavian boy pussy, make you a nice and satisfied, little tender, Boy whore, that will beg for my erupting cock again and again
So just relax and let me inaugurate, you into the man sex wold. to make you a proud and cock cum hungry and begging boy whore
  i want to satisfy your lust, your boy cock, and tender tight ass, make you dream off getting back to me, and let do this too you time after time. Make you ”cum” running back too me every time your here, where you will beg me for more off my big hung cock and cum in your mouth and ass, beg me to give you more of my big delicious stiff man cock, in all the places you want it
While our naughty, talk was going on, Jim’s one hand continues pinched, one off my stiff nipples, while his other hand caressed my stomach before his hand slid down to my pants, a few fingers sliding inside them, under my panties too , caressing my pubic hair
our talk stops, Jim moans hot in my ear uh llllllllllllllllllllll
our talk stops, Jim moans hot in my ear uhm clean, you haven’t shaved the whole cock area, so it’s just your boy-pussy and ball’s that’s are shaved? I moaned Yes Jim, I did it for you because you like boys / young men, so I thought you liked hairless Ball’s and boy’s pussies, A’m right? Jim
Jim groaned in my ear while his hand went further down my pants and caressed my cock rod and base
I love shaved boy pussy’s and young tender boy’s ball in my mouth,I love shaved boy pussy’s and young tender boy’s ball’s in my mouth
 I love to feel your shaved boys egg and their volume in my mouth, image how much youthful cum juice is in them, and how they will fill my mouth with your warm youthful wonderful cum
while I rubbed myself furiously at Jim’s lap, felt his cock grow and squeeze against my ass, pushed my ass hard and hard against him, Jim groaned again in my ear, stop now Rene, wait a bit, and while he’s hand left my cock in my pants alone
  He kissed my neck with his wet lips, moaning, wait a little, I just need to get something from the other room .
  He pushed me gently off he’s body
Jim let go of my nipples turning me around pushing me down into a chair at the dining table, so I sat up with his big cock behind the coat and the little panties. I thought, wow delicious. now I can suck and lick his lovely cock again, I reached for it and grabbed it,
but Jim removed my hands before they reached the cock and before I got a proper grip on it , wait a little Rene, sit quietly here, I’m immediately going too be back, and then he went into the room next door, which I later found out of was the bedroom, I thought now? what, and missed being able to smell him and feel his virile and horny cock against me
But Jim was back in the living room after a few seconds with a large silk covered double quilt as he nonchalance , as he nonchalant spread it over the dining table, and again stood in front of me with his welcoming lap and cock behind the robe and panties, so Rene, I thinks this is it better
I replied it looks nice, but what you have there, while I reached out to his abdomen, where I could see his little panties, bulging well from his big cock in them, making a opening in his robe that I grabbed after, now this is also looking better, and my hands slid under the robe, Jim pushed his abdomen and cock bugle at me , putting he’s hands be hide my head and dragged me closer to him, I was pushed straight against the bulge
I sniffed his sex to me, with my nose buried in his lap, his cock felt warm and big behind his minimal panties, Jim held my head close to his abdomen, I let my hands slip completely into the morning robe, around his hips , to his tight buttocks, which I now grabbed with my hands and hugged,lovely and tender, my mouth lay over his big cock which was only covered by the little panties, his pubic hair tickled my nose
his pubic hair tickled my nose, i opened my mouth letting my damp lips close around his bulge, bit a little naughty in it, letting my tongue bring my saliva out onto the panties, which got wet and warm by the mix of his cock and my wet saliva
I pulled my hands back in front of Jim’s body again, grabbed the elastic in the panties, pulled them down a little. More of his pubic hair appeared, my lips sipped it in, and my tongue found way out between my lips, licking his pubic hair, and the tip of the tongue found the base of his big cock, which I gently licked , now Jim’s loving hands calmed lovingly moving around on my head hair, and I heard him moaning horny
  I now pulled his panties further down his hips, down so more of his lovely big cock shaft appeared, I licked the shaft desperately, with long soft licking,  
I paused, looked up at Jim,
Now, Mr Priest, you like it, do I have to keep going, and I’ll let your big cock out in the open,do you want it, Jim moaned, Yes Rene get my cock out, get it out and get it and get it in your cock hungry mouth, suck my cock boy, make me more hard, make it wet and lick my hung ball’s
I want your warm lips around my pounding cock Clean, I smiled at Jim, okay pastor, that’s what your little cock cum hungry boy would like to do, with these words I drew his panties all the way down from his hips, his big lovely cock with it half exposed cock head popped out, straight out in front of my face, hit my cheek and nose with a whip, my hands still got a grip in the panties, i let them slip down around his legs, i let them go out off my hand’s, they slipped but them self the last way down to his feet, he then stepped out of them.
My hands slipped lovingly up his hairy legs, on the inside of his thighs, up against his heavily hanging ball’s and stiff cock, My hands reached his great lovely ball’s, I grabbed them with a hand, hugging them lovingly, lifting them, tagging the weight of them, wow I thought they are full of greasy greasy sticky cum again, lovely,
His stiff big dick stood slightly pointing up and out in the air, just off my mouth and lips, just a few inches depicting them Jim moaned horny, my other hand slid up his hip over his stomach, then down towards his abdomen where I stopped its movement I looked up at Jim, who looked down at me with his hot and horny eyes, while his hands still caressing my head hair lovingly
I said, now Jim, I will take your delicious cock in my mouth, I will lick you horny and wet, I will feel your hot throbbing stiff cock between my lips, feel it slipping into my hot cock starving mouth. Poor my palate, and fill my mouth
Do you want to spray your hot juices of sticky creamy cum into my mouth and far into my throat, will you Jim?
Yes, I will love Rene, suck my cock choir boy, suck it hard and ready, But I will save my hot juices to a special place today Rene, you deliberately swallowed my juices last night, today so I reciprocate for you , but suck my cock a while first Rene, taste it and enjoy it, as it enjoys your mouth, then I will do some very nice thing’s for you, make this evening the best in your life, get your wish last night to fulfill Rene
My hand still squeezed Jim’s Ball’s, my other hand now slipped from his stomach down and grabbed around the big thick nice stiff cock, bent it down a little so it pointed straight to my mouth, I licked my lips, wet them , opened them wide open, bent me forward and let the cock head hit my lips,
my mouth slid wet and naughty over the big cock, my lips tightly closed around the head, so they pulled his tense foreskin back over the cock’s head’s collar
The cock slid further and further into my hot mouth, my tongue licking around the tense cock head inside my mouth, the dick hit the back wall in my mouth
while I was sucking and eating the delicious cock more and more intense, I still hugged Jim’s sperm heavy ball’s, my head slipped with fucking movements back and forth over the wonderful cock, Jim willingly pushed into my mouth with his cock, I sucked and sucked, tasted his pre cum mingle with my mouth water, felt the blood knocking in Jim’s cock and felt his lust while licking him desperately about 10 minutes
Jim grabbed hold of my head, held it quietly, with his cock buried deep in my hot mouth, holding it for a few second’s, then quietly pulled the wonderful rod out of my mouth, as he said. so Rene, no more cock sucking for you now, otherwise i just going too come in your hot horny naughty boys mouth ,and his hard cock left my mouth with a sweeping wet sound, left threads of pre cum and mouth water dripping down from my mouth
I looked a little disappointed at Jim, with open mouth, Jim chuckled as he pulled me up to him, squeezing his warm lips desperately against my cock tasting wet mouth, thrusting he’s tongue into it letting it lick my tongue for my mouth juices and his own cock juices, a few minutes we kissed like mad man’s
he let go of my mouth, and said while sitting down on the chair I had been sitting on before, Rene now is my turn to explore you, find your lovely places, find the places that make it great for you, the places that are screaming for the treatment of my hands and tongue and especially my big stiff cock
Look at the Rene, I looked down at his big stiff cock who strove stiff straight into the air from his abdomen. I replied oh Jim it is beautiful and it is because of me it is so big and stiff, please Jim let me have it again. calmly Rene, you will for sure get it again, in all the ways you want it
but first it’s my turn to play with you, i didn’t taste your virile youth boys cock and your juices last night, I want to taste it now, I want your young cock in my mouth, taste it’s pre cum,
Lick it affectionately, lick suck your shaved boys ass, stick my tongue into your boys ass, let it penetrate your sphincter, get it ready for my fingers that will pave the way for my big stiff throbbing man’s cock, make it ready to be what you are and want, a horny cock hungry
cock hungry boy-pussy, a really horny tender and insatiable, boys whore, but a tight and smooth, boy pussy, screaming for my big cock, for it to make you a delicious naughty boy pussy whore, men in the future will want was their’s , but you will be my own boy pussy while you are here in Newark, you will always know you belong to me and my big man cock
you will dream of it, miss it, call it in your lonely nights at sea, you will be impatient to feel it again in all your hot tight holes, you will come running to the club when landing here in Newark and beg for my cock, beg me to be allowed to suck and make it blow it’s huge load in your starving mouth
Beg me to fuck your horny boy pussy over and over again, satisfy your eager to get fucked in your tight note anymore virgin, but always smooth buy pussy,Show me that you are my own little begging boy whore, and that your proud off it
but before all this i will taste your cock and ass, take your young shaved lovely ball’s into my mouth feel your lovely young ball’s soft skin, and the egg’s in them, feel the weight of them and the load of youthful sperm juices that you have in them, while preparing your tight asshole with my fingers to take on my lovely big man cock
So now Rene, now open your jeans, take them off, but not your blue silk panties, I will take them off of you, I will first see how wet you have made them with your boys cock pre cum, that I now that you start leaking while you suck my big cock
  I will make it nice and pleasant to you, when I have seen the surely big wet spot on them, then I will take them off and lick your boys cock clean for your young pre cum and lick it big and stiff
So Rene does as I say now, do not talk, just do as I say, then you will feel how nice I can do it for a sweet and delicious teen boy, cock Slut like you, You ümraniye escort can beg for my cock, you can beg for my sperm, but otherwise no talk
Now I decide what to do, everything was said with his sweet warm smile and wet eyes, and I felt safe and ready to give myself to his desires, and indeed my desires
So go on Rene open your pants, and take them off
I did as Jim said, I shook with agony and excitement, unbuttoned my pants, pulled them down over my hips, they were new and tight, but I managed to twist them over my hips, down to my slightly shaking knees
  Jim pulled my hands away from them and scooped them all the way down to my feet. now Rene Step out off them, Which I did, Jim looked at me and said as he pushed my jeans away from the floor with his feet
Jim then said, Rene look at yourself right now, almost naked, with a stiff cock in your cute blue panties that are wet, did you come when you sucked dick before? , and you can answer
  I didn’t have to look to see I was wet and my cock was stiff, I noticed it clearly, but I did as Jim said, looked down at myself, saw the big bugle in my little blue panties
  I saw the actual big wet spot while I replied, No Jim I didn’t came when I sucked your lovely cock
Jim said, okay Rene, because I want your sperm in my mouth when it’s time, and look at your nipples, they are stiff and hard, pointing out in the air,
I did again as he said, peering down on my nipples and yes they where hard and stiff, while Jim leaned forward and started licking one nipple while he squeezed around the other with two fingers , he then began to lick my chest, licked it over, down my stomach, licked naughty in my belly button, now with both hands’ fingers snapped my nipples, pincted them lovingly
His wet lips and tongue licked their way down to my pubic hair, which stuck out of the top of my blue panties, he licked along the edge of my panties with his wet tongue tips
He licked along the edge of my panties with his wet tongue tips, tried to get his tongue under it, but they were too tight, his mouth slid down over my cock bugle, outside on the panties, reached the big wet spot on them, which dented out of my good stiff cock, my foreskin hidden cock head desperately trying to get out of my panties on one side, i could feel i looked down at me so Jim had seen or felt the same
  He then slid his wet mouth against it, over the wet spot, he reached my peeking cock head, his tongue emerged between his lips hit my cock head like a shock,
He gently licking the clear drops Clear drops of pre cum that seeped out of my horny cock into his mouth, he let his mouth slip back to the wet spot on my panties, he opened his mouth and closed it around the spot and that of my cock lying behind the wet fabric, his teeth bit smoothly in my stiff cock, and his panting of mine now completely stiff and horny nipples became more wild
  I invited myself with my abdomen against his hot mouth, I groaned and gave myself completely in to the enjoyment of his touch, he massaged my cock with his mouth through my wet panties, sucked the panties into his mouth as if he would suck my juices out of them
My stiff cock pounded merrily in my little panties, so Jim let go of my nipples, I moaned No Jim don’t stop playing with my nipples. while I looked down at him, but it wasn’t good, it made Jim remove his hot mouth from my cock bugle and he looked up at me with a little smile
Quiet Rene said Jim, no talk I have told you
Sorry sorry Jim, I said, while his hands had found their way from my stiff nipples, down to my tight butt buttocks that he squeezed naughty
Remember it Rene, no talk, your talk makes me horny and hot, and i don’t want to squirt my cum into the air just because you can’t keep your dirty naughty mouth closed, do you understand it Rene,
Yes i do Jim I moaning quietly, but Jim i get tired, in my legs of standing up like this, don’t be nervous Rene, just be quiet, then you will soon be lying on your back, or on all four while enjoying and going to experience how nice I can do it for you with my mouth and big cock
With these words he pulled my wet blue panties down my hips, and my horny stiff boys dick jumped into Jim’s face, he pulled the panties completely off me, threw them to the side, said, you don’t need too use them the next hours my boy with a laugh
He now looked at me while his hands slid up from my legs up to my abdomen
Wow Rene now you are completely naked and you look beautiful and leaking, see how stiff and strunk your boys cock pointing straight into the air, its eye is straight on my face, he gave cock head a little kiss
Rene you are delicious, no hair on the chest, and his hand grasped my balls’ and no hair on your young smooth ball’s, he hugged them lovingly and persistently, I look forward to feeling your hairless and smooth teen ass hole, too
For that’s is also shaved isn’t it Rene? you can answer me one this Q, I moaned Yes it’s shaved for you Jim, while I felt his one hand sliding under my young smooth ball’s and found my ass crack
Thanks Rene, I love smooth young boy’s ass hole’s and ball’s, said Jim, as I noticed how a pair of his fingers were looking into my tight buttocks, looking for the little warm smooth-stretched boy pussy
While Jim’s fingers searched and found my little smooth and tight boy pussy hole, with a finger, he started massaging lovingly in small circles with a little pressure on the hole
he looked up at me, his sweet eyes and happy face looked lovely, especially because my stiff boys cock was just out of his mouth and wet lips, what a sight I thought, now he takes my cock in my mouth I thought, but no He did not, I moaned a little in disappointment
  Jim looked at me, then bent down under my young stiff cock, and I felt his wet lips and tongue hit my young but big ball’s, he licked them while my cock was almost lying on his face under it. he licked and nibbled in my ball’s, with his lips. Under it. he licked and snatched my ball’s, with his lips
  His finger in near my tight boy’s ass, disappeared for a second, just got back to it and this time hit the tight hole, now felt fingers wet / smooth, and while Jim sucked my young smooth ball into his mouth, which made me give a little jerk, both my ball’s eggs went in his mouth, the tongue licked them while his mouth sucked them farther in, it made me shake, with lust
the intense and new feeling that it gave me, while his finger was now pushing naughty and firmly into my sphincter, which gradually gave way to his wet finger, and with extra pressure, slipped it inside in my tight boy pussy
slipped inside in my tight boy pussy, Jim let his finger stop there so my sphincter could turn to it, then let it slip a little further in, pulled it gently back, continued with it for a while, still with my ball’s in his mouth, and my now twisting cock on his cheek, now his second hand got up and caught my twisting cock, keeping it tight
  He let my ball slip out of his mouth, they slammed wet against his hand under them, and his finger in my young ass slid more easily and easily back and forth in it
His other hand jerked my stiff young cock lightly, and now I felt another wet finger press against my tight ass hole
  My legs shook violently now, Jim noticed it, 5 min more Rene, then you can lie down , and his mouth approached my stiff cock with open lips, while my sphincter giving in for finger no 2 in my tight ass, now there was 2 fingers inside my ass, and while Jim pushed them up in me, he let his open wet mouth slip down over me stiff cock to the root
I did not come when his mouth slid down over my cock, but almost, it was so nice to feel his hot mouth lips and tongue around my throbbing young boys cock, his 2 finger in my tight ass, slipped all the way up in me, I felt, then he slowly pulled them out almost completely, again he tightened his lips around my stiff wet boys cock
He pushed the two fingers into my ass again, they slid in more slightly this time, because my sphincter opened more and more to his searching finger, I shook, my legs became like jelly
I grabbed Jim’s head to have just a little to hold on to, Jim’s mouth now fucking my boys cock gently, while his finger in my ass increased the pace, I now moaned loudly, and Jim drooled with my cock in his mouth
  This continued for a few minutes, after which Jim let my driving wet and stiff cock slip out of his mouth
Jim put one hand on my chest, gently pushed me back, still with his 2 fingers in my tight ass
  Rene step back, now you can lie down on the silk quilt on the dining table, my ass hit the edge of the table, I laid down all the way to the edge because Jim’s finger was still buried in my boys ass while I was lying down on it cool silk, I heard Jim pull the chair he was sitting closer to the table, I was lying on the back, looked down at myself, so that my rigid boys cock stand straight up in the air, and Jim’s smiling face between my legs, he still gently fucked my tight ass with his fingers
So Rene, now you can relax while he rhythmically fucked my ass, his second hand grabbed my pounding cock, which he jerked quietly, as he jerked quietly, you like it Rene, you can answer me now
I answered moaning yes Jim I love it, Fine Rene, because now you can be looking forward to the big thing, I want to jerk your cock until your almost coming, when you can feel you are coming tell you so I can take yours beautiful cock in the mouth when you squirt your cum out
You just do as I say okay Rene, Yes Yes Jim in will do what ever you say Jim replied good boy
  Still jerking my cock slowly, Jim said, Spread your tight boys buttocks Rene , I let my hands slide down my sides, until my buttocks grabbed them, spread them wide open , while Jim’s finger still fucked my ass hole, yes just like this Rene
  just give me space, his head disappeared down between my legs, his finger in my ass slipped out of me with a pop while still jerking my cock, I felt a splash of saliva hit my ass hole, then I felt something soft and however demanding, hit my tight hole, it was Jim’s tongue that hit me I could feel, it sent shivers through my body as it began to lick around my smooth and wet ass hole
I hadn’t felt so horny and hot before, his naughty tongue licked in circles around my slightly expanding sphincter, I felt how the orgasm built up in my Ball’s sand cock, then I felt Jim’s tongue tip squeeze into my tight wet boy pussy, felt how he got it pressed into the hole and tried to fuck my boys ass with his tongue
now my cock pounded heavily, Jim’s tongue tip fucked my ass, his hand tightened my cock in his jerking move’s, I grabbed my buttocks spreading them all I could, too getting more of Jim’s teasing tongue up in my ass,
I was now, so close to coming that I moaned out, Jim, I going too blow in a little while, I will send my load out of my rigid boys cock now, Jim caught my words, let his tongue leave my wet ass hole, licked quicly up from the string from there up over my balls, then let his wet hot mouth close around my throbbing cock while again letting 2 fingers slip into my wet and damp ass hole
And that did the trick, I came and came. i sprayed all my saved juices of hot sticky creamy cum in hard spurt’s into
Jim’s cunningly sucking tightly closed mouth My Ball’s shrunk in lust and craving to fill Jim’s mouth with my youthful hot greasy juices
  Jim sucked all my juices out of my now tender cock, I noticed that he didn’t swallow my juices. but kept it in his mouth cave , his hand pulled my now slightly cock out of his mouth and let it fall wet and greasy on my stomach, he kept his mouth closed, he got moaned between his closed lips,
The Rene, now turn around and puts you on your stomach, I got up and turn around
And just before I laid my stomach over the dining table, I saw Jim’s big cock, and it was big and stiff, wet on the cock head, it looked lovely and a little dangerous, I just got to think before I was lying on my stomach, wow i think he’s going to fuck my little tight boy pussy with it now, just hope my ass will be able to take it all
Lying on my stomach, I felt Jim’s hands on my tight buttocks, spreading them as far apart as he could, and then I felt something hot and slimy splashing into my little boys ass hole
I understood then that he had stored my juices in his mouth to spit them out on my boy pussy and use it as a grease for his cock when he was going to fuck it now, make it a man boy pussy
Jim bent over my back, kissed my neck, moaned in my ear, Rene, now I have to do it I can’t hold it back anymore, i need to fuck your smooth tight boy pussy, it’s time for, your little tight boy pussy too open up for a real man cock too make it a real dedicated boy pussy whore, relax and enjoy it boy
Enjoy it Rene, now that I want to take your virgin boys ass, take it with my big stiff man cock, as you have begged me to do for you , so hold you buttocks wide apart for my cock Rene, again I grappled around my buttocks and spread them as wide as i was able to do
I now felt how his hand rubbed his big cock head in between mine, I felt his big cock head sliding up and down my ass crack, teasing my tight hole but at the same time spreading my own sticky juices around my tight hole, felt how oily my ass crack and boy pussy was, Jim’s other hand massaged my balls and soft cock that hung down between my legs while he placed his cock head right in the middle of my tight boy pussy soaking hole
Rene, Jim said now open your ass for my cock, press against me let my big cock head in
I did as he said, pushing against his cock head
it just got in, and despite having kept fucking me with 2 big fingers, I was still tight, my sphincter was still tight, Jim pushed more, I groaned and squeaked my ass against him
  I felt more of his cock penetrating me I felt a little pain not much, Jim pushed, I pressed against him, more of the cock came in, I moaned Oh yes and No, I thought he will never he’s big lovely cock all in completely, Jim pressed a little hard again, and this time my sphincter gave up and let him slip into my ass. when cock head was inside, Jim held a little pause to let my boy pussy adjust to his big cock, my sphincter closed tightly around Jim’s cock collar
  Jim groaned, oh, clean you’re tight, but I’m in, almost, I took your tight boy pussy virginity, in a little while, I take the rest of your virgin ass into possession, and make you a boy pussy whore, he started pushing himself further into my ass, which gave in to his big penetrating cock
  I shook and got shivers of well-being, the longer he penetrated his cock into my ass. Jim groaned again, almost half way in Rene, he pulled back a little and squeezed himself so gently back in, a little further in I felt
He came further in this time, I felt my tight ass give more and more to his great wonderful cock
  I pressed my ass to his cock, felt how his cock extended my sphincter to the extreme, as if my ass would split in 2, but it was also a wonderful feeling to be filled, with hot hard and pulsating cock
But it was also a wonderful feeling to be filled, with hot hard and vibrant cock, feel him slipping farther up in me, feeling it pounding in my ass, and Jim’s horny moaning mingling with mine, the room almost steamed by sex, Jim still massaging my ball’s and now half stiff cock, slowly retreating back out off my ass, felt the fiction it gave in my ass’s walls, while his cock slipped slowly and , almost out of me, just too let the big lovely cock head stay inside
Jim groaned again, I think Rene that you are now ready to take the dick all the way into your tight boy pussy, I will penetrate you and make you feel the lovely feeling of my cock make you a really good boy pussy whore now
I forgot all about not having to talk, I just groaned, ohh yes Jim filled me up, let your dick drill far up in me, let my boy pussy become a hot and wet boy pussy that you fuck well and thoroughly
  Jim responded with a firm grip on my hips, squeezing his stiff cock into my ass, I spread my buttocks all I did with my hands, and felt Jim’s big nice cock fill me out as it slowly slipped further and further into my ass
  I shook and groaned, my body felt I was a big tight ass hollow, only created for Jim rigid hot cock’s journey far up in me, Jim dick felt I was now really far up in my tight little ass, I didn’t believe his whole beauty dick could be in me, Jim leaned over my back kissed me in the neck, whispered, it’s almost all the way inside you Rene
Just a little more then you’ve taken all my big cock in your boy pussy, can you feel it? do you like it clean, i moaned loudly, yes Jim, i love it Fuck me Fuck my boy ass, Jim straightened up, in the same movement, he squeezed the rest of his delicious cock into my ass, I felt his ball’s hit my own hanging under me smooth balls. Jim stopped a few seconds, moaned almost proudly, Wow Rene It’s all in you now, you’ve taken all my big cock your little boys ass
Now i want to fuck you my boy, make your ass a nice tight boy pussy whore and make you proud of taking all my big stiff man cock all the way up in your ass
With a firm grip on my hips, Jim pulled back a little, drilled back into me
I received his shock with pleasure, trusting back against his trusting cock in my ass. I moaned and let my ass receive him with pleasure my ass glow and sent shivers through my body, for every shock Jim gave me
Jim’s cock had now found himself perfectly in my boy pussy, my ass channel and hard-tested sphincter
Jim’s cock had now found himself perfectly in my boy pussy, my ass channel and hard-tested sphincter gave more and more to every deep shock, Jim’s cock gave my boys ass
  Jim moaned more and more, his hands on my hips grabbed me more, as if he were afraid I should slide off or away; back and forth, I notice my cock leaking juices that drifted down my legs
  I moaned in the Silk duvets, pushing my ass willingly toward each of Jim’s deep lovely bumps
  My ass channel was full to bursting point, I now felt no pain any more, only the feeling of joy and lust, I wished it would last for a long time more, but I also noticed Jim that his desire was about to take over, his cock swelled more in my ass I felt happy and proud of it , that my boy ass make him go insane in it
  I knew that before long Jim’s cock would fill my ass with juices, knowing that Jim’s cock would soon have accomplished his task of making my feminine’s ass a real and through fucked boy pussy
  His speed in my ass channel rose and rose, His speed in my ass channel rose and rose, the speed make me warm and soft in he’s hands, and he’s cock made me, fell like I was in heaven
I was sure Jim’s cock would have a big and hot load of cum ready for my tight ass
  Jim moaned out loud, Rene, sorry but you has made me so horny, I can’t stand any more, I need to cum, I need that last step, to make you a sweet boy pussy whore
  I groaned, Yes, Jim do it give your horny little boy pussy whore, all you got in your balls , fill my ass channel with your hot sticky and greasy juices, I love being your little boy pussy Whore
I felt helpless and covetous at the same time, I felt with every fiber in my boys body, how I enjoyed being a fuck doll, for Jim, this man’s sweetness, helpfulness, and yet his macho way of taking care of me, he was a man with big M and Cock with big C
  His big stiff man cock had taken power over little me, he exploited me, he abused me, he fucked me mercilessly, with his demanding cock in my ass
  His groaning rose in tune with his cock speed in my ass, Here It comes now Rene, you have done everything to lead me, to this, your dirty mouth, your delicious boys body, your tight ass channel, I can’t stop now, you deserve what you asked for it
I’m not done with you yet boy, but you must first have my juices far up in your tight ass, then we will see what we will do the rest of the night
  Clean, Nooooooooooow im cumming, I pushed against his deep shock, Ahhh moaned Jim, and with a firm grip on my hips, he slipped into the bottom of my lame ass, I felt his cock swell, his cock head swell
  Fuck Rene here it Cum’s and his cock started spraying far up in my ass
  I do not know how many splashes he unloaded in me, I felt like a river of lava that roared in me, the sperm filled me, load after load I felt he emptied into me, with small bumps in my ass, he emptied his balls for all his warm and delicious cum, his sperm eruption shock in me made me Cum, sperm or pee was running from my cock down on the floor
  I shook and cramped my ass with his cock in me, he began to get out of me, I knew then I would feel a emptiness in my ass, and my abdomen felt like a big ass, Jim’s cock jerked a little while it slid slowly out of my tight ass
  And then he was at the ass channel opening, Jim moaned, Rene so now you are inaugurated and a real boy pussy whore, and Your mine
  Now I’m pulling my cock out of you. When it has left your wet ass, you hurry to the floor between my legs where you get your reward, that licking my cock clean immediately for all my juices and licking my dick and getting it ready for more naughty play with you
his cock left my ass with a flop, and I jerked down the quilt, down to the floor, thought wow sucking a cock right from an ass hole, I hadn’t thought about that before, nor did I have time to think about That, as soon as I hit the floor with my blocked and sperm running ass, and turned to Jim, he said open your mouth clean, I did as he said and immediately I got his half relaxed and very greasy sticky cock press in it
  That’s the thing that sucks it good, suck it clean, this is your reward for being a good and easy to teach boy pussy whore, and I feel that I still have more delicious and hot sperm for your cum hungry mouth later,
  I sucked and licked everything I could of the greasy and sticky cock while sitting on the floor felt how his cum ran out of my tight but bloated and tender butt like a river
l lusted licking his and my juices in me, licking the half rigid rod, its head, and his balls clean of our juices, patched it all in me while Jim moaned That’s good boy, lick and suck my cock clean and nice again
  And it will soon be ready for you again
My hand grasped his greasy pole, pulled the foreskin all the way back, licked him clean around the cock head collar,
Jim grabbed my arm, then said Rene stop, he pulled me up, said look Rene, the mess you made on my floor with your hot young juices, you have to find something to wipe it up with,
I looked at Jim, looked down at the floor. and I still felt juices drip out of my tight ass, so the clump of my juices on the floor, Jim said go take a shower Rene, and bring some paper to dry it up with so we can get a beer afterwards, I replied Jim, I need a quick bath yes, and a beer yes, But no paper,! It’s my juices, and there are certainly some of your delicious juices in it, and probably even some pee in it, I think I pee a little while you fucked me with your big cock
And it should not be wasted, after which I put myself on my knees and licked all the greasy and sticky blobs in me, with a grueling sound, and it tasted of my sperm and Jim’s cum, and also tasted something that probably was a little pee , I licked the floor clean, got up again, on the way I kissed Jim’s hanging cock when I was up I kissed Jim on the mouth fleetingly, and said I will take a bath Jim, just find some beers, and I went to the bathroom, Jim patted me in the ass, and said, Rene you are a really nasty and naughty teasing young boy pussy, you’ve already made me horny again
  I said over my shoulders, calmly Jim .like you said before we have plenty of time and I don’t let your big cock get off so easily
My mouth is already hungry for your cock and balls, nasty cream, and i can actually already feel that my little Scandinavian boy pussy, very soon wants to visit your big lovely stiff cock again, it likes your stiff big man cock very much i can feel, it fits so nice in my boy pussy channel
 After my bath, where I had heard, Jim being out, and probably washing his delicious cock in the washbasin for the water ran a long time, Jim had laid a morning robe for me, I took it on, went back to the room, where Jim sat in the couch, with fresh beer on the table, he had his robe back on, but it was not closed, so while I lit a cigarette I had a clear view of his already half-rigged big cock
 I said a little randomly, I see you missed me Jim, your cock has started to wake up again, Jims easy easy, you will soon have to taste it again for sure ,and he continued, and Jack you know from the store called and said he will come by in half an hour, hope it is okay Rene, I replied, hmm then we should have some clothes on, what do you think Jack will believe if he sees us without clothes?
 Don’t worry Rene, Jack’s now what I’m doing, with you and some of the other guy’s, and he thinks it’s okay,
And yes he even participates from time too time, I said wow, it’s new, I don’t know if it’s something for me, Jim said, Rene like I said before you decide fore yourself what you agree with, so don’t worry
 Just come and sit with me boy, and we’ll see what happens
 I sat down to Jim in the couch and relaxed, but the mind circled in my head that maybe I would be seduced by two man cocks this night too, I thought, yes why not, 2 cock’s at one time, was definitely new to me and felt my cock start showing interest in the thought too
 Jim looked at me with his sweet, tender eyes, put a hand in my lap where he immediately felt my cock interest in the thought too
 Hans said you like the idea Rene about 2 big cocks at once, I can feel , Jack’s cock is not quite as big as mine, but certainly a real man cock for you and your mouth as well as boy pussy

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