Sam and Ally Ch. 01

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As Ally lay awake in her bed, listening to the moans coming through the wall, she found herself thinking about her own love life. She didn’t currently have a boyfriend. She’s only ever had sex a few times before and only with one person. She’s not adventurous in the bedroom at all. She sighed and rolled over, pulling a pillow over her head to try and drown out the noises in the process. It didn’t work very well and soon her thoughts were drifting to Sam.

Her best friend has had relations with so many people that she’d lost count. She thought about how many guys, and even girls, she’s caught sneaking out of their apartment early in the morning. She didn’t really care that Sam was into girls, whatever floats her boat you know? The only thing she has problems with is when she gets kept up all night from it. Tonight was one of those nights.

In the five years she’s known Sam and the two years she’s lived with her, Ally has learned that Sam has the sexual stamina and appetite of no other. Usually the day after her encounters she’ll recount the night, detail by detail, and by the end of it Ally can start to see her getting excited again. The only thing she ever complains about is when her lovers can’t keep up with her and she ends the night having only 2 or 3 orgasms. Boo hoo.

Another moan emanated from the wall before Ally heard someone screaming, “Fuck yes Sam! Oh god right there, don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t –” And then she cut off in another round of moans and groans as she came.

There were a few minutes of silence and Ally incorrectly assumed they were done for the night. She was almost asleep when another moan of ecstasy, this time her roommate’s, came through the wall.

Now kind of pissed since she had been so close to falling asleep, Ally jumped out of bed and stormed down the hall. When she reached Sam’s door she balled her fist up and pounded on it.

“Sam! For chrissake it’s 4 in the morning! Some people like to sleep at night!” she yelled at her.

With her hand still resting on the door she waited. She could hear some strained whispering and a few “baby”s here and there before Sam responded.

“Sorry Ally, I forgot you’d be home tonight.”

Ally rolled her eyes at that. Sam knew she’d be home, she was never not home.

“Whatever, just try and keep it down ok?” She replied sounding a lot harsher than she meant to. She hoped Sam didn’t pick up on it since she always equated pissed off with sexually frustrated, but to her dismay she did.

“Hey Ally?” she asked her. She could hear the tone of her voice had changed and could almost see the devious smile Sam had to be wearing.

Ally didn’t respond so after a second she continued.

“You know if you want to Angel and I could help you relax a bit.”

Ugh, Angel? Was she seriously screwing some chick named Angel? It took all she had at that point not to just flat out reject Sam but she knew if she did it would only cause more problems for her later. She had to let her down gently.

“That’s ok, I just really want to sleep so I’m gonna go to bed. Just keep it down.”

“Alright…” she sounded a bit sad and Ally started to feel bad for her before she remembered why she sounded so let down. Basically she had refused an all-girl three-way that would include her best friend and she was perfectly ok with that.

Ally trudged back to her room and heard Angel leave shortly after. She tried to go to sleep but found that it was harder than she thought. She couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have sex with Sam. Eventually she managed to get a few hours of sleep but when she woke up at eight and couldn’t go back to sleep she decided she might as well get up for the day.

She ate breakfast in silence, opting not to watch TV and risk waking Sam. While she spooned cheerios into her mouth she again contemplated what Sam had said last night. It’s not the first time she’s offered to have sex with her, that happens every time Ally yells at her for being too loud at night. It was however the first time it sounded appealing escort kartal to Ally. Not with Angel too, oh hell no, but with Sam? She knows she’s good in bed, she can hear it practically every night, and she knows she’s attractive. Ally has seen her naked many times before and her perky tits, flat stomach, and round ass are definitely all things she would go for in a woman. But she’s not usually attracted to women and before last night she hadn’t even seriously considered her roommate in a sexual way. Before last night Ally would have said she was one hundred percent straight. Now she wasn’t so sure…

Her thoughts trailed off and she pondered her new reaction to an old question for a while before she noticed that Sam was in the kitchen too. She looked up at her to say hi and the hand that was about to bring another spoonful of cereal to her mouth froze. She sat there with her mouth open and eyes glued to Sam’s. They were dark and the expression on her face could not have conveyed a more perfect “I want to fuck you” look than if she had written it on there. Once she knew she had Ally’s attention, she slowly pulled the oversized t-shirt she was wearing up and over her head.

She was now standing there in nothing more than a black lacy thong. Ally tried to move or say something or do anything really but she couldn’t. Her eyes had to have been huge by then and she knew she must’ve looked like an idiot with her mouth gaping but she couldn’t do anything to fix it. She was riveted to the spot as she drank in what was easily the sexiest image she had ever seen.

Sam took a few steps closer to her and Ally could feel her heart trying to beat itself out of her chest. She found her eyes level with Sam’s nipples. They were the prettiest shade of pink she had ever seen and they were sticking straight out. She swallowed hard and Sam smirked a little before twirling in a quick circle so Ally could see all of her besides the little that was concealed by the lace. Ally took in every inch of her tanned skin and fought hard to breathe. Once she was facing her again, Sam hooked her fingers in the sides of her thong and slowly brought it down. As soon as Ally noticed she was bare she dropped the spoon.

The clang it made when it hit the bowl effectively brought her out of the trance. They both looked down at it and Ally decided she had to get out of there. She jerked her chair back and stuttered something about being late for work.

“But it’s Saturday…” Sam replied a little confused.

“Yeah well you know how business is, ” she explained as she walked as fast as she could to her room and started to get dressed.

Sam followed her to her room and she briefly looked up at her, just long enough to register that Sam was there before she spun away again, cheeks burning with embarrassment and arousal.

“Always calling me in at crazy hours…have to make sure I filed that paperwork and…don’t wanna get in trouble…” Ally bullshitted a bunch of excuses and laughed nervously. What she was saying didn’t even make sense but she didn’t care, she just needed to get out of there.

She finished pulling on her sweatshirt before awkwardly squeezing past Sam. She was taking up most of the doorway and clearly didn’t want Ally to leave but she wasn’t actively stopping her. She went to the living room to find her keys but they weren’t where she normally left them. She searched around for a while, getting more and more panicked as she looked before Sam cleared her throat.

Ally took a deep breath and looked her way, doing her best to look at Sam’s face without looking at her body. Sam’s arms were crossed which made it much easier for Ally to keep her composure. Sam reached one arm out and Ally saw her keys dangling from her hand.

“Here.” She said in a tone that Ally couldn’t quite pinpoint. It sounded upset, almost rejected, and her face looked a little downtrodden as well but that couldn’t be right. If Sam really wanted to screw someone that badly she could call anyone in her contact list and they’d be there in a heartbeat.

She maltepe escort bayan took her keys from Sam and said thanks before practically bolting out the door. She didn’t know where she was going but she knew that she had to stay out until late so she could sneak back in without having to see Sam again. She opted for the movie theater, so what if she spends fifty bucks on movies tonight? She just needs something to distract her and a place to be other than here.

Ally settled into the first showing of the first movie of the day and tried to lose herself in the plot.


After Ally left that morning, Sam didn’t know what to do.

Her roommate didn’t know it but she had been in love with her since Ally broke up with her last boyfriend a year ago. She found Ally crying when she got back from work and then she had comforted her friend for a while. Once she had calmed down a bit she suggested they get drunk and watch a bunch of scary movies as those were Ally’s favorite. Ally had agreed and by the time they got to the third Saw movie she was drunk out of her mind and was trying to get closer and closer to her roommate. Sam on the other hand had just been sipping, trying to remain sober so she wouldn’t take advantage of her friend.

At that point she didn’t know she was in love, she just knew that her friend was hot and she wanted to fuck her. She also knew that Ally got really touchy-feely when she was wasted so Sam found herself deflecting advances all night. She wasn’t the type of girl to take advantage of a bad situation no matter how horny she was feeling, even though Ally was looking so sexy in her skimpy little nightie. She did find it odd that her friend would even come on to her seeing as Ally was straight, but she chalked it up to her being the only other person there.

When the movie ended she decided it would be good for Ally to go to bed so she walked her to her room. She had no intentions of doing anything other than making sure Ally got into bed before she left to sleep herself. When they went to go their separate ways, though, Ally kissed her. It was a gentle kiss with their lips just barely pressing together. It couldn’t have lasted more than a second but that’s all that Sam needed.

Instantly her world was turned upside down. She felt as if she had been struck by lightning. It scared her because she had never felt like this while kissing someone else or even after coming with someone else, but it also made her realize that she had to have this girl. Whatever it was that she felt before she assumed was just lust but she knew better now. She wanted to be with Ally, she needed to be with Ally. So she went in for another kiss.

This time it lasted much longer. She pressed their lips together firmly and she felt Ally’s melt around hers. She flicked her tongue out and ran it along Ally’s bottom lip and the resulting moan that she got made her shiver. She reached her hand up behind Ally’s neck and brought her deeper into the kiss. Ally opened her mouth to allow Sam’s tongue in and soon their tongues were swirling together as Sam indulged in one of her oldest fantasies. She seriously considered laying Ally down and making love to her. She almost did but knew she couldn’t do so in good conscience so instead she moved her hand up to Ally’s cheek and caressed it as they stayed there in the moment, lips locked together softly pressed against one another. Eventually she pulled away and looked Ally in the eyes.

They stared at each other as Sam tried to gain more control over her actions. It was hard when she saw the lust-filled gaze that Ally was giving her and it really didn’t help that her friend was pouting making her lips look even more kissable, but she managed to stand up and walk out of the room.

Ally wouldn’t remember it in the morning, but Sam would never forget it.

And now here she was, almost a year later, trying to fill the hole in her heart with meaningless sex but all she found was herself alone and rejected on a Saturday morning. She hated pendik escort bayan herself for thinking this would work. Of course it wouldn’t, she had just been with another woman hours ago and Ally was anything but the kind of girl who would be ok with that.

She didn’t know what to do or how Ally would act the next time she saw her. It was a very real possibility that she could lose her as not only as a roommate, but also as a friend. She started to cry.


Five movies and just as many cups of coffee later Ally found herself back at her apartment. She looked at the clock and noted that it was almost midnight. If Sam wasn’t already in there with someone then she would at least still be out on the prowl. Either way ensured that she would be safe to go in and slip into her room unnoticed.

She parked her car around the side so even if Sam got back later she would assume Ally was still out. She walked to her door and quietly let herself in noticing most of the lights were off. She tiptoed to her roommate’s door and saw that it was open but dark. Sam was still out.

Ally let out a sigh of relief and then went over to her room. She quickly stripped down to her underwear and slid under the sheets. It felt so good to know that not only did she avoid an awkward encounter with Sam, but that she could also finally get some sleep. If she could fall asleep before she arrived then she would be golden.

She snuggled up to her pillow and closed her eyes.

Unfortunately, Sam got home a few minutes after Ally. She silently hoped that Sam didn’t have anyone just so she could finally get some sleep. She didn’t actually expect her to come home alone but hey she could wish right? Which is why when Sam locked the door behind her and started watching TV Ally was confused. Relieved, but confused.

Maybe she really had hurt Sam’s feelings? She didn’t understand how that could’ve happened, she’s turned Sam’s offers to ‘rock her world’ down plenty of times before. Other than the fact that Sam had given her a strip-tease, this time wasn’t any different than the other times and even then it wasn’t unusual for Sam to do something like that.

Still though, Ally felt bad about the whole situation and now it seemed childish of her to have hidden her car just to avoid a conversation with her best friend. So after a few minutes of convincing herself to get out of bed and apologize so things could go back to normal, she found herself walking across the hall and into the living room where Sam was sitting on the couch.

She was about to speak when she heard Sam moan. With Ally’s mind distracted by what she would do she hadn’t noticed that her roommate wasn’t just watching TV, she was watching porn. Specifically lesbian porn with some pretty rough looking things going on. Ally knew she should just go back to her room and leave Sam to her privacy but she was fascinated with the whole scene.

In the movie one girl was holding onto the other girl’s hair while slapping her on the ass as she took her from behind with one of the biggest fake cocks she had ever seen.

In real life Sam was squirming around on the couch and, from what Ally could see, was fingering herself to a powerful orgasm.

As she got closer and closer to the edge, Sam started to speak in a breathy tone.

“Oh yes….yes take it Ally take it….oh godddd …”

Ally was surprised to say the least. Her name was the last name she would have expected to hear come out of Sam’s mouth, and yet, she found herself extremely turned on by what Sam was saying and what she saw on the screen.

The girl in the film cried out. The dominatrix told her to shut up. Sam grunted, “Take it Ally.” The girl’s face twisted in pain as her nipples were clamped and pulled on. The dom had an evil look of satisfaction and Sam’s ramblings were no longer coherent. It just came out as a stream of yesses, eventually turning in one long whine of “Allyyyyyyyy” and then just a bunch of moans as Sam came.

Ally stood there through all of this, stifling more than one groan of arousal herself as she watched her friend masturbate. After Sam came, she quietly made her way back to her room and then furiously rubbed her clit while thinking about what she had just seen. Within minutes she came so hard she nearly blacked out afterwards.


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