Samantha’s First Experience Pt. 08

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Samantha Pt 8

Please go read part 1 through 7 before reading this…

After running into Anna in the hallway between seminar’s and agreeing to dinner at 6:30, I was so excited that I could barely focus throughout the rest of my afternoon classes. As soon as I finish up in the afternoon I head back to my room. After this long day, I took a short nap then jumped into a shower. I shaved my legs and Vagina to make sure I am ready for tonight. I dressed in an old faded pair of blue jeans, my Florida Beach T-shirt, bobbie socks and my gym shoes. At 6:30 P.M. I was in the elevator hitting the up button. I arrived on her floor and walk towards Anna’s room. I knock on her door and hear her yell, “Just one minute.”

Anna opens the door and smiles at me, she says, “Please come in.”

As I enter into her room, she greets me with a big hug. Her room is slightly different than mine, but it’s still a pretty nice room. Anna says, “The room service menu is on the bed, look through it and let me know what you want, I’m pretty hungry so I’d like to order right away.”

I look through the menu and decide on a cheeseburger, fries and a coke. Anna picks up the phone, calls in our order and we sit down at the little round table in her room. We chat about our day and as nervous as I am to be here with her, I am overly excited and anxious. We sit for a bit just talking waiting on our food, but the more we chat the more she seems to be drifting off to other pressing thoughts.

I ask her, “Are you ok?”

Anna smiles at me and says, “Yes, sorry, I have been in a blah mood today. Mark has been on my mind all day and I really miss him.”

I ask, “Was Mark the guy you were with after your divorce?”

“Yes,” Anna replies.

Anna continues, “We met a few years back and fell instantly in love with each other, but due to circumstances out of my control, I was unable to leave my marriage when I wanted to. Mark finally got tired of waiting and called it quits.”

Just as she was finishing up her sentence there was a knock at the door, “Room Service!”

Anna got up and opened the door. I followed her to help with the platters of food. We sat back down at the table and start eating. I can tell she was upset; because she only ate about half of her food and started fading out again in thought.

I ask her, “Does Mark know your divorced?”

Anna replies, “I don’t think so and I doubt he’d even care.”

I ask her, “Did you ever tell him?”

Anna says, “No, because the last time we talked I told him I had to stay and work on my family, which never worked out, so he probably thinks I’m still there.” Anna follows up, “I hurt him badly and inadvertently treated him like shit, so I don’t blame him for walking away. But when he left, it broke my heart.”

I reply, “Maybe you broke his too.”

Anna nods her heads and mumbles, “I’m sure I did.”

I propose she should call him, but she shakes her head no and goes back to nibbling at her food.

I ask Anna, “Did Mark know about your previous lesbian experiences?”

Anna replies, “Yes he knows of them. But Mark said he wasn’t to concerned with that because he had dated Bi-Sexual women before and has been involved in several threesomes.” Anna follows up by saying, “Mark said he would never ask for one, but if I found a woman I was interested in, I could court / date her as long as he knows about it and is involved.”

Sounds like Anna had a good guy.

After we finish eating, I press the issue with her by saying, “Why don’t you just call him, now that you’re divorced? Let him know you’re still thinking about him and still have feelings for him.”

Anna replies, “I know when he left, he was really mad and hurt at me for not leaving when I promised; that I didn’t manage to make us happen. I don’t blame hm for leaving. However, when he said goodbye to me it absolutely broke my heart. I just couldn’t handle another rejection from him, if he doesn’t want to see me or talk to me. My heart can’t handle that again.”

I feel so bad for her. I know what it’s like to have your heart broken and be rejected by someone you truly love. I begin to think back to the night I met Ashley. How she went out of her way to meet me and sit and listen to me, before she offered advice or suggested anything. I remember her letting me vent and say what I needed to say which helped me tremendously. Suddenly, I get an idea. I stand up, take Anna by the hand and start walking her to her bed. Anna starts to talk, but I cut her off and tell her, “This isn’t about sex, just sit on the bed and hear me out.”

I tell her about my dilemma and how amazingly and surprisingly Ashley had helped me out.

I told Anna, “Tonight, I am Mark. I want you to do is close your eyes and visualize yourself showing up at Mark’s house and knocking on his door. Mark lets you in and you sit down and talk to him and say everything you need to say.”

Anna looks at me funny escort kartal and unwillingly agrees. She closes her eyes as I start talking through it. Once in her mind, she is at Mark’s house and talking with him I whisper to her, “Now tell me what you have to say.”

Anna takes a breath, gathers her thoughts and says,

“Mark, I am sorry things turned out the way they did. I wanted to leave there, you know that, but uncontrollable circumstances kept me there. I love you. I have never stopped loving you. I think about you every day and wish I could be here with you permanently. My heart died the day you left and I am still not over that heartache. There isn’t a day I don’t want to call you, see you or talk to you, but I couldn’t keep dragging you along, so I left you in peace. I miss you so much. I see you in my dreams, feel you in my heart and know I fucked up. I want to be with you again. I want us to start over, I want to be everything you have ever needed. I want you to know I have never loved anyone else deeper than I love you. I want to prove to you that you didn’t waste your time and that you meant the world to me then, just as you do now. I want to be your wife and build a family with you. I am in absolute love with you and I don’t ever want to lose you again. Please give me, give us another chance.”

When Anna finishes speaking and opens her eyes, I am literally crying. Those words were the most heartfelt things I have ever heard and I wish somebody, somewhere in my life would have said those words to me.

I lean forward and just hold Anna as she breaks down and starts crying. I let her get it out for a bit, until I have another idea. As she starts to compose herself; I sit upwards as Anna is straightening herself out, I tell her, “Grab your phone and call Mark right now.”

Anna replies, “No, I can’t, No.”

I shake my head yes telling her, “Anna, you absolutely have to! Those were the most beautiful words I have ever heard and if Mark hears that, he will start over with you again. I have no doubt. And if you don’t call him, I’m going to snatch your phone, find him in your contacts and call him myself.”

After some more back and forth Anna gets up and grabs her phone. She stares at it for a while still giving me all the reasons why she can’t call, instead of the reasons why she should. Finally, she dials Mark. Her hands shaking as she holds her phone out listening to it rings. I hear him answer and she puts him on speaker phone. She nervously and anxiously tells him; she’d like to see him after she gets back to Chicago because she has some things to tell him. After a bit more of back and forth, Mark agrees and Anna ends the call. I can see the weight just lift from her shoulders and her mind eases. She is giddy as a school girl and practically jumps into my arms thanking me for helping her with this. She is so excited she can barely get words out of her mouth and her mood and mind set has surely changed. I can tell her heart is coming back to life and she needs time to think. It’s almost 8:00 O’clock and I decide it’s time for me to go and let her celebrate her success by herself.

I tell Anna, “Hey it’s getting late, my back hurts a bit and I need to get my shit packed so I can blast out of here tomorrow as soon as sessions are done.” I follow up by saying, “I’m driving all the way back to Florida and it’s a long drive, so I need a good night’s sleep.”

Anna appears shocked and surprised I am leaving, but says she understands. Anna walks me to the door and gives me a big hug and thanks me again for helping her. She holds my hands and tells me, “I never expected to meet someone like you, I hope you and David have a great life together.”

I tell her, “I hope everything works out for you back home.”

Anna slides her hand out of mine as I turn my back to her and walk out of her room. I hear the door shut behind me as I walk towards the elevator. Part of me disappointed we did sleep together again, but part of me absolutely ecstatic she may re-kindle a romance with the man she wants to be with. I get back to my room and start packing up my stuff. After getting all packed and organized I flop down onto my bed. I was just drifting off into deep thought, when I heard a knock at my door. I figured it’s one of my co-workers, so I yell out, “Hold on, I’m coming.”

I drag my ass of the bed and walk to the door. I open it up and find Anna standing in my doorway. I ask her, “What are you doing here?”

Anna says, “Just because I am trying to put Mark and I back together when I get back home, doesn’t mean I don’t want to spend time with you while I’m here.”

Anna brushes past me and walks into my room. As soon as I shut the door, she softly spins me around so my backs to the door and gently guides me up against the door. Anna slides in close to me and says, “Plus you might be the last woman I may have for a while and I am fucking horny and I want you.”

I am quite surprised maltepe escort bayan by her words as a big smile comes across my face. Anna leans in to me and starts kissing me. Our togues swirl around each other’s mouth, as my arms wrap around her waist. Her kiss is deep and passionate. Anna lifts my T-shirt over my head, dropping it on the floor next to her. She softly uses her hand and gently guides my chin upwards as the back of my head hits the door. I feel her kiss along the side of my neck and along my ear. I moan in pleasure as she continues seducing me. Both of Anna’s hands are cupping my breast and caressing them as her tongue glides along my neck and collar bone. Suddenly, she grabs my bar cups pulling them both down simultaneously releasing both of my tits. Her head dips down and she starts sucking and swirling her tongue her mouth around my left nipple. Her hand cupping, caressing and pulling on my right nipple, driving me absolutely crazy. I reach behind me and unclasp my bar, dropping it onto the floor. My hands slide to the top of her back loosely and softly rubbing up and down her back as she continues sucking on my tits. My pussy is throbbing and I want her fingers in me.

I pull Anna back up to my face and begin kissing her, she pulls from our kiss and rips her shirt over her head. I grab at her tits rubbing them over her bra, just cupping and squeezing them getting even more turned on. Anna reaches behind her and she’s fumbling trying to unhook her bra. When she gets it off, I grab a hold of both of her tits, just cupping and manipulating them, holding them both in my hands just getting excited about being there. I whisper to her, “You are so fucking sexy.”

Anna smiles at me and gets down to her knees. I look down at her as she is looking up at me. I feel her unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. I am so fucking turned on and so hot I can barely breath. She grabs a hold of my jeans at both hips and starts pulling them down. I help her by manipulating my legs until she gets them off. Her face dives into my inner thighs and I feel her softly and sensually kissing her way up and down my legs. I am standing there in my panties, so wet and so tuned on. Suddenly there is a knock on my door.

Boom, boom, boom.

Anna and I both freeze. I hear, “Sam are you in there? Sam?”

It’s my co-worker Heather.

Anna’s face is bright red and in shock. I put my finger over my mouth as to tell her to shoosh. The next knock comes again, Boom, boom, boom, “Samantha, Are you there?”

My heart is racing, I am standing here in my panties with Anna half naked on her knees with my back pinned up against the door. We are both frozen in place. After a while I don’t hear Heather anymore and I quietly and slowly turn around and look through the peep hole. Heather must have walked away because she is no longer there. I let out a big sigh and Anna catches her breath. Heather absolutely broke our mood, but I know we are not done.

I say, “Let’s move this to the bed.”

Anna asks me, “Do you co-workers know you are Bi sexual?”

I reply, “No.”

Anna replies, “Mine either.”

I help Anna up from her knees, she grabs me by the hand and walks me to my bed. We kiss deeply at the foot of the bed trying to recoup the passion we were just having before being interrupted. Anna breaks from our kiss, smiles at me and pushes me back onto the bed. I fall backwards and bounce off of the mattress. Anna gets back down on her knees and rubs her soft hands up and down my thighs. I am resting on my elbows looking down at her as she grabs my panties and slides them off. Her fingers reach my pussy and she is lightly rubbing up and down me, feather like, as to tease me. I watch as her faces leans forward and I feel her tongue hit my wet lips. I about explode as I feel her tongue slide up and in-between my wet pussy. I feel her tongue swirling around my entrance, tying to push in deeper. I wish she had a dick and was sliding it into me, but her tongue is making me so wet and so hot I can’t contain myself. I moan in pleasure as she licks up and down me focusing her attention to my clit. I feel her slide a finger into me as her mouth covers my clit and her tongue continues dancing around. Anna’s finger is pumping me deeply as I get closer and closer to orgasm.

I whimper out, “Finger my pussy baby, finger it!”

Anna’s speed increases and her mouth sucks on my clit harder and deeper as I explode on her fingers. My body shaking and quivering as I cum hard. I lean upwards and grab Anna by her head and neck pulling upwards to me. I roll her onto her back and get up on my knees.

I tug and pull at her pants buttons and zipper getting them open. I pull her pants down, look back up to see her cute maroon panties. I softly kiss my way up her legs, until I get to her pussy. I slide her panties to the side and lick her from top to bottom. Anna’s pussy is open, wet and has a gorgeous brown skin tone pendik escort bayan to it. I start to pull her panties off as Anna assist by lifting her hips. I dive right back into her pussy and slide my body downwards lying onto my stomach as I eat her out. I lick, suck and swirl my tongue around her sexy pussy, until I get her close to orgasm. I slide a finger deep inside her and start pumping back and forth as she moans out in pleasure. My mouth covering her clit, fingers slamming in and out of her as I watch her grasp, cup and pull on her own tits. I push her legs up towards her chest and slide my fingers in-between her ass cheeks. Anna doesn’t move or object as I start rubbing around her asshole. I continue teasing her ass with my pinky finger as I slide my ring and middle fingers back into her. Anna moans aloud with pleasure, as my tongue is working her clit, my fingers are deep inside her pussy and I am teasing her asshole.

Anna starts moaning out, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

Her body starts quivering and she starts thrusting up and down as she releases her orgasm, my fingers still deep inside her as she bounces back and forth. After I pull my fingers from her, I slide them deep into my mouth tasting every bit of her pussy juice and cum. I let her finish her orgasm and slowly side up on top of her. We kiss deeply, our tits pressed against each other, my body lying in-between her legs.

Just as we are coming down from our orgasm, here comes Heather again!

Boom, Boom, Boom, “Sam I heard moaning in there, are you alright?”

Holy fuck with this girl, can’t she figure out I’m getting laid!

I don’t get up to answer the door. I don’t want heather knowing I’m having sex, let alone lesbian sex.

Finally, after a few more knocks Heather goes away again and Anna and I giggle out.

Anna smiles at me and says, “Hey, I thought this was supposed to happen in my room?”

I giggle aloud and say, “Yes I guess it was supposed to.”

I follow up by looking at her erotically and saying, “I guess it still could.”

Anna looks at me and smiles. I say, “We can always go back upstairs to your room and have round two.”

Anna gets an excited look on her face and says, “Ok.”

We both grab the big long towels from my bathroom and wrap them around us. Anna grabs her clothes off the floor. I slowly open the door to make sure no one is in the hallway and we sneak out of my room. We tip toe down the hallway to the elevator, almost fearful of being seen while waiting for the elevator to arrive. When it comes, our half naked asses get in and hit number 8. Just after the door closes, I slide my hand up and under Anna’s towel. I feel her gasp as I reach her pussy. She’s still wide open, still wanting more. We kiss a bit as my fingers tease her pussy. Seconds later, the doors open on 8 and she starts looking through her jeans for her room key. We get to her door and she opens it. We made it without being seen. Anna throws her clothes on the dresser and slides onto the bed. She looks at me and says, “You can continue playing with my pussy.”

I slide onto the bed, as she starts to unwrap her towel from her body. I kiss her deeply and push her body back onto the mattress. I slide my fingers in-between her legs and start rubbing her pussy, asking her, “You want to cum baby?”

Anna shakes her head yes. I unwrap myself from my towel and lean down wrapping my mouth all over that hot ass Asian pussy of hers and start eating her out. As I start getting her wet and turned on more. I spin myself around and climb over her. I feel Anna’s hands assisting me in backing up. As I get into the right position, I lower my hips and put my pussy on her awaiting lips. We spend the next few hours licking sucking and fingering each other to multiple… I mean multiple orgasms.

I awake the next morning with the sunlight shinning in my face. I look at the clock on her dresser and realize its half past 8 and we are both late for our morning seminar’s. I yell out, “Oh shit Anna, it’s 8:30.”

Anna springs up, blurting out, “Holy shit.”

We both fell asleep after our night of sex and neither of us set an alarm. I jump out of bed, grab a towel wrapping it around me as Anna starts rummaging through her suitcase looking for something to wear. Just before I run out of the room. I stop, grab her and give her a big hug. I tell her I will write my number down and I’d like for you to come visit me in Florida.

Anna shakes her head yes and says, “Thank you for the last few days.”

I stop and write my number down as she’s rushing into the bathroom to shower. On my note, I write, “Please come see me, I don’t want to lose you. Samantha!!!”

I blast out her door, head to my room and shower up. I completely miss my first seminar, but made it in for the next few without anyone realizing I was late.

I Saw Anna just before I left the hotel. We stood out in the parking lot saying our goodbye and I got in my car and drove off heading home.

As I drove home, I was pretty sure I would never hear from her again, but surprisingly a few days later she did text me and she did come see me.

I’ll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To Be Continued…

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