SANDRA, part 4

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SANDRA, part 4
We agreed that she should continue on her way to Sacramento.

I explained my wife’s situation to her and that I would eventually see her at her Uncle’s place.

We agreed that under no circumstances would we let on that we previously knew each other. 

I drove her to her car and she drove off. 

I was at a loss about how to deal with my wife. She would be very ticked off if I took this job here. She wanted me in Sacramento. 

However, now that Sandra was in the picture, I might as well be there too. 

I drove across the street and parked at Earl’s. 

He was in his office, the door was open, I knocked on the frame. 

“Come on in.”

“I don’t know what to say Earl. Upon further reflection, my wife is going to be very unhappy about my working here. She wants me to be at her beck and call in Sacramento.”

“Well, you could live there and commute to work here.”

“I never thought of that. My addled brain is working overtime, it is not used to that,” I laughed.

He chuckled too and said, “Look,  I really want you working here. I want some more five fingered love.”

I chuckled and said, “I would love to give you more too.”

“Tell you what. I will pay you $3,000 a month instead. How about that?”

I stood up, shook his hand and replied, “Hell yeah!”

Over the next month it all came together. I found a place for us to rent in Sacramento. I commuted Wednesday to Sunday to Roseville.

My wife’s rehab continued. She was initially very sceptical but she loved to see those weekly pay checks. 

Sandra is still staying at her Uncle Baxter’s. She got a four day a week job at White Castle. The tips are good she says. 

She has Tuesday’s off the same as me. We get together bahis şirketleri for some fucking and sucking at a motel on the outskirts of Sacramento. She paid for it with her credit card and I repaid her in cash. 
When Earl is horny, he calls me into his office, shuts the door and lowers his pants and underwear.  He really likes being jerked off. I enjoy it too.

One day last week, he is at home doing some yard work. Alice one of the cashiers tells me that Earl called and wanted me to go to his house to give him a hand. 

He was in the back yard when I got there. Sitting on a lawn chair, drinking a beer.

“What’s up?”

“Come in the house.”

We went down to the basement and he started getting undressed. Now, I knew what he needed help with!

I said, “Today is your lucky day boss. Go shower.”

I had been looking forward to sucking him off some day and here was my chance!

He came out of the shower, drying off with a bath towel. 

“Lay on the bed.”

“Yes sir,” he bossily answered. 

I got on the bed on my knees between his legs. Cupping his balls in one hand I used the other to surround his cock and point it upwards. I licked his nut sack and took turns kissing and sucking his nuts. They were too big to get both in my mouth but I managed to suck them in individually. He was humming with delight. I grasped one nut and my mouth and lips entertained the other. Then I switched. 
After that, I used each hand to fondle and caress them.

My lips surrounded his cock head. His cock was erect and hard as a pole. 

My lips pushed his foreskin down and my tongue licked all around his  glans. 

He was literally purring and humming by now.

I slowly lowered my illegal bahis head to take in as much of his cock that I could manage. Then I withdrew. Then down.

My head bobbed up and down. My mouth sucked and my tongue licked his cock inside my mouth. 

His hips thrashed on the bed, he shuddered and gasped. 

I backed off a bit. I wanted to prolong the inevitable. 

I licked up and down the shaft of his cock. I retracted his foreskin and pressed my tongue against the groove on the underside. I stiffened my tongue and licked up and down. Pulling his cock down, I licked all around the edge of his corona. 
He gasped and muttered, “Fuck yeah?”

I took his cock back into my mouth. With the foreskin fully covering his cock, I edged my tongue inside and around and around his cock head. 

He quivered on the bed and his hips danced up and down. 

Sensing that he was close to cumming, I retracted his hood and sucked vociferously, bobbing up and down as fast as I could go.

He gasped, thrust his hips upwards and came. Spurts of his cum, his creamy cum, filled my mouth. I
swallowed it all, savouring his essence. His ejaculate tasted like vanilla pudding. Sweat and delicious.

As his climax subsided, I continued sucking until his cock softened. 

“Jeez, that was incredible. What made you decide to suck me off?”

“Nothing made me. I have wanted to suck your cock since the first time I jerked you off. Your cock is too dreamy to resist. You are blessed with an amazing piece of meat and a great set of nuts. Your cock is thick and long and your foreskin is fucking fabulous. I never wanted to suck you off in the office though. Today was the perfect chance!”

“It sure was. illegal bahis siteleri Wow. What a delightful surprise. It’s not even my birthday!”

I returned to work. Hoping someday we could do it again. 

Yesterday, I got a big shock.

I was at the rehab center visiting my wife. She forgot her cell phone and asked me to go home to get it.

For no particular reason, I drove by Baxter’s on the way. I was surprised to see that Sandra’s car was there and so was Baxter’s. 

Hmmmmm, I thought. I wonder if something is going on.

I quietly opened the unlocked back door and went inside. I heard voices coming from the  living room. I cautiously looked around the corner.

Baxter is sitting naked on the couch. His pants and underwear are around his ankles.
Sandra is on her knees between Baxter’s legs. She is sucking his cock. Her head bobs up and down. 

“How long has this been going on?”

Surprised, they turned and looked at me.  

Sandra gets up. Baxter finds a cushion to cover his cock. 

Not before I’ve seen it though. It’s cut and rather on the small side.

Sandra walks over to me, winks and extends her right hand for a handshake.

“I just came by to get my things. Mom called me at the restaurant this morning. She is deathly ill so I am going home to help her out. It’s been a pleasure meeting you and your wife.”

She went to the door, opened it and left.

“Baxter, pull up your pants. You look ridiculous.”

He dropped the cushion on the couch, reached down and pulled up his pants.

As he did this, I caught a brief glimpse of his now shrunken cock. It was really small.

“I am going to lord this over you Baxter until the day you die. For years I have had to take your crap and recriminations. Well, no more. One little derogatory remark you make to me or my wife and your secret is

For a big bully he certainly looked sheepish at that moment. And I hugely enjoyed it.

“Do you understand?”

“Yeah, I get it.”

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