Sara Ch. 02

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“Resa and my father had been together for two years. At first I didn’t see much of her. They were spending most of the time in L.A. and I was still at school…I liked her. I thought that they were good for each other. My Dad seemed happy…and she was closer to my father’s age. She was 38 when they met. He’d been going out with some girls in their twenties and I hated them. But she was different. She was so…So cool…so beautiful, so strong, so confident…you saw her.

“Yes,” I said. “She’s amazing.”

I sat back on the bed and made myself comfortable. She took off her sandals and crossed her legs.

“She’s French and Spanish Her father was a diplomat and her mother was a painter. She traveled the world when she was young and went to New York when she was nineteen to be an assistant to this rich socialite…I loved hanging out with her…Sometimes, she and my Dad would come to New York to visit and we’d go out to dinner…see a show…just my father and her and me. We would have such a good time. We would go shopping and then go to museums…galleries. She knew a lot about art…knew a lot of painters…One time we went to the Met and spent hours just looking around…and she was interested in what I had to say. My opinions on things…”

Sara leaned back and sighed. I wanted to stand up and walk over to her bed. I wanted to kiss her. My heart began to pound.

“And sometimes I would feel like she was looking me over,” she continued. “She complimented me on my skin, would take my hand sometimes when we walked together. I would catch her looking at me when we were lounging around the apartment. And sometimes she would catch me looking at her. She would smile. I was shy around her sometimes…I saw them last Easter break and she seemed down. We had lunch and she told me that she was worried that things were not going to work out with my father. She didn’t say anything specific, but I think she was hinting to me that my father was having an affair.

“I was upset, and Resa could see that. She told me that she valued our friendship, and that whatever happened she hoped that we could remain friends…And then for my eighteenth birthday, they came to New York and they took me out and told me to pack my bags, that we were going to Costa Rica for two weeks. I thought it meant that they had made up…that they had resolved whatever problem they had with each other…the week before the trip I stayed at their apartment and we went jogging together every morning. She’s in incredible shape. She wore me out and I was on the track team. And pendik escort what an incredible body! We would be running around the park and people would just stare… And all the time she’s complimenting me…”

She blushed and turned her head away from me, and then got up and started to pace the room.

“Usually my dad would rent a small house on the beach,” she said. “But this time we stayed at this fancy resort on the ocean. It was really nice, but not as nice as the house he usually rented and I was a little bummed about that…We had a suite. I had a small room and they shared a much larger room with a great view of the ocean…of course my Dad was on his phone all the time, so me and Resa would go down to the beach and leave him in at the hotel…Sometimes we’d actually go in the water…and then my Dad would join us, we’d go into town, look around and buy things. We went hiking up a mountain.Resa seemed a little down…a little depressed, and my father didn’t seem to have any patience for her. They had a fight one night because we had a dinner reservation for 7:30 and she held us up getting ready. I think that after the fight, when we went home, that they had sex. I put the volume on the TV up, so I didn’t hear anything, but the next morning Resa was shy around me again. I caught myself staring at her more, and she was catching me and shyly smiling back. We spent the day together, swimming, sunbathing, lying around…”

She sat down again and stared at me. She as nervous as I was, but she continued with the story.

“I was reading The Turn of the Screw and she seemed to be very impressed by that. She said that she’d read most of Henry James, which blew me away because this book was so hard. And then at dinner my father announced that he was leaving early, that there was some important things he had to back in L.A. and that it couldn’t wait. He said that me and Resa should see out the week together. That night they had a small argument that ended with her leaving the suite and going to the hotel bar. When she came back she came into my room to say good night and apologized for all the fighting. I said that it was okay, that I didn’t blame her. She said that she was glad.

“The next morning my father took an early flight home and me and Resa had a long breakfast. She asked me about school, she told me about her own freshman year of college in New York. She was alone most of the time, very lonely and she cried herself to sleep most nights. But then she met some friends and had a great time. At the same time she seemed a little maltepe escort nervous. She talked faster than usual and I caught myself doing the same thing. At about noon we put on our bathing suits and took our blankets went down to the beach. She was wearing a new bathing suit. It was light blue and really showed off her tan and her body, her legs, and her flat stomach. Again I felt if people were staring as we made our way to the beach. I was wearing the same bikini that I wore that day before, that I’d rinsed out in the bathroom sink. I felt like such a little girl as I walked with her. It was the coldest day so far, it was overcast, so there wasn’t many people on the beach. She insisted that I put on some sun block and I said that I didn’t need it, that I was trying to get a tan… She said that I already had a tan. I said ‘Not like yours.” And then she smeared some lotion on my thigh. So I put lotion on my arms and legs and she rubbed it into my back and shoulders.

“Her hands felt so good, so strong. I asked her if she gave good massages. She said that she did and that she would give one later if I put on the lotion…She asked me to put some on her back and I tried, but my arms became weak. ‘You can do better than that,’ she said. I forced myself, but it became harder and harder, but she said ‘That’s better’ and then I stopped. Then I lied down and put on my hat and tried to read my book but it couldn’t concentrate. I put the book down and sat up. I looked at her for a long time before the put her magazine down and looked at me. I took off my sunglasses but she kept hers on. She smiled. I smiled back. I was having trouble speaking. Finally I said that I was going for a swim. She said okay. She said that maybe she would join me in a minute.

“I went into the water. I tried to swim but I was feeling very light-headed. The water woke me up…it was so cold, but I still was feeling very excited. I was shivering. And then I saw her get up from her blanket and take off her sunglasses. She went into the water and swam towards me. I was pretty far out, I hadn’t noticed how far out until she reached me. She swam right up to me and then stopped. We treaded water and looked at each other for what seemed several minutes. She looked so beautiful at that moment, Jen…Her hair stuck to her shoulders…she looked so alive, her eyes were so big….

“She told me that someone was watching us. That my Dad had hired someone to spy on us…not me, but her. She asked me if I saw this man at breakfast, this weird tall guy with the dark sunglasses. kartal escort I said that I did. She said my father thinks that she’s having an affair with this guy Harry that they both knew. Harry was a screenwriter that they were both friends with. She said that my father thought that Harry was meeting her there. Then she went down into the water and back up again, touching my side as she came up. She said that she was going to go back to our blankets and pack everything up. Then I’m going to go back to the room…and to wait a few minutes, and then follow…that she’d be waiting for me.

“Then she put her hand to my face and touched my cheek. Then she swam back to shore and looked back at me. I treaded water for a minute and felt like I was going to sink to the bottom. I was having trouble breathing. I began to swim toward shore but my arms felt heavy…it took forever to get back to shore and when I did I couldn’t walk more than a few feet without losing my balance. I went back to where we sat. She had left me a towel. I shivered and threw it around me. I tried to look for the man she had mentioned but I didn’t one. Then I walked up the steps to the hotel and ran up the stairs to the suite. The door was open. I walked in and went into my room and dried myself off. My heart was beating so fast that I could hardly take it. My hands were shaking. I stood there and looked at myself in the mirror. I put my hand down the front of my bikini bottom and touched my clit. I was so wet. Just touching it made me crazy. I walked into Resa’s room and heard her in the bathroom. The door was closed. I turned and was about to leave when she came behind me and wrapped her arms around me, burying her face in my hair and neck. She said that she was afraid that I wasn’t going to come. Then she laughed kissed my neck. I couldn’t believe how good she felt. She was nervous too… I could feel her heart beating into my back. I grabbed her right hand and put it down my bikini bottom.

“I thought I was going to faint. I told her I wanted her. She moved her fingers down to my slit. Then she put my clit between her fingers and caressed it. She was so good at it, her touch was so soft, so gentle. I was so close to coming, but then I turned around and put my arms around her shoulders and kissed her. She kissed back and then we leaned against the wall. She went to work on my clit and within seconds I was coming. The wetness was gushing out of my pussy and down my legs. She kissed me again and then took my hand. She led me to the bed and pushed me down on it and then got on top of me. We kissed softly and then she opened her mouth wide and I followed and then her tongue caressed mine. She took my hands and pinned them to the bed. Then she leaned down and kissed me again. Then she pulled my bathing suit off and went down on me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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