Savory Sharon Ch. 02

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Savory Sharon CH2
By LustyLee77

Ron came home, stayed for two days, gave her one quick lay,and left again for three more weeks. Sharon felt the need to tell him about her newfound passion for pussy even if it meant that their marriage would fall apart. She didn’t want their marriage to end and was very afraid of what his reaction would be but she didn’t want to go on deceiving him either. Sharon decided to tell him when he came home again no matter what the consequences were.

The gorgeous redhead was bored and felt that all too familiar tingle between her legs. She considered calling Alice but thought better of it now that Alice and her mother had become Sam’s bitches. She figured that the big dike had probably already moved into the house and Sharon didn’t want any problems with Sam. It occurred to her to go out and seduce another young woman so she dressed in her shortest skirt, lowest cut blouse, and no brassiere. She considered not wearing any panties but didn’t feel quite that brave.

On her way to the library she realized that she had never seduced another female and didn’t know exactly how to go about it. She decided to give it a try anyway and learn by trial and error. As she browsed through the shelves Sharon was greeted by the young, thin, and angelic faced girl that she recognized from prior visits to the library that cheerfully said, “Hi my name is Mary; if there is anything that I can help you with don’t hesitate to ask. I will be right over there at my desk”. The blue-eyed beauty pointed to her desk.

The young wife cooed in her sexiest voice, “How very nice of you to want to help me but I am not certain of exactly what I want to read right now but thanks for the kind offer. I will just look around until I find something that catches my eye.” The sexy redhead grabbed Mary’s hand, put her other hand to the girl’s face saying, “Thank you for being so kind , by the way, my name is Sharon and if I need anything I will be sure to call you.”

The young lady noticed that the woman’s hands lingered too long on her hand and face but concluded that Sharon was just a friendly touchy-feely type and thought nothing more of it. Sharon finally selected a book about lesbian love, found a seat across from Mary, was elated to find that the young girl’s desk was elevated, and was pleasantly surprised that she could see up the girl’s skirt. She felt her pussy moisten while taking in the girl’s creamy legs all the way to her white cotton panties. The girl was reading and didn’t appear to notice Sharon’s stare but she seemed to sense it and looked up from her book. Sharon just smiled and beckoned Mary over with the movement of her finger. Mary strolled over and asked, “Yes Sharon, how may I be of service?”

Mary could think of many ways the girl could service her but realized that she could not be that forward and asked, “Have you ever read this book or gotten any feedback on it?”

When Sharon handed the book to Mary, the young girl blushed and replied, “No I haven’t read it yet but have heard that it is quite graphic and kind of dirty! A few of my friends loved it but all they ever think about is sex. Their motors are running all the time and sometimes it is embarrassing hanging out with them.”

Sharon smiled and said, “I don’t know if I should read it then. My husband is out of town and I don’t know what I would do if it got me all hot and horny. Oh what the hell, I could always use my fingers.” What do you do when something turns you on my dear?

Mary could see Sharon’s nipples as she gazed down and the flustered girl stammered, “I..I guess the same thing.”

Before she got in trouble for flirting with the librarian the aroused woman changed the subject asking, “Where is the girl that always comes in here wearing the cheerleader outfit? You know the one I mean; the blonde with long legs and big tits.”

“Oh yes, you must mean Britney! I am starting at the university in the fall and she is a year or two older than me and has already started college. I only know her from in here but she did promise to show me around the campus. I haven’t seen her in a few days but she usually comes in about twice a week.”

“Britney! Isn’t that the name of the famous singer that played kiss the kitty with Paris and that other movie actress?”

Mary felt herself getting strangely aroused by all of the suggestive questions and answered, “I have heard that but who knows? Well if you don’t need anything else then please excuse me. I have to get back to my history book.”

Sharon smiled and told the girl. “Studying early, my what a good girl you are. If I can be of any assistance to you please don’t hesitate to ask. I majored in history and would be glad to help you with your studies. Just let me know.” Mary went back to her desk and continued her studies but found it difficult to concentrate because she was all hot and bothered. She didn’t know why the steamy redhead and all that sex talk was so arousing but pendik escort her hand slipped down to her panties and gently rubbed the outline of her inflamed virgin pussy. As a finger slid inside her slippery slit she let out a hushed gasp; the little blond had no clue that Sharon could see everything. When Mary looked up she noticed that the redhead had her legs spread wide and she could see her pink panties but had no idea that just as she looked up Sharon took her eyes off the girl fingering herself and let on that she was reading.

Sharon arose and sensuously wiggled to the rest room knowing full well that Mary was watching. Once inside Sharon removed her panties and stuffed them in her purse. Her intentions were to further entice the already heated girl with a view of her exposed red haired cunt. Sharon returned to her table, sat back in her seat and spread her legs lewdly. The twenty four year old wife acted as though she was reading the book and slipped two fingers in her juicy peach pie. She waited awhile before looking up and catching Mary staring mesmerized at her dripping pussy while furiously fingering herself. The little blonde turned beet red and wanted to die when Sharon whispered seductively, “See anything you like little girl? Silly question I know; your red face, drooling mouth, and rapid finger frigging says it all, doesn’t it little girl?”

Sharon approached the unglued girl, checked out the book, displayed some cleavage, shoved a piece of paper in the girl’s trembling hand, and then blew in the girl’s ear and murmured, “This is my phone number and address and I expect you at my house tonight so I can be your tutor. What time do you finish work?

“I…uh, uh …ummm finish at six but I am from a poor family and can not afford a tutor.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that baby. I don’t need any money I only want to help you. Do you have to go home first or are you coming right from work?”

“No, my mother works swing shift as a waitress so I don’t have to go right home but I don’t have a car and have to take the bus and I live on the other side of the tracks. I don’t think that any bus even goes to your affluent neighborhood.”

“Poor dear! Don’t fret and worry so, it will be OK. I told you that I want to help you so I will come back at six and pick you up here. How is that sweetheart?”

“Well I guess so; I mean if you don’t mind. I really hate to put you to so much trouble.”

“No bother at all sweetie, see you at six.” The stunning beauty threw her a kiss and Mary wondered what she had gotten herself into but was eager to see how the other half lived.

Mary was waiting outside when Sharon pulled up in her red Mercedes convertible. As the eighteen year old librarian entered the car she exclaimed, “Wow what a car! This car is so beautiful; I’ve never been in such a sweet ride before. Oh my God, I am in love with your car.”

As they winged down the street the wind blew the girl’s skirt up, Sharon gazed at the girl’s smooth legs and remarked, “You’re looking pretty good yourself my dear.” The shy girl didn’t know quite what to say but felt funny inside and just smiled back at the ravishing redhead. Mary was in awe as they pulled in the driveway and entered the exquisite home. Sharon noticed the girl admiring the opulent surroundings and told the girl to relax and have a seat on the sofa. They studied for two hours and made a great deal of progress when Sharon said, “You did very good my dear so let’s order some pizza and relax; we can continue next time.”

They were sipping wine when the pizza arrived and when they were finished Sharon excused herself and returned wearing only a sheer black satin robe that did very little to conceal her fetching frame. As Mary stared at her wide-eyed and open-mouthed Sharon sexily stated, “I do hope that you don’t mind my getting more comfortable. Now please tell me all about your home life and financial circumstances.” Sharon sat next to the infatuated girl and placed a hand on the girl’s leg, it slowly inched up to Mary’s thigh.

Feeling confused and aroused she answered, “My dad died six months ago and didn’t have any insurance so mom got us an apartment and works in a bar serving drinks. I am working as much as I can to pay my way through college but it isn’t easy.”

The sexy redhead poured them some more wine, slowly moved her hand in a circling motion on the girl’s thigh, noticed Mary’s flushed face, and gave her a big hug while whispering in her ear, “ You poor baby but don’t worry about a thing. I have an idea; how would you like to come over once a week and clean the house for me? I would pay you two-hundred dollars and we could also continue with your studies. How does that sound sweetheart?”

The excited girl hugged Sharon tighter and replied; “You would do that for me? I just can’t thank you enough. I promise to keep your house spotless and help out in any way that I can.”

Sharon never did break the embrace and murmured maltepe escort in the girl’s ear, “How would you like to spend the night on the days that you work for me and I can take you to work the next morning? I have a spare bedroom and you can stay over tonight. Even though you haven’t started cleaning yet you will get paid for today. Would your mother be angry with you for not coming home? You could always call her.”

“You don’t have to pay me for tonight. I am the one that should be paying you for helping me with my studies. As for my mother, she probably won’t even miss me. She usually comes home drunk with a man or men and even sometimes with a woman, or more than one women, and once in a while she brings a couple home with her. They party in her bedroom and it is hard for me to sleep sometimes.”

Sharon felt sorry for the little blonde and reassured her that she wanted to pay her and that was the end of that. She expressed that she was concerned with the girl’s home life and thought that it might be a good idea for her to move in with her and her husband. She asked Mary to think about it and then told her to drink up and enjoy herself. The more they drank the higher Sharon’s hand went up the girl’s skirt until her hand brushed the white cotton panties. Sharon was delighted to feel that the front of Mary’s crouch was moist. She pulled the blonde to her feet, turned on some music, observed that Mary was feeling the wine, and held the tipsy blonde in her arms as they slow danced; their bodies pressed together as Sharon groped the small but firm buttocks of the younger woman.

Sharon was encouraged when Mary offered no resistance to her amorous advances and boldly stated, “Young lady I just realized that you have nothing to change into so let’s go upstairs and find something for you to wear to bed. Sharon grabbed the buzzed girl’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Mary was both frightened and aroused as Sharon disrobed her. The lusty redhead got on her knees and tugged down the white cotton panties. The sight of the pretty young pussy with the sparse blonde hair was too much for Sharon to resist. She kissed and then licked the cute kitty. Mary was trembling like a leaf on a tree when she felt the soft tongue touch her virgin pussy. She held onto the redhead for support. Her knees were growing weak, her heart was pounding, divine sensations traveled from her dripping pussy throughout her whole body and all she could mutter was. “OH my God, Oh my God, it feels soooo g..g…good.Yesssssss!”

Sharon laid the quivering little blonde on the bed and lapped some more on the pretty pussy. Then she kissed her way up Mary’s quivering frame and sucked on her small breasts. The seductive wife then licked up to her lips and they kissed passionately. Mary could taste her own juices on the woman’s mouth and it drove her insane with carnal cravings. Sharon then moved up and squatted over the girl’s face. She slowly lowered her drenched cunt to the girl’s lips and told her, “It’s your turn now sweetie. Do me just like I did you. I want to cum all over your pretty face. Suck it baby and make me feel real good.”

The scent of the sizzling snatch, the sight of the purring pussy, and the taste of the dew droplets that splashed on her lips ignited a burning flame deep inside and filled the young woman with an overwhelming desire to slurp up the gooey goody that was offered to her. She feverishly gobbled up the delicious delicacy with wild abandon and reached a screaming orgasm of her own when she drank the older woman’s creamy cum. Mary was prepared to rest when Sharon turned around, bent over, kissed the blonde’s sweet pussy, and proceeded to engage the novice in a torrid sixty-nine until they both reached another oozing orgasm. As they cuddled in each other’s arms Sharon gazed into her lover’s eyes and told her, “Your little pussy taste so damn good and for your first time eating pussy you sure did a great job. Are you sure that you never did that before?”

Mary grinned and stated, “Your pussy was awesome! I never knew that it could be so good. Thank you for taking me to paradise and introducing me to sublime bliss and if I did a good job on you it was only because I enjoyed it so much and not because of any past experience. I just might take you up on your offer to move in with you but what about your husband?”

“I have just recently discovered lesbian lust and have not had a chance to tell him but I will when he returns. I want to be honest with him and not deceive him anymore. If he accepts it then fine but if he doesn’t then I guess that our marriage is over. I would hate to see that happen but financially there is nothing to worry about. My parents are wealthy and I am quite capable of securing a prestigious position. I not only love having sex with you but I care about you deeply; you are such a sweet girl. We will hire a maid to do the house work and I will pay your full tuition. I want you concentrating on your studies and kartal escort pleasuring me.”

“You are so good to me that I don’t know what to say except that it won’t be easy to study when all I can think about is your delicious body.” They happily drifted off to slumber land.

Sam was now living with Alice and May. Mother and daughter had become the dominating dike’s total sex slaves and literally worshiped at her feet. They were forced to walk around the house naked and service their mistress when ever she desired. Sam taught them to love her 8” strap-on and beg for more of the black rubber dildo up their pussies and ass holes. Their tongues were worn out from licking her chubby body, her beefy cunt, and smelly butt. May’s younger sister came unannounced for a visit. Terry froze in her tracks and was speechless when she used her key to open the door and walked into the living room. There was her sister and her niece on their knees servicing their mistress.

Sam just grinned and ordered her love slaves to service the thirty-three year old sister and aunt of her two lovers. The obedient slaves quickly had her naked and feasted on her inflamed flesh. Before the frightened woman reached an orgasm Sam grabbed a fistful of brown hair, pushed the dumbfounded woman to her knees, shoved Terry’s face to her nasty cunt and demanded, “Eat my cunt bitch; just like the rest of your family does. That’s it baby lap it all up. Good girl. Don’t stop baby, Yessss! Now do my ass slut; Yeah pig, eat my ass out you filthy animal.” Sam kicked her to the floor and told May and Alice to take her to the bedroom and explain everything to the dumb bitch.

Sam listened outside the door and heard Terry demand, “What the hell is going on around here?

Her niece replied, “Mom and I have become her submissive sex slaves and Sam is our mistress.”

Terry wanted to know, “Why did you have to involve me?”

May told her, “If you had called first none of this would have happened. We are compelled to obey her every command and you walked in on something that you shouldn’t have.”

Terry said, “I don’t understand; why do you have to listen to her?”

May looked at her sister’s naked body and felt a rush of desire flood her frail frame and replied, “It is not easy to put into words but being her submissive sluts, pleasuring her, being humiliated and debased by her, made to perform perverted acts of incest for her amusement, and surrendering ourselves totally to her is such a turn on. When she uses us and calls us filthy and vile names we both cum so hard that sometimes we pass out from blissful gratification. We are her pussy licking servants and we love every minute of it. I noticed that you enjoyed our tongues and got off eating her fat furry cunt. You did rather well for your first time eating pussy.”

Terry coyly smiled and asked, “What makes you think that it was my first time?”

Alice exclaimed, “You mean to tell us that you have been with women before?”

Terry answered, “Only when I was in school, at work, with women that I met in bars, and my neighbor down the street. My husband knows that I am bisexual, he understands, and sometimes joins in for a threesome but I am not into this submissive slave crap. Now my dear sister get between my legs and finish what you started and you my sweet niece come sit on your aunt’s face.”

Sam entered the bedroom and quipped, “Now that is what I call a loving family! When you guys finish I am going to take mom and daughter out for some further humiliation. Would you care to tag along Terry? I understand that you don’t want to become a submissive and that’s cool but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun while you are visiting.”

Terry eagerly said, “Count me in you big bad butch. I’ve only been here for two hours and already had far more excitement than I ever expected and if you are real nice to me I just might stick my face in your grand canyon some more.”

Sam chuckled and said, “If you are a good girl then I just might let you.”

May drove as Sam directed and parked next to a small building that she learned belonged to Sam and her partners. The dike took the girls inside and showed them the office that was used for the landscaping business. Sam handed May the keys to the office and ordered, “Now you two little sluts go outside and approach every woman that passes by and inform them that you are mother and daughter and you want to eat some pussy and kiss some ass. Don’t come back until you find a chick that accepts your offer. Terry and I will be behind the curtains to watch the show so don’t disappoint us.”

May and Alice felt so humiliated offering their services to strange women. They were ignored, told to get lost, called perverts, called sick motherfuckers, spat at, and one woman even slapped May across the face. Two black women approached, one was in her mid forties and somewhat overweight, the other was in her early twenties and built like a sex goddess. Alice meekly asked them, “Would you like my mom and me to lick your pussies and kiss your butts?”

The women stopped and the older one looked at them in disbelief saying, “Are you fucking serious and are you really mother and daughter?”

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