Secret Cupids Ch. 02

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Shortly after 5am, Lin got out of bed to go to the bathroom. It took her a moment to remember where she was, why she was naked, and why her co-worker Tom was in bed next to her. But mostly she had to pee.

When she was finished, she went back out to the suite’s living room, where she saw Madison coming out of one of the other bedrooms, dressed in only her red panties, picking up her blouse that she’d dropped the night before just outside of the door. They both managed to avoid shrieking in surprise, but just barely.

“Shit,” Madison said, “it’s just you. I was afraid it was one of the guys.”

“Though… would it really have mattered at this point?” Lin asked, walking around the room gathering up various articles of clothing.

“I guess we did show off a lot of ourselves last night,” Madison said, thinking for the first time since last night about her boyfriend, who’d better never find out about any of this.

“Yeah, there’s that,” Lin said. “but also, why was it okay for Tom to see me naked, and fuck me, but not Bob or Alex or Jorge, you know? It’s not as if Tom’s my boyfriend or anything. These were just random match-ups. If I went back into your room right now and got into bed with Jorge, and you got into bed with Tom, this wouldn’t be any more fucked up than it already is.”

“You know, about that…” Madison said.

“Oh, you want to?” Lin asked, intrigued by the thought.

“No, no, I mean about the ‘random’ part. I’m not sure it was random.”

“Say what?”

“I think Ally may have stacked the deck,” Madison said. “She seemed a bit too happy to wind up with Alex. And of course Jamie’s the only person in the office who didn’t know Bob had a crush on her. So I think Ally just wanted to get it on with Alex, and this was her excuse. And she wanted to do Bob and Jamie a solid.”

“And us and Tom and Jorge?” Lin asked, finally finding her panties behind a cushion of the couch.

“We were probably random. She just made sure she and Jamie ended up with Alex and Bob.” Madison wondered whether she should be pissed off that they’d been manipulated (not that anybody was forced into escort sincan anything). But mostly she was curious how Lin’s panties came to be left behind in the living room last night. Maybe we ducked into the bedroom too soon. “Anyway, your idea about trading guys? Don’t bother, Jorge was a bit of a dud. He gives great foreplay, but it’s downhill from there.”

“Very sorry to hear that.”

“Just my luck. The one time I cheat on my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s way better. At least he always makes me cum. Oh, sorry, TMI?”

“No, it’s fine. I mean, you know what I mean. Tom was a disappointment too. He couldn’t wait to get me naked, and then, I don’t know, he just sort of fizzled out.” She stood there in front of Madison, still naked and holding her panties in her hand. “Is that it? Am I over-the-hill at twenty-four?”

“No, you’re still cute.”

“Cute? Just cute?”

“Okay, it just feels weird to say it. You’re still hot.”

“Why ‘weird’?” Lin asked with a grin.

“Well, you’re standing there naked and I’m telling you you’re hot.”

“You’re certainly in a position to tell then,” Lin said. “You’re pretty close to naked yourself, and I have no problem telling you you’re hot.”

Madison said “Thanks,” and as they stood there, both women became aware that neither of them had made any movement toward getting dressed. “Well,” she finally continued, “I guess we should both get back to the guys.”

“Or… each other’s guys.”

“You weren’t really serious about that,” Madison said. “I mean… were you?” Would she really do that? Well, as long as she was already cheating on her boyfriend with one guy, two guys wouldn’t be any worse. Would it?

“Well,” Lin said, “I’d give it a try, but… you told me Jorge wasn’t worth the effort.”

“No he wasn’t, and Tom…”

“No better.”



“Okay,” Madison said, “maybe we should just get dressed and call Ubers and get home.”

Lin gathered up all her discarded clothing in her arms, and gestured toward one of the bedrooms, whose door was ajar. “Jamie and Bob are both gone, so escort tandoğan maybe we should get dressed in there, in case everybody else starts waking up.”

“You know,” Madison said, fastening her bra, “I am almost tempted.”


“To sneak into your bedroom and give Tom a shot. Even if I’ll regret it afterward.”


Madison let her bra fall off again, onto the bed. “Yeah, I think so. I’m already going to hell, I might as well have at least a chance of cumming.”

“Or…” Lin said tentatively.


“Let me do it for you,” Lin said.


“You know… help you out.”

“Sorry, no, I’m not a–“

“Neither am I. Well… I experimented a couple of times in college, I’m sure you did too.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Okay, I just mean I know how to do it. And I’m not a lesbian, so you won’t catch lesbian cooties from me.”

“I didn’t mean–“

“Look,” Lin cut her off. “Are you the sort of woman who fucks two guys, both of them not your boyfriend, in one night?”

“Of course not.”

“But you were thinking about it, thinking about it seriously, just as a one-time thing.” Lin could tell Madison’s resolve was weakening. “Lie down on the bed,” she said.

Madison did. Lin went over and locked the bedroom door, then went back to the bed — still naked — and stroked Madison’s pussy very lightly through her panties. She could see the crotch of the panties was soaking wet before she touched it and when she did touch it, Madison groaned.

“If you tell me to stop, I’ll stop,” Lin said softly, knowing there was no chance Madison would.

Madison shuddered the moment Lin touched her. She hadn’t expected to, hadn’t wanted to, worried this would mean she was gay. But she’d been so turned on, anything touching her clit would have made her cum. That’s why she’d been willing to offer herself to Tom, against her better judgment.

And she couldn’t deny Lin had a sexy body, especially those hard, engorged nipples.

Lin wrapped her fingers around the waistband of Madison’s panties, and Madison lifted escort tunalı her ass slightly to allow her to pull them off.

She tensed as Lin brought her mouth to her pussy. But having my pussy licked is having my pussy licked, isn’t it? No matter who’s doing it.

But as soon as she felt Lin’s tongue, she shouted “Holy shit!” Her boyfriend always told her it was hot that she was so loud during sex; but now, she had to worry about her friends and co-workers hearing her.

Actually, she wasn’t worried at all.

Lin kept licking and sucking her.

Madison had often wonder whether she enjoyed oral sex better than regular fucking. And if she did, well, does it really matter the gender of the person she’s doing it with?

And Lin had definitely done this more than “a couple of times,” because this was amazing.

She’d cum once, and was certain she was going to cum again, but for now she asked — told — Lin to turn around so she could lick her pussy too. “Are you sure? I know you’ve never–“

“Fuck yeah.” Maybe that’s why I’m always so frustrated: I need to try new things. “If Tom and Jorge weren’t such duds, I’d call one of them in here for a threesome, I swear to God.”

“Oh, I like the way you think,” Lin said, then “oh!” as I put a tongue on her pussy.

“Is this okay?”

“Just do whatever feels right, whatever you’d want somebody doing to you. There’s no wrong.”

Madison wasn’t so sure about that, since she’d had guys make pretty clumsy attempts at eating her pussy in the past, but whatever she was doing to Lin seemed to be working.

(Of course, Lin’s tongue was a great motivation)

Madison was just about to cum again when there was a knock on the door. What the fuck???

“Hey, Lin, are you in there?”

Madison’s blood suddenly went cold: Was Tom angry that Lin left him? Would he tell everybody what she and Lin were doing. Was she ready for that to be made public?

“I had to find somebody capable of making me cum.” Lin shouted back. And then complete silence from the other side of the door, and they could hear his footsteps slowly walking away.

Madison took a moment, then burst out laughing. She turned herself round and kissed Lin hard on he lips, tasting her own juices. The two women started grinding their pussies together until they both came, one after the other, and then fell asleep with their bodies entwined.

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