She didn’t know that I knew, Chapter 16

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She didn’t know that I knew, Chapter 16
As she told me her story, I had been constantly licking her spread pussy, tasting what her lover had left inside and involuntarily grinding my hard cock into the sheets below. Once my wife had finisher her adventures, she asked me to roll over and as I did, she obviously saw the puddle of precum that was left behind.

“Seriously?” she said, partially laughing, “you didn’t cum yet, did you?”

“No” I replied, “Not yet…. “

“Well, it would have been okay of you had” she said with a laugh, then added, “I’m really quite sore inside but it’s great to see that you’re really okay with all of this.”

“Ho, I am definitely okay with it” I replied with a smile and then added, as knelt and lined up my incredibly-hard cock with her wet, gaping hole. “and I really don’t care that you’re sore. Being sore is what whores feel. Now, I want to feel what a whore’s well-fucked cunt feels like inside.”

I very easily slide in all the way, and I swear that I could feel some of his cum still coating her inside – then coating my cock as well. Remarkably, pinbahis or maybe not remarkably, she did feel a bit more ‘relaxed” as I began a furiously hard fuck.

“That’s it, Baby” she encouraged, “fuck your whore…. Feel what the guy, just before you, left inside…. Can you feel his cum around your cock? Fuck my well-used pussy… my well used cunt … the cunt that the biggest cock that I’ve ever seen.. the biggest BLACK cock that I’ve ever had inside my tight, little…. ”

Hearing her chant that she was a well-used cock whore for Black cock did it for me and it’s then that I exploded inside of her and collapsed panting and totally spent. I was a bit surprised that I came so quickly but I’m sure that my wife was okay with that, after the day that she had experienced. Once we rested I asked:

“Why do you think that he wants to meet me?”

“Like He said,” she explained, “the one reason is to confirm your acceptance of this.” She then added, “Maybe I should take of picture of the sheets!” she said with a giggle, “then he’d SEE how okay you are.”

I blushed pinbahis güvenilir mi a bit and then asked,

“And the second reason?” I probed.

“He said” she replied, “In due time.”

“What do YOU think?” I asked,

“I have no idea.” She answered, “But I need to know that you are really okay with all of this… you know, he is controlling my body and owning my asshole?”

“Let’s get one thing perfectly clear” I announced. “no one “OWNS you. Others may fuck you yet no one owns you.”
“I love you” she said, with her cute, sexy smile.

“Now” I continued, “I do love that you fuck other men… “

“You do?” she genuinely asked.

“Of course, I do” I replied, “Just look at how excited I become… I simply ask that you tell me all of the details after.”

“But what about YOU? She asked. “Are you really getting what it is that you need?”

“I’m getting exactly what I need” I replied with a smile, “and perhaps even a bit more.”

“What does THAT mean?” she asked, with a cross between a playful ask sprinkled with a hint of concern. “Are YOU fucking another pinbahis giriş woman?”

“And if I was?” I questioned, “would you want to know?”

“I’m not sure” she replied, “perhaps.”

With those words, my wife slid down my body and took my semi-hard cock into her mouth, sucked me hard while fingering my asshole until I exploded into her hungry mouth.
We both drifted off to sleep.

The following Saturday morning, around 11:30, as my wife and I were headed out the door to go the gym, my wife got a text. She read the text and then stopped in her tracks.

“It’s from Daddy” she said, her face flushed and sounding very excited.

“Is this the first that you’ve heard from him” I asked, “since Wednesday?”

“YES” she answered, “…. And I need to go.”

“WHAT?” I asked, “Now?”

She showed me her phone and the text simply read:

*Get here NOW!*

My wife looked panicked and said, “I really need to go! He said that I needed to do what He said, without question, without hesitation and to the best of my ability. This could be a test so I need to go!”

“Do you know where “HERE” is?” I asked.

“I assume HIS place” she replied, “or He would have specified different.”

She grabbed her purse, her keys and kissed my goodbye.

“I’m sorry, Babe” she said, “I’ll text you as soon as I know something.”

She got into her car and sped off.

To Be Continued…

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