She didnt know that I knew, Part 14

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She didnt know that I knew, Part 14
As she finished telling me the events of that evening, my own cock was dripping precum and screaming for much-needed attention. My wife looked at me and smiled:

“I LOVE you SO much” my wife said, smiling so sweetly “and I’d like you to put that in me” she said, nodding down to my rock-hard cock, and then added, “but will you do it from behind… Doggie style?”

“Sure” I replied, “But I thought that you said Doggie Style was so impersonal?”

“Baby?” She explained, taking my hand in hers, “What you and I are now doing is the most intimate and personal thing that a couple could ever do! You are sharing your wife with another man and enjoying it as much as I am, and I love you so much for this!” She then added, “Plus, do you want to fuck me, or not?” she added with a giggle.

“I do” I quickly answered, “… I want fuck you like the whore that you are! Now get that ass up in the air for me!” I said, while swatting at her shapely ass, and then I added, “Was that Him, texting you as I came in?”

“It was,” she replied, her eyes closed as she lay her chest down on the pillow, her ass in the air.

“Are you going to see Him again?” I asked, as I positioned myself behind her.

“Do you want me too?” she asked.

“Is he a good fuck?” I asked.

“He is” she replied. “A VERY good fuck… and He loves fucking Me.. your wife!”

“What did He text you thins morning?” I asked as I rubbed the tip of my cock against my wife’s ass.

She extended her arm and reached for kaçak iddaa her phone.

“Hold on a minute” she said, while opening her chat app.

“Do you really want to read it?” she asked, “the text that He send me earlier?”

“I do” I said, very excited and lightly touching my wife’s sexy ass.

She swiped to her text app and handed me her phone.

“Put it in me as you read.” She asked.

I got behind her, grabbed my hard-on with one hand and guided my cock into her drippy folds. She felt wonderful and very slick. I’m sure that He left something in there and I’m also confident that she got herself very excited as she recapped the events. I slowly began fucking her.

“Are you sure that you want to see our texts that we were exchanging,” she confirmed, “just before you brought me my coffee?”

I anxiously nodded and replied that I did…

The first text was from HIM:
*You’re amazing! I had a great time! R U home safely and doing okay? *

She responded:
*You too, Me too. Yes… and sore*

*Sore? *


*You know what they say: Practice Makes Perfect*

*That’s what I hear *

*Lunch – This Wednesday? *

*Lunch or Practice? *

*Both. I’ll pick you up out front. Bring along workout clothes – seriously*

*so, we’re going to start off by stretching this time? *

*Going to stretch you before and during*

*Mmmmm, can’t wait. *

Reading those words caused my very-excited cock to spasm uncontrollably and I emptied my hot load into my wife’s perabet güvenilir mi quivering pussy as she let lout a long, low moan of appreciation.

“It seems that you want me to see Him again” she asked again, “Knowing that He will fuck me.”

“Yes….” I panted out, “I do.”

“He also sent Me a picture that He took last night.” She confessed. “do you wanna see it? Do you want to see one of the things that He did to your whore-of-a-wife?”

I slowly began moving my still-firm dick inside her pussy again and had to admit it:

“Yes” I said, “YES. I want to see.”

She took the phone, made a few swipes and then handed it back. I had to really focus because I had a hard time even recognizing my own wife. Her eye makeup was running, and her lipstick was smeared. Long, thick streams of white cum covered her eyes, her hair, her face, nose and mouth. There on the screen was my wife’s face, covered in cum and on the right side, just beside her nose, I could see His massive black cock resting lightly on her face.
Even though I had just cum, the image drove me crazy! I dropped her phone, grabbed my wife by both of her hips and started slamming into her squishy cunt.

“That’s it, Honey” she said, with a noted hint of what could only be described as condescension, “Do it! Fuck ME! Take back what is yours….” She was now practically yelling out: “That’s it… FUCK me HARD… get MAD at me! Fuck me like you mean it.. FUCK ME LIKE THE WHORE THAT I AM!.. LIKE THE WHORE THAT tipobet giriş YOU WANT ME TO BE!”

I growled out as my balls throbbed and I re-filled her pussy with streams of my hot cum, then collapsed on top of her, pushing her flat on the bed below.

We lay there panting… my cock softening and eventually slipping out of her… our juices now dripping to the sheets below.

“I love you so much, Baby” she whispered, while trying to catch her breath. “I love that you want this for me… I love that I’m your whore…. And moist of all, I love that you fuck me so hard afterwards.”

“And I love you too” I replied. “I love that you tell me everything… every dirty little detail that you do as you whore-fuck another man.”

We then both drifted off to sleep…..

The next few days progressed easily and that next Wednesday arrived quickly. I saw her bring her gym bag downstairs.

“Oh” I said, “that’s right! You’re working out at lunch today” I said, trying to sound as though I had forgotten.

“Oh” said my wife, smiling sweetly, “like you didn’t remember.”

She then walked up to me and hugged me hard.

“I love you SO much” she said, “And I can’t wait to tell you all about it at home tonight.”

“I love you too” I responded, then added “Make me proud….” and tossed in a knowing wink.

She blew me a kiss, grabbed her coffee and headed off to work.

I left right behind her and tried to occupy myself at work. At the end of the day, I hurried home, but my wife’s car was not in the driveway. I went in, poured a drink and waited for a bit before preparing dinner. No word from her but I trusted her and I didn’t want to call. Finally, just after 10:00 pm, I got a text from her:

*so sorry, on my way home, lots to share 20 mins *

To Be Continued…..

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