She Loves Anal Play

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I enjoy reading short erotic stories during my lunch break. Today I had read a really hot story about a woman having anal sex for the first time. My panties had been damp ever since!

When I got home from work, I immediately went into the bathroom and filled the enema bottle with warm water to thoroughly cleanse myself for some serious playtime. My clean shaven pussy was so moist with my juices that you’d have thought I had douched, rather than just had an enema!

I went into the bedroom, selected a few choice toys, and put a XXX movie on. I figured “Black Up That White Ass” would be appropriate. I lay back on the bed, to watch the movie. A gorgeous blond was giving serious head to a huge black cock, while another black man was busy licking her pussy and asshole. Very hot! I began running my hands up and down my soft body while watching the movie. Then I turned onto my side, grabbed the lube, and applied it to an average size dildo. After I rubbed a little lube around and inside my ass, I slowly began trying to work the dildo into my tight asshole. I was so worked up, that at first it wouldn’t go in. I had to force myself to relax, so my asshole would open up and allow the casino şirketleri dildo to enter. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed, as the tip of the dildo through the tight opening. I momentarily stopped, and enjoyed the orgasmic feelings produced by the foreign presence.

Now that the tip had gone in, I held the base in place as I slowly rolled from my side onto my back. As I rolled over, the dildo penetrated deeper and deeper, until all 6″ were deep inside of me. I began raising my hips up then back down, causing the dildo to stroke in and out of my asshole. This was feeling so great! The girl in the movie was now being fucked in the ass, while sucking on the other man’s hard black cock. Mmmm, I thought, wouldn’t that be fun! The very thought of this threw me into a series of gut wrenching orgasms, as I fucked the dildo faster in and out of my hot hole. As I came down, my movements slowed, while I reached next to me for the bigger 8″ dong.

The juices were now flowing freely from my pussy, as I kept sliding up and down on the tool in my sweet asshole. I took the 8″ dong, and stroked it along the outside of my hot pussy, lubing it up with my natural juices. Feeling it rub across casino firmaları my clitoris set me on fire! I started cuming, while simultaneously working the huge dildo into my flowing, sweet pussy. “Oh Yeah!” I moaned. I kept having stronger and stronger orgasms, as I double fucked myself with the big dildos! The chick on screen was now being DP’d by those two huge monster cocks! I closed my eyes, envisioning it was those two cocks sliding in and out of my hot holes! “Fuck me hard!” I yelled out, as I again started convulsing with pleasure!

After the waves of orgasm subsided, I pulled the big dong out of my pussy. Then, I rolled to my side and slowly pulled the dildo out of my ass. As the head popped out of my tight asshole, another orgasm was triggered, causing me to squirm with pleasure.

The girl in the movie was still being double-fucked by those huge stallions. I thought, “If she can take more, so can I.” I added some lube to the big 8″ dildo, and started working its fat, bulbous head through the tight opening of my asshole. Wow, it sure has a big head! I worked the huge dong continuously, while slowly turning and pushing it deeper, and deeper. Before I knew it, I had güvenilir casino taken it up to the balls. My asshole felt so full!

I stayed laying on my side, while I rolled my hips back, then forward, back, forward…each movement, causing the dong to slide in and out, in and out…again, and again, and again….making me cum, cum, and cum. Then I rolled onto my back, burying the whole dong, deep up inside of my stretched asshole. This was great! It was keeping me in an orgasmic euphoria!

I reached over and grabbed my clitoral vibrator. I began working it over my clit, as I squirmed and grinded myself on the big dong, deep in my dark hole. The girl in the movie was having her clit sucked, while being fucked in the ass, just like I was! Wow! I could feel my orgasm growing again, and suddenly my whole body was spasming! I felt hot liquid gush from my pussy, adding lube to the dildo, and encouraging me to keep on stroking that big boy in and out of my orgasming hole! I kept cuming, working the vibe over my clit, and humping on the huge dong in my ass, until I spasmed so hard that I forced the dong out of my hot hole! I had to pull the vibe away from my clit too, as it was now more than I could take! I lay there, gasping, while rubbing my pussy with my hand, while the orgasms subsided.

Totally sexually fulfilled, I turned off the TV, and settled in for a nap. You know I had some sweet dreams! Hope you do too!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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