Simon Says Ch. 01

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I have never cybered before…heck I have never even chatted with a man before…but here I was , sitting at my computer…playing a game of “Simon Says”… a much different game then I learned as a child though the rules were the same.

“Lisanna… slide your hand down between your legs”

The message popped up on my computer screen from Simon. Startled, my first reaction was to become angry, but that was immediately followed by a warm sensation spreading through my pussy and thighs, and my hand sliding between my legs.

“Ok” I typed “I did”

“Very good Lisanna, now tell me, are you wet?”

Color flowed through my cheeks… embarrassed by the question as much as I was by the fact that I was now quite wet. I licked my lips and typed in one word.


“Nice” came Simon’s reply “now rub your fingers slowly across your clit through your panties”

Shaking I typed in my reply “ok, but I have never done this before…I am nervous”

“Nothing to be nervous about” said Simon “we are just playing a little game of Simon Says… I say it, and you do it. There is just one condition… the first time you refuse, I am gone, and you will never hear from me again. Do you understand?”

Wondering what I was getting myself into, but unable to resist, I answered “yes Simon”

“Yes Simon, what?”

“Yes Simon, I understand. I will do what you tell me”

“Good girl. Tell me how wet you are Lis.”

“My panties are soaked Simon”

“Rub a little harder Lis… nice and slow, how does it feel?”

“Okay…feels good Simon, real good”

And it did, it felt so good that my panties were drenched with my pussy juice.

“Now I want you to open your legs a little more to give yourself room, and push into your pussy using circular motions through your panties, but don’t move your panties aside at all. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”


I parted my legs a little, resting my heels on the wheels of my chair… and did as told… I still cannot believe I am doing this and look casino şirketleri around nervously, though no-one else is home. Meanwhile I am keeping on eye on the message window waiting for my next instructions. I do not normally take such time with myself and really want to rip my panties aside and plunge my fingers deep inside my aching pussy but didn’t dare for fear he would vanish. By now my panties were beyond wet…my fingers covered with my juices despite the barrier. What is taking Simon so long? Finally… Simon is typing a message…

“I bet you want to slide a finger inside your pussy, don’t you Lis?”

“Yes” comes my reply, thankful my wait is over.

“Not yet Lis… but I want you to slide your panties aside and slide your fingers up and down your slit, spreading your juices all around. Do this slowly, but firmly. I want you to really feel it.”

Groaning softly I type with my left hand “okay” then slide my panties aside and run my fingers across my slick pussy, the entrance right there…it would be so easy to slide my fingers in, but I don’t, afraid that Simon would somehow know, and be gone.

“How does it feel babe? Tell me in detail.”

” It is all slippery and my pussy lips are swollen, when my fingers glide across my clit it sends a shock right through me.”

“Very good… are you behaving? Not sliding any fingers in are you?”

“Yes I am behaving, though it is killing me.”

“You are doing well babe. Now take 1 finger from your hand and slide it in, and just hold it there. Feel your pussy grab hold of it Lis?”

“Yes” typing becomes difficult even with one hand, requiring great concentration for even a simple three letter word.

“Now pull it out and put it in your mouth, I want you to taste yourself for me.”

Blushing furiously now, as I had never tasted myself, I cautiously brought my finger to my mouth, and gave it a tentative lick, a moan escaped my throat as I sucked my finger into my mouth, eyes closed, surprised at how sensual this was.


“Yes Simon?”

“Did casino firmaları you do it?”

“Yes Simon”

“Do you taste good babe?”

“Really good Simon. I have never done that before.”

“I’m glad you liked it. Are you still wet Lis?”

“Very wet Simon, and very horny.”

“I bet you want to fuck yourself with your fingers, don’t you babe?”

Breathless now, I replied;


“Not yet babe… take two fingers from your right hand and lick them to get them nice and wet, then use your left hand to spread your pussy lips to expose your clit. I want you to slowly rub your clit in small circular motions”

“Okay” I had never taken so long to masturbate in my life before. I wanted to cum now! Instead I sat there and followed orders. My breathing was coming more rapid now as a climax sat on the horizon, taunting me from afar.

“Tell me how badly you want your fingers inside you babe.”

“I need them inside me Simon, I am going crazy.”

“You may slip 1 finger inside you now Lis, but only as far as your first knuckle. I want you to fuck yourself like that….in and out, in and out, but only to your first knuckle. Do you understand?”


“Good, now take your thumb and rub your clit while you slide your finger in and out.”

“Oh god Simon”

“Do it Lis”

“I am”

“Is your pussy so wet you are dripping now babe?”


“Plunge your finger deep inside you now, as far as you can go and then slide it in and out slowly, okay babe?”


“What is wrong Lis?”

“The phone is ringing.”

“Answer it, but don’t stop fucking yourself”

“I can’t”

“Lis we made an agreement, ANSWER IT NOW.”

“Oh god, okay.” I reached over and answered the phone, wondering how I was going to talk. “Hello?” Oh great, a telemarketer, that figures.

“Are you talking Lis? I want you to keep fucking yourself, but don’t let them know what you are doing.”


“Who is it?”

“A telemarketer, lol”

“You must güvenilir casino listen to their whole presentation Lisanna. And answer all questions. The entire time you are to fuck yourself with your finger. As a matter of fact, I want you to use two fingers now.”

“ohmygod…. okay” I slid the second finger in with a small gasp, hoping the stupid telemarketer didn’t notice.

“Faster Lis, and don’t forget to rub your clit with your thumb. I want you close to cuming, but whatever you do, DO NOT CUM, tell me when you are almost there.”

I spread my legs wider and leaned forward a bit, pushing myself into my hand. The telemarketer was rambling on about some damn windows, and I don’t even own my home, lol. I just yes’d and no’d in all the right places, while I continued to fuck myself.

“I am almost there Simon…. “


ohmygod… did he??? …grrrr… I stopped… not daring to move even.



“Did you cum?”

“No, I wanted to but I stopped like you said.”

“Good. Pull your fingers out and taste yourself again. Suck them hard like you were sucking a cock babe.”

“ok” He was right. It was like sucking a cock…I could feel the pulling and sucking right in my pussy. Oh god I needed to cum.

“Lis, you have done very good today. I want you to shove your fingers back inside you and fuck yourself hard. Use your other hand to rub your clit. Fuck yourself until you cum. But I want you to tell me when you are cuming.”

“Okay” I didn’t need to be told a second time. I shoved two fingers from my right hand deep inside my throbbing pussy. I started fucking myself hard, and then rubbed my clit furiously with my left hand. Oh wow.. almost there… that didn’t take long at all. Just before a mind blowing orgasm swept over me I withdrew my left hand and hurriedly typed to Simon

“I’m cumming now.. oh god… yeah… wow.”

Then it rolled over my body, sending me flying in a million directions at once, as my pussy clamped around my fingers, pulsing out it’s release. Opening my eye’s I looked at the messenger box and read:

“Til next time Lisanna. Now lick off your fingers so none of that pussy juice goes to waste. And be ready for me. You never know when you will see me again. Love Simon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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