sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 10

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sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 10
The door-bell rang – be a good girl Sammy and go see who it is – I went to the door and it was Mabel – well what do we have here – such a transformation from the gay fag who went out earlier – now looking such a pretty young lady – lovely blonde curls, hot pink lips and love the yes too dear – nails to match oh yes we will have some fun over tea I am sure.

Mabel followed me into the parlour – oh how nice to see you dear – you too darling – the two ladies kissed and am sure it was more than just a social peck – tongues seem to be involved and mouth on mouth and hands over tits and ass.

After what seemed a little too long for just two friends greeting each other they turned to me – now go and fetch the tray in dear – tea and cream scones for us ladies.

I returned with the laden tray and placed it on the small table in the middle of the parlour.

The two ladies were now sat across from each other at either end of this table.

Now before you pour the tea sissy gay fag I think Mabel would like to insect your outfit – as we recall before we set out earlier for the salon you are without panty and your hose is sheer to waist – show Mabel – I lifted my short dress skirt – oh yes sweet fag – such a teeny twinkle in her panty-hose – and yes crotch-less tights are so sexy it just pops neatly out as she lifts her skirts.

Here may I touch – yes soft and sissy fag cock – the girl hormones will ensure it stays limp more and more Annabelle – what dose are you giving her? Double it next dose methinks – in fact I have an injection regime you could us e- may I – she reached into a separate bag she had with her and took out a syringe and pumped it online bahis into my ass cheek without asking. That does will boost those small tits and ensure that cock stays limp until the next shot – send fag round daily Annabelle and I’ll inject him – have the d**gs constantly to hand in my d**g fridge. You know I was a nurse – still keep my hand in with the local doctors and get supplied when I ask for hormones etc.

Now her tits – how big – can regulate the dosage and if you like we can drain them useless fag balls too and take them off leaving just the cock – Annabelle concurred. What was happening to me?

Tea was taken – scones were eaten – I had just water to drink – Mabel said after the injection to keep my fluids up until bedtime and then told me to kneel so she could pee into my mouth – extra girl hormones dear from my pee – so I did and she did. Good idea Mabel – her fag let me piss in your mouth too – more lady pee for you.

The evening light was diminishing as Mabel decided it was time to return home – now keep drinking fag and 9am sharp in the morning for your next dose.

The two ladies kissed and fondled each other again then Mabel left for home.

Tidy the tray away fag and then go upstairs and dress for the major – the short school skirt and white blouse plus socks heels and trainer bar – panty set.

I dressed as instructed and sprayed some of the perfume left out for me all over my body before dressing and noticed how limp my boy-cock now was.
Returning downstairs the major and town other guys were in the parlour chatting with aunty.

I stood waiting head bowed. The major looked up – what a sweet filly of a school girl we have before us – think you need to bedava bonus veren siteler report to the head’s study don’t you – we hear you have been a naughty girl – or rather a naughty boy pretending to be a girl.
Go upstairs – third room on the left and sit outside the study and wait for us to come up.

Obediently I did as instructed and found the door marked ‘Head’s study’ and sat on the stool outside. It seemed quite a while before the major and his friends came along the landing walked past me and entered the study and closed the door behind them.

The study door opened and a smartly dressed lady bid me enter.

Upon entering the study I saw the major and one of his friends sat behind the large desk. Where was the other guy – the smartly dressed lady was in a satin blouse and satin pencil skirt with 6inch heels and black seamed stockings, very well made up. Was she him? The other guy – wow she looked amazing. Perfect make-up and her outfit so sexy.
Now it has come to the school board’s attention that you young man have been dressing as you are now and trying to pass yourself off here at St Mabel’s as a girl – yes or no?

What could I say but play their game – I try to be a girl sir best as I am able – sorry if it is not allowed for me to be girl anymore here at school.

The satin lady came to me and put her arm round me – head master I am sure we can come to an arrangement – she can stay with me at school for private tuition and I can educate her in our special ways for special ladies if you wish.
Well there will have to be some punishment first for this indiscretion causing upset and anxiety – the other guy agreed – I agree – six of yatırımsız deneme bonusu the best – take off your blouse and skirt little lady. I did so revealing my simple white lace trainer bra and matching panty.

So it is six sucks of the head’s cock and six of deputy head’s and school secretary you can show this young lady what being a special lady is all about when she has had our cream. Six sucks minimum by the way – more if required until each of us cums in your sweet little lady mouth – so I did suck and suck and suck. It took thirty sucks for the major and forty for his friend. Double cream was enjoyed by the little lady.

Finally the school secretary in her silky satin blouse and skirt came towards me – she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor – dropped her satin panty and wow a monster cock appeared – the biggest of the three of them here in the study.

I knelt before this satin goddess and slowly took her meat offering into my petite boy-girl mouth. She pushed herself deeper inch by inch until her whole cock was engulfed in my sissy mouth. I sucked lovingly from tip to stem over and over and was not going to count the number of sucks for I was now in gay-fag heaven – a lover’s stick if only in my mouth and I was savouring every inch offered over and over. I held her butt as I pushed back and forth on her love stick. This was simply the best cock to date. It was hot horny sexy. I heard her moans and saw the head and deputy head wanking each other as I enjoyed this offering. I was enjoying myself and wanted this cock to last for hours but my mouth had worked its magic and soon she spurt forth her cream and it was the best cream to date too – I swallowed every drop.

She pulled up her satin panty and her skirt and composed herself.

She will do nicely in training for special ladies – we must tell Anabelle she needs to board with me a while and be dressed daily in silk and satins and learn more of becoming one of our special ladies……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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