sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 6

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sissy gayboi fag is born not made…part 6
So it had been decided, agreed – gay fag would be taken shopping the next day.

Annabelle was pleased the evening had gone well.

Thank you Sammy for being so useful.

The gentlemen enjoy their sex and can be quite kinky too, I have had them meeting here for quite some time and eventually they wore me out with their kinky demands so to have a new person – namely you – available means we can keep freshening up the meetings using you more for deep dark kinky sex.

I did not know what to say.

I had only a day earlier been caught dressing up in mom’s outfit and now was becoming a sex worker or so it seemed?

Think it is time for bed sweet fag of mine – your bed is made up – the room I showed you earlier is now your prison cell – I mean bedroom – slip of the wicked tongue there – so off you go and sleep tight – there is a sweet pink satin full skirted baby-doll nightie for you laid out on the sweet sissy bed.

I left Annabelle canlı kaçak bahis and went to my room – finding the nightie I undressed showered dried and slipped into it – I was just getting into bed when Annabelle came into the room – I must secure you and cuff you to the bed – the major has decided to stay the night and wants access to your body during the night and don’t want you running away girl now do we? After all he is taking you shopping in the morning and so it made perfect sense for him to stay the night. I shall have use of him a while and give him a sound beating which he enjoys – such a pain junkie too – then when he is rested he will want to use you sweet fag – ok?

She attached padded cuffs to each wrist and ankle – spread me and wished me good night.

Oh sorry forgot this – she attached a ball gag to my mouth and secured it tight – I would hate you to wake me with your screams later when the major has his fun dear sissy fag sam.

The bahis siteleri light was switched off and the gloom of the night was all around me.

I lay awake wondering what would happen to me and when.

Then I must have dozed off a while as I woke with a start as I could feel hands caressing my satin full skirted nightie and invading my matching open crotch satin panty. I got aroused some. It was the major as I heard him say – now gay fag are we not the pretty sissy in her nightie and now let me play your tune with your own love stick – see she rises to my touch – gently he was massaging me and it felt nice – then he began sucking me – I tried to resist by squirming but the cuffs held me secure and movement was restricted. I enjoyed his attention. He put his hand up my nightie and teased my gay fag boy nipples. Here I’ll gently massage this hormone cream into them for you sissy, they will start to blossom soon into being so girl like. What was güvenilir bahis siteleri he saying – girl like nipples would be ok but not tits surely?
He massaged them gently then continued playing with my gay cock. It swelled. He kissed me over the ball gag. I’ll take that out darling of you promise not to scream when we play some more darling? I nodded agreeing to behave. He undid it. Thank you I manged before he planted his lips full on mine and kissed me rather passionately again playing with my cock as he did. His tongue pushed itself into my mouth and began swirling round and probing the back of my mouth. Then he stopped and climbed upon my secured body and his cock came to my mouth and pushed itself into my hot wet welcoming mouth which automatically began to suck and gorge itself on his offering of himself to gay fag sissy boy me. I felt him swell, throb and pulse as he face fucked his gay whore.
Oh yes darling, take my cream as he spurted fully and filled my gay mouth with his cream. I swallowed every drop. Thank you fag now sleep well – I’ll undo your cuffs, you need to rest as we have an early start for shopping and so much to buy and so much for you to enjoy as you come out as a gay fag sissy boy fully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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