Sister in Law 7 entraps friend Part 4

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Sister in Law 7 entraps friend Part 4
If you haven’t read the earlier stories, I suggest you start at Sister in Law 7 entraps friend. This starts the day after Sister in Law 7 entraps friend Part 3.

The mobile rang and Jennie’s partner answered. Luckily the man on the end of the line asked who was speaking rather than getting straight into it. So Mob was passed over to Jen.

“Hi Jen here, who am I talking to and how did you get my number?” “You may recall you offered me a coffee when I stopped you fro breaking the law. Mike here.” “Oh hi Mike, yes I do need you to come over but just now is not convenient. Can I call you later?”

“Natalie that was the PC I told you about. He let me off with a caution but I promised him a coffee. He’s on duty now but he and his side kick are due for a 30 minute break and he wants to know if he can come over now. What you think?” “Are he and his sidekick both hunks?” “Natalie, I never go a look at hos sidekick so I don’t know about him. I can tell you Mike is a hunk.” “Oh well then tell them to come by. You can have Mike this time and I will take the sidekick but next time we swap over. Ok” “Yes that is fair.”

Five minutes the car drew up 2 PCs got out. The nosey neighbour’s curtains quivered as she watched them go in.

Jen saw them arrive and opened the door immediately they arrived at it.

“Hi glad you could come. The coffee is on should be ready in a minute. What’s your partners name Mike? This is my partner Natalie.”

“This is Chris.”

The two women too a good look at the guys. The both looked like body builders – big chests must have been 44″ thick thighs – like rugby players and tight rounded buts. They looked like they would have the equipment down below to fill any void.

Jen & Nat were thinking: I hope they want coffee later when they are off duty.

The PCs looked Jen & Nat over. Both were fake blondes but you know what they say about blondes. Fun is what we are up for the guys thought. So they took note that Nat was tall & slim with probably 32b tits and she looked like she knew what healthy guys are looking for.

The girls indicated that the guys should sit on the sofa. While delivering the coffee to the low coffee table in front of the sofa the girls had to bend over and their low cut tops fell down so their braless tits were fully on view. The guys didn’t miss the fact that all four nipples on show were hard. A sight they liked, and their cocks made that clear to the girls.

When the girls got their coffee and sat down in front of the guys, they kept their knees close together. As the banter went on their knees parted and the guys good a good look at the shaved pussies.

Mike was sitting opposite Jen and he commented to Chris: “I casino siteleri didn’t realise that the view in these houses was as good as it is. I wonder what is like late afternoon or at night.” “Mike it would be fun to find out. Do you think we could get an invite?”

“Mike the view is even better in the night time. Why don’t you and Chris drop by tonight? Nat are you in or out tonight?”

“I was going out but nothing that cannot be re scheduled, Jen”

“So what do you guys think?”

“Chris I have nothing planned and am off duty. Are you up for a view of the scenery tonight?” “Oh Mike I have pulled an extra shift tonight but maybe I could drop by after midnight if that’s ok.”

“What you think ladies?” After a quick confab they both said “Why doesn’t Mike drop by about 8.30 or 9 and Chris can drop in when he can.”

By this time the guys break was over and the call on their walkie talkie definatly finished it. The guys hurried out and took off at speed – blue light flashing.

When Mike came back at 9.30 The girls were beginning to think he wasn’t coming. Jen opened the door, standing behind it so that only her head and left shoulder were showing.

Mike stepped into the lounge. Lighting was low because the light was provided by multiple candles placed in different parts of the room. Mike caught his breath when he saw Nat. She was wearing a see through top that had only one button fastened and that was below her tits so the top curvature of her tits was on display. The top finished about 2″ below her tits so the mid rif was totally uncovered down to the top of her hipster microskirt. It looked like it was just about 2″ above her pussy and finished about 2″ below. It had slits up each side, so Mike thought to himself: “At least tonight isn’t going to be boring.”

Nat indicated Mike should sit beside her. When he sat down leaving a space between them, Nat gave him a look and said “I don’t have anything infectious. Move over darling.”

By this time Jen and returned with a drink. “Mike I assume you like Vodka, if not Nat will have it as well as hers and I will get you a scotch or a beer.” “Vadka will be fine.” “Mike don’t worry about driving you can stay the night or get a taxi and we will return your car tomorrow.” Mike was certain he was going to have a good time.

It was only then that he had a chance to take in what Jen was wearing. His eyes popped like they were out on stalks. Jen had on a bikini with a difference. The top covered the bottom of her tits while holding them up and displaying the beautifully rounded & uncovered tops and nipples that were standing proud. They were at least 1″ long and 3/4″ in diameter. Mike thought maybe I will get to suck them later, I hope so. tipobet With that thought his already hard cock got even harder.

The bottom of the bikini was simply a triangle of material hanging from a thin tape round her waist. It was totally unfastened at the bottom. Mike thought that will access to the pussy easy and no time will be wasted undressing for a fuck. Mike guessed, correctly, that there would be no matching triangle at the back. If Mikes cock was hard before it got even harder now and he was getting very uncomfortable.

So Mike took his Vodka, Nat took hers in her left hand leaving her right hand free to rest on Mike’s inner thigh. Jen, having got her Vodka sat down on Mike’s right hand side, so their thighs were touching. Jen’s Vodka was in her right hand and she rested her left hand on Mike’s inner thigh. That was when the girls said “Mike, looks like you are too big for the crotch of your jeans, when don’t you undoo the button and the zip and make yourself more comfortable.”

“My hand has a glass in it.” “No problem. Nat’s right hand is free. Would you like her to help you out?” “That would be great. Thank you.”

Nat did the need full and slipped the elasticated top of mikes boxers down so his cock could spring out and stand proud.

“Mike doesnt that fell better now?” “It does.” With that Jen took a slug of vodka and slithered down so she could clip her mouth over Mike’s cock.

Mike felt the slight stinging of the Vodka on his cock before Jen started to lick it from tip to balls.

Meantime Nat started French kissing Mike and he felt her tits and kneeded her nipples. By this time the button holding Nat’s top in place was undone giving Mike free access, so he disengaged from the kiss and started sucking Nat’s nipples. Mike sucked hard and nibbled with his teeth on each nipple in turn. Nat was panting and going “OMG OMG OMG thats great but I want to suck cock too.”

“Nat why don’t you suck cock while I let Mike suck my clit.” “Good idea. We should either lie on the floor or go to the double bed upstairs.” “Lets go upstairs and strip Mike.”

So they did. Mike lay on his back, Nat took his cock in her mouth while Jen knelt over Mike’s face so he could suck her clit. Mike took hold of Jen’s nipples, squeezing and pulling them. They were still tender from the mauling the young guys gave them last night, so it wasn’t long before Jen came with a “OMG OMG that’s great.” and a stream of he juices shout out of her cunt.

“Mike I’m well lubricated, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard. Go in hard and go as deep as you can.” “Jen I want you to ride me cowgirl style.”

So Nat Got off Mike’s cock. Jen Positioned herself above Mike’s cock, holding her pussy lips perabet open. Nat stood legs apart so her pussy was just in front of Jen’s mouth. Mike had a choice: stick finger/fingers in Nat’s ass hole or her cunt. He chose to do both. But first he stuck his fingers into Jen’s cunt.

Mike was surprised how easily he got 3 fingers knuckle deep into that cunt. Unknown to Mike that was because of the fucking Jen had received the night before. After Mike had dipped both hands in the cunt he was ready to dip into Nat’s cunt and arse hole.

Mean while Jen was getting ready for the first plunge of Mik’s cock deep into her cunt. “Are you ready for this Mike?” “I have been waiting for this since I came in here this morning. Go on fuck me hard Jen.”

Jen needed no further invitation. She plunged Mike’s cock deep into her cunt. The tip hit her cervix. Mike bucked her up and almost out so she thrust down again. This continued at increasing pace until it could not get any faster.

Nat’s ass was getting fingered first with one then two then three and then four. They were pushed in as far as they would go. At first Jen winced but hen she got used to it. When 4 fingers were going in the ass. Mike started in the cunt as well.

First one finger all the way while the thumb rubbed the clit. Then two fingers were added and so on until 4 fingers were going in deep.

So Nat was widened front and back before Jen was ready to stop fucking Mike cowgirl.

At that point Nat wanted to be fucked in her cunt. Mike suggested doggie would be a good way to go, so they rearranged: Nat knelt with her ass high in the air. Jen lay on her back to Nat could suck her clit while Mike fucked her in her cunt. After a while, Jen said “I have a dildo. Why don’t we use it.” “Jen you know I have one too.” said Nat we could use them both.

“Mike, Nat could suck my clit while my dildo is working in my cunt. You could fuck her in the ass or cunt while the dildo is working in the other hole. Have you ever had that experience?” “I never have but im willing to try.”

So they rearranged and started. This time in spite of having cum three times before Mike came very quickly, filling Nat’s ass with cum.

Just then there was a knock on the front door. Jen pulled on a dressing gown and went down to see.

She returned with Chris. “Oh Chris am I glad to see you these babes have been fucking me all night. I need a rest but they are insatiable. You can take over.

Chris did take over and he was ridden until about 4.30 when he pleaded fro mercy.

At that point they all agreed that another session should be held at another time.

They separated into man woman couples and retired to one bed in each bedroom.

Next morning they were all sore from the night exercises and a bit shy so the girls were pleased when the guys departed before they woke but not before numbers had been exchanged.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for the next episode.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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