Slutty Widow Aunt in the Train

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Slutty Widow Aunt in the Train
Hi all, it’s Ali here.

This is another incident which happened with my widowed Aunt Sheen. As you know she was widowed with 2 c***dren, a son and daughter, when she was around 45. Aunt Sheen had caught me jacking off to porn a few months ago. If you read my previous posts you will know how she seduced me after catching me jerking off. Turns out she had been desperate for a good fuck for more than a decade and finally decided to seduce me. She trusted me and we had been very close since I was little.

I am now in my late 20s and this incident is over 10 years ago. I was 19 at the time and lived in a big city in central India. I belonged to a conservative Muslim family and stayed in a huge joint family. Although there were over 30 of us, including my uncles, aunts, my cousins, my older sister, my twin sister and my folks we lived quite comfortably. Our immense house was designed to look like separate buildings from outside but were linked together from within.

Let me tell you about myself a bit more. I am over 5 ft 10 inches tall, fair with jet black straight hair with light brown eyes. I have an athletic built since forever and I’ve played soccer almost all my life, which helps me stay in shape.

Now I’ll describe my aunt to you. Aunt Sheen is around 5 ft 6 inches tall and curvy, with heavy D-cup melons and a large, round ass which protruded noticeably. Picture a thick and curvy African-American MILF and you’ll get a good idea of how Aunt Sheen looked.

Coming back to the story…

It was April of 2006 and my college summer vacations had started. It was within a week into my vacation one night when I was at Aunt Sheen’s apartment upstairs in our 3-storied house. Aunt Sheen was alone at home as her son was working in Mumbai and her daughter Dee was visiting him.

Aunt Sheen asked me if I would like to come with her to Mumbai as she wanted to be there for her daughter’s birthday. She had planned to take a flight but the flights seemed to be full for the coming weekend. As it was her daughter’s birthday and her son had already planned an amazing treat for Dee at Mumbai it was important for Aunt Sheen to reach before Monday. So, as she was not used to traveling alone by train, she figured I could accompany her and stay a couple of days before returning home.

Aunt Sheen had not been able to get flight tickets to Mumbai but was lucky to get a seat on a return flight from Mumbai on Sunday. Having a chance to travel out of town for any reason was good enough for me. And I figured I could also fuck Dee at her brother’s place in Mumbai when I get a chance. So we were set to leave for Mumbai on an 11 o’clock train in the morning.

Tantalizing Train Ride to Mumbai

My folks had no problems with me going for a weekend trip. I packed my bags, and as planned, we took a cab and reached the train station, a bit past 10:30 on Friday morning. I was excited as Aunt Sheen led me to the first class cars on the train. These had cabins, instead of simple seats, as was the norm for the conventional train cars that traveled over long distances. The cabins had four bunk beds, with the upper ones extendable to allow passengers to store their luggage if they need. I was surprised to see that the plush berths were way better than the normal berths in the lower class cars.

These private cars had seating/sleeping arrangements for 4 passengers per cabin. Aunt Sheen had booked 2 seats and I was curious to know who would be our co-passengers. There was still 5 minutes left for the train to leave the station and Aunt Sheen told me to store the luggage under our seats, which were on the right hand side of the cabin. Aunt Sheen told me she wanted to use the rest room at the end of the narrow alley which ran parallel to all the other cabins in the train car.

I had stored my back pack and Aunt Sheen’s large flight bag under the seats and was busy connecting the headphones to my mobile to listen to music. It was then that a harried old lady entered the cabin. She was over 70 years old and a young guy was with her. I was surprised when the guy put the old lady’s large suitcase under the seat opposite ours and said good bye to her. I realized that this old lady would be the only other person in our cabin.

Aunt Sheen returned and I was surprised to see her dressed in a dark, long skirt and sleeveless top. Her skirt was quite fitting at her hips and highlighted her curvy sides immensely. The plain black-colored sleeveless top she wore now had a deep neck-line too. This showed the lovely large mounds of her boobs clearly. I could see her large boobs jiggle softly as she looked at me with a grin on her face.

I glanced at the old lade and saw her looking at Aunt Sheen. Aunt Sheen kept her large hand bag on the far end of the berth and took the seat to my left. It was then that Aunt Sheen turned to the old lady and smiled, greeting her. The old lady became friendly quite fast with Aunt Sheen and they began to chat.
When asked, Aunt Sheen told her how she had been widowed a few months ago and that she was taking a weekend trip with me, her “son”, to get her mind off of her grief.

I listened to music on my mobile phone and didn’t mind Aunt Sheen and the old lady chatting. While talking to the old lady, I noticed that Aunt Sheen would keep her hand on my thigh, very near to my crotch. The old lady would see this as a motherly pat on the thighs but Aunt Sheen would squeeze my thigh whenever she touched it. I understood that Aunt Sheen was horny and was teasing me now.

It was around 1 in the afternoon that the train caterers arrived with our lunch trays. I finished my food quickly and left to dump the plastic plates and spoons in the dust bin at the end of the narrow passageway outside the cabin. I decided to have a smoke before venturing back to the cabin. I stood near the doorway and enjoyed my smoke as the passageway was deserted, with other passengers busy with their own lunch.

I quickly finished my smoke, feeling content and walked back to the cabin. Aunt Sheen had finished her lunch and she left to dump her plates and spoons in the dust bin. By the time she returned the old lady had also finished lunch. Aunt Sheen had come and was sitting at my side again as the old lady finished her lunch and left for the bathroom.

Slut gets to Suck

As soon as the old lady left Aunt Sheen güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri caught me by surprise when she immediately put her hand on my crotch and gave a slight squeeze.

“Whoa! Aunty.. she might come back!” I exclaimed as Aunt Sheen pushed her hand under my waistband and tried to reach my cock.

“Sshhh… I can’t wait anymore.” Aunt Sheen whispered in a desperate tone and forced my semi-erect cock out of the zip. I didn’t even move as she immediately took half of my cock in her mouth. Feeling her warm, wet mouth around my thick cock felt amazing. I was still a bit apprehensive as Aunt Sheen kept sucking my cock deeper into her mouth.

“Aaahh..” I moaned softly as Aunt Sheen took my entire dick in her mouth in one swift stroke. Now my cock was standing erect to its 8 inch length.

“Shit!” I exclaimed softly and pushed Aunt Sheen’s head up from my cock when I heard a shuffle of feet near the train cabin’s door. I barely managed to squeeze my huge cock back inside the short’s fly when the old lady entered the cabin. I felt frustration soar as soon as the lady came through the door. I looked over at Aunt Sheen who had the most fake smile on her face as the old lady made small talk with her.
Luckily, Aunt Sheen was not wearing lipstick or the old lady would have noticed something odd.

I pretended to listen to music on my headphones and felt relieved when the old lady informed Aunty that she would take a nap now. I was sorely disappointed right then. I was aching for relief and this old lady had just cock-blocked me at the worst time.

I was surprised to see Aunt Sheen get up and help the old lady spread the white sheets which were provided to passengers in such a case. After Aunt Sheen had laid out the sheets, the old lady thanked her and lay down on her berth. I looked at Aunt Sheen with a beseeching look, trying to make her realize that she had unfinished business. She smiled and nodded at me, looking at her watch. I figured she wanted me to wait for a while.

I was staring out of the window, watching the greenery flash by in the afternoon sun when I felt Aunt Sheen open my fly again. I turned around with a shocked expression to see Aunt Sheen with a naughty smile on her face. I looked over and sighed aloud when I saw the old lady was now fast asleep with her back turned to us. I had a big grin on my face and readily took out my semi-erect cock once more.

Aunt Sheen did not waste much time and her mouth immediately wrapped around my cock. Without making a sound Aunt Sheen began sucking my soft cock in her mouth. Within only a few seconds my cock grew to its full length and Aunt Sheen now had to bob her head up and down. Aunt Sheen was slowly licking the lower side of the cock shaft, sitting at my side. Her enormous boobs and curvy tummy couldn’t let her take more than half of my cock in her mouth.

I prodded her on her side and she understood. Taking her mouth off of my glossy wet cock, Aunt Sheen glanced at the old lady before getting on her knees in front of me. I spread my legs a little wider and this allowed Aunt Sheen to shift closer. Aunt Sheen caught my thick, hard cock in her hand and began stroking fast. I felt the blood pumping hard all over the length of my throbbing cock.

Aunt Sheen soon had my cock in her mouth. I felt her struggle to take more than half of my thick cock in her mouth. I was way past caring anymore and put a hand over her head and forced her head lower. I felt Aunt Sheen jerk her head back immediately as soon as the tip of my long cock caressed the back of her throat. I was glad for the rumbling of the train because it masked the slight gagging sounds coming from Aunt Sheen’s mouth as I kept my cock buried deep in her mouth for at least 10 seconds.

Aunt Sheen sucked in a deep breath through her nose as soon as I released her head. Bravely, she had still kept half of my cock still in her mouth. I could see her spit dripping down the shaft of my cock. Aunt Sheen wrapped her forefinger and thumb tight around the base of my huge cock and using this she kept a constant pressure on it. This caused my cock head to become enormous.

I leaned lower and grabbed at Aunt Sheen’s huge boobs from over her top. Aunt Sheen, feeling my hands groping her, immediately pushed out her chest eagerly. I slipped my hands easily through the large neck of her top. As soon as my fingers touched, I could feel that Aunt Sheen’s nipples were hard as diamonds now. I gently rolled her hard nipples between my fingers and slowly began to put pressure on her soft, large boobs. I felt myself coming close to orgasm and I whispered to tell Aunt Sheen.

Without a pause, Aunt Sheen was sucking my cock like a machine. Her head bobbed up and down faster and faster now, almost taking all of my cock in this time. I began to squeeze her soft boobs hard now. I could feel my orgasm getting closer and closer now. I wrapped my legs around her sides as she knelt in front of my seat.

Aunt Sheen couldn’t take my cock out of her mouth now even if she wanted because the way I was leaning to fondle her, it prevented her to raise her head higher. I squeezed my aunt’s large boobs tightly and held them as I felt my cum build up pressure in my balls.

“Are you ready..?”, I managed to whisper to Aunt Sheen before I gave an involuntary jerk and shoved my thick, wet cock deep in her mouth. I couldn’t utter a single sound as I finally came.

I could feel the immense jerks my cock gave as it spurted hot cum deep in the wet warmth of my aunty’s mouth. Aunty Sheen, being the horny slut she is, immediately began sucking all of my cum. I knew she wouldn’t waste a single drop as she had a fetish for cum. Aunt Sheen loved to swallow my cum and would often play with it before finally swallowing it.

I finally leaned back and rested against the back of my seat as the last waves of orgasm ran through me. I managed to open my eyes and could barely see Aunt Sheen had the head of my softening cock in her mouth and still sucked on it. I loved the tingling sensation as she tried to suck out the last drops of cum.
I had a stupid smile on my face when she finally put my flaccid cock in and zipped my fly. I felt her stand up and take the seat at my side. I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at her. I realized that Aunt Sheen must be still horny.

“Does güvenilir bahis şirketleri Mommy wanna cum?”, I whispered to Aunt Sheen with a naughty smile. “Make Mommy cum, son.. please!”, she whispered back with a genuinely desperate tone. I figured she must have been very turned on right then. I slid closer to the window and signaled her to lay down on the rest of the berth. Aunt Sheen immediately laid back, with her legs towards me. I took one of the white sheets and covered Aunt Sheen’s legs with it. This way, anyone would think that she was taking a nap while I listened to music.

The old lady was fast asleep with her back turned to us. I didn’t want to risk anyone catching us actually fucking in broad daylight in the train cabin so I knew I had to choose the alternative. As Aunt Sheen got comfortable in the berth I put my left hand underneath her skirt. Covered by the thick sheet, it was hard to see where my hand was. Aunt Sheen slid lower to let me reach her crotch.

I touched her soft, thick thighs and slid my hand up. I began raking my fingernails on her inner thighs and this seemed to make her more desperate as Aunt Sheen raised her hips and pushed her crotch closer to my hand. I was very surprised as my hand came directly in contact with her wet pussy lips instead of her panties. I looked at her in mock shock and she grinned widely.

Without wasting time I put a finger over her wet pussy lips and gently ran it along her slit. Aunt Sheen was trying hard not to shove her crotch closer to me and I could see the look of anticipation written on her face. I figured she simply wanted to have an orgasm as fast as she could. So I decided to do just that.

“Sshhhh!” Aunt Sheen nearly squealed out aloud as I shoved my dry finger in her wet pussy. I bent my finger and reached up, almost immediately locating her G-spot. Aunt Sheen rolled her eyes back and her body tensed noticeably as I began to gently rub in G-spot. Aunt Sheen put her hands on her huge boobs and began caressing them over the soft black fabric of her top.

As my forefinger gently caressed her G-spot I unfolded my middle finger and put it also in her pussy. It slid in easily with the amount of juice flowing from her pussy. Before she could get used to feeling a finger caressing her G-spot and another actually fingering her pussy I put my thumb over the spot I figured her clit was. Within a couple of seconds I had found her clit and pressed it hard, moving my thumb up and down with the same movement that I caressed her G-spot.

It was barely 2 minutes before I noticed Aunt Sheen squeezing her huge boobs hard and I felt her legs become tense. Sensing that she was nearing orgasm I took the risk and without pausing my fingering I knelt at her side. My back was now turned to the old lady but I didn’t care right then.

Aunt Sheen had her eyes closed tight and was biting her lower lip as I quickened my fingering. Soft, sloppy sounds could be heard now in the cabin as my dripping wet fingers rubbed her juicy pussy harder and harder.

As soon as I realized that Aunt Sheen was on the verge of orgasm I kept my right hand over her mouth to stifle her moans. I took my fingers out of her pussy and now I was rubbing her clit hard. I applied pressure as my fingers rubbed her swollen clit roughly. Within a few seconds Aunt Sheen raised her hips off of the berth and her entire body began to quiver hard. Shaking hard, Aunt Sheen moaned into my hand and tried to push my hand award from her slippery and throbbing wet pussy.

I finally relented and let go off her mouth, and immediately turned around to check on the old lady. Glad to find that the lady had not heard anything over the rumble of the train I turned back and again took my seat near the window. Aunt Sheen still lay on the berth, her legs spread wide under the sheet and still shivering from time to time as the last waves of orgasms left her body.

Aunt Sheen surprised me when she sat up swiftly on the berth and took hold of my hand. Before I could react, Aunt Sheen began to lick my fingers clean of her juice. I felt my cock stirring again, as I looked at Aunt Sheen licking my fingers with dedication, making sure that she licked my fingers clean.

Aunt Sheen smiled wickedly as she finished cleaning her pussy juices off of my fingers. She had cum so much that her juices had dripped down to my wrist. Feeling her warm, wet mouth licking my fingers gave me a tingling sensation in my crotch. I smiled as I felt my cock begin to rise again. Although it had been barely 15 minutes since my orgasm I was getting turned on with the way she licked my fingers.

Now I was getting desperate to fuck Aunt Sheen. Knowing her son would be home for the weekend and I would probably not get another chance I immediately decided. I glanced over and saw to my relief that the old lady was still snoring away on the other berth with her back turned to us.

Quickie in the Washroom

Before Aunt Sheen could understand anything I stood and caught her hand. I reached the cabin door and slowly opened it. After making sure the passageway was deserted I caught Aunt Sheen’s hand and quickly led her to one of the wash-rooms at the end of the passageway. I made sure to glance around once more to check before I locked the train’s wash room from inside. I turned around to see Aunt Sheen with a bemused expression on her face.

Without saying a word I slipped my semi-erect cock out of my shorts. The washroom consisted of a toilet with a wash-basin, with enough space for 2 people to stand close. Aunt Sheen immediately guessed what I had in mind and caught my cock in her hand. I stood with my back against the wash room door as Aunt Sheen came and stood closer to me. I felt her hand slip in and carefully take out my balls out through the fly.

As Aunt Sheen began to stroke my hardening cock she caressed my balls with the other hand. This was one of the best ways to get me turned on and I closed my eyes for a moment. Within a few seconds Aunt Sheen’s expert hands made my thick, long cock completely erect. Seeing my huge cock was hard Aunt Sheen went to bend lower to suck and make it wet. I stopped her mid-way and whispered, “Lift your skirt, Momma.”

Aunt Sheen bit her lower lip in and grinned as she lifted her long skirt and pulled it tight around her hips. Immediately I caught her soft, canlı bahis şirketleri wide hips and turned her around. “Oh..” exclaimed Aunt Sheen and turned around to look at me with a grin now. Without another word I caught my large, hard cock in my left hand and stroked it gently as I felt for Aunt Sheen’s pussy with my right hand. Aunt Sheen co-operated immediately by bending lower and pushing her soft, huge butt towards me. She rested her large, round boobs over the wash basin and spread her enormous butt cheeks with her hands behind her back.

It felt amazing to rub my throbbing cock against Aunt Sheen’s huge, soft ass cheeks. I put the thick head of my cock between her deep ass-crack and slowly began to slip it lower and lower. “Shhh..”, hissed Aunt Sheen as the tip of my hot cock touched her dripping wet pussy.

“Ummpphh!” Aunt Sheen moaned as she stifled a loud scream for her mouth when I shoved my thick cock head into her warm and waiting pussy. I could already feel her pussy juices had wet the couple of inches of my cock in her. I had no patient for niceties right then and just wanted to spurt my cum deep in her.

I cupped my left hand over her mouth, standing behind her, before I shoved almost all of my cock’s length deep in her sloppy wet. It was lucky I had my hand over her mouth or I know Aunt Sheen would have squealed hard enough for someone to hear outside the wash room. I knew Aunt Sheen was as desperate as me to fuck because now she had my middle finger in her mouth and began sucking hard on it.

I slowly pulled out my cock till only the tip was inside. I looked down then to see my thick, hard cock was slick with her juices. I was surprised at the amount of juices Aunt Sheen was ejecting from her cunt. Without a warning I shoved my cock all the way in her wet pussy which made a loud smacking sound as my crotch slapped against her huge, soft butt cheeks.

Without a pause I began to thrust my cock in and out of her warm pussy. Aunt Sheen closed her legs together and this made her pussy grab on to my thick cock every time I pulled it out. The sensation of feeling her sucking my finger and the way her large booty was rippling with every stroke seemed to drive me into frenzy. I stopped caring about anyone hearing us right then because all I wanted was to pound her juicy pussy and cum deep in her.

I kept a tight grip on Aunt Sheen wide hips with my other hand as I banged her hard and fast from behind. I was again thankful for the rumbling of the train which was probably masking any sound from inside the wash room. I kept my head down and willed myself to thrust even harder and faster. This made Aunt Sheen have another orgasm and she bit my finger quite hard. I didn’t even slow down as her legs began quivering with the orgasm. I knew my turn was going to be soon.

As I felt my cum build up in my cock I whispered loudly and let Aunt Sheen know. Aunt Sheen only grunted in reply as her breathing became faster with my continuous thrusting. I knew it was getting painful for her because my thrusts were very fast and my long cock was going deep in her wet, inviting pussy.

With a loud grunt I gave a hard, final thrust and buried my cock as deep as I could in Aunt Sheen’s pussy from behind. Aunt Sheen began to groan as yet another orgasm hit her. Within the next couple of seconds I felt my cock spurt out thick streams of cum deep in her already wet pussy. I was trembling with the effort to stand as waves of ecstasy swept all over me. I simply leaned down and put my weight on her soft, sweaty back and rested, breathing hard.

It took me almost over a minute to get my breathing back to normal. I looked down and saw Aunt Sheen staring at me in the mirror and had a lazy grin on her face.

“That.. Wow! That was something, wasn’t it, sweetheart?”, cooed Aunt Sheena sweetly, pausing to catch her breath and slowly stood up.

“Oh God! That was fucking awesome Aunty!” I said with a stupid smile on her face. “I’m glad you took this chance, baby. I know we wouldn’t be able to fuck any time at my son’s place in Mumbai. So, thank you so much for taking care of that!” Aunt Sheen said and caught my dripping wet semi-erect cock in her hand.

“Now let’s clean up, shall we?”, Aunt Sheen and before I could react she was bent low and began sucking on my cock once more. I closed my eyes and growled low as I felt Aunt Sheen using her tongue to lick the mix of my cum and her juices clean.

After about a couple of minutes of sucking my entire cock clean off of our cum Aunt Sheen finally let go of my cock with a popping sound. I looked down and saw Aunt Sheen licking her lips clean with her tongue. I could see she actually enjoyed playing with and swallowing my cum.

Aunt Sheen stood up and I pushed my flaccid cock back in my cargo shorts. I smiled at Aunt Sheen and turned around. After putting an ear to make sure there was nobody standing outside the door I slowly pulled the door open and stepped out. I had barely taken a few steps before I heard Aunt Sheen shut the door behind me. I was lucky to have left at the exact moment that I did because as I stepped in the passageway I noticed the train conductor coming out of our cabin.

He didn’t suspect a thing and smiled at me as I approached. “Sir, is there anything else you need? It’s nearly 5 so we have tea and coffee if you wish.” I ordered for two coffees and he left. I stepped in and saw that the old lady had not stirred from her sleep. I figured we would reach Mumbai within a couple of hours. I was feeling extremely content having had not one but two amazing orgasms within a few hours.

I looked up to see Aunt Sheen step in the cabin. She had cleaned up well and looked fresh now. She smiled back at me and sat very close. I told her the coffees were on the way and she thanked me.

The rest of the journey was uneventful as the old lady soon woke and began chatting again with Aunt Sheen. When there were about to reach Mumbai Aunt Sheen took her hand bag and went to the wash room. Soon, she returned with her Hijab and Abaya back on. I smirked as she grinned at me. We eventually reached Mumbai and her son was waiting for us with her daughter Dee at the railway station.
Obviously my cousins were excited to see me. Although her son regretted that I couldn’t stay till Monday and celebrate Dee’s birthday Dee was looking too excited. Aunt Sheen was behaving normally with me, as she did in front of everyone else when home.

Even though I figured I wouldn’t get to fuck Aunt Sheen at her son’s place in Mumbai I was wrong. Stay tuned to my blog and learn how I fucked Aunt Sheen and how I managed to fuck Dee over the weekend before I flew back home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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