Starting the Day

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Julie grabbed the bottom of her short nightie and lifted it above her head enjoying the touch of it’s silkiness sliding over her naked breasts, tossing the cream coloured nightie onto her bed she walked into the bathroom rubbing her erect nipples with the palms of her hands to warm them up from the cool summer morning.

Turning on the hot tap the bathroom immediately filled with steam, Julie stepped into the shower dodging the flow of hot water until she adjusted the temperature. Standing directly under the shower spray the warm water streamed over her dark long hair and over her face. Julie pushed her hands across the top of her head forcing the water to flow down the length of her hair to the small of her back, the water trickling slowly down between her toned buttocks and onto her anus before falling to the black and white tiled floor and into the drain.

Julie leaned forward allowing the water to rush faster along her back spreading her buttocks with her hands granting her anus better access to more of the warm flowing water. Julie let out a sigh from the sensation allowing her anus to be pleasured for a few minutes she could feel the tension welling inside her pussy and the wetness start between her slightly swollen pussy lips.

Julie removed her hands from her cheeks and reached for her body shampoo, giving the top of the container a pump, the pink coloured shampoo squelched onto Julie’s hand. Lathering it up between her palms, Julie slowly stroked her smooth shoulders her hands followed the contours of her body first down along her slim arms and up again then along her neck and down the sides of her body, up along her taught tummy reaching under her petite teardrop breasts. Julie cupped both her breasts and closed her eyes as she enjoyed gently kneading them, stopping quickly as she resisted diving her hands down on to her pussy relieving its want, her attention momentarily turned to her tight erect dark red nipples as she slid her soapy palms over them.

Julie pumped the container once again and lathered the shampoo, she placed her foot onto the step and ran her hands down her thigh over casino şirketleri her shin along the top of her foot pushing her delicate fingers between her toes then under her foot, Julie let out a little giggle as she tiggled herself. Julie hands moved up the back of her leg along her calves gently massaging slowly sliding them up along her soft inner thigh.

Julie paused before slipping her hand in between the top of her silky inner thigh and the outside of her pussy lips enjoying the first touch of the day. Julie then repeated the process on her other leg once again giggling as she tickled the bottom of her foot and pausing once again enjoying the feel from the touch of her hand on the side of her pussy and inner leg.

Julie rubbed her hands together lathering the remaining amount of shampoo and glided them over her pussy gently washing her lips, she took a deep breath and removed her hands swiftly away she needed to take control, and she could not be late for work again. Julie turned her body facing the shower rose allowing the water to cascade over her firm breasts caressing her nipples, and then slightly moving back spreading her pussy lips permitting the water to penetrate her wetness and wash away the soap. Julie quickly turned the shower off and dried herself smiling as she dried her pussy leaving the remnants of her glistening juices on the red towel.

Julie rummaged around in the dresser draw until she found a new packet of stockings, sitting down on her bed she ripped open the packet with her teeth. Julie leaned slightly back rolling the first stocking up and then slipping it over her toes, she slid the black stocking up her leg with both hands enjoying the touch of its sheerness, the elasticized top snapping against the top of her soft thigh bringing her back to reality.

Julie carefully slid the other stocking on and stood up, the coolness of the summer morning had quickly disappeared and the warmth of the suns rays danced over Julie’s naked body through her bedroom windows. She turned and greeted its warmth against her pert breasts and shaved pussy deeply sighing from its touch, casino firmaları Julie wished it was the weekend so she could let her fingers dance with the suns rays across her smooth slim body enjoying their combined pleasure.

Julie grabbed her little black summer dress from the hanger behind the door and pulled it over her head checking in the full length mirror that the tops of her stockings were covered by it shortness. Julie admired how the dress hugged her petite tits in a way they didn’t need to be restricted by a bra she ran the side of her hand down the inside of her cleavage watching her nipples push out against the cotton fabric from her touch.

Picking up her stilettos Julie pushed her feet into them and raised her foot onto the seat of the chair, she leaned forward threading the strap through the buckle of her shoe and felt her pussy lips partially opened restricted by the stickiness of her juices. Julie placed her other foot onto the chair this time she pushed her body further forward until she felt her puffed lips fully open, when she finished buckling her stiletto’s she stood up and squeezed her legs together sliding her inner thighs together enjoying the sensation of her wet pussy lips together in the hope of scratching her itch.

Julie noticed the time and realized she had only five minutes to make it to the bus, she quickly grabbed her bag and headed out the front door towards the bus stop as she ran she felt a slight breeze against her wet pussy and realized in her haste to leave forgot to put on her panties, she smiled as it wasn’t the first time she had not worn panties to work.

Julie reached the bus stop as the bus arrived and she hopped on flashing her pass and quickly moved to the back trying to sit down before the bus took off and jolted her forwards. Julie managed to reach the back window seat and started to sit down when the bus moved off, she grabbed the rail to gain control of her balance and sat quickly down. Her motion lifting her dress and exposing her pussy to the cold vinyl seat her first reaction was to slip her dress underneath her buttocks however the coolness güvenilir casino of the seat sent a tingling sensation through her hot pussy and she decided to enjoy the moment.

The bus hit a bump in the road and Julie’ buttocks lifted off the seat she felt her pussy unstick from the seat and with in a second being smacked hard into the vinyl. Julie closed her eyes she was so wet and horny she beared her hips down and pushed her pussy harder into the seat trying to relieve her ache, once again the bus hit a bump and again her pussy was forced down hard into the vinyl. Julie looked out the window trying to look ahead on the road hoping there was numerous more bumps in the road, the bus shifted slightly and exited onto the freeway, Julie knew that would be the last of any bumps.

Julie gazed out the window trying to distract herself from the want her pussy needed, she thought if she could just wait till she arrived at work and clock in and rush of to the toilets and finger herself in one of the cubicles, the thought of doing this made her juices flow even more.

Julie slightly parted her legs and slid her hand under the little black dress and parted her swollen lips with her fingers the sensation of the vinyl touching her hot wet flesh forced Julie’s back to slightly arch she ran her finger along her pussy up to her clit it hardness accentuated by her splayed pussy lips. Julie gently pinched her clit with her thumb and finger tenderly milking it in and out. Julie felt the cotton fabric of her dress tighten around the fullness of her tits, her erect nipples pushed further out she felt the tension of her orgasm building deep inside of her, she stroked her clit faster with her finger. Julie’s thighs started to tremble and she pushed her finger hard against her protruding clit, as the wave of pleasure filled her groin with tiny explosion from her orgasm.

Julie clasped her soft thighs tight around her hand pushing her pussy deeper into the vinyl, she felt her cunt hole touch the seat the feeling making her pussy muscles spasm sending another explosion of ecstasy through her. Julie slowly released her grip on her hand and she reached discreetly into her handbag for a tissue wiping the juices from her hand. The bus pulled up at Julies stop she gently lifted herself from the sit looking back and smiling at the wet glistening marks she had left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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