Steffi’s First BBC.

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Steffi’s First BBC.
Jane and I were having lunch when she told me that her husband, John, planned to have a gang bang party for her.

“What did you do to deserve that?”

“I lost a bet,” was the reply.

I smiled “well, have fun!”

“Yeah right! I also have to find a friend to come over to suck the guys, to make sure they stay hard.” Do you know anyone who might be interested?”

I am thinking to myself that this might be fun, so I ask, “when is this party going to happen?” “Saturday afternoon,” was the reply. “I’m free Saturday, I could get you out of this jam.” “Okay, but I need to tell you that two of the guys are BBC.” “Really, I’ve never been with a black guy before.” “One more thing, Steffi, we will both be collard and I will be leashed. We’ll both have to be submissive to John.” “Will there be any pain,” I asked. “Maybe for me, but I doubt it for you, I’ll find out for sure”

Latter that day, I got a text from Jane, “No pain for you but you will be leashed and given away as a present to one of the guys. It will be John’s choice who you will have to fuck” I replied back, “That’s okay, what time does it start?” “At 1 PM and goes till were tired.” “See you at 1!”

Saturday comes around and I arrive at John & Janes place a few minutes early. There were already two guys there and we were waiting for the other three to arrive. Walking up to Jane I embrace her and give her a deep, long kiss. John comes in and hugs kaçak iddaa and kisses me and starts to play with my ass and pussy, “the others will be her shortly,” he said. The other three guys arrive and John walks over to a table and picks up two collars and leashes and puts them on both of us. “Ladies, you are now my property and will be completely obedient to me, understand?” “Yes Sir,” we answered.

“Let’s get these bitches naked!” Three of the guys come over to me, including a black man in his mid-thirties, slender and good looking, he puts both hands on my tits, and starts to play with them. One guy is removing my shoes and socks and pulling off my jeans and panties while the other guy is pulling my top off. Sam, the black guy, reaches around my back, unhooked my bra and lets it fall to the floor. “Nice tits bitch.”

Jane is naked and they are putting shackles on her and lead her to the table where they secure her with her legs spread and tied back. They lead me over to her and order me to start licking her clit, while the guys are drawing cards to see who goes first. With the order determined the first guy comes over to me, “on your knees bitch, let’s find out how good of a cocksucker you are, and don’t make me cum!” I kneel and start to show him my skills. In just a couple of minutes he pulls it out and walks over to the table and starts to fuck Jane. Somebody brings a chair over, and a bottle of water for pinbahis me, so the guys could sit while they’re getting sucked. This goes on for a while when John comes over for his turn. When he’s good and hard he stands up and tells me too stand also, taking up the leash, he leads me to Sam, “take her in the back bedroom a fuck her all you want. You’re welcome to spend the night here if you want.”

With a lot of excitement and a little fear I follow Sam to the bedroom, closing the door and locking it, he removes the leash, “I am not releasing you; I don’t want this thing in the way.” “Yes Sir.” “Now it’s my turn,” he said as he laid down on the bed. “It’s suck and swallow time, so show me how good you really are!” I take his thick, big, black, cock and start to stroke it. Thinking to myself that there is a first time for everything I put it in my mouth, taking it as deep as possible. Putting the most suction that I can on it, I start to suck it head to shaft, over and over again. Feeling that he is starting to get close, I put the tip of it right between my sucking cheeks and start licking around the tip. I hear him groan and feel his body stiffen. With no warning at all my mouth fills with his hot sticky cum, swallowing furiously, not a drop is wasted. I continue sucking him, looking him in the eyes, as he smiles and looks back. “That’s enough.” Pulling that beautiful cock out of my mouth, I crawl pinbahis güvenilir mi up to him, and lay in the crook of his arm, he rolls over on me and starts embracing and kissing me. “Let me rest and then I’ll fuck you.”

We lay there and talk for about an hour, when he rolled me over and kissed me long and deep, pushing my legs apart, he slips two fingers in my pussy and places his thumb on my clit, and starts rubbing me. This goes on until I am gasping and squirming, and with an uncontrollable shudder, I cum! Rolling over onto me, he pushes my legs wider apart, and starts to rub his cock on my clit. Moving his cock into my dripping wet pussy I can feel it spreading the walls apart while they grip its hard, thick shaft. As he pushes deeper into me, I wiggle my ass to try to get more comfortable, and his cock feels thicker and harder. As he comes up to the end and hits my cervix, I grunt and gasp, and he starts to pump me. Slow and easy at first, but he soon he has me nailed to the bed, driving into me fast and hard. All I could do was to lay there and gasp with each thrust. Then his body spasmed and I felt his hot, thick, cum fill my pussy! He continued to pump me for a few more minutes and the he rolled off of me. As he pulled his cock out, I could feel his cum gush out of my pussy and run down across my asshole.

Holding me and kissing me he says, “slave, you will eat dinner with me tonight.” “Yes Sir!”

We rest a few minutes and then get into the shower and clean up. As we are getting ready to leave John & Janes house, he removes my collar and says to me, “I release you.” As we are walking to his car, I wonder what this will lead to.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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