Story no. 1 – First Time with Another Man !

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Story no. 1 – First Time with Another Man !
This is my first story on Xhamster, well it’s not really a story but more of a factual account of one of the many amazing things that my wife and I have experienced. I’m not a writer just a working middle class guy who is married to a beautiful wife with a wonderful family.

I’m lucky enough to still have an absolutely amazing sex life with my wife after 20 plus years. I wanted to write on here to anonymously share some of the experiences we have had over the years as they have been so amazing and I hope all of you enjoy them.

As with all our experiences shared on here I will try and give a brief history of our relationship so you can get an idea of who we are and how we have kept are marriage and sex lives so incredible.

This will be about the first time my wife gave another man a blow job.

My wife and I have been together for over twenty years, she is a beautiful brunette with a curvy figure and great d cups. She gives an amazing blow job, really getting into it and not just doing it for your pleasure but for hers as well.

I found this out about two weeks into dating her when we’re fooling around and she decided to go down on me, it was amazing, the best blow job I had ever had. It is so much different when the girl is into it and not just doing it. I also found out that she gets so excited sucking cock that she can orgasm without any stimulation.

Well that should give you a little background about how sexual my wife is and now we can move on to what led up to the first time I watched her with another man.

We have always had great sex and as our years together went on I started wondering more and more about her sexual past, how many guys she had been with and what they did together sexually. Her exceptional oral skills when we met had always made me wonder how many guys she had done that for.

One night after she had some wine I decided to ask her about her past sexual experiences which opened the door to her telling me a lot over the course of a few months. My mind was overloaded with the thoughts of the things she told me, and I don’t mean overloaded with jealousy or anger but arousal, well maybe a little jealousy but my rock hard cock kept that in the back of my mind.

I mean my dick was hard for what seem like months on end, I couldn’t jerk off enough to keep it down. She was driving me crazy with all the stories she was telling me. I was masturbating multiple times a day as if I were a teenager again. Sometimes at work, sometimes in the middle of the night lying next to her while she was sleeping. I was out of control.

Eventually the stories graduated to me asking and her telling me explicit details of things she had done while we had sex or while she was sucking me she would tell me about a blow job she had given someone. It opened up a whole new realm of pleasure. The arousal level was almost magical. Especially when combined with a little of our favorite cannabis.

Then one night while I was fucking her I started talking dirty to her about how I would like to see her suck a cock while I watched and within seconds she was cumming. Obviously turned on by this we continued this type of talk for a long time and it always made for a great love making session and then I started fantasizing of her actually doing it. Wondering what it would be like to watch her suck someone else, for her to give such pleasure to another cock that she had given me so many times.

I wondered if she would ever do it, if I should even push it any more than just our dirty bedroom talk. I mean the talk really turned her on, it turned both of us on but would she really want to take it beyond just the talk? would I?

I knew our love and relationship was strong enough and that we both could not live without one another and we were destined to be together forever and being that our sex life was always so wild that it may progress to even more wilder and crazy things as we got older.

Now some may say, at least from what I had read on this subject that husbands who want to do these things with their wives are just using it as an excuse to say well you did it now I can do it with another girl but I can tell you from my stand point that couldn’t be further from the truth, yea I fantasize about my wife doing these dirty things but I have absolutely no interest in being with someone else.

Sure if she wanted to be with another girl I would watch but I really have no interest in being with another woman. My wife is my fantasy girl, I jerk off thinking of her and the things we have done.

So one night while having some hot dirty talking sex I whispered to her if she would like to do some of the things we talk about. I didn’t know what the outcome would be but I had to ask. She just started moaning and a few more pumps and she came all over my cock.

My wife was always hard to read but I took her orgasm as more of a yes than a no but I kind of knew she would probably never actually tell me a straight out yes. If we were ever going to do this it would have to be a totally unplanned event. I guess we would have to just wait it out and maybe one day the stars would align and it would happen.

We discussed it a little and she felt that would be the only real way it could happen and it would just be sex, meaningless sex with no strings attached just for the sake of our pleasure. Until then it would continue on as our fantasy and my fuel for masturbation. It did make for some incredible sex sessions as she would describe how she would suck the other guy and maybe let him fuck her.

This is where it gets interesting. I don’t know an exact time line but maybe a few years after our fantasy had been brought to the table we were at our local casino playing roulette. The night had just begun and we were staying over for the night for some long needed time away from the stresses of everyday life.

After a few spins I noticed a guy a few people over from us. I recognized him as a friend of a friend that I had met once or twice but didn’t really know him to well other than the fact that a few months or so back my friend had mentioned he was having some troubles with his wife. We made eye contact and said hi from across the table, I figured when we were done playing we would talk a bit.

A while went buy and he was done playing and walked over to us, we were doing quite well so I figured we should quit while we were ahead. We shook hands, I introduced him to my wife and we made the usual small talk. I asked him if he was here with anyone and he said that he wasn’t, that he and his wife had divorced about a month ago and none of his friends were able to come out with him.

My wife and I said we were sorry to hear that and he said it was for the best and at least they didn’t have any k**s together and that he comes up here to try and get out a little and get his mind off things. Feeling bad about his situation I offered to buy him a drink and he quickly accepted.

We all walked around the casino until we found a night club that seemed pretty nice with some live music and went inside. We sat at the bar ordered some drinks and started talking. Conversation seemed to flow pretty well, we talked about his marriage a little and my wife being who she is güvenilir bahis loves to try and help got him to open up about why they divorced, which was probably a good thing, I’m sure he needed to talk about it anyway.

He said how his ex wife was just a mean, cold, money hungry bitch and they had been together long enough that he thought he should just make it work until he realized she would just never change and it was time to throw in the towel. A while went by with some more details of his marriage and a lot more drinks, everyone was loosening up some more.

Now I don’t remember how but the conversation shifted to sex and he said it had been well over a year since he and his ex wife had any.

My wife commented “Ooh you poor guy.”

We laughed a little and being a little drunk I blurted out that my wife wouldn’t be able to go a day without it and I got a playful punch in the arm and a mischievous smile.

So on went the night with some more drinks and the conversation was now purely sexual. He seemed really interested in how sexual we were with one another and why wouldn’t he be, he hadn’t gotten any in over a year and I’m sure my wife’s constant touching and flirting with me didn’t help his situation. I wouldn’t normally open up to someone I really didn’t know too well but all the alcohol and the way we all just seemed to mesh made it seem like it was ok.

My wife excused herself to the ladies room and as she was walking away she looked back and gave me a very seductive smile and licked her lips as her eyes shifted down to my crotch.

I looked over and said to him “I can’t wait to get her back the the room and have that hot mouth on my cock.”

He said “Wow she does that too,” I cant even remember the last time I had a blow job.

“She’s amazing” was all I said.

When my wife returned she asked “So what did you guys talk about while I was gone.”

I said “Blow jobs, we talked about blow jobs.”

Joking around with a laugh my wife said “I didn’t think you two went that way.”

I told her “No your blow jobs” and we all laughed. I was a little shocked by what she did next being that she has a little shy side to her when we are out. She dipped her finger in her drink twirling it around while looking me in the eyes and then put it in her mouth seductively licking off the alcohol. I knew it was going to be a good night.

We ordered one more round of drinks and talked some more, he said that his ex didn’t like blow jobs and probably only did it a handful of times during their marriage and complained about it the whole time.

He also stressed “She never let me cum in her mouth.”

My wife patted him on the arm and said “Wow, you must really be in need.”

He said “You really have no idea” and we all laughed.

This was the moment that it hit me, when her hand touched his arm that maybe tonight would be the night, it was a perfect scenario, we were all getting along so well, he was an overall good looking guy and he just got out of a sexless long term relationship so an std was pretty unlikely and I’m sure he would really enjoy one of my wife’s award winning blow jobs.

But how would this progress I thought to myself and then as we finished our drinks and went to stand up we all almost fell over, we were definitely feeling pretty good, then I thought how could our friend drive home in this condition.

I excused my wife and I to the restrooms and asked her if she thought it would be a good idea to have him stay in our room for the night on the pull out sofa bed so he wouldn’t have to get behind the wheel in his condition.

She said in an excited voice “That would be a great idea.” For a moment I wondered if she had the same idea that I did.

We walked back toward him and I said “Why don’t you crash in our room, we have a pull out sofa bed and you really shouldn’t be driving anywhere like that.”

He was grateful and accepted our invitation. We all walked the long walk around the casino back to the hotel elevator.

When we boarded the elevator he was closest to the door with his back to us, my wife then me at the back. Our room was on the s*******nth floor so the ride would take a minute or so. I reached around my wife’s waist and made my way to the bottom of her dress and slowly reached under it and started to run my hand up her leg.

As I got closer to her pussy I could feel the hot dampness coming off of it. I inched my hand into her panties and ran my finger across her clit, as soon as it made contact she let out a little gasp which made our friend quickly turn his head.

He glanced down at my wife standing there with her dress up and my hand inside her panties. He then politely turned back around and my wife quickly pulled her dress back down. When we got back to the room my wife embarrassed went straight to the bathroom and locked the door. I waited a minute and knocked on the door and she let me in.

She said “I cant believe he seen that.”

I looked her in the eyes and said “You were wet!” Then I reached up her dress, cupped her panty covered pussy and said “Your panties are soaked too, you loved it.”

She stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes. When she came out she suggested we smoke the joint she had brought with her which she saves for special occasions, and it does make for great sex by the way.

I lit it up and we all passed it around and in a few minutes we were feeling even better than before. Now I don’t think our friend parties like we do and was sitting on the sofa laying back looking really relaxed and from the looks of it would be passed out pretty soon. I thought to myself that the chances of our perfect scenario was fading, but whatever, it didn’t really matter. We were having a great time.

I was going to fuck my wife no matter what, if I had to bring her in the shower to do it I would have. A few minutes later he was out. My wife got up and shut the lights and opened the curtain to the balcony to let a little light in, just enough to navigate through the room, plus the moonlight is always so nice looking shining in.

She woke him enough to open the sofa bed and in minutes he was out again. We got into bed and started to snuggle up and caress each other, which led to some passionate kissing.

My wife stopped a second and looked over at our guest and said “Should we be doing this here?”

I assured her he was out cold. We continued fooling around for a while, some licking, sucking and when I say sucking she was like a woman possessed. When I could take no more without filling her mouth I climbed on top of her and slowly started fucking her. As we got hotter our pace had picked up, evidently enough to cause the bed to make some noise.

Now we were facing away from the sofa bed where our friend was sleeping and he was closer to the balcony window which made a shadow on the wall that we were facing. I noticed what appeared to be a club sized cock being stroked.

Obviously the shadow made everything look bigger but it was kind of funny.

I whispered to my wife to “Look at the wall.”

She just said “Oh my god look how big it looks” and giggled a little.

Now we were hot, wet and horny and if he wanted to stroke his cock and watch us I didn’t care, we were going to keep going. We fucked while watching the shadow, watching türkçe bahis the hand stroke up and down, we could see him stroke from the base up the shaft squeezing out the precum and rubbing it all over the head.

Honestly it was pretty hot knowing we were being watched and it had a very arousing effect on my wife, she was wet, now when I say wet I mean wet like the sheets were soaked and the squishing sounds coming from between us were none like I had ever heard.

I whispered to her “You really like this don’t you,” she just moaned.

If there was ever a time that our fantasy would play out this was it.

I whispered into her ear “Maybe you should go help him.”

She looked me in the eyes and said “Oh my god, really, are you sure.”

Now this was it if I said yes something would happen, what I don’t know. I had to find out, I had to watch, years of these thoughts going through my head and here it was. Just like her I couldn’t really say yes but I knew what I wanted to happen. I pulled my near exploding rock hard cock from her soaking wet hole and rolled off her, she knew what it meant.

She climbed out of bed and walked over toward the sofa, he quickly covered himself up.

My wife then quickly said “You don’t have to do that” and climbed onto the bed and slowly pulled the sheets off of him.

I heard my wife gasp a little, she obviously liked what she saw. Now this was the first time actually seeing his cock not in it’s shadow and it was big, not as big as the shadow made it out to be but big. Probably a little to big to completely wrap a hand around and maybe 7-8 inches long with a plump head.

He was laying down with his head up on the pillow and my wife moved her way up and was kneeling between his legs. She reached out for his cock and he looked over at me as if to see if this was ok and I just gave him a nod.

She wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock and slowly started stroking it up and down. Now this was the first time my wife had another cock in her hand other than mine in 20 plus years and let me tell you she looked amazing. My cock was rock hard watching this.

After a few minutes of slowly stroking and admiring his cock she stopped and let it flop down against his stomach and crawled on top of him. Holy shit I thought, she was going to fuck him.

Her pussy got closer and closer to his cock, she was hovering right above it. She lowered herself down, trapping his cock between her and his stomach and slowly started to slide her pussy back and forth on it, she only did it a few times and stopped, I figured this was it, he was going to be inside her any second.

She leaned in and whispered something in his ear and with that they both got up off the bed and he sat down in the chair that was right next to our bed.

My wife was standing in front of him putting her hair back with the black hair elastic she kept on her wrist. I knew what this meant, she was going to suck his cock, she had him move over to the chair so I would have a better view and probably so she would be in a better position to work her magic.

I was now only a few feet from where this epic event was going to take place. I put another pillow under my head so I had the perfect view and in a good position to stroke my cock. My wife looked over at me and smiled and then went to her knees in front of this other man.

She reached out and took hold of his cock so it was standing straight up and gave it a few strokes, she looked over at me once again with a look of lust in her eyes and slowly started to move her mouth toward his erection.

At this moment time seemed to stop, there was my beautiful wife on her knees between this guys legs with her mouth slowly closing in on his cock. She looked amazing with the moonlight shining in from the balcony doors, her gorgeous ass sticking out and her tits hanging down as she leaned forward getting closer and closer to his cock.

At this point I was just holding my cock waiting with anticipation of what was about to happen. The build up of years of fantasizing, the countless times I made myself cum to this very scenario was about to happen right in front of me and it had me almost exploding all over the sheets.

Her lips were only an inch away from it, her mouth opened and then it happened. I remember it clear as day, she slid her open mouth down over the head of his cock and closed her lips around the shaft. That was it, she now had another mans cock in her mouth. The only cock besides mine in over twenty years. I wondered how she was feeling now tasting him, feeling his flesh on her tongue.

The only way to describe the sight was sensory overload, a kind of euphoric state. She slid her mouth off of him and looked over at me as to say I did it, how did you like that. If she was able to see the state my cock was in she would have known how I liked it.

She moved her mouth to his cock again taking him deeper inside of her, using just her mouth she bobbed up and down, taking as much as she could on the down stroke and then right to the tip on the upstroke. When she would get near head she would slow her motion down and suck, almost as if she was savoring the the most important part.

Watching her lips slide up the shaft and then open slightly as the head slipped past them and then her cheeks hollow as she sucked the tip was mesmerizing. After a while of this she took her mouth off his cock and started licking it all over from base to head, coating his entire cock in her saliva, getting him ready, preparing him for the main event.

This went on for sometime. It was amazing watching her take her time, making sure his cock was thoroughly lubricated and ready for what she was about to do to him.

Seeing her tongue and lips touching the bare skin of his cock. Watching her lick the precum off of the tip of his cock, showing off her talents and making sure it was going to be the best blow job he had ever had and putting on the best show I had ever seen.

When she was satisfied his cock was ready she repositioned herself a little and reached over to my cock to give it a squeeze and in her most seductive voice said to me, are you ready. I was ready, my cock was ready.

This was it, she was going to make him cum, she knew this is what I had fantasized about the most, her allowing another man to cum in her mouth. All the dirty talk, all stories about the blow jobs she had given before we met, all the guys she made cum with that hot mouth. Fuck, this was an indescribable feeling.

She looked up at him and said “Tell me when your gonna cum” and plunged her mouth down on his cock.

I knew this wasn’t going to last long, when she wants a cock to cum it stands no chance against her talented mouth and I’m sure he would be no exception. I prepared myself and coated my cock with the ridiculous amount of precum that had leaked out of it during this whole thing and just sat back and watched the show. And a show she made it.

She was using one hand to stroke the shaft the other hand was between her legs furiously rubbing her clit and her mouth was bobbing up and down at a nice steady pace. His hips were moving up and down slightly getting into the rhythm. I knew how good he was feeling inside her mouth and that pretty soon he would be feeling güvenilir bahis siteleri even better.

She started to move her mouth a little faster up and down his cock and her hand twisting and sliding the shaft a little more. His hips were moving more, pumping to meet her mouth. His cock was glistening with her saliva.

I could only imagine how good she was making him feel. No, wait I knew how good she was making him feel. I’ve been in his position many times and now she was giving his cock that same pleasure.

I was stroking my cock at the same pace my wife’s mouth was moving up and down his hard shaft trying to feel what he was feeling. I was in a daze, getting lost in pleasuring myself to the moaning and sucking sounds happening right next to me.

Still in my daze I heard him say to her “Your gonna make me cum.”

That’s when I snapped out of it and focused on the sight in front of me. I realized my wife had really picked up her pace and every motion she made was bringing him closer and closer to my ultimate fantasy. His hips were frantically pumping to meet her mouth, I knew it wouldn’t be long before all three of us got our reward.

He looked down at my wife and said in a strained voice, “Im gonna cum, oh baby here it comes.”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my beautiful wife of twenty plus years on her knees sucking this man she had just met hours before and he was about to cum in her mouth.

She slid her lips down his cock and he pushed his hips up to meet her mouth one final time and his body went stiff as board. My wife let out a soft moan around his cock and she started to shake as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Her mouth and hand motions slowed, her cheeks drew in as she started to suck and her hand slowly stroked his shaft up and down. He was cumming in my wife’s mouth, at that very moment his big hard cock was releasing it’s fluid inside of her.

I was picturing what was happening in her mouth every time I seen his shaft pulse. The thick white cum shooting from the tip of his cock filling her hot mouth. His sperm was now inside my wife, she was tasting his orgasm.

They were both moaning, his hands gripping the sheets, my wife still slowly rubbing her pussy, her other hand stopped it’s movement and was just holding the base of his cock tight. I could see the shaft pulsing and with each contraction I knew that more and more of his fluid was being pumped into her.

It was then that I seen it, a thick glob of his cum that ran out of the corner of her mouth and was sliding down the shaft. The first physical evidence of what she had done. Before I realized what was happening my cock throbbed and I started to cum, almost involuntarily. I grabbed it and stroked it as fast as I could, cumming all over the place, it shot past my head. It was intense to say the least.

Trying to still concentrate on my wife I regained focus as their orgasms were subsiding. She was slowly milking the last few drops from his still hard cock. She slowly slid her mouth over the head with her lips sealed tightly around it trying not to lose what she had in her mouth. The head slipped from her lips and more of his cum rolled out from around her lower lip and slid down his cock.

She turned to me looking me in the eyes and opened her mouth showing me the thick white fluid. With such a seductive look she slowly sealed her lips together and swallowed his cum. Her tongue came out to quickly lick her lips and she went back to finish where she had left off with our friend.

She ran her tongue from the bottom of his penis where the cum had dripped down and licked it up to the head collecting it on her tongue. She squeezed the base of his cock and stroked it up trying to get one last drop. A big pearly drop appeared from the hole, she closed her lips over the very tip of his cock and sucked it off looking up at him the whole time.

She swallowed once more and gave his penis a kiss, still looking at him she mouthed “Thank you.”

She got up off her knees and climbed up onto the bed with me seeing what a mess I was. She went toward my semi soft cock and covered it with her mouth. She gave it a few sucks and then ran her tongue through the cum that was around the base and on my balls. She crawled up and layed down on top of me and gave me a very passionate kiss.

When our lips parted I said “I fucking love you so much,” she snuggled up on top of me and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day we didn’t talk much about it which is how I had always figured it would be, it would just be an experience we had together and it would be put in the past and probably only be brought up during our love making sessions. The week went on and was very busy with work and activities with the k**s until Saturday night, the night we try and kick back, watch movies, drink and have an intimate evening.

The night went on and we were drinking and feeling pretty good. We started fooling around, she was stroking my cock and asked me if I wanted her to tell me about her sucking him off. She didn’t need me to answer and continued to tell me from her point of view everything that happened all the while still sliding her soft hand up and down my cock.

She said how nervous she was at first and wasn’t sure she would be able to do it in front of me but then she was overcome with excitement once she had his cock in her hand and that when she put her mouth on it she felt like she was a teenager again sucking a new guy for the first time and that she wanted to make his cock feel really good, then knowing that pretty soon his cum would be in her mouth.

She told me how his cock felt in her mouth, how thick it was and most importantly about his orgasm. She told me that his cock was leaking so much it was like he was cumming the entire time and that when he did cum there was so much she had to swallow a few times while he was still cumming and what she had showed me was only what had dribbled out after it stopped squirting.

She seen the affect this was having on me and pushed me back on the couch and slowly started making her way down to my cock. She pulled my pants the rest of the way off, pushed my legs apart and got in position. My cock was already hard as a rock and ready for whatever she had in mind. She lowered her mouth to my cock and right before she was about to take it in her mouth she stopped and said with a devious smile.

“You do realized the last penis I had in my mouth wasn’t yours,” then covered me with her lips.

She gave me such and intense blow job I don’t know how I lasted as long as I did, her words before she engulfed me were repeating over and over in my head as her mouth moved up and down my cock and all I could think of were the images of what I had seen, what she had done, her lips on his cock, another mans cum in my beautiful wife’s mouth. It was all I could take and it all boiled over.

All in all I think I only lasted about 30 seconds.The fact that I came so quickly and the force of the first spurt caught her off guard and she pulled my cock out of her mouth, the second spurt went right into her mouth and across her lips.

When I calmed down a bit she sucked me back into her mouth to finish me off. When I was done she looked up at me just licking the head of my cock and using one finger to push the sperm around her lips into her mouth and sucked her finger clean.

“Wow” she said “Looks like someone really enjoyed his little fantasy,” maybe we can do it again sometime.

She is an amazing woman. I love her so much.

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