Strangers in Paradise Ch. 02

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I woke up the next day in my hotel room, cover half covering my flesh. A little dazed with what had happened yesterday/last night.

Did I really fuck a hot black man in the restaurant of this beautiful resort?

I was not sure with what had happened, I felt a little dazed, confused however really dirty and comfortable with what happened. I gulped as I thought of how good his cock had felt thrusting in and out of my tight pussy. It had been a while since I had been last fucked anyway… that wasn’t the point… Or was it? I wasn’t sure why I had let him do all the things that he was allowed to do to my body there and then, in the open space where ANYBODY could have walked in. Seen our bodies connected in such an amazing way. That didn’t matter, not to me, I was getting what my ex-husband wasn’t able to do. Make me feel like a woman again.

I sighed softly to myself before moving out of the bed and into the bathroom to check if I looked like I will be able to go outside to show my face to the other people at this resort… or even face the good looking black man that is casino şirketleri a couple of doors down from my room. I seem to blush even thinking about him… Why? I decided to take a shower before finding something to wear, stepping inside letting the hot water run over my body. Lathering up some soap into my hands and running it up and down my arms, underneath them and over my huge tits. My head fell back against the wall as my right hand decided to take a little wonder down over my pussy hair, spreading my legs for more access to the rest of my pussy. I slide my right hand over my clit, opening it up some of the hot water running down to over my body and over my pussy, running down it and onto my thighs til it reached the floor. I sighed softly as I rubbed my clit around in slow, hard circles thinking of the black guy walking through the door, tilting his head to the side, rubbing his crotch as he watches me rubbing my clit in the shower.

‘I need that tight pussy, babe. Do you think I can have it?’ I nod as I look over at him, his white shirt clinging onto his muscles and casino firmaları his jeans attracting my eyes to his bulge. He smiles over at me as he unbuckles belts himself and lets his jeans fall to the floor, exposing his big black cock. His shirt falling to the floor and stepping behind me into the shoulder, my head falling onto his left shoulder as his hands began to roam all over my huge tits and down my fairly small stomach down to my natural pussy, spanking my clit which made my legs spread a little bit wider for his big hands to roam over my pussy.

‘Thats a good girl. Fuck you’re so wet,’ he whispered in my ear as a finger moved inside my slit, I let out a little moan as I feel it enter my pussy, my eyes rolling back. I heard his moan as he began to finger fuck my pussy, going in and out of my pussy.

‘Oh fuck. This feels so fucking amazing,’ I moaned a little louder.

‘Mm your pussy feels so fucking tight on my fingers… God baby. I want you to cum on my fingers, do you think you can do that for me? Cum on my fingers?’ He continued to whisper in my ear, nibbling güvenilir casino on my lobe, occasionally kissing and sucking lightly onto my neck. I nodded at him as he entered another finger inside my tight hole. Making me whimper and began to arch my back.

‘Oh yeah baby. Now I know you like it in deep huh?. I’m gonna hit that spot for you. Think you can handle it?’

‘Mmhm. I want you to hit my spot over and over again…’

‘Good girl. I’m gonna hit your spot for you. God I bet you taste so fucking good. Mm god. You feel my cock getting hard for you baby. Your body is so fucking amazing.’

He continues to move his 2 fingers in and out of my pussy moving at a quickened pace, holding onto the wall with one hand and the other holding onto his leg.

‘Thats it baby, I’m gonna make you scream so hard baby. You want that, huh? I know what I want. I want the whole resort to know how good this black man can make you feel with his fingers.’

Its at this moment that I begin to cum with my own fingers on my clit up against the shower, gasping as I come back down from an amazing orgasm. It has been a while since I had orgasamed that good with my own fingers. It must be the black man, he makes me feel so amazing.

I should really get ready for the day… but maybe another orgasm will do it 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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