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Chapter 1 – I Must Be A Big Cock Magnet

My name is Brittany and what follows are my unbelievable Big Cock sexual encounters
during my trip to Las Vegas last month. I thought I had been fucked by some big cocks
before, but the cocks are even bigger (and better) this time around! For those of you who
are not already familiar with me, I’m 25 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. Most
guys say that my best feature is my 34DD breasts which really stand out on my 5 foot 3
inch, 103 pound frame.
The reason I decided to fly out to Las Vegas was because my “special” friend Ashton
went out of town for two weeks and I was kind of bored. Ashton was the guy I found on
Craigslist who had the 15 inch monster cock. I became his “big cock whore” and it is
because of him that I am now hopelessly addicted to huge cocks. There was no way I
could go two weeks without a thick cock inside of me. I was aware that the chances of
finding somebody in Las Vegas as well-endowed as Ashton were low, but anybody with
some big cock meat would do for now. I packed my sexiest outfits, got on the plane and
headed for “sin city.”
I arrived in Las Vegas in the afternoon and then got myself checked into a four star hotel
along the Vegas Strip. I decided to rent a car on my trip in case I needed to drive during
my stay. I really don’t like taking taxis. Fortunately, I had a girlfriend named Kara who
lived in Las Vegas. I looked forward to hitting the nightclubs with her, but I knew that I
might have to break away from her at some point in order to find a big Vegas cock. Kara
met me at an ultra-lounge located at the far end of the Strip. A bunch of guys saw us
seated by ourselves and joined us at our table. There was a lot of drinking and dancing.
We ended up having a blast. The sad part was that none of the guys at our table were
super-hung. I’ve developed a pretty good eye for being able to determine if a guy is
packing a big cock. We finally left the club at 3:30 in the morning.
After I left the club I drove around to see if I could find a convenience store that was
open all night. I wanted to buy some extra-large condoms in case I was lucky enough to
find a huge cock later in the weekend. It took a while, but I finally found a convenience
store about five minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. When I headed back to my hotel I got
completely disoriented. I thought I went the right way, but I obviously took a wrong turn
somewhere. I found myself in the middle of a very rough-looking neighborhood. There
were prostitutes and shady characters everywhere. I locked my car doors and kept my
eyes open for an escape route out of the area. At that exact moment I heard a loud
explosion; it sounded kind of like a gunshot! I noticed that my front tire made some
strange sounds and the car became difficult to steer. I exclaimed, “Oh shit! I’ve got a flat
What incredibly bad timing to get a flat tire. I wasn’t even sure if I knew how to change a
tire. To make matters even worse, my cell phone had died earlier in the night while I was
at the club with Kara. I pulled to the side of the road and waited until there was nobody in
the immediate area of my vehicle. While gripped with fear, I exited the vehicle and
unlocked my trunk. I was wearing a sexy outfit which consisted of a very short and tight
pink dress. The dress was low-cut because I wanted to attract as much attention as
possible at the club. Now I wanted to attract as little attention as possible. Could my
situation be any worse? Well maybe, because I was wearing sexy platform shoes with 5
inch heels. I’m sure I looked like a prostitute except for the fact that all of the other
prostitutes I saw were black. It was clear that I was in the heart of one of Las Vegas’
roughest ghettos.
I heard a few cars go by me with hip-hop music blasting. Then a car drove by me and
somebody said, “What are you doing out here white girl?” I just tried to ignore them as I
bent over and tried to retrieve the mini-spare tire from the trunk. It was secured so tightly
in the trunk that I was unable to remove the spare tire. Then I heard somebody walk up
behind me and say, “Hey little lady. You’re kind of far from home aren’t you?” I had no
choice but to answer him because I desperately needed some help at that point. “I got lost
on my way back to my hotel on the Strip and then I had a flat tire. Can you help me?” He
said, “Sure I can sweetheart.”
I stepped aside so he could get to my trunk. He was at least six feet tall with a toned,
muscular body. While he worked to retrieve the spare tire from my car trunk I learned
that he worked the night-shift on a road construction crew. He had been walking home
when he saw me by the side of the road. His name was Leon and he looked to be in his
mid 30’s. As he started to loosen the lug nuts on the wheel I said, “Thank you for doing
this. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t stop to help me.” Leon said, “Don’t
worry about it. It’s no big deal.” It took about 10 minutes for him to remove the flat tire
and mount the mini-spare.
I grabbed my purse from inside the car and pulled out $20. “Here you go Leon. Thank
you so much.” His response was a little surprising, “I don’t want any money, gorgeous.
But maybe you could do me the favor of flashing those big titties.” I must say that I was
not prepared for his answer. I really didn’t mind letting him see my tits. I like to tease
men with my body and it was the least I could do for all of his help. Without saying a
word, I slipped my straps off my shoulders and then I lowered my dress to reveal my
34DD tits to my rescuer. “Damn bitch! Those things are amazing.” I giggled because I
could see a bulge growing inside his pants. Now I had to know if his cock was as big as it
looked. I grabbed his left hand and placed it onto my right breast. Then I reached down
and placed my left-hand on his crotch. It throbbed and grew even larger within a matter
of seconds. Wow, this guy was packing a damn big cock.
I couldn’t believe I was in the middle of a dangerous ghetto with my tits fully exposed
and making out with a total stranger. It was only minutes ago that I was in an upscale
Vegas nightclub. Leon was sweaty and dirty because he had just left his job. My extreme
big-cock addiction overcame any concerns I had about his sweaty body or being in a
dangerous neighborhood. I had to see what he had between his legs. I whispered in his
ear, “Let’s get inside of my car so I can pay you back fully.” I planned to give him an
expert handjob in the front seat of my rental car. He got in on the passenger side and I got
in on the driver side. As soon as we entered the car I reached over and unzipped his pants.
Then I reached inside his underwear and pulled out his semi-rigid, throbbing cock. “No
way! No fucking way!” That was all I could say when I saw his massive black cock. I
mean I’m used to big cocks. I’ve basically made it my life’s mission to fuck the biggest
cocks I could find. This guy’s cock was actually slightly longer than and equally as thick
as Ashton’s cock; I’m talking 16 inches. I eagerly leaned over, took Leon’s cock in my
left hand and kissed him passionately on the lips.
What I thought was bad luck had actually turned into a major piece of good luck! In a
bizarre twist of events I had found exactly what I was looking for in Las Vegas. I stroked
his huge cock until he was fully erect. He played with my naked tits and asked, “Do you
like that big dick baby?” I said, “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! I love it.” He said,
“Why don’t you give it a kiss then?” I had planned on just jacking him off, but he
obviously had something else in mind. That was OK with me because his cock was so
incredible. Moments later, his hand was on the back of my head forcing my face down
towards his twitching cock. Precum flowed down the entire length of his shaft. I licked
up a big drop of precum which had pooled at the tip of his cock. It tasted so damn good! I
love the sweet taste of precum and so I proceeded to lick up all of the precum that coated
the underside of his shaft.
His cock jerked around every time I touched it with my tongue. This guy was ready to
explode. After I licked his cock clean I licked his sweaty balls until he couldn’t take it
anymore. “Get on that cock, bitch!” He took his cock in one hand and forcefully pushed
my mouth down onto his stiff cock. Thanks to Ashton I had some experience in
accommodating huge cocks down my throat. When I was younger there is no way I
could’ve deepthroated Leon’s 16 inch cock. Since that time I’ve learned how to relax my
throat muscles when a huge cock is imbedded in my mouth. Leon seemed like such a
mild-mannered guy when he changed my tire, but now he took complete control of the
situation. He continued to force my head down until the head of his cock stretched my
lips to their limit and the tip of his cock touched the back of my throat. He pulled his left-
hand from his cock and went to work on my exposed tits. He fondled my tits roughly and
twisted my nipples hard. My tits must’ve excited him because his cock throbbed and
grew noticeably thicker.
All of his strength would be necessary to force my head down onto his cock if he wanted
to be deepthroated. He must’ve read my mind. Before I finished thinking about
deepthroating Leon, he pushed my head down so that approximately half of his cock was
past my tonsils and down my throat. Leon exclaimed, “Wow girl, no woman has ever
taken so much of my cock down her throat before! You want to go for the rest?” I
grunted and nodded affirmatively. “Shit. This is my lucky night. It’s not every day I find
a fine, big-titted white bitch on my way home from work. My cock feels so good in your
tight throat!” Then, with two hands, he pushed my head down so that his thick cock slid
down by throat inch-by-inch until my lips were up against his stomach. I did it! I actually
deepthroated his entire 16 inch cock! He held my head down against his stomach tightly
as I struggled and squirmed. I could tell that he was turned-on by watching me struggle
and I was sure that he was within seconds of pumping a load of cum deep inside of my
guts. I was wrong.
Leon slowly pulled my head off of his cock until I looked at him face-to-face. Thick
strands of spit connected my mouth and his glistening cock. Tears ran down my face due
to the gag reflex of having had something so deep down my throat. My mascara was a
mess. He said, “I know you’re loving this. You look so sexy with your messed-up face.”
At least I got a few moments to breathe as Leon admired my freshly-fucked face. But it
didn’t last long because he unexpectedly grabbed the back of my head and slammed my
face down onto his cock. His entire length was buried to the hilt in one brutal motion.
After the initial thrust Leon started to face-fuck me with full-length strokes in a rapid-fire
fashion. He said, “To hell with money. This form of payment beats money any day.” He
used my mouth and throat like his own personal fuck hole. I wasn’t sure how much more
I could take when he suddenly stopped, grabbed me by the hair and then pulled me off his
black cock.
He said, “Get out of the car, bitch! And leave your dress down so I can get a good look at
those fuckin tits.” I had no idea what he had in store for me, but I complied with his
commands. It was kind of bad timing because there were a bunch of guys that looked like
street thugs near my car. One of the guys said, “Look at that fine piece of white ass. Why
you got your big titties out, girl?” Leon had stuffed his enormous cock back inside of his
pants as best he could and then he got out of the car. “What’s up my man?” one of the
guys said. Leon responded, “Not much, other than getting busy with this fine ass white
bitch.” Apparently, they were from the same neighborhood and they knew him. Leon
said, “I’m about to dump a load on this slut. Do you guys want to get in on it?” All of the
guys said, “Damn right! Then the main guy said, “This piece of white trash needs to taste
some cum tonight.”
One of the guys stepped behind me, cupped my tits in his hands and then pressed his
crotch against my ass. He guided my right hand to his crotch and unzipped his pants
before he said, “Reach inside my pants and jack me off.” I did as I was told. When I
reached inside his pants, my hand gripped yet another big black cock. He wasn’t as well-
hung as Leon, but he was still really large. I started to stroke his hardening erection when
Leon said, “Get on your knees, bitch! I know that all of you white girls dream about
servicing big black cock. As soon as I saw you in that in that slutty dress I knew you were
a nasty little whore. This is your fucking fantasy isn’t it, bitch?” I replied, “Oh my god
Leon, you have no idea! The entire reason I came to Las Vegas was to find an extra-large
cock like yours. Just tell me what to do baby.”
There I was on the sidewalk, topless and on my knees in one of the roughest
neighborhoods in Las Vegas. All fear was gone from my body. All I cared about was
pleasing Leon so that he might be interested in seeing me again during my trip. I actually
really liked his dominant style. So I loved it when he said, “Let’s cover this bitch in
cum.” The other three guys circled around me and started to jack themselves off next to
my face. Leon positioned himself directly in front of my face and said, “Take out my
cock and jack me off onto your face.” People looked out their windows and other people
walked by. I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was please Leon. I unzipped his pants and
pulled out his beautiful cock. I stroked his cock slowly while I played with my naked tits
with my other hand.
Within a minute one of the guys unleashed a big cumload onto my left cheek. That
must’ve inspired the other two guys because they blew their sticky loads simultaneously
onto the other side of my face. I was totally drenched in their gooey cum. One of the guys
said, “That’s what a girl should look like! Taste some cum, girl.” I took my hand away
from my tits and scooped up some cum from my face. I looked up at the guy and licked
the warm canlı bahis şirketleri cum from my fingers. My little cum-eating show must’ve excited Leon because
he grunted and released a powerful stream of cum onto my forehead. It was so strong that
it actually knocked my head backwards a little bit. The next jet of cum glanced off my
upper lip and went directly into my open mouth. That one huge cum spurt coated my
tongue and the back of my throat. It tasted so good. His final cum spurts hit my nose,
eyes and chin. I was a cum-covered mess. Thick drops of cum dribbled down onto my tits
and dress. The four guys dumped a huge, combined cumload onto my face. Leon said,
“You look hungry, girl.” Then he collected a big glob of cum from my face with the tip
of his cock and held it front of my face. I got the idea and leaned forward to clean off his
cum-covered cock. Leon repeated the process about 10 times until I had eaten all of the
cum from my face. I definitely received my allowance of protein for the day!
Leon zipped up as I attempted to get myself together. He asked, “Did you have fun
tonight?” I smiled, kissed him on the cheek and said, “That was fucking awesome! Can I
see you again this weekend?” Leon replied, “I’m having a small party tomorrow night
that is being attended by somebody famous. He was a c***dhood friend of mine. If you
agree to keep your mouth shut then you can come to the party. You will need to dress like
a slut and everyone there will know you are just there to be fucked and cummed on.
You’re not my girlfriend and you’re nothing but a white trash whore here in the hood.
Also, after tonight you’re my bitch. Do you understand everything?” I replied, “Yes sir.
Thanks for inviting me. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I want to be your sexy bitch.”
He jotted down the address for the party and said, “I had my cock all the way down your
throat and I just realized I don’t even know your name.” I said, “My name is Brittany.”
We parted ways with a hug while he grabbed my ass with one hand. I finally found my
way back to my hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. I sat in my car for a few minutes and tried
to clean myself up. I wiped up all of my smeared makeup and brushed my messy hair.
My dress was still soaked with cum. If anybody asked me what happened I would tell
them that somebody accidentally spilled their drink on my dress. But the odor of cum was
pretty strong so they would just think that I was a dirty prostitute. I walked through the
lobby and the casino and got a lot of looks as I always do. But this time some people
whispered things about me. I actually didn’t care because I just had one of the best nights
of my life. It’s kind of funny because I thought I was going to meet some high-roller with
a big cock at a classy club in Las Vegas. But what happened? I met a massively-hung
black guy and I’m scheduled to be the center of the sexual action at a party in the ghetto!
Just the thought of what might happen at the party caused my entire body to tingle with

Chapter 2 – Gangbang In the Ghetto

I slept until 2:00 p.m. as a result of the crazy night I had down in the ghetto. My jaw was
a little bit sore because I had to open my mouth beyond its normal limits to accommodate
Leon’s giant cock. I decided to go down to the pool to work on my tan because I wanted
to look as hot as possible for Leon’s party. As soon as I put on one of my thong bikinis
and some shorts, I made my way to the pool. It was really busy by the pool and when I
removed my shorts I thought some of the guys’ eyes were going to pop out of their heads.
It’s a great feeling to be the hottest woman at the pool with a bunch of guys admiring my
body. I laid down on my stomach in order to tan my rear end. I swear that it wasn’t even
30 seconds before a handsome guy offered to apply some suntan oil to my backside. I
noticed that he paid a disproportionate amount of attention to the application of oil to my
exposed ass cheeks. It felt great though. During the next couple of hours some really
good-looking guys invited me to clubs on the Strip for later that night. I politely declined.
How could they know that the ONLY thing on my mind was Leon’s magnificent cock?
At 5:30 p.m. I left the pool and went back to my room. I showered while I decided what
kind of outfit to wear to the party. Leon told me to wear something “slutty.” I decided I’d
wear something very slutty so that I wouldn’t disappoint Leon. I finally decided on some
white micro-thong panties, tiny white booty shorts and a pink see-through belly shirt that
had the words SIZE MATTERS on the front. Inside of my bag I put a studded collar and
platform “stripper” shoes. The last thing I did before I left the room was to apply very
heavy makeup so that I looked liked a street hooker. I left the hotel at 8:30 p.m. to make
sure I would arrive by 9:00 p.m. as requested by Leon. If I was going to be his bitch I had
to learn how to obey orders. Ashton screwed up by going out of town and leaving me on
my own. I think Leon is my boss and new alpha male. In my world the way it works is
the bigger the cock, the deeper my loyalty.
I wore jeans, tennis shoes and a regular shirt to go from my room to the parking garage.
My slut clothes were on underneath my normal clothes. When I arrived at the house I
couldn’t believe how bad the neighborhood looked. Any “normal” person would think I
was crazy to travel to such a bad ghetto area by myself. After I parked on the street
outside of his house, I removed my regular clothes to reveal my “slut wear.” I also
slipped on my platform heels and secured the studded collar around my neck. I noticed
there was a blinged-out SUV in the driveway. That must’ve been the vehicle of Leon’s
c***dhood friend who later became famous.
Leon greeted me at the door with a big hug and a kiss. “How’s my big-cock whore?” I
smiled, grabbed his crotch and said, “I’m fine boss, how is my big black cock?” He just
laughed and had the DJ stop the music so that he could make an announcement. “This is
Brittany. This fine-ass white bitch made a special trip into the hood tonight so that she
could get gangbanged by some hung brothers.” Then he whispered to me, “I hope you’re
ready sweetheart because that little body of yours is about to be filled up with more black
cock than you’ve ever seen in your life.”
There were approximately 40 people at the party. But Leon explained to me that only a
select few would have their way with me. Being that I was “his bitch,” Leon made that
decision. I’m sure there would be a few surprises in store for me during the night. There
was one guy on the other side of the room who seemed to very popular with everyone at
the party. Leon walked me over and introduced me to his c***dhood friend. I recognized
him immediately. He was a VERY famous rap star who I can’t name because I’m sworn
to secrecy. He was super-famous about three years ago, but he is still popular today.
The rap star had a hot, black female seated on his lap. She wore a pair of very tight, white
latex pants and a small white bikini top which barely covered her ample tits. I estimated
her age to be about 23 years old and her body was beyond hot. She had her hand down
his pants and she was clearly rubbing his cock. She didn’t seem too happy about me
being there because she asked, “What are you looking at, bitch? Get on you knees and
kiss his feet.” I looked at Leon and he said, “You heard her. Get on your knees and
demonstrate what a submissive slut you are.” I dropped to my knees, took his right-foot
in my hands and licked his foot from top-to-bottom. The dominant black female walked
over behind me and said, “Let’s see those big white titties!” Then she lifted my top over
my breasts and barked, “Suck his toes slut!” Damn, she really knew how to take control.
With my mouth wide open, I engulfed his big toe and sucked on it like it was a cock. I
reached up and felt his cock through his pants. Whoa! Fuck! The rap star must’ve had an
enormous cock. I couldn’t tell for sure because it was still in his pants, but it sure felt like
it was larger than life.
The sexy black female grabbed me by the hair and said, “Did anybody give you
permission to touch his fucking cock?” Then she literally dragged me by the hair across
the room until I was in the middle of the room on my hands and knees. She pulled off my
booty shorts to reveal my thong panties and then she yelled, “Don’t move, bitch!” By the
time she walked back over to me, everybody at the party formed a tight circle around my
position. She had something in her hand but I couldn’t see it because she stood in front of
me, grabbed my hair and jammed my face into her shaved pussy. She had removed her
pants and slid her panties to the side to expose her pussy. “Get busy,” she said as she held
my face tight against her crotch. I plunged my tongue deep inside her pussy, which
seemed to take her by surprise, because her knees buckled a little bit.
Her pussy tasted sweet and her juices started to flow almost instantly. I flicked my tongue
against her clit and pussy lips which caused her to utter, “Yeah bitch, you’re doing
perfect. Oh shit! That feels so damn good!” I loved the way her delicious pussy tasted. I
flicked my tongue faster against her pussy lips and alternated my rhythm by plunging my
tongue as deep as I could within her pussy. I felt her entire body shudder as she pushed
my head hard against her pussy and screamed, “Tongue fuck me you fucking bitch!” It
was at that moment that she had a soaking wet orgasm in front of everyone at the party.
She finally released my head and I saw what she had in her hand for the first time. It was
a massive strap-on dildo. That had to be the biggest dildo I’d ever seen. I didn’t even
know that you could buy one that large.
“Get back down on your hands and knees so I can fuck you like a big-titted, white trash
whore who wants to be drilled.” I quickly complied with her commands because it was
clear that Leon expected me to give her my full respect. My naked tits swayed beneath
my body as I awaited her assault from the rear. She secured the black strap-on dildo to
her body. Then she took a bottle of slippery lube and applied a generous amount to the
thick 14 inch dildo. I felt her slide my tiny thong panties to the side so that my pussy was
fully exposed. Before I was prepared, she grabbed me by the hips and pressed the tip of
the dildo against my cunt. Then, without any warning, she pulled my hips backwards and
forced one-half of the giant strap-on dildo inside of me. “Do you like that, bitch? I hope
so because I like fucking big-titty white girls!” She inserted so much of the dildo into my
pussy that I almost passed out. She grabbed a handful of my hair with her left-hand and
pulled back so that my back was arched painfully. My hands lifted off the floor and she
said, “Tell me what a slut you are. Beg me to fuck you!” I replied, “I’m a fucking black-
cock whore! Fuck me and use me like a piece of trash.”
One of the guys standing in front of me unzipped his pants and whipped out his big cock.
He started to jackoff furiously in front of my face. The black girl held my head steady
while the guy shoved his cock in my mouth. He fucked my face a few times and then
withdrew and continued to rapidly stroke his cock. A few seconds later he ejaculated onto
my face and into my open mouth. He was a heavy cummer and my face was drenched by
the time he finally finished ejaculating. The night had barely started and I already had a
mouthful of pussy juice and cum. Although her pussy juices were tasty, I definitely
preferred the flavor of fresh cum. The black girl released my hair, reached to the front of
my face with both hands and inserted her middle fingers into the corners of my mouth.
She pulled back hard and grotesquely stretched my mouth with all of her strength. A
person from the crowd shouted, “Fish hook that white slut!” I guess that’s what it’s called
when somebody stretches the corners of your mouth with their fingers. I was completely
humiliated by the public facial and her cruel “fish hook” maneuver, but I understood the
objective of everything. It was one thing to say I was a Leon’s bitch and a cock-addicted
whore; it was another thing to demonstrate it with my actions.
She pulled back on my mouth so hard that I thought she might rip my face apart. At the
same time she shoved the remaining half of the 14 inch strap-on dildo deep inside of me.
The next 10 minutes consisted of the most brutal fuck I’d ever experienced. She slapped
my vulnerable tits mercilessly, spanked my ass until it was bright red and verbally
humiliated me at every opportunity. To complete the humiliation she withdrew from my
pussy and forced me to lick my own pussy juices from the fake cock. After I licked the
dildo’s entire surface, she smacked me in the face with it a few times just for good
measure. Then she pushed me on my chest so that I fell back onto the floor. She said,
“Stay there, I’m not finished with you yet. That pussy is still too tight.”
She took a bunch of lube and spread it all over her right forearm. I started to realize what
she had planned for me. She was going to fuck me with her forearm! I said, “Please don’t
fist me in front of all these people. Haven’t you humiliated me enough?” She laughed and
said, “That’s the idea, bitch. Don’t you get that yet? Also, we need to stretch out that
white pussy before you get fucked by some giant black cocks. Your pussy is still too
tight. Now shut the fuck up!” She had a point about my pussy needing to be stretched out.
Her forearm was probably not as thick as some of the cocks that would soon be inside of
me. She spread my legs wide-open and inserted 4 fingers inside of me. Then she slipped
her thumb inside of me as well. “This will prepare you for what is about to come.” I
assumed she was referring to the rap star’s cock.
At first it didn’t seem too bad. My pussy easily accepted her five fingers after being
stretched by the rough dildo fuck. But there was a lot of resistance when she tried to jam
her entire hand up into my cunt. tipobet giriş “Relax whore!” she screamed. I did my best to relax and
then, sure enough, her hand slipped inside of me all the way up to her wrist. This was the
first time in my life I had ever been fisted! She smiled and said, “I knew you could do it.
Now for the fun part! Play with those big titties while I deep fist-fuck you” I knew she
didn’t lubricate her entire forearm for nothing. I played with my own tits while she
pushed her forearm deeper inside of me. My eyes rolled back in head for a moment
because I came close to passing out from the pain. I looked down and saw that half of her
forearm was inside of me. I hoped that was as deep as she would go, but my hopes would
soon be dashed when she grunted and buried the remainder of her forearm inside of my
poor little pussy. Holy shit! Her arm was all the way up to her elbow! I passed out for
several minutes from the sight of her arm inside of me. When I woke up she was fucking
me with her forearm while she pressed a vibrator against my clit. The sensation was
unbelievable. I had a strong orgasm and screamed, “Fist me hard! I’m cummming!”
When my hips stopped bucking I received a round of applause from everybody at the
She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to a standing position. I was guided to the
bathroom and instructed to brush my teeth and wash the cum off my face. Then she
walked me back into the main room and stood me in front of a younger guy. She said,
“This is my brother, Scott. He turned 21 today and you are going to be his birthday
present. So treat him right and enjoy his extra-thick cock. She’s all yours Scott. Fuck the
shit out of this white bitch! She’s aching for it.” He kissed me and started to fondle my
tits. I reached down and massaged his cock through his pants. It didn’t feel as big as
Leon’s cock so I thought it would be a piece of cake to fuck her brother before I moved
onto the “big guns.”
I reached down inside of his pants and felt something, but there was no way it could’ve
been a cock. It was too thick to be a human cock. When I pulled it out of his pants
everyone at the party gasped in shock. I looked down at it and said, “What the fuck is
that?” Scott answered, “That’s what is going to be up inside you in about two minutes. I
call it the Pussy Stretcher.” That would be a big understatement. Scott’s sister was 100%
correct when she said he had an extra-thick cock. I’ve had some massively long and very
cocks inside of me before, but his cock was easily the thickest. His bizarrely-thick cock
was a respectable 11 inches long. How would that thing ever fit inside of my pussy? I
really didn’t think it would fit, but I couldn’t wait to try. That’s how a black-cock whore
is supposed to think!
Scott pushed me down to my knees so that I was positioned face-to-face with his bulbous
cock meat for the first time. Wow! Just wow! It was a scary sight and an exciting sight all
at the same time. It was semi-hard and a tantalizing drop of precum dangled from the tip.
I looked up at Scott and licked the precum from the tip of his cock. The visual of me
licking his cock undeniably excited him because his cock twitched uncontrollably and it
hit me in the face several times. I laughed and took his cock into left hand in order to get
it under control. With my right hand I started to massage my pussy while I stroked his
cock with my left hand. My hand didn’t even fit halfway around the width of his cock. It
was so hot to see my tiny, white hand contrasted with his beefy black cock. More precum
oozed from his cock so I engulfed the head of his cock to ensure that I didn’t miss a drop.
Just taking the head of his cock inside of my mouth stretched my lips so far that the edge
of my mouth split a little bit and started to bleed. I didn’t care because his precum was so
delicious. There was obviously no way that I’d be able to take his cock into my mouth
because it was just too large. The thought of his super-thick cock inside of me combined
with my pussy massage sent me over the edge. I had a fantastic orgasm which caused the
head of Scott’s cock to pop out of my mouth.
After I recovered from my self-induced orgasm, Scott picked me up by the waist and
placed me onto the dining room table with my legs hanging off the edge. Thankfully, one
of the females at the party came over and coated his cock with some lube. Next, she
inserted the tip of the bottle inside of my pussy and squirted a bunch of lube inside of me.
She told me, “You’re gonna need it, girl.” I said, “Thanks for helping me out.” The
moment of truth had arrived. Scott’s cock looked bigger than ever because it had
apparently became engorged with even more blood. He parted my pussy lips with the tip
of his monstrosity and asked, “Are you ready for this, bitch?” I replied, “I’ve been
waiting all my life baby. Fuck me with that thick monster cock!” It sounds strange, but I
couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. Yes, I was a little concerned that I might get injured;
but it was worth the risk.
Scott thrusted forward and the head of his cock stretched my pussy lips apart, but my
distorted pussy wouldn’t accept any more than that on the first thrust. He grabbed me by
the hips and thrust forward again. Only about one-half inch of his mile-wide cock entered
my pussy. His cock bent as it strained to split my pussy apart. Somebody shouted, “Come
on Scott, rip that pussy apart! She’s begging for it!” Scott shouted back, “This bitch only
weighs about 100 pounds. I think she is just too small for my pussy stretcher.” I got a
little worried that he might actually give up. Even though my pussy was being painfully
penetrated by his massively-thick cock, I wanted him inside of me so bad. I said, “Scott,
I’m pleading with you; please don’t stop! I need you to fuck me hard! I’ll try to relax.
Don’t worry about hurting me. Be brutal if you need to be.”
That seemed to be the encouragement he needed to hear because he dug his hands into
my quivering flesh, held my hips steady and put his full body weight behind the next
thrust. It felt like my pussy ripped a little bit, but I knew that would probably be
necessary for his cock to fit inside of me. Unbelievably, Scott forced about two inches
inside as I squirmed about on the table. He went at it again and successfully drilled half
of his cock into my overstretched pussy. I squealed from the mixture of pleasure and
pain. Finally, he thrust forward and buried his entire cock inside of my guts. Everybody
applauded his unlikely accomplishment. I screamed, “Oh God! Fuck me! Rip me apart
baby!” That’s exactly what he proceeded to do. He withdrew the entire length of his
cock, except for the head, and then plunged it all the way back in. How was my pussy
able to accommodate his fat cock? I guess the rough fisting and strap-on fuck by Scott’s
sister really paid off. His sweat dripped down onto my tits and stomach as he picked up
the pace and pounded my ravaged pussy relentlessly.
I was certain that he was about to dump a big load of jizz inside of my belly. So I was
surprised when he lifted me off the table by my waist and walked over to the crowd that
encircled us. My legs were wrapped around his torso, but my arms and head dangled
down towards the floor because I was so exhausted. My upside down face was at crotch
level. I was essentially a piece of helpless, fuckable flesh at that point. Scott served me up
to the crowd like a piece of meat. All I could see were countless crotches in front of me.
One guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his black snake. Scott said, “C’mon guys.
Let’s welcome this white bitch to the hood. I think we’ve got a black cock addict in the
making.” The guy in the crowd put his balls directly on my face and placed his ample
cock between my tits. Then he pushed my tits together and started to aggressively titty-
fuck me. I was covered in sweat so his cock was able to easily glide between my 34DD
tits. With each thrust his balls sc****d against my face. I took the opportunity to lick his
balls on every stroke.
Apparently, he wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a titty-fuck. He tightly gripped each
side of my head with his strong hands. Next, the tip of his cock parted my lips and with
one violent thrust he buried his cock all the way down my throat so that his balls rested
against my face. Two other guys walked up on each side of my face and one of them said,
“Get busy with those hands. You need some cum on that pretty face.” They guided my
hands to their oversized cocks and I stroked them until they were both rock hard. I was
viciously throat-fucked on one end while Scott battered my pussy at the other end. My
tits flopped around wildly as I received the fuck of my life. It was about two minutes later
when both guys I was stroking unloaded on my cock-stuffed face. The guy with his cock
down my mouth pumped his load down my throat a few moments later. I could feel his
warm cum as it made its way down my esophagus and into my stomach. As he withdrew
his pulsating cock, he pumped a few wads of cum into my mouth.
Scott walked around the circle and continued to pass around my face and tits to the eager
crowd. About 20 well-endowed guys dumped their thick cumloads onto my helpless face
and limp body. Even more guys groped my exposed tits. It was erotically humiliating.
My jaw was sore from the nonstop face fucking and my arms were tired from jacking off
so many big cocks. My face, hair and tits were drenched in cum. Scott finally walked
back over to the table and withdrew his cock from my pussy. He placed me on the table
on my back so that my head barely hung off the edge. He flopped his ultra-fat cock onto
my face so that it landed with an audible “thud.” He said, “You know what to do you
fucking cock-whore!” I knew what he meant. It was time to for me to complete the
humiliation and jack him off onto my face. I squeezed as much precum onto my tongue
as possible. I don’t think there’s anything tastier in the world. I love it! Scott was on the
verge of exploding because he had fucked me for so long. I stroked his cock less than 10
times before he tensed up and spewed forth an immense fountain of cum onto my face. It
was the biggest and thickest load of cum imaginable. I opened my mouth and allowed a
large amount to flow into my mouth. His balls were enormous and that may be why he
was able to produce such a giant cumload.

Chapter 3 – Rapper Joins The Gangbang

I was taken to the bathroom and cleaned up from head-to-toe in preparation for the
famous rapper. There was no way I could be presented to him with cum in my hair and
on my body. I needed the break in the action so I could rest a little bit. Once I recovered
from what I had endured earlier, I became excited at the prospect of servicing a famous
celebrity. The black girl (Scott’s sister) entered the bathroom and said, “He’s ready for
you now. Leon expects you to show him respect and do whatever he wants. It will be
your final initiation to qualify to be Leon’s bitch. Let’s go.” She collared me and attached
a leash to the ring on the front of the collar. My only clothing was a pink thong and my
platform shoes. She walked me out of the bathroom and made me kneel in front of him.
The rapper was seated in a large high-back chair, like a king. There were a bunch of big
diamond rings on his hands and he wore a pair of dark sunglasses. She announced, “I
present Brittany, Leon’s newest bitch in his stable. He’d like you to enjoy yourself and
feel free to do anything with her you’d like. You’re a good friend and there no limits
tonight. She is all yours.”
The rapper summoned me with his hand and then he said, “Sit here on my lap and let me
feel those big white tits. I’m going to enjoy fucking you up tonight. Are you ready for
it?” I responded, “Yes sir; I’m ready for absolutely anything,” as he fondled my breasts. I
could tell that he was getting hard which was no surprise. Most guys get hard once they
see my tits. I love having that effect on men and I was happy that even a famous celebrity
found me sexy. He wanted me to wear some of his bling. He said, “Put this around your
neck.” He put a very large gold chain in the shape of a dollar sign around my neck. It was
very heavy and it hung down around my tits. There were a couple of guys who looked
like they were his photographers. He said, “Get some photos of this collared, blinged-out
nympho sitting on my lap.” He was wearing a plush, red robe. They took a bunch of
photos. I tried to look as nasty as possible by playing with my tits, pulling on my leash
and sucking on my middle finger. I saw one of the photographers get a raging hard-on.
The rapper said, “Hey bitch, you seem to like being on camera. Do you want to make
some money?” I said, “Sure!” He explained to me that he wanted to market a sex tape to
revitalize his career which was on the downswing. I thought to myself, why not have my
15 minutes of fame and make some cash at the same time? Who knows, a sex tape could
be a launching pad for like it has been for some other famous females recently. I signed
the model releases and the contract while his camera crew set up their video equipment
and lights. He told me they were the guys who filmed his music videos. He said, “It’s
going to get rough. Can you handle pain?” I said, “I’ll do anything. Don’t worry; you can
hurt me as much as you want to! Lately, I’ve started to get turned on when I’ve received
intense sexual pain.” Months ago I would’ve never dreamed that I’d be filmed at a
ghetto-gangbang, begging for a rapper to inflict pain on my body.
He confirmed that his camera guys were ready and then he said to me, “Stand in front of
me and face the crowd. I’m going to teach you a fucking lesson, bitch!” I’m not sure if he
said it so roughly because he meant it or because he was just acting for the sex tape. I got
my answer when a leather belt came around the side of my body and smacked my left
boob. The pain was so intense that I screamed, “OH MY GOD!!” I grabbed my painful tit
and dropped to my knees in agony. I think some people in tipobet güvenilir mi the crowd were stunned by the
intensity of the belt strike. I heard somebody say, “Holy crap! He’s going to beat the shit
out of that white chick!” The rapper said, “Stand up and beg me to hit you again!” While
holding my left boob I shakily rose from the floor and I said, “Hit me again. Hit me hard
please! I’m begging you!” I was facing away from him so I had no idea where or when I
would be struck. I didn’t have to wonder for long because I heard a “swoosh” and then
the belt came between my spread legs, struck my pussy and hit me in the stomach. It hurt
so bad and it also completely knocked the wind out of me. I grabbed my stomach and fell
forward to the floor, unable to breathe. I writhed on the floor, struggling to catch my
breath. The rapper walked over to me, grabbed my leash and literally dragged me back
over to where he was seated. I was on my stomach facing him, at his feet.
He said, “Stick your fine ass up in the air a little. I want you looking at me while I whip
your ass with my belt. Leon wanted my help to break you down and this is part of the
process. When we’re done with you, you’ll be a loyal big cock whore.” I said, “I
understand. I’m ready. Go ahead.” My ass was totally naked except for my pink micro-
thong panties. I raised my ass cheeks off the floor a little so that he would have a better
target. Moments later, he brought the belt down on my ass cheeks. I winced as the pain
radiated throughout my body. Oddly enough, a tingling sensation traveled to my pussy.
When he struck my ass again I realized that not only did it sting, it caused my pussy to
become wet. He seemed to sense my pleasure because he said, “You like that, don’t
you?” I whispered, “Yes, hit me again please.” His cock visibly lurched under his robe
every time he whipped my ass. I think he was a sadist because he really seemed to enjoy
inflicting pain. But if he was a sadist then maybe I was a masochist because I couldn’t
wait for him to whip my ass again. He struck me on my right ass cheek very close to
pussy. Oh wow! Was I really going to climax in response to a brutal whipping by a
sadistic rap star? I was so turned on that I almost didn’t feel the pain.
I couldn’t hide the fact that I was approaching orgasm. I moaned loudly. Somebody in the
crowd said, “She’s likes this shit! What a fucking whore!” He beat my ass harder and
faster. I’m sure there must’ve been some welts on my ass, but the vibrations going
through my pussy were more than I could take. I shrieked and flopped around on the
floor as he beat me throughout my intense, two minute orgasm. That was unbelievable. I
never knew that I could climax from having my ass beat with a belt!
He said, “Now it’s time for you show me what a whore you really are. Get over here and
reach under my robe. I know you’ve been wondering what I’m packing.” I reached under
his robe with my left-hand and gripped his twitching cock. What the hell? How could
anyone be bigger than Leon? It was at that moment I felt sure this sex tape would be the
most famous sex tape ever made. I pulled his cock out from under his robe and I was
dumbfounded. I had to use my other hand just to get a handle on his humungous cock. To
my shock, it was longer and thicker than Leon’s massive 16 inch cock. It was probably
thicker than my calf. No way! How could somebody’s cock be that immense? How much
huge cock could one woman take in a day? My mind was buzzing. The rapper said,
“Suck on it, bitch.” There was no way it would ever fit inside of my mouth. I wasn’t even
sure it would fit inside of my pussy even though I’d been thoroughly stretched out by
Scott and his sister earlier that evening. I licked the tip of his cock and I got my second
dose of precum that day. Instead of making a futile attempt to fit his cock inside of my
mouth, I licked it all over and thoroughly tongued his cum-filled balls.
The rapper wasn’t satisfied though. He said, “I’ve never beat a white bitch with my cock
before.” He grabbed my hair and held my head steady with one hand while he took hold
of his cock with his other hand. He held his cock by the base and swung it at my face like
a baseball bat. He hit my cheek, “Smack!” It was like being punched in the face. The
camera crew got in close to capture the unbelievable scene. I looked over at Leon to see if
he would intervene. Someone yelled out, “Beat that trashy whore!” I knew the rapper was
getting off on cock-slapping my face, but I was worried what my face would look like
after a few minutes. I preferred that he brutally fucked me or humiliated me in another
way. Leon walked over and said to his friend, “You’ve made your point. I appreciate you
breaking her down. Let’s double-team this bitch and split her open with both of our
cocks. If she can handle this, then she deserves to be my #1 bitch.”
The rapper removed his robe and knelt down on the floor with his colossal cock
protruding in front of him. He said, “Get down on your hands and knees like a good little
white bitch!” I did what he said to do. Then he grabbed a knife and cut away my thong
panties. Next, he spread apart my ass cheeks and squeezed a large amount of precum out
of his cock and into my asshole. He said, “You’re going to need that later for
lubrication.” What??? Was one of these guys actually considering the idea of fucking me
in the ass? That was unimaginable. It was difficult enough for these big black cocks to
penetrate my pussy. I don’t see how one could ever fit in my ass. I didn’t have too much
time to fret about being ass-fucked though because the rapper grabbed me by the hips and
forced the head of his cock inside of my pussy. I screamed, “Not without lubrication,
please!” I think even he realized that there was no way his cock would fit inside of me
without lubrication. He signaled for Scott’s sister to come over and apply lube to his
cock. As soon as she finished, he savagely plunged over one-half of his cock deep into
my womb. Oh god!!!!! I screamed with the knowledge that only part of his mammoth
cock was inside of me. He grabbed me by the hair, pulled my head back as far as it would
go and then he viciously imbedded his entire cock inside of me before I had any time to
relax my pussy. The crowd roared with approval and everybody gathered around us to try
to get a view of his jumbo cock as it literally split my pussy apart.
For the next few minutes he fucked me roughly from behind. I thought he was going to
pull the hair out of my head or break my neck. I saw Scott’s sister getting Leon ready
with her hand and mouth. I guess she was acting as a “fluffer.” A fluffer is somebody
who makes porn stars fully erect for their sex scenes before they go on camera. Leon
walked over in front of me and without saying a word, plunged his cock into my mouth.
The rapper let go of my hair and then he picked up my leash. He pulled on it so hard that
my upper body lifted off the floor. Also, the collar became so tight around my neck that it
restricted my breathing and blood flow in my neck. Within a minute I was on the verge of
passing out due to lack of air and sufficient blood flow. I think this was a lesson of trust
and control. My life was literally in their hands and I was completely at their mercy. It
felt good to be in that position. He finally released the leash and I recovered quickly.
Leon slowly shoved his entire cock down my throat as the crowd looked on in stunned
silence. This was the second time in two days that I had deepthroated Leon. The sadistic
rapper absolutely tore me up from behind. He smacked my ass hard on every single thrust
of his giant cock. Leon face-fucked me with rapid, full-length strokes. I think they were
both close to cumming so Leon said, “Let’s change things up and really put on a show.”
They both pulled out of me and then whispered something to each other. The rapper
pulled me off the floor by my hair so that we stood face-to-face. He wrapped his hands
around my waist and lifted me up. He placed me on the table on my back. He quickly re-
inserted his slippery cock inside of my well-worn pussy. I gasped as his full length went
deeper inside of me than any cock had ever gone before. Without wasting a second, he
picked me up by my waist and said, “Wrap your legs around me.” It may sound strange,
but I couldn’t help myself. I leaned forward and kissed him passionately while my big tits
pressed against his chest. “I said, Thank you for fucking me. I’m the luckiest girl in the
world. Your cock feels amazing!” He smiled and walked back over to where Leon was
standing. Scott’s sister had just lubricated Leon’s cock. I said “Oh shit!” as Leon walked
up behind me. My ass was totally exposed. I knew what was about to happen. The rapper
said, “Just relax.” Leon pressed the tip of his enormous cock against my gaping ass. He
just held it there for a moment with strong pressure as I consciously attempted to relax
my anal sphincter muscles. If he was going to fuck me in the ass, it was as much my job
to relax my muscles as it was his job to force his cock inside of my ass.
Incredibly, through no action on the part of Leon, several inches of cock meat slid inside
of me! The sensation was indescribable. Leon said, “That’s a good girl. You know
you’ve always dreamed of some thick nigga cock buried in your tight ass.” It’s true. I
think every white girl secretly dreams of being fucked by big black cock. I was in
heaven! I relaxed a little more and a few more inches went deeper into my ass. Leon put
his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down slowly until his balls hit my ass. I had
actually done it! I don’t think anybody else could believe it either. I had almost three feet
of black cock meat inside of me. It had to be the world record for a double-penetration
(DP) fuck. My celebration was short-lived because they both started to pump their
gigantic cocks in and out of my ass and pussy. I could feel them both almost touching
inside of me. The camera crew captured the fuck scene from every conceivable angle. I
actually managed a smile and “thumbs-up” signal for one of the cameramen who filmed a
close-up of my face. This was definitely a moment I would remember for the rest of my
life. After five minutes of merciless pounding Leon said, “Let’s give Brittany a great
finish to her first black-cock gangbang.”
They pulled out and put me down. I was really shaky from the mind-blowing double-
penetration fuck session. The rapper said, “Kneel down and jerk us off!” I knelt down in
front of them and took each of their massive cocks in my tiny hands. I knew it wouldn’t
be long until they let loose. I still don’t see how they didn’t explode while they fucked
my super-tight ass and pussy. I pointed their cocks at each side of my face and stroked
them as fast as I could. I paused momentarily to lick up some final drops of precum.
Approximately one minute later, Leon grunted and pumped an incredibly thick load of
cum onto my right cheek and forehead. It dripped down into my eyes and mouth. The
sight of Leon’s facial must’ve been what triggered the rapper to climax. He doused the
left-side of my face in what had to be a pint of thick, gooey cum. Every inch of my face
was covered in a thick layer of sticky cum. I used my tongue to lick up as much as I
could from my lips. Then I scooped up cum with my hands and slowly licked it off my
fingers. One of the cameramen zoomed in close and said, “This chick is fucking
unbelievable! Look at her; she’s lapping up that cum like it’s whipped cream.”
Leon pulled me to my feet and “high-fived” me. He said, “You did it girl! There are not
many women in this world that would be able to deepthroat my cock. You not only
deepthroated my cock, you took me in your ass while my friend’s giant cock drilled your
pussy. You’re a true champion. We just have a couple of more things for you to complete
and then you’re going to be my #1 girl.” Leon got the attention of Scott’s sister and said,
“Bring it over here and set it on the table.” She placed a large bowl on the table right next
to me. The bowl was full of a milky white liquid. Leon said, “Every single guy here at the
party jacked off into this bowl. Now you’re going drink every last drop. Do you
understand?” I said, “Yes sir.” I’ve learned to love the taste of cum, but there must’ve
been close to a gallon of cum in that bowl. I picked up a spoon from the table and dipped
it into the bowl. I leaned over, placed the spoon in my mouth and swallowed the delicious
substance. Leon said, “Not like that, bitch!” Then he grabbed the back of my head and
slammed my face into the bowl. I couldn’t breathe. I gulped down several mouthfuls of
cum before Leon pulled my cum-covered face out of the bowl. Everybody was laughing
at my predicament. The camera guys got a close-up view of my face as cum poured down
onto my tits. Leon said, “Now drink it all up.” This was going to be one hell of a sex tape.
I leaned down into the bowl and spent the next 5 minutes lapping up all of the cum. I
licked the bowl absolutely clean.
With my face still drenched in cum, Leon walked me over to a chair located across the
room and had me sit down. There was a guy seated next to the chair with a bunch of
equipment. Leon said, “This is Tony. He’s my friend and a damn good tattoo artist. It’s
finally time to officially make you my bitch. Turn over so Tony can lay some ink down
on that fine white ass.” I reclined the chair and laid down on my stomach so that my ass
was directly in front of the tattoo artist. Leon was going to have me branded like I was
cattle. That was OK with me because I was willing to do anything to be able to service
his cock in the future. The tattoo artist inscribed I Love BBC on my left ass cheek. BBC
stands for Big Black Cock. It hurt a quite a bit, but I really liked the tattoo.
I invited Leon to go out with me the following night. We hit some cool nightclubs and
then went back to my hotel room where he fucked me senseless with his gorgeous,
monster cock. I proudly showed off my tattoo at the pool the next day. No guys
approached me at the pool because there was no doubt that I was Leon’s bitch. All I can
say to other females is that if you ever get bored, you might consider a little drive down
to the ghetto! I had the craziest night of my life and I was able to help out a famous
rapper’s career!
The End..

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