The almost Love Boat

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The almost Love Boat
Well that was very interesting I said

“What dear?” my wife of 35 years, Helen, asked me as we were
walking down the street.

Looks like the guy we just passed was checking you out I told my wife.

“You must be seeing things. I don’t think your rounded out wife would be getting
attention from strangers on a street” she laughed.

Yes my wife of 35 years was a little round. But it was a good being a little round. With the extra weight she put on after all these years I thought her bigger rounded ass, little more meat on her legs, just a tad bit bigger stomach and yes her breast now were big and full made her look sexier. She wasn’t fat but a more lucious look about her. Of course she does not agree.

I tell you what up the block I see a guy sipping his coffee in the outdoor cafe. I notice when ever a fine looking woman passes by he checks them out. Not every woman just the fine looking women. I bet he would check you out I told Helen.

“I bet you are wrong.” she said.

So we made a bet. If she wins I would have to buy the guy a cup of coffee and chat with him for 5 minutes. If I win she would have to buy him a cup of coffee and chat with him for 5 minutes. Spoils to the winner and free coffee either way to the looker.

Helen walked into a shop where we were standing by. I walked down to the cafe next to the guy who was checking out women every now and then. We did striked a some small talk as I got a cup of coffee. A few women did walk by and neither of us two guys looked. Then this welled shaped young woman passed by and both of us took a look. We both busted out laughing with him saying it looks like we are here for the same reason and looks like we have good taste in women.

Just then my wife walks out the shop. I did not say a word. The guy sitting down saw her and wasted no time to tell me to check out the fine looking mamma coming down the sidewalk. We both gave a good look after she passes.

“Man I would not mind getting a piece of that” the man told me not knowing it was my wife.

I made an excuse and left. I caught up with my wife when I knew we were out of sight from the cafe.

“Well did you lose” my wife asked.

No you did I told her. I then played a video clip of me walking up to the cafe and got what the guy said and him looking at her after she passes.

She knew I had her.

“I can’t believe you making me have coffee with another man who I don’t know and to top it off he won’t mind having a piece of me like I am cake.” my wife said.

Yes I am and please record it like I did I said laughing at her.

I walked back and to a table close to where the action will be.

Then my wife starts walking back to the cafe. She has a smile on her face and a little bounce in her step which amplified up to her ample breast. I think she is enjoying this.

Of course the guy notices my wife but don’t want to make it obvious. She sits next to him by another table and orders 2 cups of coffee. She gets her coffee and takes out her phone. She plays like she just made a phone call then she places the phone back in her hand facing the gentleman sitting.

“Excuse me. Would you like this cup of coffee? I got it for my friend and at the last second my friend just told me she had to go home”. My wife said to the total stranger.

Why yes I would. Have a seat as he pulls a chair for her at his table.

Helen does sit and they do chat for over 5 minutes. I can’t hear what they are saying but she did keep her end of the bet. She gets up to leave. He tells her goodbye and gives her a hug. She lets him hug her and I can see he is pressing her against him. She again lets him as he passes his hand across her ass.

My wife then leaves. I guess the extra hugging with a hard press and brushing against her ass was her way of a payback to me. I chuckled at it.

I again meet up with my wife out of view.

“I hope you are happy now with your show. I can’t believe you made me do that.
I can’t believe I did that” my wife said.

Did you record it I asked Helen

“Yes I did. But I am not going to show you it till we get home.” Helen replied.

On the way home we were playing grab ass with each other like being a young couple.

Once home Helen played her recording back to me. Sure enough the guy wasted no time in trying to get Helen to go back to his place. She told him she was married and her husband might find out. He then said he will never know if you don’t tell him. Not today as she said she has to get home. Then you can see them two kind of squashed together as she held the phone videoing the hug.

“You feel so good” the man told my wife as he hugged her.

The next thing I heard did shocked me some.

“If I wasn’t married I would have taken you up on your offer” Helen said.

That was kind of exciting I told my wife.

“Yes it was” she replied back to me

Next thing you know we were in bed having old people sex. While playing around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with her I asked her if she likes her coffee black and if he likes his cake white.

“Yes I like my coffee black and would not mind giving him some white cake” she tells me as I started to have sex with her. One thing I did fail to mention the guy at the cafe was a businessman in his late forties, a good looking black fellow.

We had one of our best sex encounters in years. Must have been the black coffee.

After our sex encounter we showered together. We both were in our robes as we headed towards the kitchen to sit and talk so more. We both were in a good mood.

Once at the table Helen did fix a pot of coffee. She poured me a cup and then she had a cup.

“I’ll take mine black” she said.

While we were talking today reminded me about the trip we took last year on a cruise ship. It was one of those mini cruises where you went out in international waters for 3 days. I did it to gamble plus Helen likes to spend time at the pool.

Come to think of it do you remember the first day on our cruise the black guy sitting at the bar? I was talking to him about all the ins and outs of the cruise ship gambling since he has been here before. He sure did like to look at you when you were in the pool. He did not know you were my wife. Nice fellow, in shape , our age and you could have had a fling with him. Gave you something to do besides the pool as I gambled.I just had this strange feeling about the two of you.

“I don’t remember him” Helen said.

Yes you do.I told you his name was Sam. You even made the comment how good looking he was. First time I heard you say something like that about a black man. But don’t worry I will always love you even if you had a fling with Sam.

Helen looked at me.Things got a little too quite between us now that we were talking about Sam.

“You mean it when you said you will always love me even if I had sex the black man on the cruise.”? My wife asked.

I shook my head yes.

“There is something I have been wanting to get off my chest for the past year about the cruise.” the wife said with tears in her eyes.

Tell me what happened. It is okay I told her seeing she was upset.

“The first day after you went gambling and I was at the pool, Sam did stopped by bringing me a drink and he did rub some suntan lotion on my back. We made a little small talk. I did enjoy his black hands touching me. At first I was a little hesitant about rolling over for Sam to apply suntan lotion to the front of me but I did enjoy the attention this black man was giving me” Helen said telling me the story

“Sam said he had to go but wanted me to meet him the next day in one of the bars inside the ship. It was a lot quieter and they kept it a little darker. It was a bar where you could be more private. I did have to wear a nice dress to meet him there.” she said continuing the story.

I do remembering you wearing a dress the second day. You painted your finger and toe nails red which I thought was odd since you quit doing that years ago. I said.

“I just wanted to feel sexy and look sexy for Sam. I did meet Sam at the bar. Sam gave me a kiss and said I looked so sexy. It felt so good having hearing this from another man. We had a couple of drinks. We flirted talking about sex. We touched each other. Sam was very patient with me. We moved to one of the private little booths they had in the bar. They had d****s around it and was dark. Once we closed the d****s behind us I was tongue kissing Sam. Sam was running his hand over my breast. I opened my legs telling Sam to touch me. As Sam was touching me over my panties we went back to kissing. I then started to rub Sam between his legs. I grabbed his big black cock thru the cloth of his pants. He was hard. I then told Sam I never had a black man before and I want one now. We kissed some more. Sam looked at his watch and told me it was getting late. He knew you would be finishing gambling and might come looking for me. We made plans to meet in his cabin the next day when you leave to go gambling” Helen said pausing for a she did not want to go on.

So what happened the next day I asked my wife excitingly for the ending of the story.

“That night I had a hard time sleeping. All I could think about was Sam having sex with me. I also had mixed emotions about cheating on you. As you were leaving I asked you how long you were going to be. You told me 4 hours which gave me a good solid 3 hours with Sam and about a hour for me to clean up the sex between us. I waited 3 minutes and looked to see if you were gone. I then went to Sam’s room.” my wife said

Go on I told her as I opened the robe on my wife and made her sit on my lap with my hard on pressing against her pussy lips.

“I knocked on his door. Sam let me in. We immediately started kissing. Sam güvenilir bahis şirketleri was wearing just a robe. I reached into his robe and started to jerk on his hard black cock” my wife told me.

Go on I said as I started to insert my hard on into her pussy. She started her story again as I was rocking and fucking her in my lap.

“Sam sat down on the edge of his bed. He had music playing. He told me to give him a sexy dance. I never did dance in a sexual manner for any man before. I just wanted to please Sam so much so I started to dance. I slowly removed my dress and passed it across him. Then I danced in front of him letting him touch me. I wanted more as I removed my bra exposing my breast for the first time to my soon to be black lover. Sam grabbed both of my breast and played with my nipples with his black hands. They were so dark against my white breast. I got into Sam’s lap pushing off his robe so I could feel his naked black body. As I was playing with Sam he removed my panties so now his black cock was rubbing up on the slit of my pussy.” my wife was gasping telling me the story as I fucked her harder.

My wife started to cum on me the hardest she ever cum. I could not hold back any longer with the thought of her naked on top of Sam with his black cock just about to enter her.

After we rested from both of us having a earthquake shattering orgasim I told my wife I wanted to hear more about her and Sam.

“Sam’s hard black cock was starting to slide from in between my pussy lips to my pussy opening. The black cock head was throbbing as I felt it just starting to penetrate me. I quickly got up telling Sam I was sorry . I could not do this because I felt wrong cheating on my husband. I was doing things with Sam that I never did with you. Sam understood and told me it was best that I left. Please forgive me and I hope I did not disappoint you.” my wife said.

No you did not. You should have had sex with Sam.

Wife looked a little stunned. We did have a good talk about why she felt the need to have sex with Sam. She admitted she was attracted to him for the excitement of her having sex with a black man. I told her I knew she had the hots for Sam .

I felt you were in a sump these past couple of years.I wanted you to feel good about yourself even if it took another man having sex with you. To be honest I was excited by the idea of you having sex with a black man.

We got everything into the open. We agreed we won’t go looking for it but if the opportunity arises again like on a cruise she is to go for it as long as she lets me know about it.

Helen was in much better spirits now. She gets her nails done regularly and yes she likes red nail polish again. She went as far as dying her hair red with a cute modern haircut. We went out and got her some better fitting clothes too. She gets a lot more looks than before. A couple of black guys did hit up on her when I let her sit at a coffee house by herself and I sat at another table. She just enjoyed the attention she was getting and was not looking to go any further.

It has been a month since we open up to each other. I told her why don’t we take a road trip to a resort hotel about 4 hours away. I also told my wife I will be a better husband and spend more time with her instead of gambling unless she has other plans.

She laughs and said no that she likes the idea of us spending more time together.

We made plans for the weekend. Everything was a go. On the trip we were like to young lovers touching each other and having a good time. It did pass the four hours quick.

We checked in. Helen wanted to go to the pool first like she always does. While Helen was getting her bathing suit she hears my phone. She comes out just as I was getting off the phone.

She does give me the speech about hey we are suppose to be spending time together not you doing business on the phone.

No more phone calls for me I told her.

We get to the pool area.My wife looked sexy with the red nails and hair. Helen lays on her stomach face down on a towel. She tells me to please put on sun lotion on her which I knew that is the first thing we do when ever we are by a pool.

“Ohh honey your hands feel so good” she said as I was standing to the back of her.

Would you like a drink I said as I hand her her favorite drink in the front of her.

Helen looks up at me now that I am handing her a drink.

“If you are in the front of me giving me a drink then who is rubbing my back ? she asked.

With out looking back she screams out “Sam”! as she turns around to see Sam rubbing her back. She quickly flips over to give Sam a kiss and a tight hug.

With all 3 of us sitting up I explain to my wife I think she has some unfinished business she has do with Sam.

You serious? My wife ask .

Yes. We will start from the beginning with you and Sam by the pool and then move onto the bar canlı bahis şirketleri for a few drinks and then back to the hotel room where you can dance for Sam and give him what you held out on last time. I will just watch the two of you and won’t say a word. That is if it is alright with you Helen. I said.

Helen did not say anything back to me. She laid back down on her stomach with Sam asking her if she wants some lotion on her. She said yes.

Sam rubbed her back. Worked his way to her legs where he past his hand on her butt. Helen rolled over onto her back. Sam was rubbing the front of her. He was rubbing the exposed top part of her breast. She then parted her legs letting Sam run his black hands on her inner white thighs. Helen ‘s body was heaving a little from Sam’s touch.

Helen looked at me and said. “I think we should move on to day two or better yet let’s just skip to day 3”

Helen got up. Her and Sam kissed before I followed them to our room.

Once inside of our room I went sit in a chair overlooking the bed. Sam turns on some music. Sam and Helen then were locked in a passionate kiss. Once they broke from their kiss Sam sat on the bed removing all his clothes. I can see he was in excellent shape for a guy our age. He had a huge hard black cock waving in the air for my wife to fuck.

My wife still in her bathing suit goes up to Sam and kisses him while she pulls on his black cock. She then steps back and starts a sexy dance. She slowly pulls down the top of her one piece bathing suit letting her large white breast out to swing freely as she dances. She then goes back to Sam with her fat white breast swinging side to side as she again kisses him. This time Sam grabs my wife’s exposed swinging breast and pulls them to his face. He sucks on her nipples as Helen again pulls on his black cock. When Sam releases the nipples my wife slowly kisses Sam on the neck working her way down to his black cock. She then places just the head of the black cock in her mouth. With just her sucking on the head she then sandwiches her fat full white breast on the black cocks shaft working her breast up and down as she sucked. My wife never done that to me before. Here she is doing it to a black man.

Sam moans as my wife is sucking him off. He shoots a load into her mouth grabbing the back of her head telling her it was just as good as the first time she did this to him.

I looked at my wife with the WTF look. She did not tell me she sucked Sam off till he cummed in her mouth when we were on the cruise.

Helen looked up at me realizing I now knew Sam shot off in her mouth over a year ago.

“Sorry” she said to me as she swallowed the last of Sam’s black nut juice.

Hard to stay mad at my wife when she has a black cock in her mouth.

She goes back to sucking on Sam. He gets hard again. My wife steps back from Sam and slowly strips off the what’s left of her bathing suit. She hands it to me. Again she climbs back atop of Sam completely naked with no excuses as to not fuck the hard black cock rubbing up at the entrance to her married white pussy. With a last gasp she plants her self down on it. Sam is finally inside my wife after over a year of waiting. He rolls her over to where he is on top of her and places her thick white legs on his black shoulders. He starts to pound her hard making up for all the lost time. My wife cums in seconds. Never seen her cum this fast and looks like she was about to faint. My wife is now officially fucking black men.

I watched them fuck till they both fell asleep in each other’s arm just as the sun was rising. With only an hour of sleep Sam was back at it again fucking my wife in front of me. After they both camed Sam got up to dress and leave. Helen stayed in the bed with cum leaking out her pussy. She called me over and pushed my head down so I could clean her out . This was a first for both of us.

I then mounted my wife not wanting her to bath first. I wanted to feel and smell the sex of my wife after she fucked a black man. I wanted more of it and so did my wife.

We did get cleaned up and left. I have to say I hope the hotel does not mind all the sex juices my wife and Sam deposited on their sheets.

On the way home my wife wanted to know how I got in contact with Sam. I told it was easy because I had Sam’s full name when we first shook hands on the cruize. Luck had it Sam lives a ½ hour away from the resort so it was an easy set up. I was talking to Sam when you thought I was doing work related call.

While we are talking about my job how about you come back to the resort next week for 3 nights when I have to go out of town for work.

“Yes I would love to but do you have to go in the opposite direction from where the resort is? My wife asked.

I know and here is an ip camera so I can watch you have sex with Sam. I made arrangements with Sam already.

My wife gave me a big kiss on the cheek telling me how much she loves me.

There is one more thing. Next week Sam plans to bring over a black friend of his so he can share playing with you.

My wife smiled at me as she said “I do need to buy some anal lube before next week”.

Anal lube, 2 black men with my wife? I wonder what plans she has…

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