The Beaten Trail

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We take the beaten trail to left knowing no one would stray from the clean cut trail leading the opposite direction and that no one would follow us. We could be alone at last. We hike up this trail until we found a clearing that suited us. It was a nice open clearing with a beautiful soft stream running thru it. I leave you to set up camp while I clean myself up from our long hike that morning. Also to get ready in what is to come soon rather than later.

After I finish cleaning myself up I dress in nothing but a pair of tight fitting shorts that barley cover my bum and a bra that showed off my chest.

I walk back then to the camp near were you stood. You don’t notice me standing there. You were too engrossed in your work setting up the rest of our camp. I watched in silence as you laying out the rest of it and till your work was finished. I crept near you when you stood up looking proudly at what you have done.

And kızılay escort bayan that is when I made myself noticed. Coming behind you I wrapped my bear arms around you and kiss your cheek. I feel you smile as I kissed your face. You spun me around to be able to kiss me upon my lips. But you froze as I stood in front of you and all I did was just stand there smiling as you drunk me in. as you stood there drinking me in I watched you get turned on. Your member slowly rises struggling against your boxers.

I laugh out loud breaking the silence between us. You smile back at me in your cocky grin of yours knowing what the night will bring. I smile back and close the gap between us. I kissed you back lightly but you would have none of that tonight. Your kisses became hurried and hungry as your hands run across my heated body. You stop nowhere leaving my more sensitive untouched for later.

We kolej escort bayan go on like that till the lights started to fade in the distance. You reluctantly pulled away to start a fire to light the area. As you build the fire to a constant roar I pull our mats closer to the fire so, we feel the warmth from the fire. I lay there watching you till you’re satisfied with your fire. Then you make your way over to me as you do you start taking off your clothes. I smile as you finally make it to where I laid. You kiss me as you lay next to me. I smiled as your hands explore my body. You feel limited as you reached my bra. I smile as you fumble with the clasp and when you finally get it I laughed. Which was a mistake of my mine since then you gave me your evil smile and without any warning you shredded my shorts.

As soon as there was nothing covering me your hands become roaming my body. They maltepe escort bayan stop at my boobs giving them special attention as you slowly kiss me. You move your kisses from my lips down to my boobs. You take a nipple into your mouth sucking on it while you play with other. Your free hand moves down my stomach to my pussy. You take my clit into your fingers rubbing it and playing with it till I can’t take it no more. I moan out tell you to take me. You release me from your amazing grasped and I frown. You smile at me and laughed as you spread my legs wider. You take your dick and slowly place it inside of me.

You move slowly till you reach my bearer. You give me a sad smile as you force your dick through my bearer. I gasp in pain and rake my finger nails in your back as you push through. But my gasps of pain quickly shift into moans of pleaser as you push your dick in and out of me. As I come closer to ecstasy I start to grind into you. I feel your dick expand as you build up to your breaking point. I scream as we both come together. Well spent you fall upon me and I welcome your weight. As you drift into sleep I kiss you lightly until you fall asleep. When you do I snuggle into your chest and I fall asleep with you still inside of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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