The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 6

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The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 6
Thea was now never alone even when she was fucking. Bouncing up and down on top of her husband as she kissed her maid who was sitting on Marcos face, could not be seen by the guard, but it certainly could be heard. Other precautions were a new headboard beautifully made and carved but which concealed too wicked poniards that could be drawn in the time it took to rip open the curtains.

Thea and her ladies in waiting were being taught how to defend themselves not that they were helpless before but a retired sergeant of the city watch was teaching them all manner of dirty tricks and how to use their opponents weight against him and put on head locks. This came in useful when her husband tried tickling her.

The attention of two people who loved her brought Thea to the point of ecstasy and whilst she wanted to collapse on the bed she kept going until Marcos filled her with his white creamy liquid. Thea wondered if this would be the time, she got pregnant and give the empire an heir. Anna also squealed with passion as Marcos tongue did the trick for her as well. This time Thea did collapse as did her companions.

They were still searching for the employer of the assassin. Lords who were openly hostile muted their criticism after one particularly vociferous opponent narrowly avoided being lynched. The reaction of the people had been anger that someone would seek to harm their beloved empress. Some of the least popular even went as far as moving out of the capital.

The situation was discussed at that morning meeting of her most trusted advisors. It was with a certain glee that Marcos suggested that they just start a rumour that this or that enemy was behind the attempt. This got a stony glare form the justiciar who always though that a formal trial as fair as possible was the only acceptable answer. The Patriarch of the Divine as usual defused disagreement.

“Appealing as it might be to see some of my less pleasant episcopos torn limb from limb, riots get out of hand and the innocent suffer. If it was one of those though I will defrock him before the Lord Justiciar crushes him before the full might of the law.”

“If Lord Alexandros finds the right one then crush is exactly what I will do. I know that I seem cold and unfeeling but I am livid with rage that someone should try to hurt our beloved empress.” The word beloved said with total sincerity, surprised Thea she did not know that the dour justiciar even liked her. “But we have to have the right one or the real miscreant will go un-punished.”

“What worries me is not another physical attack but poison.” Said Valeria, Comptroller of the Imperial Household and thus responsible for the food.

“Certainly our enemy is far more subtle than most of our opponents. It seems likely that the assassin had been put in place some time ago. I suspect originally his target would have been the Lord Protector but he was re-purposed. I agree poison seems a quite probable tool and whilst we have food tasters there is the problem of poisons that take time to have an effect.”

“Cheer me up why don’t you.” Said Thea bleakly.

“Well this might help. I have installed the chef from my brothel in a special kitchen. That will provide food for your immediate household and the guards who are assigned to you. That will stop the guards being poisoned as well.” Valeria solution was a good one but the Justiciar had another to supplement it.

“There is an apothecary who we strongly suspect is supplying a lot of the more exotic substances that we disprove of. However, he is far too wily to get caught. If he doesn’t know his customer her won’t sell them anything out of the ordinary. Add to that he has an unmarried daughter who looks after him who he dotes on then I suggest we offer him a new role of poison identifier with his daughter being your new taster by lady.”

“Ooh that’s nasty where did ‘lord by the letter of the law go’.”

“I serve justice and this would be the most exquisite justice like having a shrivelled up old harridan rogered until she enjoyed herself.” The morning the Justiciar was certainly showing a different side to himself today.

Thea decided that she wanted to see this man and his daughter herself before entrusting her safety too them. Thea also went out of her way to be charming and pleasant as it occurred to her that the apothecary would be the ideal person to pay to put poison in her food and only his happiness and the survival of his daughter might be Thea’s protection.

Thea had them seated comfortably and served refreshments before she went in, though what they didn’t know was that this room was designed so those sitting in it could be observed and listened too from an adjacent chamber. They were clearly nervous but did not say anything incriminating to each other. Sitting down Anna handed her coffee and a pastry.

“I am told that you are one of the most knowledgeable and inventive apothecaries in Byzantos.” This was true apart from his questionable activates Arcos had a quick and enquiring mind that was always trying to extend the bounds of pharmacopeia.

“You are kind to say so imperiousness. Can I be of assistance, you perhaps have something amiss that I may be able to help with.”

“Amiss, yes I have a fear of being poisoned.” Arcos merely nodded. “I will be blunt, I want you check my food for poison and to encourage you your daughter will be my food taster. It is not very nice but I am afraid your interests will come behind those of the empire, because whoever would replace me will be worse.”

“Even though I am the target of your ruthlessness I cannot fault your logic. The empire is prospering under your rule. Thus, I can pretend I have a choice and accept. There is one thing though canlı bahis şirketleri I try to feed some of the local waifs and strays. Can some method be found of ensuring that this continues?”

“That is not unreasonable and can be done and I will even assist in that. I do not have the resources to help all of them but I can ensure that through you as a deniable third party some can be helped.”
“Then your imperiousness I am happy to serve.”

Thea felt unclean after what she had done and whilst it was not physical went to the baths. Amongst the maids in her private bath house was now the she-male, Jella. Female in appearance but with a man’s cock. Thea had rescued her from a vicious priest and his villagers and brought her into her household. It turned out that bath maid was just up her street. So now when she bathed, she had a cock as well as lots of pussies to play with.

Thea always up for new experiences was playing with Jella’s cock as the she-male soaped her breasts. Another girl had dived under them and was tickling Thea’s fanny beneath the water, holding her breath.

Lord Muros craved an audience with the empress. A significant but not vastly powerful lord., Thea was interested to know why he wanted to speak privately. Muros as far as was known was neutral in the pro-anti Thea debate but even so care was taken.

In the state rooms it had been normal practice to ban everyone other than the guards to wear arms openly. However, there was the risk of concealed knifes. Now whilst searching a lord was always an option, it was undiplomatic so the alternative was this, the room used was one of an office. This meant that Thea was behind a desk thus protecting her from his lordship sitting in a deep and comfortable armchair facing her thus precluding them jumping up and attacking her.

Also the room had a minstrels gallery, which like on that first day Thea had acceded to the throne concealed archers who were ready to shoot down any attacker before he could get to Thea.

As it happened all these precautions were unnecessary for what the lord wanted was the help of his empress with a family problem. It concerned his daughter who was of marriageable age and was proving rather a handful.

“To put in bluntly, imperiousness, my daughter is rather too obviously wanton. If she was discreet that would be one thing but too many know that she likes the boys a bit much. My wife and I are quite liberal in such things but finding he a good husband is a problem. I know that the traditional solution would be a convent but for Marta that would be a sentence of hell. We love our daughter but are not blind to her faults. She is very friendly and not overly bright, hence the problem.”

“What is it you are requesting then, my lord.”

“Do you have room for another lady in waiting, she is very helpful, enthusiastically so. Also surprisingly discreet as she learnt at a young age that she didn’t understand enough to talk about what she hers without getting into trouble so she learnt not to repeat things.”

“So not overly intelligent but has a degree of common sense. Yes, I think that I can make use of her. We both know how liberal things are here so she will fit in well.”

It would be a couple of weeks before the girl arrived as a message had to be sent back Lord Muros estate and then a caravan arranged for the girl’s escort and goods.

That night Thea was in bed with Sisa and Alexandros where next door Marcos was with Anna and Azeena. As Thea has was not yet pregnant Alexandros was lying on his back whilst the two girls rubbed their breasts into him whilst he massaged a buttock on each of the girls. Sisa squeaked when he found her arse-hole and stuck his finger in it and wiggled it around.

As had become a habit Thea talked about the day to her confidants. Firstly, she mentioned the impending arrival of Marta Muros.

“If his lordship is accurate in summation of his daughter then at least she is going to be fun and I suspect quite useful. We will try her out but if people thing she is very dipsy then she will hear things and be able to repeat them to me. Also a sweet, overly friendly but unthreatening girl will help with some of the more fatherly lords. All we have to do is gain her trust and loyalty.”

Sisa liked having a finger in her arsehole so thought Thea would like the same. A somewhat smaller finger found its way inside. Thea kissed her friend with passion.

Then Thea explained the pressure she had put Archos under. It did not sit well with her but was important and whilst she could have got someone else to do the dirty work since she could do it herself, she thought she should. Hopefully this had made a difference in how it was accepted.

“I felt rather guilty that I put him under such pressure and then he was so pleasant about it.” Thea leaned forward so that Sis could go deeper into her arse. They twisted around so that Alexandros could still stay in Thea fanny and lock Sisa’s

“I suspect that he is highly political and realises why and for what you did it. That doesn’t mean he will like you but he will respect you. Not that I am going to trust him. I think that he warrants an escort when out and about in the city and that escort can keep an eye on him.” Alexandros stated wryly then smiled when the finger of his other hand found Thea hole.

Both women squiggled with pleasure as he fingered them. For Alexandros this had the bonus that their boobs wobble about in a very enjoyable way against his chest. Alexandros kissed one then the other. The dampness against his leg told him that they were both really turned on. Thea as empress got buggered first before he switched to her lady in waiting. Satiated they lay back and chatted.

“It is so funny that Mummy is getting tipobet güvenilir mi every bit as bad as me. Apparently, she got Daddy to bring his mistress to the manor and install her as a companion.” Thea knew where that idea had come from but didn’t let on.

The empire was definitely generally getting more liberal in its attitudes and not just in court. Some of the younger married women were leaving their hair uncovered or adopting Thea solution when outside the palace of a diaphanous head covering that just about met propriety whilst still showing of her luxurious hair. Dresses were starting to be cut more daringly showing more boob. The Lord Protector, had been as well as being a nasty vicious individual also rather prudish. From two marriages he had managed to have a single son.

Alexandros left early to go about his duties and Marcos slipped into bed a few minutes after he had gone accompanied by his two bed companions. It was early but even so it took them a while to get back to sleep. One man and four willing girls? The four of them decided they were going to pleasure him in every way possible and when no part of Marcos was available to each other. Marcos got his cock inside all four of them but made sure that it was Thea that he came in. Boobs were sucked and kissed, nipples played with and fannies felt. All five satisfactory climaxed and they eventually fell back to sleep in an ungainly huddle.

Valeria was let in to the apartment at the quite ungodly hour of ten o’clock and chuckled at what she saw. They were all just about coming around but were bleary eyed.

“Who’s a lucky prince consort you are, is four enough or do you want me and the maids to join in.” A couple of maids were setting out breakfast and both looked very eager for him to say yes.

“I think I know when I have met my limit. Mind you don’t feel you have to go girls. I think I have exhausted my companions and they may have to have help with their breakfast. Mind you if you do your overdressed.”
The two girls looked at Valeria questioningly to which she smiled and nodded. It was a matter of seconds before they had undressed each other and were serving coffee and dainties to the party in the bed whilst doing so stark bollock naked. Valeria shrugged and got out of her dress, long years as a courtesan meant that she didn’t need any help with this.

The resultant orgy was rather bizarre because breakfast was eaten at the same time as playing around. The two maids who had not before been in the presence of their empress given the chance wanted to eat her out.

Thea remembered wondering if every serving girl in the palace was a bi-sexual nymphomaniac. These two had clearly been with a woman before, as their tongues licking away and their lips sucking her muff were very effective. Bi they were because they also enthusiastically pleasured Marcos. Later Thea asked Anna about it and the enthusiasm.

“You don’t get it do you. Your reign is giving women unprecedented freedom both sexual and general. The women of the empire love you for it and those who live in the palace gain the most followed by the women of the city. To be honest you probably haven’t had much effect on a remote village with a wizened and sententious old priest. The fact that our dear old Patriarch is supporting you makes it all the more effective as he is using your status as a living saint performing miracles to eliminate your enemies and his. For a lovely old gent, he is quite ruthless.”

“That was one of the things he has taught me that the nice people can’t always behave in a nice fashion because if they do, they lose. The important thing is to be just whenever possible but even then, sometimes you have to be unfair, not nice and generally feel terrible about it. The greatest good for the greatest number is a dangerous doctrine but sometimes if the good is sufficiently important then it has to be done. Sometimes as a ruler being nice is wrong.”
“I am glad I don’t have your job then because I sort of know that you are right.”

This introspection was interrupted by Valeria bringing a visitor who was very exotic in appearance not for being fair skinned but because she had hair the colour of straw. They knew that some women and fewer men to the north and west of the empire had such colouring but had never met one.

The women’s name was Erika and she had been captured by pirates. The pirates in their turn were captured by the Byzantos navy and she had been freed and put ashore in the port of Laki to the west of the capital. By a circuitous route she had ended up in one of the better brothels in the capital. Certainly she could demonstrate impressive bedroom skills but her real talent was singing. Valeria thought that Thea who loved music would be interested in meeting her.

Erika specialised in a type of music unknown in Byzantos called opera. this apparently was a form of drama that was sung. Thea was curious and arranged for a talented musical ensemble to be put at Erika disposal for her to work with them to provide accompaniment for a recital to be had before the court.

When the preparation was done Thea had the performance scheduled for after a court feast. In one of the great chambers of the palace Thea sat on the throne and watched as Erika came on to perform. Thea had a glass of sweet wine and bowl of her favourite sugared almonds at her elbow. However before she touched either the apothecary’s daughter, Lea smelt and took a sip of the wine and then picked up an almond and carefully put it to her nose. Lea’s eyes widened and she insisted that Thea did not even touch them whilst calling for a wash cloth for herself.
“Father, there is a bitter smell to these almonds.”

“Well done, have you washed perabet your hands.”

“Yes father, you have taught me carefully.”

“Imperiousness, there is a lethal poison that smells of almonds but is bitter. Placing it on real almonds is as easy way of getting someone to eat it in lethal quantity. Even if you survive it kills the part of the body in touches. Very nasty stuff.”

The almonds were removed and Thea decided not to risk the wine either. Thea was not prepared to let this attempt on her life stop her enjoying the new experience of western music. It proved to be very different and special. This woman could do things with her voice that nobody in Byzantos could manage strong and agile, it soared and dived like some incredible new instrument. Thea could not understand the words but that didn’t matter the music was all the mattered and she loved it.

After the feast and concert Thea returned to her suite and asked for a report on the almonds. Arcos confirmed that he was sure the almonds had been poisoned with a substance called cyanide that smelt of bitter almonds.
“I have had some rats fed some and they died quickly and showed all the signs imperiousness. Someone managed to have some poisoned nuts substituted for the correct ones I suspect.”

“I am glad for both our sakes that your daughter has a keen sense of smell. Give her this for putting herself at risk.” Thea handed over a small bag containing silver coins. For an ordinary small shop keeper’s daughter it was a considerable sum.

After the apothecary had been escorted out Valeria asked to be admitted. Thea would never deny her foster mother access to her and on this occasion, it turned out to be business. With her was one of the maids who had taken part in the breakfast orgy. Chubby and rather plain she made up for it in attractiveness by being cheerful and bright.
“Thea dear, Vella here has something to tell you.”

“Imperiousness it may be coincidence but one of my colleagues in the privy kitchen can’t be found. Also, she was missing this morning and last night I saw her looking about near the dish of almonds that were poisoned. I thought nothing of it at the time and went on with my tasks but it is possible she was checking that nobody was watching her.”
The guard sergeant who was present exploded into action, with orders to find the girl in question. Vella gave a clear if somewhat bitchy description of the maid in question. It was apparent they did not get on.

“Well done Vella, it may be nothing as you say but it is the best we have at the moment. Now could it be that you don’t like her that clouded your judgement.”

“I thought about that and I don’t think so. I admit I detest her as she uses her looks to gain favours and bully those of us who are less attractive.”

“Go back to the kitchen and down to the cellar find a flask of sweet wine from the back of the shelf and bringing it up here. From now on I want you alone to bring in my food, no other duties but to stay watching its preparation. Lady Valeria tries to keep an eye on it but she has many duties. From now on Vella you are part of my personal staff charged with watching what is prepared. Even if the girl proves innocent that is going to really stick in her throat.”
“Oh isn’t it my lady! I will be back shortly.”

Vella was remarkably quickly and with a flask still sealed with the wax seal that showed duty had been paid and another giving its age.

“This is a better vintage than they sent you if what the wine chef says is right and he knows his stuff and likes to talk to the rest of us about it.”

“and you pay attention and remember. Anna get sufficient glasses for all of us including Vella.”

That night Marcos spent with Sisa and Azeena so it was an all-girl party in Thea’s bed. Young Vella was surprised and delighted to be taking part in an orgy with her empress. The imperial bed was huge and the four of them daisy chained to form a square. It was Vella who got to eat Thea muff and she proved to have a talented tongue. Chubby she might be but not in the least lethargic and she squiggled with pleasure as Anna gave her the attention beneath her legs.
It was as though they were having a competition to see who could make their partner cum first. If so then Thea won by a hairsbreadth over Valeria. Professionalism will out and these two had been taught every possible way to bring pleasure to man or women. The two amateurs did very well however.

The next day the missing maid was found with her neck broken apparently having tried to flee the city. Examination by the guard to the surgeon confirmed that it was deliberate and carried out by a professional.

Thea was not happy at yet more security but at least it was not intrusive for Ade who now spoke adequately had been found to be a warrior in his own land and he was given weaponry to defend his empress to whom like others he had become devoted.

When Thea went out for a ride, he accompanied her mounted on a massive war horse. Sheba the cheetah also came along and proved her hunting skills when a deer came out of a copse a hundred yards away. The deer turned to escape but too late as the big cat reached an incredible speed to bring down its prey.

“I suspect that whoever put the girl up to it did not want her to be caught and made to talk.” Said Alexandros.
“Still we can gain information though. The person who is trying to kill the Empress, presuming that both incidents are down to the same person, show organisation and resource.”

“True but that doesn’t mean we can exclude the stupid amongst the lords, they may just employ an able person to do their dirty work. All that they need is money. I am afraid the only gain we get out of this is that maid who is loyal and clever watching over Thea’s food preparation. Arcos is teaching her to recognise poisons as well so we have two noses watching or should that be smelling, out”

“Another ally and another bed partner is that not so my dear.” Smirked Marcos smugly for he was getting to enjoy multiple girls in bed with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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