The Defaced Book.

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The Defaced Book.
He knew he was in trouble the moment he received the letter of summons to present himself at the Monastery of Repentance for ,”…committing a most serious act of defacement of a much treasured volume….” He sat down,he knew it was useless to try to get out of it, his studies at university would suffer if he did not present himself at the Monastery to answer for what he had done. It was time to face up to what he had done and accept the severe punishment that the Nun’s and Monk’s of the Monastery of Repentance were famous for.
Jason made his way to the Monastery,as he walked he thought about what was going to happen,he had been spanked before,but he had heard that the new Abbess at the Monastery was more severe in her chastisement than her predecessor ,and it had become well known that she enjoyed delivering corporal punishment to those who came before her.He had heard the stories and had even seen the red,very sore looking bottom of his own girlfriend,Aisling,after she had been across the knee of Abbess Severia.
He arrived at the gates of the Monastery and walked up the long winding driveway to the austere, Gothic ,looking building ;there were others around,men and women,boys and girls all making their way inside to keep appointment’s with their ‘confessor’s ‘. Jason went to the reception where he was met by a small,thin Nun whose habit seemed two sizes too big for her.The Nun introduced herself as Sr. Concepta and ordered Jason to follow her.As he followed the small Nun deeper into the Monastery he could hear the muffled sounds of people receiving punishment emanating from the room they walked pass.
Finally they arrived at a large,oak door;Jason read the name on the nameplate on the door,it simply read, ‘ABBESS SEVERIA’. The small Nun knocked at the door and was bid entry by a voice for within. Sr.Concepta stepped inside,leaving Jason standing outside the room. A moment later Sr.Concepta reappeared and said, “The Abbess will see you now”. Jason stepped inside.
Sr.Concepta could not resist ,she found Jason very appealing and wished that she had been tasked with administering corporal punishment to him,the very thought was making her feel very güvenilir bahis excited. She made sure there was no one around and then stooped down and peered through the keyhole,

Sr.Concepta could see Jason walk toward the Abbess’ desk.His firm,beautiful bottom would soon suffer at the discretion of the Abbess; Sr.Concepta felt a pang of longing and then jealously .She moved a little to her left to try to see more.

Sr.Concepta could now see the Abbess standing and smiling as Jason walked towards her,his head lowered.Sr.Concepta wondered what he was thinking,she could guess what the Abbess was thinking by her expression.Sr.Concepta was fascinated by what she was seeing,she knew it was wrong to entertain her human passions,maybe that was why she had not been entrusted with administering to a penitent just yet . For now though she was happy to watch.

“Now,Jason,I want you to explain this,” the Abbess said opening a very old looking book, “Come along boy,look at it!” the Abbess said sternly.
Jason walked to the desk and look down at the book.
“Read that sentence aloud,boy,”the Abbess ordered.
” ‘Revenge is a kind of wild justice'”, Jason read.
“Yes,and what did you write after it,thus defacing a very old book?” the Abbess asked.
“I am sorry Abbess,I didn’t mean it,I….”
“What did you write,boy,” the Abbess barked,cutting Jason off in mid sentence.
” I wrote, ‘LOL’! “,Abbess.
“And that means?”
“It means Laugh Out Loud, Abbess,I am sorry”,Jason said,not daring to look at the Abbess,he could already feel his bottom warm,even though the Abbess had not touched it yet.
“So ,you find the work of Sir Francis Bacon amusing,do you,and you are supposed to be a student of philosophy,whatever possessed you to deface such an old book?”
“I really didn’t mean too,I was writing an essay and just thought the quote was cool”!
” ‘COOL!’,dare me,you do have a lot to learn,there is nothing for it but to take you over my knee and remind you that your behaviour was not acceptable,indeed I will be keeping a keen eye on you and will not hesitate to put you over my knee again if your behaviour does not improve,” the Abbess said walking over to her chair,sitting down and smoothing türkçe bahis down her course wool habit with her hands.
Outside the door Sr.Concepta heard what the Abbess said,she closed her eyes and licked her lips.She strained to see what was happening,hoping to get glance,but Jason walked over tho where the Abbess was sitting at the right end of the room,Sr.Concepta’s view was blocked by a rood screen. The Abbess always spanked her errant miscreants behind the rood screen to afford privacy in case someone should come into her study while she was busy. However Sr.Concepta could hear everything.
“Now,boy,take down your trousers and shorts and place yourself over my knee”,the Abbess ordered.
Sr.Concepta could hear Jason say, “Please,Abbess,please forgive my actions,I will gladly pay for the repair of the book.”
“Oh you will pay,boy,you will pay severely indeed,over my knee now, quickly now,I have other bottom’s to spank today !” the Abbess said.

Soon Sr.Concepta was in the throes of inner excitement as she heard the Abbess bring her hand down on Jason’s bottom,a bottom she found most attractive, a bottom she indeed would love to touch and spank,she longed for her time to come when she would be entrusted with administering corporal punishment.She wanted to touch herself so very much as she listened to the SLAP! sound and Jason’s yelling come from inside the study,but saw this as a test,she decided she was being tested,could she suppress her human passions,she was trying hard.
The spanking continued unabated and Jason could be heard loudly pleading with the Abbess to stop,in turn the Abbess could be heard saying, ” Stay still boy,stop struggling,I cannot spank your bottom,I shall have to start all over again!”
Sr.Concepta gasped.


The Abbess showed no sign of ceasing,she was enjoying herself too much,she was an avid spanker of bottoms and prided herself on delivering a good,old fashioned spanking to those who came before her.
Sr.Concepta could hear Jason struggling and continue to beg the Abbess to stop but still the spanking continued. Sr.Concepta closed her eyes and güvenilir bahis siteleri began to visualise what was happening,she could only imagine what Jason’s bare,beautiful bottom looked liked. She wished that she could see. Then,after what seemed a very long time,the spanking stopped.
“Stand up,boy and go to the desk,” the Abbess ordered.
Finally Sr.Concepta could see Jason again as he stood by the desk,his bare bottom looked very sore indeed and he was rubbing each rump vigorously .
Sr.Concepta watched as the Abbess stood behind him,examining her work and then said, “Bend over the desk,boy, I will take the strap to you to ensure that you will never forget this day and what you done to deserve every delicious slap!”
Sr.Concepta watched as Jason bent over the desk and the Abbess opened a drawer on the desk and produced a brown ,leather strap of about 12 inches in length and about a quarter of an inch in thickness.
Sr.Concepta gasped as the Abbess raised the strap and brought it down on the already sore bottom of Jason causing him to jump and yell out very loudly.
Sr.Concepta watched as at least twelve slaps with the school strap were delivered with great accuracy and no doubt great inner excitement by the Abbess. His pleas fell on deaf ears. Then the Abbess sat down and rang the bell on her table,this was meant to summon Sr.Concepta. Sr.Concepta wiped her face with her hands and took a deep breath before knocking at the door.
“ENTER!” the Abbess said.
Sr.Concepta entered,she tried hard to not look at Jason’s bare bottom,which was well reddened and looked very painful to the touch,he was still bending over the Abbess’ desk.
The Abbess was writing and then handed Sr.Concepta an envelope.
“Please,Sr.Concepta,see that this is delivered to the Abbot ,I am sure that he will want to have a private word with Jason here when I am done,” the Abbess said,smiling.
Sr.Concepta took the letter. “And do not fret,Sr.Concepta,your time will come to administer to errant miscreant’s like Jason here soon,you have to remain ready,” the Abbess said.
“Thank you,Mother Abbess,I was willing and everyday prepare myself for the call,” Sr.Concepta said ,glancing quickly at bare bottom on display.
“I am sure your call will come soon,go now and see the Abbot receives the letter, I still have some work to do with Jason here,” the Abbess said.
As Sr.Concepta closed the door she heard the Abbess say, “Now boy,where did I put my cane?”.

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