The Enlightenment of Bay Ch. 01

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Padawan Bayrod Betu straightened his robes and shook out his shoulders to relax himself while preparing to push the com button on the side of his mistress’ door. He had been summoned mentally earlier by her in lightsaber training. Her command came as he was trying to feint with one saber and pull the other one up and over as a distraction. As he thought this, his face buried in his hands, he smiled foolishly. Instead, it just went all to the moons of Helidor. He watched as the sabers crashed into the walls and fizzled out. Mace Windu, himself, came over and questioned him about his lack of control. He could only bow his head and accept the rebuke. Mentally, he returned a terse, “Yes, Ma’am, after this lesson” to his mistress. She had already moved onto other things but he was positive she received his message.

Here Bayrod stood, all sixteen years and two meters of him, kinda afraid to go in and see what she wanted with him. He had been afraid of her ever since he realized that the maternal feelings he had for her all his life had blossomed into so much more. Bayrod didn’t remember his real mother the Jedi Council had sensed his potential while he was in the womb, so he was taken away from her as soon as he was weaned. The only thing he ever remembered was his mistress, Xeira Chamtete, her impossibly long brown hair, dusty green eyes like a pool that went without use for the summer months, her long fingers that played the harp so masterfully and could calm him with their touch. He loved her but he feared her. She was a little over a meter and a half of pure force of nature, her calmness gone when she was angry or annoyed with something, which gratefully wasn’t often.

He pushed the button and at the same time, she projected into his mind, “I have been sitting here for five minutes watching you fuss about and work up the courage to come in here.” “Yes, ma’am,” he gave back. The door opened efficiently and he stepped through, still in wonder after all his years of her surroundings. Xeira had tried to make her chamber look as much as the seaside village from which she hailed. The floor covering was sandy but stable and the colors were immediately calming to him; all greens, blues and soft browns. He breathed deeply for no one else when to this much trouble for themselves, he thought. She was a little vain of the fact of it and allowed him to center himself in the Force.

He opened his large brown eyes and focused bostancı escort on her, asking without words, what was it she needed him for. His sneer betrayed the loyalty in the words and his half bow was committed too hastily to be genuine. She turned around, ruffling her robes and showed him her back, straight with a narrow waist. His face and demeanor immediately softened, he rushed to her side, taking the hem of her robes to his lips and kissing them as he had when he was a child. As a Jedi, he couldn’t show the love he had for her but he conveyed in these gestures quite appropriately. Her hand reached out and tousled his Padawan braids, then to the top of his head, rubbing it gently, thoroughly. Bayrod loved this, her long fingers massaging his scalp through his short hair, this is all he ever wanted today and basked in it totally. He continued to kiss the hem of her robes as she spoke to him.

“Bayrod, your studies have dropped sightly and Master Windu asked me to speak to you about this. He is afraid that you have other diversions of attention and are allowing them to take your focus away from your studies, is this true?” She looked out the window to the Council Square as she spoke, speeders and hovercraft flitted by speedily. Only you, he thought quickly, but knew enough not to project it. When he spoke his voice wavered uncertainly; he hated that. “I will admit that my studies have declined because of something taking my attentions away from them, but it is an old affliction and I will do my best to pay better attention from now on.” His lips returned to her dress, just slightly higher this time, he smiled at his nerve. Xeira continued to massage his scalp thoughtfully as they sat in silence.

Honestly, Bayrod never knew what she did when she wasn’t training him. She was well respected in the Council, even Master Windu and Yoda bowed to her slightly when they saw her in everyday affairs. He didn’t know what she did earn this respect, just that she did and commanded it very well indeed. That is why she was asked to train him, he thought pridefully. He was going to be something when he was a Knight and Xeira was there to guide him.

She exhaled louder than usual and rose, leaving him on his knees to watch her silhouette against the spans of windows in the afternoon light. Her robes were light and he glimpsed the body underneath for one of the first times of his young life. Her breasts tilted ümraniye escort bayan upwards but her hips hid the most mysterious feature for him. He blushed and she turned away to the kitchen part of her room, taking a container of berry juice from the chiller and poured two glasses.

Bayrod followed her, taking a seat in the private quarters area as she rested on her sleeping futon, talking to him on the minutia of his days past. She put up her feet and laid her head on the pillows, answering noncommittally. He sipped his juice and thought that there was something he wanted to do but he had no words for it. He continued his ramblings of lessons and friends and quirky side stories.

At last, he heard her breathing even out and her chest rise and fall, probing her with the Force, he knew she had fallen asleep. It was a rare chance he ceased upon only occasionally but he couldn’t help himself this time. He set down the juice glass silently and moved his robes from his lap, standing. He walked over to the side of the futon and bent down to meet her lips, he never really got that far sadly. He had been able to get within a foot over her and made a kiss motion before he was too shameful to continue. Sometimes, he would just watch her sleep and use the Force to cradle his erectness in the folds of his robe. He had reached, what he thought was Enlightenment, this way and barely made it to the waste hatch in time. Not that he didn’t know what he was doing, it was natural for a young male to masturbate in the Jedi Order, just not usually in the presence of his mistress. Bayrod was so excited by her, he couldn’t help it, she was all he thought of, wished about and…he almost had it there. He didn’t know the logical conclusion to that conundrum, he frowned. He sat back down and let the Force all lightly on his erection, willing it to move against him, it took him inside of it and he surrendered to it. When he was done, Xeira was still sleeping and he was shame-faced for defiling her peace. He went to the kitchen and cleaned his robe as best as he could.

When he returned, she was stirring. She opened her green eyes and blinked at him, apologized profusely and said that she had a long day with Master Windu in discussion about him. She blushed at this, he looked at the floor and couldn’t see, he was still full of shame. He mumbled, its was okay he knew his mistress was busy with her negotiations. She rose kartal escort from the futon and ruffled his hair gently, laughing. He followed her to the main room and they went over his studies and studies that he should take in the next trimester. She suggested courses and he took notes.

He left her room with a sense of peace that the rift between them was healed. He said he would try to come back before the suns set. He took his school materials and sabers back to his room and went down to eat at the commissary. It was late enough that he didn’t have a problem finding a seat. His friends beckoned him to a table and one of them stole his protein supplement and ate it. He just laughed it off. Anakin often did stuff like that, seeing if he could crack the calm that Bayrod maintained. But the reason why he liked Anakin, was that he saw the same far-off look in his eyes during training, lessons and meals. He doubted if it was in relation to his Master tho; Obi-wan didn’t look like that kind of man. So, Anakin and him toyed with each other during the first few years at the Academy, trying to learn their deepest darkest secrets. Anakin had broke first, she was a Queen on Naboo that he had met as a younger boy, her name was Padme and to him, she looked like an angel. It was his first love, other than piloting and he was determined to make something of it one day, he said with a gleam in his eyes. Bayrod just laughed.

Anakin had harped on him about his secret and a year later, he broke and confessed his only love was that he had for his mistress. “You are in love with your mistress!?!” Anakin was dumbfounded but smart enough to not say it loudly. My friend, that is strange, he thought but he thought back to the fatherly feelings he had for Obi-Wan and Senator Palpatine and really it didn’t seem too strange. He knew Xeira and had a minor crush on her himself, who didn’t? But to be her Padawan and have those feelings must be intolerable. He frowned for his friend.

“Anakin, I did it today.” He whispered on the way back to his quarters to change his robes.

“What?” He said, smiling, he knew of Bayrod’s game to see how close he could get to kissing Xeira. It was amusing to him because she would have been his long ago, he thought viciously but Bay was too damned polite, hesitant. Bayrod told Anakin of how he reached Enlightenment in her presence, he was embarrassed and it came out all at once. Anakin laughed too and clapped him on the back.

When they reached Bay’s quarters, they hugged and parted. Anakin had to see Master Kenobi and he had promised to see Xeira before the suns set. He hastily changed his robes and put them in the cleaner, hot-footing it to his mistress’ room.

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