The Family Affair The Little Spy

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The Family Affair The Little Spy
As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this storyline and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies.

The Family Affair
Chapter 4
The Little Spy

** It’s been a week since Amanda moved into the garage apartment. The three played around a bit and paraded around naked. Though this was the first night with the girls gone and Amanda was looking forward to her playtime with Debbie and Mike. It was about four hours before Mike was to return. Debbie and Amanda had just taken a shower after a little bit of playtime at the pool. They helped each other shave their legs and pussy. They helped each other get dressed. They came down the stairs and into the back door of the house to finish getting ready for their Master and their lover to come back from work.**

** The two ladies were sitting on the couch as Danielle and Brianna came into the living room with their bags. Mom giving an evil grin said. You two girls enjoy your sleepover. The two girls grinned back at mom and said we will. As the doorbell rang. They open the door to see Michelle waiting for them. Giving mom a kiss and saying good night the two girls left. Debbie and Amanda went to the kitchen to finish dinner. With everything just about ready. Both ladies went to the closet and pulled out two kneeling tables and kneeling pillows. Then placed them on either side of their Master’s chair at the kitchen table.

** Debbie said. It was just about time. With that, the two ladies quickly ran to Debbie’s bedroom. The two girls removed their dresses and bras and panties. They adjusted each other’s garters and stockings and then stepped into their high heels and buckled the ankle straps. Both girls standing in front of the mirror checking out themselves to make sure everything looked right. Both had braided their hair down the back and pinned it up. They were both in matching stockings and garters. They went to the closet and helped each other with their steel collars and ankle and wrist bands. Lastly placing a ball gag in their mouth tightly and a lead on their collars. They quickly went to the front door and knelt just to the right of the door.**

** They heard a car pull up and soon heard the key in the door as Mike came in. Simultaneously the two girls said. Welcome home, Master. Then from there kneeling position they bowed over and placing their foreheads on the floor and their wrists crossed and out in front of them. He stood between them and told them to recover. Returning back to their kneeling position. He placed a hand on their heads and pulled them to his thigh as he hugged them he said. What a welcoming home. The two girls then held up there leads. When Master had taken the leads. The two spun around and crawled behind their Master to the couch.**

** Debbie began to remove his shoes and socks as Amanda stood and went to get him a drink. When Debbie was through. She moved herself to Masters left. Then laid her head on his thigh. When Amanda returned with his drink she to knelt down and placed her head on his thigh. He softly caressed their faces with his free hand. His two slaves looked at each other and were content. Soon Mike finished his drink. Well, who is going to help me? Debbie looked down and slowly raised her hand and pointed it at Amanda. Very well. Handing his glass to Debbie. She quickly got up and went to the kitchen to set the tables.**

**Debbie quickly set the table. Then kneeling down she waited for them to come back. Amanda being led by her lead. Crawled behind Master to the illegal bahis Master bedroom. He stood as she removed his close. After placing the close in the basket. She returned and knelt back down. Taking her lead and leading her to the bathroom where she washed him and then dressed him. Debbie heard the shower turn off and she began to place the food. As they entered she was kneeling at her kneeling table to the left of Master’s chair. Debbie quickly got up and pulled the Master’s chair out. When Master was seated. They knelt at their tables.**

** He looked over the table and saw the great dinner they had fixed. He held out his hands and the two girls leaned forward. Tugging on the strap. He released the gag in their mouth. Taking it they re-position themselves. They waited for the order to eat. Master looked at each slave. Their heads down and eyes cast down. You may now start to eat he’s said. With their head still down they began to eat with Master. When they were done. They leaned forward and he replaced the ball gag in their mouth. He stood and ordered them to clean the kitchen. I will be in the bedroom. Be quick about it. I will inspect it later.**

** Unbeknownst to the three. As they ate. A little spy snuck in the back door. Danielle had fixed the door so it wouldn’t beep when she entered. She told Michelle she wanted to watch what their parents were going to be doing and that she would be back later. Standing in the little room just off the back door entry. She stood where she can see their Master bedroom door. She saw her dad walk in. She could feel herself getting excited knowing soon should be able to see what they were doing. She was startled by the clicking noises as she saw her mother and Amanda running into the bedroom.**

** She thought how beautiful they looked. With their tits bouncing uncontrollably as they ran. She waited a few more minutes and then snuck in through the hallway door into the Master bathroom. Hoping they would not come into soon. She also hoped she would not be seen from the darkness of the bathroom. She could see her mother and Amanda kneeling before her father. She watched as her father ordered the two women to remove their leads. He then ordered Amanda to set on the edge of the bed. Danielle looked at Amanda’s naked body. As she sat on the edge of the bed. How beautiful she looks she thought.**

** He then turned and ordered her mother to get something in the closet. She watched her father turn to Amanda. From under each side of the bed, he pulled out two long leather straps. He then stood before Amanda and tapped her leg. Amanda quickly opened her legs wide. He knelt down between her legs and placed the wide end of the strap around her thigh just above the knee. Then standing back up. He placed his hand between her breasts and pushed her back. He ordered her to raise her feet to the edge of the bed. Then out of his pocket he pulled two clips and placed them on the rings around her wrists and ankles.**

** He watched him take one strap and pull it to the head of the bed. Then pulled a second strap out and fastened it to the strap. When adjusted the straps pulled Amanda’s legs back and open as wide as they would go. Danielle thought how beautiful it looked and how she would love to bury her face into Amanda’s pussy. Suddenly Daniel saw her mother come out of the closet. She was slightly shocked but incredibly turned on to see her mother with a large semi hard cock strap to herself. She watched her mother kneel down by the foot of the bed. Her cock just touching the floor.**

** tipobet güvenilir mi She watched her daddy began to stroke Amanda’s pussy. She watched him turn away from her mother. He slapped Amanda’s is pussy and made her jump. Danielle also jumped at the sound. She noticed Amanda was enjoying her dad slapping and pulling on her pussy. Soon she saw daddy start to lick and suck on her pussy. She watched as Amanda struggled against her restraints as her daddy licked and rammed four fingers deep into her pussy. Danielle caught herself rubbing herself through her close. As she watched. She then saw him stand and go to a small table near the bed. Coming back with something with long straps on it. He then began to strike Amanda’s pussy and tits with it.**

**Danielle could hear Amanda’s muffled moans and screams of pain. Danielle removed her bikini top. And began to play with her tits as she watched her father hit her with that thing. She pulled and tugged on her nipples and squeezed each tit hard. Amanda’s body was soon beet red and covered in red marks. Her father turned and went to sit down in his chair. Danielle could see Amanda’s pussy was covered in strap marks and painfully red. Though she could see her pussy was incredibly wet and dripping. He heard her father order her mother to rub the tip of her cock up and down Amanda’s pussy.**

** She watched her father stand and grab that leather thing again and a bottle of lube. Ordered her mother back and slathered lube on her cock and then on Amanda’s pussy. Now place it at the opening he ordered her. She watched as her mother stepped up and placed her cock against Amanda’s pussy. He began to hit her mother with that leather thing. Across her back and crossed her butt and the tops of the back of her thighs. Her mother braced herself against Amanda’s legs. Then her father told her mother to fuck her hard and make her cum. Mom began to pump Amanda’s pussy as hard as she could. As daddy continue to hit her with that thing.**

** Danielle was so turned on at the site of her mother fucking Amanda’s pussy. That she removed her shorts and panties. She drew back her feet and opened her legs as far as they would go. She began to rub her clit and imagining her mother using that cock on her. Watching she could see Amanda pulling against the restraints as she watched her mother thrust as hard as she could into her pussy. She could see Amanda had already came a few times. Her juices were leaking down the edge of the bed. When Amanda had another orgasm. Daddy ordered mommy to stop. She immediately dropped to her knees and waited for her new command.**

** Then he reached over and taking off the ball gag. He shoved her mother’s face into Amanda’s pussy. Daddy told her to suck and eat her pussy. She saw her mother lean hard against Amanda’s pussy and began to suck and lick her clit and pussy. Her dad went and sat back down and watched. After a few more orgasms. He ordered her mother to back off. She stopped and backed away and to the left. Danielle could now see how wet her mother’s cock was. Then daddy told mommy to straddle Amanda’s chest and back up into her legs.**

** Her daddy then pulled mommy’s cock back and shoved it into Amanda’s pussy. He replaced mommies gag and then tuck out Amanda’s gag. Daddy slapped mommies ass hard and told her to fuck her again. This time Danielle could see mommies cock sliding deep into Amanda’s pussy. Then she watched her daddy shove his cock and alongside mommies. Mommy and daddy were fucking Amanda as hard as they could. perabet She wished she could see their Cox disappearing into Amanda’s pussy. Amanda was sucking and biting on mommies nipples.**

** Then daddy pulled out. He got some lube and placed it on his cock and someone mommies as well. He could see her daddy lube Amanda’s ass hole. Then he shoved his cock deep into her ass. Danielle thought to herself how she wished she could see better. As she continued to play with her clit and shove fingers into her pussy. Soon Amanda’s turned her head and Danielle could see her eyes roll back. Amanda quit moaning and began to shake uncontrollably. Then daddy pulled his cock out suddenly and exploded all over mom’s back. He removed Amanda’s restraints and sat down in his chair.**

** Mommy laid on Amanda for a time and then rolled off her. Daddy said when you to recover kneel before me again. Danielle could see that mommy and Amanda’s bodies were covered in red whelps and their skin was incredibly red and bruising was starting. Danielle was shocked and quickly started to move around quietly as possible and exit the bathroom. As she did Amanda and her mommy walked into the bathroom and began to take a quick shower.**

** She watched from the other room until the bathroom light went out. She looked at the door r close and with great fear. She realizes she had left her bikini top behind. Did they see it? She wondered. She quietly approached the bathroom then walked in and peeked around the door. This time she saw her mother tied like Amanda was. Daddy was whipping her with the leather thing like he did her mother. Danielle saw her top at the back of the toilet on the floor. Maybe that’s where she dropped it and no one saw it. She hoped. She gathered her close and placed them at the door so she could get them as she left.**

** Danielle watched as Amanda fucked her mother with the same Dildo and then daddy and Amanda together fuck mommy hard. Danielle was biting her lip as she watched. Fingers buried deep in her pussy and her other hand playing with her clit. She was amazed at the size of her father’s cock and wondered what it would be like to suck or have it in her pussy or ass. Danielle brought her self off to multiple orgasms. Leaving a wet spot on the floor. Opening her eyes. She was shocked to see her daddy walking towards her. Again she dodges out of the bathroom just in the nick of time.**

** Allowing them to rest. He ordered them off the bed and kneel in front of him again. Danielle could see daddy was hard again. Again wondering what it would feel like to have that thick hard cock in her mouth. She could see her mother and Amanda covered in whelps and their skin red and bruising. Daddy took his hard cock and started to push it into mommies and Amanda’s mouth. She could hear them gag as he pushed in deep. After a bit he stopped and let them suck his cock and balls.**

** Daddy then sat on the edge of the bed and Amanda straddled his face. Then leaned over and started licking and sucking his cock as mommy began to suck his balls. Mommy pushed daddy’s legs back a little and began to lick his ass hole. Danielle was so turned on. She wished she could have gone out there enjoying them.**

** She saw her daddy said in his chair and watch mommy and Amanda continue to play. She saw mommy and Amanda eating each other’s pussy. Then scissoring each other. Finally falling exhausted on the bed. Daddy told them when they were rested enough to go shower. With that Danielle grabbed all of her close and went out the back door. Before leaving the backyard she got dressed and headed back to Michelle’s house.

After everyone was showered. He attached a chain to each of their collars and they went to bed. Danielle wondered if she was caught. Visions in her head.Was making her horny again.

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