THE NIGHT to lose IT Blacken

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THE NIGHT to lose IT Blacken
Michelle was a virgin. Not that she wanted to be one, but, alas, she was. Shelli, as she was better known, had this newfound freedom and was going to do all the things she hadn’t been allowed to do until now. She just finished college, got a real job and saved enough money to move out of her parent’s house and into an apartment of her own. It wasn’t much to look at. But it was hers! She rented a studio apartment on the north side of Chicago, just a block from the Lake (Lake Michigan, that is, for those unfamiliar with Chicago). The neighborhood wasn’t the best, but Shelli thought she could take care of herself.

Shelli had been raised in a Christian home with Christian values. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but she needed to find out who Michelle really was deep down inside, not who she had been told she should be. All those things she was taught she shouldn’t do, she did. Shelli started smoking a pack of Newport lights a day and drinking alcohol almost nightly, either Bacardi light & coke or wine. She met Sheila and they went to the Riv practically every Thursday – ladies night. No cover charge, dollar drinks and HOT strippers. She would leave there drooling from both ends. Her panties would be so wet she was surprised dogs didn’t follow her scent home.

Then she met “HIM.” Earl was his name, but he much preferred Rico. He could’ve been one of those strippers, but he wouldn’t have had to put a sock in his g-string. This boy was HUNG. But I’m getting ahead of the story. Sheila introduced Michelle to him. Sheila had known him for a year or so but never slept with him cuz he was too young for her. Since Shelli was five years younger than Sheila she figured they were about the same age, and Shelli didn’t care as long as he was legal.

He was a member of the “Guardian Angels.” They were this group, primarily male, that were know throughout the City as private peace-keepers. They rode the El (trains) and buses to make their presence known. They also patrolled the El stations, bus terminals and busy areas. They were supposed to protect the “regular” people from the gangs. They did a pretty good job of it, too.

He spent most of his nights at the Guardian Angel headquarters, as this was his assignment for the entire summer. He monitored the police squawker and took phone calls from citizens at all times of the day and night. If they were needed to go out to try to control a situation he would be the one to call in the troops and organize the party. He was also the one assigning the patrols for the evening, telling which guys to go where. The person assigned to headquarters was rotated every three months, as it was a very time-consuming job. Anyway, back to the story.

The first night Rico and Michelle met was magical. It was around 7pm at a park down the block. Michelle thought he was so hot!! His dark chocolate skin was as smooth as silk. Five foot eleven inches tall, and built! Strong, his arms were so strong. She could see him flexing his biceps as he strode towards her. She could see through his tight red Guardian Angels t-shirt that he had a six-pack stomach. His face was heart shaped with high cheekbones. Nice lips, not too thick, not too thin – absolutely kissable! Perfect nose; deep brown eyes the color of rich milk chocolate. His smile melted her heart. She could only imagine what his package was going to look like. She could see the definition of it at his fly, his jeans fit so snugly.

Just seeing him there made her pussy tingle and juices started to flow. They walked over to one of the benches and sat down. He was smoking a Marlboro red, so Shelli lit up a Newport. His hands were large and strong, with long fingers. His hair was curled tight and shaped close to his head except for on the top, which was about an inch high.

“Hi. You’re Rico, right?”

“Yup, and you must be Michelle,” he replied. “Did Sheila tell you I like bigger women?”

“No, she didn’t, but I’m glad you do, since I am ‘bigger’ than most,” she said with laughter in her voice, “and call me Shelli.”

At about five feet and two hundred pounds she wasn’t a fashion model, but Shelli was far from ugly, Rico thought. Wearing these cute black stretch pants with white stick-figure people all over them and a shirt that was of the same material and design, but hung loosely. She had on black flats and matching silver stick-people earrings. Her hair was mahogany-tinted brown, chin-length and straight in a pixie-like cut. Hazel eyes, more green than brown with flecks of gold. And the longest natural eyelashes he’d ever seen. Her breasts looked full and soft, more than a handful – maybe even more than two handfuls. Full hips and thighs, a round belly. He liked to have something on the sides to grab a hold of while fucking to add more leverage, and Shelli looked perfect. His cock started to stir as he checked out her ass. Two round globes of flesh, enough to squeeze. He would have to thank Sheila for sending Shelli his way the next time he talked to her.

Rico looked Shelli up and down again. Such kissable lips. He couldn’t wait to nibble on them and explore the depths of her mouth with his tongue. Sheila had told him Michelle was a virgin, and that she didn’t know just how much experience Shelli had, although she claimed to be a pro at giving blowjobs. Rico hoped that much was true. He, like all guys he knew, loved to have his pole deep-throated and his jism swallowed. Rico wasn’t sure how fast he could move, but wanted to deflower Michelle tonight if possible. All this thinking about getting his cock sucked was making him so hard he had to readjust his dick in his shorts.

“So, tell me how you and Sheila met,” Rico implored. “She says it was rather interesting.”

“Well, uh, ya, it was. Long story short – her son-of-a-bitch so-called boyfriend was hitting on me and she got jealous and started calling me telling me to get my paws off him. I never really did anything with him, but he must have insinuated that I did. After I explained the situation to her we became best of friends.”

“That’s one of the strangest stories I’ve ever heard,” he said once Michelle was through.

“So,” he asked as he let his arm fall across Michelle’s shoulder, grazing her neck with his fingers as he did so, resting it on the back of the bench, “what are you doing tonight?”

“Well, I was hoping we could go back to my apartment and get to know each other a little better,” Shelli answered.

“No can do. I have to be at Headquarters all night,” Rico told her. He proceeded to tell her all about the Guardian Angels and what they did and what his “job” was for the summer. He told her that no one was supposed to know where Headquarters was located because it was possible that if a gang found out that they would do damage to the place. Shelli laughed to herself on the inside. This guy actually thought he was on some sort of military co-op mission or something. It was rather humorous güvenilir bahis şirketleri to her. She had to really work hard at keeping a straight face.

“So, do I get to know where the Bat cave is?”

“Well, I’m not supposed to let anyone that isn’t an Angel in, but I think I’ll break the rules tonight. Let’s go.”

They walked down the block towards her apartment and she was surprised when he stopped in front of what looked like an abandoned storefront. Rico fished out a set of keys from his tight back pocket and proceeded to unlock the bolt and showed her in the place. Seeing his ass in those snug jeans made her mouth water.

It was sparse and smelled of mildew and sweat. There was a twin bed against one wall and rows of lockers on the other walls. There was a crude toilet and sink behind the bed. A small fridge and microwave was all the “kitchen” consisted of and the “shower” was even sadder. It was one of those acrylic-molded freestanding showers with a hose connected to a utility sink threaded over the top. The windows were blocked out with layers of newspaper. Very primitive, very strange, very ‘bacheloresque’.

Rico led Michelle to the bed and she sat down on the edge. He flipped through his CD’s and put one into the boom box. Hmmmmm, Garth Brooks. He liked country. Unusual. They continued to talk and she learned that he frequented the Riv on the weekends as a bouncer. With muscles like his Michelle didn’t doubt it. God, he was turning her on just sitting there next to her. He exuded masculinity. She could feel the crotch of her black lace teddy dampening with each passing moment and wondered if this would be “THE NIGHT to lose IT.”

He leaned over and kissed her, pressing his firm lips to her soft ones. She gasped at first, and then lost her breath as he started caressing her lips with his, his tongue flicking out to lightly lick hers. She could feel their heat between her legs, the warm afterglow of the kiss radiating to her pussy lips. She had to have him, but not here. She had to get him to her apartment somehow. They kissed again as he leaned her back against the unmade bed, the distinct smell of “man” in the sheets. Their kisses became deeper, longer and more passionate. Michelle’s nipples grew hard and began to ache for his touch. Rico’s shaft was solid and he knew that she could feel it pressing against her. He knew he was going to have to have her tonight, but didn’t want anyone walking in on them. Was there anyone he could get to take his place here tonight?

“Let me make a call, sweetheart,” Rico said after pulling away from her, feeling a drop of precum at the tip of his dick. He called his best friend and fellow Angel, Landice, to see if he could stay the night at Headquarters so Rico could get some. After laughing heartily on the phone, Landice agreed to bike over and said he would be there in fifteen minutes.

“We are in luck!” Rico announced to Michelle. “I’ve found someone to cover for me tonight so we can go somewhere a little more private. What do you say we head over to your place?”

“Uh, sure, I guess so. That would be great, I think.” Michelle wanted to kick herself in the ass for that knucklehead response. Of course, she wanted him to come to her place. She wanted him to CUM at her place, too. She had to get rid of this virgin tag once and for all and figured he was the perfect stranger to do it. She had felt his cock rub up against her as they were necking and figured he was going to have her begging soon enough.

Landice arrived and tried not to be too obvious as he checked Rico’s ‘woman’ out. “Not bad, not bad at all,” he remarked to no one in particular. Rico gave him the keys and a run-down of what all he had to do that night. Landice told him not to sweat it and to try and be back before dinner tomorrow, chuckling.

Rico said he’d be right with her and stripped off his shirt right there in front of her. Michelle moaned slightly and couldn’t take her eyes off of his torso. Her pussy started seeping fluid a she took in his broad shoulders, smooth chest, hard nipples and flat, sculpted abdomen. Her clit ached and her mouth watered. She couldn’t wait to get this guy home. She felt like jumping him right there and then! Shelli could feel her nipples protruding and knew that they had to be visible to both Rico and Landice. Rico grabbed another shirt and quickly put it on. He and Landice did some “secret handshake” kind of thing and then Michelle and Rico headed out the door.

They walked next to each other silently for the next two blocks. Michelle could feel her dew trickling down her leg and wondered if Rico could smell it. They arrived at her apartment building; she unlocked the door and then called for the elevator. Once inside she pushed the button for the second floor and looked up at Rico. He had this goofy grin on his face like the cat that ate the canary. He leaned down and kissed her teasingly just as the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

After they entered her apartment Michelle kicked off her shoes and plopped down on the couch. Rico took in her place. As you walked in to your left appeared to be a coat closet and to your right the living space. She had a nice sofa bed couch against the back wall. Opposite the sofa bed was an entertainment center with a TV, VCR and stereo. Next to the entertainment center there was a doorway. The doorway led to a walk-in type closet and the bathroom. In the far corner across from the kitchen was her bed. It was just a twin bed, but it looked awfully inviting. She had a couple of little bookshelves on the window ledge. Nice, homey, feminine. It smelled good and was so clean. Nothing like the Headquarters where he had to spend day and night.

Rico sat down on the couch next to Michelle and reached for the TV remote.

“You think you’re here to watch TV?” Shelli asked.

“Well, I thought it would loosen us up. Some laughs to get us more comfortable with each other,” he replied.

She let him turn the TV on and flip through the channels. He settled on one and they snuggled together watching some sitcom. Soon enough, though, Michelle was tired of the focus being on the TV and not on her. She flipped the TV off and turned on the radio. Then she jumped up off the couch and started dancing to the music.

Rico watched as she bumped and ground at the air to the beat of the music, swinging her hips from side to side. Her tits heaved back and forth, too, and he thought he could see her nipples starting to harden again.

Michelle closed her eyes as she let the music take over her senses and her body. As the music changed to something slow and sultry she started swaying to the beat and let her hands roam her body, caressing her hips, stomach and then her breasts. Her nipples felt as hard as marbles and were so sensitive to her touch. She gasped as her fingers pinched the hard nubs and she felt the tingle in her pussy as her muscles quivered between her canlı casino siteleri legs.

His dick sprang to life as he watched Michelle. If she was trying to tease him, she was doing a fantastic job. He was oozing pre-cum and the head of his cock was throbbing with anticipation. He couldn’t wait to get her clothes off and fuck her silly. He got up off the couch and got behind her, pressing his hard-on into her back. Her eyes flew open and she turned around, startled by his actions. She had gotten so into the music that she temporarily forgot that she was not alone.

Michelle turned back around and let Rico press up against her as they swayed together. He reached around and put his arms under her bust with his hands cupping her tits. His thumbs brushed her nipples as he leaned down to kiss her neck. Michelle sighed, or more correctly, moaned with delight as she felt Rico’s lips sear her neck, s**ttering kisses from left to right, hitting all her sensitive areas. And ones she didn’t even know she had! Michelle was getting hot, and it had nothing to do with the temperature in the room. Her face was flushed and beads of sweat started to form on her upper lip and forehead. Rico was driving her crazy with lust. She intentionally rubbed her ass against his cock, taunting him the same way he was doing her.

Rico pinched Michelle’s nipples and used them to turn her around to face him.

“You are going to get it now, girl!” Rico said as he leaned down and covered her mouth with his. His kiss was not a gentle kiss; it was a hard demanding one. He pried her mouth open with his tongue and she relented. Rico’s hands cupped her ass cheeks as their tongues dueled in Michelle’s mouth.

Michelle led them over to the bed as they searched each other’s mouths intently. She couldn’t wait any longer to have him. She just had to lose her virginity tonight or die trying. They fell onto the bed together without their lips separating. Time seemed to stand still as they continued to kiss, hard passionate kisses and then soft gentle ones, alternating back and forth as the lust grew between them. Michelle thought that she might explode before Rico even got her clothes off, her clit was throbbing, her pussy spasming and her juices flowing copiously. She pulled away from him to take off his shirt, practically tearing it as she lifted it up and over his head.

Rico had to get her shirt off too. He swiftly removed her top to find she did not have a true bra underneath. Instead, she had on a lace teddy, with her nipples straining to poke through the fabric. He took one in his mouth through the material and sucked on it, to which Michelle replied with a long moan and an arching of her back. He licked and nibbled on each of her nipples, bringing them to stiff peaks. He had to see her in the teddy alone all of a sudden and stripped her of her pants. As Michelle reached up to cover herself up Rico asked her not to, telling her not to be ashamed of her luscious body. He sat up and admired her, as his shaft throbbed with anticipation.

Michelle felt it wasn’t fair that she was the only one practically nude, so she knelt down on the floor at Rico’s feet and started untying his boots. She carefully unlaced them and then reached for the button of his jeans. His cock jumped at her touch and Michelle felt it, as a smile spread across her face.

“What was that I just felt? Is there something alive in your pants?” she sarcastically asked.

“You bet there is, alive and ready for you to have your way!” Rico replied.

Michelle finally managed to get Rico’s boots off, and then went to work on his jeans. As she unzipped his fly she could see that the rumors were true. Black men DO have huge cocks!! She could see the length of his bulge and felt immediately intimidated. Would she be able to suck this huge prick? Would her tight virgin pussy be able to take it in? She knew that the answer to both these questions would be yes before the night was over.

As she pulled his jeans down she could see the head of his shaft peeking up from the elastic of his boxer shorts. What a beautiful mushroom-like tip he had on his dick. She leaned down and licked the drop of pre-cum before shedding his pants completely. As she reached up to grasp his boxers to free him of them as well she let her hand brush against the silken bulbous floret. As she uncovered more and more of him she could barely contain herself.

“Oh my God,” she sighed. “Look at how big you are!”

Shelli did what she knew how to do best. She took the chocolate pop in her mouth and began to gobble it up. She had to open her mouth wide, wider than she ever had before to get the head in. The sides of her mouth felt as if they were going to split. This was just incredible. Shelli couldn’t believe this was actually happening to her, finally. Her eyes got damp with the glory of it, as she sank her mouth down farther onto his shaft. The corners of her mouth eased a bit as his shaft slid in, and she sucked softly while licking the underside of his cock.

“Mmmmmm, you taste soooooooo good,” she mumbled to him with her mouth full.

“Damn! Girl, you know how to suck a cock, don’t you!?’

Pre-cum continued to ooze from the tip of his cock into her mouth while she tried to deep throat his huge member. Her teddy was beginning to stick to her; she was so wet with her own juices. Her mind was whirling around and she felt as if she were floating above herself looking down, watching this incredible scene take place. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought she had smoked a few joints.

She continued moving her mouth up and down over his thick long shaft, letting her tongue massage the underside as it glided past. Soon she felt the head of his cock getting bigger and bigger as he tried to push his pole all the way down her throat. She gagged a little, but then swallowed down on him and was able to open her throat up to take him in. She dropped her jaw down, let her tongue conform to the bottom of her mouth and made an “o” with the back of her throat.

“FUCK!!!! No bitch has ever been able to take me like this!” Rico exclaimed as Shelli took him deep in her mouth.

One hand moved to his balls, caressing them softly, moving them like a pair of dice in her hand. She let her hand move to the sensitive spot between his balls and ass and firmly stroked it. Rico moaned some more.

“This is incredible! Yeah, girl, suck it. Make my dick jump in your mouth all happy and shit!”

As Rico went off, telling her how good she was sucking his pole he felt the beginning urges of his climax approaching. His balls shrunk up and started to squeeze out the little swimmers that were going to go on a quick trip into never-never land. The tip of his prick swelled and danced in Michelle’s mouth, trying to get all the stimulation it could at once. Her tongue was circling round and round the head, while her lips applied pressure to the shaft. She moved up casino şirketleri and down slowly, from the base to the tip, almost having him exit her mouth before plunging down to the root again. She was so into the act that she barely heard him cussing his pleasure.

“Fuck, yeah! Suck that cock! Mmmmmmmm, oh yeah. Make me cum, suck my dick, shit! Suck it. Baby! Fuck!!”

His breathing increased as he came closer to orgasm, his excitement apparent to anyone walking by Michelle’s door. You could hear him out in the hallway.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck, yeah!! I’m gonna cum! Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh baby! Suck it, yeah! Faster. Make me cum, baby, yeah. Fuck!! Shit!! Damn!! Oh my God! I’m cummmminggggg! Swallow it all!! Yeah! Suck it down! Unnnnhhhhh!!!!!!!!!”

Michelle gagged a little as the first burst of jism hit the back of her throat, but as soon as she began swallowing she was able to keep up with the torrents of cum flowing from him. He pulsed twice, then thrice, and kept pumping it out. He must have let loose at least a quarter-cup of spunk.

“You are soooo sweet. I love the way you taste!” Michelle remarked letting his cock out of her mouth with a pop.

Michelle licked her lips and then slurped the remaining drops of cum from the tip of his dick. Her pussy was drenched; the crotch of her teddy was soaked. Her nipples were solid, hard as rocks. She was breathing just as heavily as he, with lust and desire.

“Please make me cum,” she whimpered as Rico came to from his orgasm-induced stupor.

Rico tossed her onto her back on the bed and dove head first into her crotch, roughly unsnapping the teddy. He deeply inhaled the scent of her wanton lust, licking the material, sucking off her dew.

“Mmmm, you taste great so far. If this is what I’ve got to look forward to you may be stuck on your back for a long time, baby!!”

Her breasts heaved up and down. She tried to catch her breath, not wanting him to know that this was the first time any guy had ever gone down on her. But she wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Leave her legs down and spread? Raise them high up in the air? Bend them at the knee and put her feet flat on the bed? She hoped that he would just position them the way he liked and think that she was being submissive.

Rico sensed Shelli shiver as he unsnapped her teddy and let the metal graze over her excited snatch. God, she was wet and ready for the fucking of her life. But first he wanted to make her cum, so the initial thrust of his stiff cock into her virgin canal wouldn’t hurt so much. He took her legs and pushed them up towards her shoulders, spreading her sex wide. He gazed upon her beautiful mound, with its wisps of brown hair, hiding the cavern that lay below. Sticking out his tongue he teasingly licked from the bottom of her slit to the top, just letting Shelli get used to the sensation.

Shelli moaned in response to the first touches of tongue that her virginal cunt had ever felt. It was rapture, sheer bliss. She couldn’t believe it could be so good. She felt her nubbin harden almost instantaneously upon the contact of his wet tongue, and knew that this night would be perfect.

He stiffened his tongue into a point as his fingers spread her soft lips and he dove inside. She was wet and smelled of sex. He became impetuous in the powerful and overwhelming sense that HE was going to deflower this virgin. This woman who was, if the truth were known, 3 years older than he, but so inexperienced. His dick immediately stiffened up again, just thinking about it.

He continued to lick her, deep and nestled in her warm and lush lips, until her found that little pearl of wonder. As he grazed over it the first time he felt her legs tense up and her hips spread wider. She wanted him. He could tell. It was an aphrodisiac, her wanton lust.

Shelli was having difficult time breathing, Rico made her feel so good. She felt him spread her puffy petals open wide and then lick up and down her center over and over again. She was getting wetter and wetter, and more and more excited with each pass of his tongue.

“Oooooh! Yes, that feels soooooo good!!” she cried out as he found her clit. “Please, don’t stop!!”

Rico went to work on her nubbin like there was no tomorrow. He flicked up and down, feeling her clit grow with every stroke of his tongue. He sped up his pace for thirty seconds, and then slowed down. To change the tempo he slid his tongue quickly left to right, keeping Shelli guessing what he was going to do next.

“Yes, uhnnnn, unnnhhhhh. That it! Right there. Ohhhh, yeah. That feels soooo damn good. Yeah! Yeah!” Michelle cheered him on.

Shelli felt him start to circle her clit with his tongue. She had masturbated plenty but nothing felt as good as Rico was making her feel right now. Her pussy was flooded with her own juices. She felt her legs pull up towards her head instinctively, as if they had a mind of their own. Her hips spread wider to give him more access to her treasure box. She was elated, feeling as if she was floating on air.

“Oooohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm, yes, baby! Yes!!” Shelli kept talking to Rico, encouraging him not to stop.

Slowly her began to suck on her nubbin, nipping it with his teeth once he got it completely in his mouth. She “eked” in surprise, but that rapidly changed to moans of pleasure. He continued his assault on her clit, sucking it harder now. He pulled his head back taking the turgid flesh with him, stretching it out away from her body.

“Ohhhh, please. Please, lick it. Make it feel so good. Please, Oooohhhhhhhh,” Michelle pleaded.

Without warning Rico let her clit go and it recoiled back in place. His tongue was not far behind as he went in for the kill. Michelle’s pussy lips were puffy, her clit was as hard as granite and her juices were flowing like a fountain. He spread her lips as wide as he could and pulled her clitoral hood up, exposing the little button of joy. As he spelled out the alphabet with his tongue he placed one finger at the entrance to her love tunnel. She practically impaled herself on it, with two inches going in before he felt resistance. She really WAS a virgin!! HOT DAMN!!

Michelle’s breathing changed. She felt herself holding her breath and then sensed that she was taking long moaning breaths. Her hips started lifting up and down once she felt Rico put a finger near her hole. She could hear the slurping noises her pussy was making as he fucked her with his finger and his tongue.

“Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! I’m going to cum! You want me to cum, big boy? Oooooh, ooouuuhhh, ooohhhh! Unnnnnnhhhhhhhh! FUCK YEAH!! I’m cumming… I’m cumming…. Yes yes yes!!!!!!” Shelli shouted as she felt her cunt contract and spasm.

His finger caught inside, Rico couldn’t believe how strong her virgin muscles were. A torrent of liquid gushed from her gash as she came, flooding his mouth in sweet tasting love juice. As her breathing slowed the spasms of her sachet quieted to twinges he took his finger out and brought it to Michelle’s mouth.

“Taste how wonderful you are,” he said to her as he put his wrinkled finger to her lips.

Obediently Shelli opened her mouth and took in his finger. She sucked it free of her own juices and let it fall out of her mouth, from her mind-blowing orgasm.

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