The Resort part 2

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The Resort part 2
I had a few things to do, so we had to divide the forces. I told Lidia to vacuum clean the upstairs bar and Ania to check all the upstairs rooms in the next wing and give me a written list. Then I told Irina to take the piles of clothes and follow me. Since Diana still was wearing the handcuffs, and since Lidia would be near anyway, I didn´t give her any job.
I had my office downstairs, behind the lobby. I could sense how Irina began to get a little nervous. The master chef lived close and he had a tendency to show up unexpected, with the trunk of his ageing Mercedes loaded with potato or local beer or wine or whatever he needed to run a proper restaurant.
I told her to put the clothes on the only guest chair in the small, windowless room. I had to send a few faxes (yes, it was back in those days).
“Are you still…questioning the contract you signed?” I asked.
“No, the contract is fine…But most would probably question the circumstances..
“But no-one forced you to sign…
“True” she said and shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She was a rather tall woman, perhaps about 175 centimetres, with jet black hair, brown eyes and a few freckles around her nose. Her breasts were not large, but sat high on her chest and were firm and pointy. Her hands were folded just below her navel.
“You know, you can make a lot of cash in one season here…
“Yes, you said that…And you are sure that no-one will take a cut?”
“Not unless we get any complaints…in that case we will take the necessary actions..
“I both understand and accept that, sir
“Good..get down on your knees…
She gasped, but I knew that she obeyed. I loaded a few sheets of paper into the fax-machine. An order for soft drinks to be delivered no later than Monday. That meant by Thursday, if we were lucky. Irina sat very straight on her knees on the floor, with her hands resting on her thighs.
“Okay, who is the most horny of you four?”
She made a small surprised sound before she answered.
“Well, Lidia only takes about men…But we all like men…
“Very good..who do you think will be most…reluctant to do as told?
“I don´t know..maybe…Lidia again….But I am not used to be…
“To be what, Irina?
“Well, to be..told what to do…sir”
She lifted her arms and folded her hand behind her neck, behind a curtain of her straight, black hair. She was not looking at me when she moistened her lips. The fax machine spat the little send report out. I threw it away without even looking at it.
“Some of our rich guests may want to have more than one girl…” I said and put a hand on the back of her head.
She gasped and looked up at me.
“Some of them will want to watch two women together before the act…
“I am sure that I can work with all the other women here, sir”
My acquaintances from the black sea resort had given me a few good tips and tricks, amongst that a long list of useful items. I opened a drawer and took a black leather necklace out. The sigth of that made her gasp once more.
“Can you help me with the hair..?
“Yes, sir”
I fitted the necklace, made sure that it was not really tight at all, but mostly as a remedy to show her current status. A small padlock made sure she could not get it off without my acceptance. Then I hooked a long metal chain to the necklace.
“Have you ever been with a woman before”
I let the chain fall very gentle down her back, the coldness of the metal made her tremble a little.
“Good…Did illegal bahis you like it?
“It was very brief…but I think I like men better…”
“I think I want to see you with one of the girls…
“Okay, sir” she said with a smile that seemed a little bit fake.
“Who would you like?…
The smile ran away from her pretty face. She put a fingertip in her large mouth and sucked on it. I realized that she was getting into her new role. I took the glass with the pre-production Sildenafil and put it in my pocket.
“I don´t think that Ania has been with a girl before….but.”
“Good, that is it, then…come…
She jumped to her feet and followed me out of the office. I made sure that she saw how I checked that the door was locked. We went back upstairs.
One of the doors down at her far end of the corridor with the larger, most expensive rooms. That meant that Ania was at work. We went back to the bar. Lidia poured us a fresh set of beers. Then we went out for Ania.
I took Diana´s hand and put the metal leash into it. She looked up at me, almost frightened.
“It´s no big deal” I said as calm as possible,” you just need to tell Ania what we want to see…
She nodded. Behind us Lidia giggled.
The moment we all entered the room and found Ania in the bathroom, taking notes, she too looked frightened. Then her face lit up in a brilliant smile.
“This…needs fixing..
“It is called a faucet… “I said and pushed the timid Diana into the bathroom.
“Enough for now” she said and suddenly she looked stern. She took the note-book and pencil from Ania´s hands without letting go of the leash, “ You need to work on something different now…”
She looked at me for confirmation. I nodded. She had noticed that both ends of the metal leash had a snap ring so she quickly attached it around the faucet. Irina sat on the edge of the bathtub.
“Now…entertain us!” Diana said, then left the room, stood next to me in the tiny hallway. I took a pill and washed it down with beer. Irina and Ania began kissing.
I kissed Diana on the forehead and gave her a beer. She smiled and sat down on her knees. Then I put my arm around Lidia´s wide hip.
Ania squatted. Began to kiss the hard nipples. Irina leaned back, somehow she managed to find support on the inner edge of the tub. Lidia rubbed her behind against the side of my leg.
Irina´s forehead became a maze of deep furrows. Ania was kissing her stomach now. Then her face disappeared between Irina´s long legs.
I put my hand between Lidia´s butt cheeks and drank beer. She looked up at me. I ignored her. “Is “she getting wet?” I asked.
“Yes, very wet” Ania giggled and looked at me with her chin on Irina´s thigh.
“Is it because she is horny or because she has been peeing?”
“The first, i think..” she laughed. Somehow Irina managed to twist her leg, so that her pussy was pointing towards the audience. Then Ania dove down, began to lick her again. Then the unavoidable began to happen; Irina´s behind began to slide on the enamelled bathtub.
Lidia gasped loudly as I pressed a finger up her rear, but didn´t say anything. Now Irina was sitting in the tub, but across, with her legs sticking out. Ania rose and looked at me.
“Yes what” she giggled and tried to look innocent.
“Make her lick you cunt.
“Okay, mister”
She climbed into the tub. Stood in front of Irina and pressed her crutch against the sitting brunettes face. I had two fingertips inside Lidia´s rear. She did not look too pleased, perabet but she did not object either. The pill was not working yet.
“Look, I am not so used to drink beer…can I go to the toilet really quick?`” Ania asked with one of her big smiles. I put my glass on the floor and took my wallet out.
“The Germans like that…they call it Champagne sex” I said, feeling a bit like a teacher. All four gasped, but no one said anything. I could not really open my wallet, my fingers were still in Lidia´s ass.
“If a guest asks for that, you shall only do it if you want to…and it should not come cheap…” I said. Irina looked as if she was working hard to restrain herself.
“She did hesitate the contract,” Diana said, “maybe she need a special…thing for that.
“She did”
My fingers slipped out of Lidia. I took the few steps into the small bathroom. It was crowed with the three of us there.
“You did in fact hesitate, Irina…
“But I am not used to this…I know only normal….sex!”
“That Is why we are doing this…very rich guests will pay very good for things like this…
“Noo..” she said, but without trying to get up from the tub.
“But you should demand at least 1000 D-marks for a golden shower….and besides, it will remind you that you all belong to me, for the time being.
“Are you about that amount?” Diana asked
“It should be a minimum…and only if you want to..
“But for you, it is free!” Irina said sullenly. But I saw that she put the plug in the drain. Diana pulled at my trousers and when I looked at her, she blinked.
“I am sure Diana knows how to behave…Don´t you…?
“I do” she said tonelessly and climbed into the tub. Then she put her chained arms around Irina, kissed her on the cheek. Ania leaned back towards me. Then she moaned and began to pee. The two in the tub moaned as the warm urine began to flow, landing on their chests.
“Can´t stop” Ania giggled. She had her hands on their heads. I let her piss on my fingers. Both women were looking up at me. Lidia was behind me. Her hands were on my hips and she was kissing the side of my neck.
“Shall I get in or out?” Ania asked with a giggle.
“Out” I said and held my wet fingers towards Diana. She leaned forwards, licking them. Ania began to wash her feet in the sink. Then I opened my trousers. Still no erection, but my bladder was kind of full.
“Open up, ladies…”
I began to piss. Both threw their heads back, both had open mouths. It made Irina choke and cough, but Diana held eye contact while I pissed in her mouth. Filled it, made it flow over. I aimed at
Irina´s again, with the same result. Then the flow began to fry out.
“Ania, go get towels…and soap” I said. With the opening still a few days away, all the rooms were fully furnished, but still needed to have the beds made and towels, soap and shampoo distributed. That was planned for the day before the opening.
I reached out for Lidia, made her stand in front of me, between me and the women in the bathtub. My arm was around her and she held my hand, surprisingly firm.
“I don´t want to do that!” she said.
“Just let them lick your cunt,” I said, “you like that, don´t you?”
Lidia made an unarticulated sound, but put one of her legs up on the edge of the tub, spreading wide. Both Diana and Irina leaned forwards. Lidia twitched but put a hand around the back of
Irina´s head.
“Two girls will be in much higher demand…
Diana gently pushed Irina away, but it looked as if Irina perabet giriş still was fingering Lidia. Ania was back, but she kept standing at the door to the bathroom. I could feel the pill now. The girls swapped places again. I took a step to the side. Lidia had her eyes closed now. Irina had two fingers in her cunt.
“Come here, bitch..
I put my hand behind Diana´s head and pulled her forwards. She gasped. Took my still slumbering cock in her mouth. Began to work. My erection returned while Irina was licking and fingering
Lidia´s pussy. Ania put the towels on the closed toilet lid and came closer. I took her hand, placed it between Lidia´s buttocks.
Then I swapped place again. Diana licked pussy while Irina suck my cock. I could see that petite Ania had two fingers up in Lidia´s butt. Then Ania took my hand and placed on her butt. I pushed her away.
“No, it is not you turn..
Then I took Lidia´s hands. There really wasn´t much space in the bathroom. I got a firm grip of both Lidia´s wrists in one hand.
“You two stay there” I said and took Lidia into the bedroom. The bed stood with its mattresses bare and its blankets still in its plastic wrapping. Ania followed us. I had not told her to do anything.
“Shall I lick her pussy?” she suggested with a servile little smile.
“No, on all four, both of you…No the other way, you fool.
They stood hip against hip across the bed. Both were wet. Something must be turning them on after all. The blonde moaned loudly when I slowly penetrated her. Ania giggled and kissed her on the cheek. I had two finger in her pussy.
“You belong to me, until Sunday…
I began to fuck Lidia slowly. She got down on her elbows on the bed. The she looked back at me, while Ania was kissing her neck. I nodded. They began to kiss. My fingers slid out of Ania´s cunt. She snapped for air when I pressed them up her ass.
“What did you expect…I already tested your cunt” I said. She did not say any thing, but I could feel that she was less than enthusiastic about it. I leaned forward and grabbed her left wrist with my left hand. Then I placed her hand between Lidia´s buttocks. Ania sat up on her knees, carefully and looked at me over her shoulder, while her finger was playing around Lidia´s as hole.
“Do it..
The tip of Ania´s finger disappeared inside as I let my cock slide out of Lidia´s pussy. Then I took a step sideways. Ania sat up ever straighter as she felt the stiffness of my cock against the skin of her back. When my fingers slipped out of her, I bent my knees a little. She moaned softly as I began to conquer her rear.
“Our guests will be demanding too…You both know that..
She nodded. Her eyes were closed and her forehead had deep wrinkles. Lidia sat up too and caught my eyes. I nodded and began to fuck Ania very slowly. She was frowning.
“Rich men will pay large sums to fuck your arse”
She nodded, but she was still not a big fan. I could see that she had two fingers knuckle deep into Lidia´s wide behind. I could hear her loud sigh of relief as I let my cock slide out of her arse.
Lidia smiled at me, but the smile did not quite reach her blue eyes.
But she was trying to be pleasing. I stepped back to her, while Ania collapsed on the bed.
“You´re not off duty yet,” I said and slapped her rear semi hard, “ I want your pretty face between her thighs and I want you to lick her cunt for me…
She didn´t hesitate. I began to press my cock against the blonde girls arse. She moaned loudly as I slid inside her. She stood very still under me, while I had her. I could feel Ania´s forehead supporting my testicles.
“You are both good at this…
When I came the second time I shot my load off into Lidia´s arse.

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