The Round Table

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Female Ejaculation

Author’s Note: I added expanded onto my original story with added sex and a few more details. Thank you all or your interest in my stories. As always, I appreciate the time you take to enjoy my writing.


It wasn’t my first orgy. I had been to a few. It was here where I met Pam, my girlfriend of 10 years now. As a Corporate lawyer I made pretty good money. I was wealthy due to being paid very well for my services and for good investments. Pam is a clothing designer, and fairly wealthy herself.

I met Pam, as I said, at an orgy. She was standing all by herself at the bar drinking a glass of bourbon and watching the various couples, threesomes and even solo action in the massive room of a mutual friend of ours. Andre was filthy rich and loved sex. He threw orgies at least three times a month if not more. I had been to a few over the years, and I enjoyed them for the most part. I hadn’t quite admitted that I was gay yet. I still enjoyed being bent over and fucked by a handsome man with a nice cock, but as I got older, and the more adventurous I got, I leaned more towards women. There was something more erotic and sexy about being between the soft thighs of another woman that aroused every pore of my being. Feeling those delicious folds parting as my tongue pushed through them was magical.

Pam was standing there stark naked. She had a tall beautiful body. Long pale legs that went up to a lush dark patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair. It was thick and she had a nice thin line of hair going up to her navel. I was attracted to it almost immediately. Her body was shapely, her stomach flat and her hips gorgeous. Her breasts were small, but pert and inviting with soft pink nipples that seemed to call out to me as I walked closer. I walked over to her and smiled as I ordered a shot of whiskey to calm my nerves. I was deeply attracted to her the moment that I had seen her and she smiled at me as she looked me up and down like a lioness eyeing her next meal. Her eyes, were soft blue, almost gray. They scanned me with great interest as her soft red painted lips parted over her glass of Jack Daniels, her bottom lip teasing the lip of her glass just lightly. I smiled. She had a jet black short bobbed haircut that seemed accented by her soft pale skin.

My pussy was throbbing as I looked her up and down. Even the painted toes of her feet turned me on as I looked up her legs.

I kept myself in shape through swimming, tennis and racquetball. I exercised daily and ate right…most days. At 30 years of age I looked delicious myself. I would fuck myself in a heartbeat if I could. I would definitely engorge myself on my pussy. I knew that I tasted good. I had short hair at the time. Stylish, dark brown and professional. My own small pert breasts seem to appeal to her as she set her drink down.

“You waiting for the Round Table too?” she asked, breaking the silence as she slowly ran a hand up my arm to my shoulder. “Please say “Yes”.” I smiled at her touch. It was electric. I could feel the hairs on my body tingle as he nails grazed my skin.

“OK then, yes, I am,” I replied turning more to face her. “What is it?” loving her touch. It sent shivers up my spine, the good kind, and a warmth to my ‘still as of yet to be touched this night’ pussy.

“It’s new, Andre got it just recently and we are dying to try it out.”

“Do you know what it is?” I asked. She shrugged. Still touching me. Still sending wonderful sensations through me to my pussy.

“All I know is that it is supposed to be very sexy, very erotic and very mysterious.”

“Are you participating?” I asked, reaching up and touching her hip. It was warm to the touch, soft, sensual.

“I am.” She said, stepping closer and touching my sides, she ran a hand up gently to my breasts and brushed my nipples with a diamond clad finger. She took in a deep breath. “Are you Sincan Escort interested?”

“In you or the table?” I asked leaning in and inhaling her soft perfume as she played with my nipple. It was hard and each gentle pinch sent little charges to my pussy. I could feel my clit waking up from her inactivity tonight.

“Both.” She replied, pressing a finger to my chin and lifting. She kissed me and my pussy exploded. I could feel myself dripping and my thighs dampening. She touched a finger to the middle of my breasts and slowly ran it down my front to my navel, tracing the rim of my belly button and then moving south until she reached the tip of my shaved slit and then down and slipped a finger between my lips and over my clit.

She growled as she felt my wetness. “I love a wet pussy, but especially if I am the reason for it.” She said, pushing her finger in. I parted my thigh slightly for her with a moan.

“Oh you are.” I said with a moan as her fingers gently massaged my clit. She was causing mini orgasms in me just for being her, this gorgeous dark haired beauty with the ravishing body. Jerking me off was just icing on the cake. I came and when I did she held her empty glass between my legs and collected my juices. I thought that was unbelievably sexy. I don’t think she expected me to cum so much, but I did. I almost always cum heavy and I had been edging myself all week in anticipation of a good fucking that night. The night had been dull and boring until I met her though. I gave her quite the drink. She smiled in delight as she took a drink and walked away holding my hand and leading me behind her.

We found a spot unadorned by writhing bodies, but still close to the action. Cocks were being sucked, stuffed into pussies and asses all around us. Women moaned as they rode rock hard shafts to orgasms or feasted on soft rose petal lips between creamy thighs. The groans and moans of deep erotic pleasures being had by all filled the room. Pam sat me down and kissed me as she made her way almost immediately to my wetness. I watched as she licked my thighs, my clit throbbing. Next to me another woman was being serviced, her eyes rolled back. She turned to me and smiled as leaned to me and we kissed, our hot tongues meeting. She was older, pretty and with long soft golden hair. Her tongue tasted of wine and sex with a hint of marijuana.

Pam was diving deep into me, spreading my pussy wide with her thumbs and licking and flicking my lips and clit lovingly and passionately.

I turned to my right to see a young 20 year old startup millionaire named Arthur getting his cock sucked and shared by a man and a woman. The man was handsome and his hair, once slicked back and stylish was now gripped in the hand of Arthur as he swallowed Arthur’s large 8 inch shaft. The woman smiled at me as I watched until it was her turn and she licked Arthur’s cock and slowly swallowed every throbbing inch.

Pam inserting her finger into my tiny rectum brought me back to her. She looked up at me to see if I would protest the anal intrusion, but I didn’t. I loved a little attention to my asshole. I often masturbated with something in my ass. A dildo or a plug maybe. I kept a trove of delicious toys just for that purpose and I loved walking around my penthouse apartment with my little vibrating plugs buzzing my ass. She had me climaxing as she fingered my asshole and sucked my pussy. She loved each lick and swallowed hungrily as I came. My pussy delivering wave after wave of pleasure to my body. She leaned up and kissed me, letting me taste myself on her tongue as we swapped spit. I sucked her tongue, causing her to moan and follow me as I guided her up and sat her down on her knees bending over. She swayed her ass to me and I smacked her warm round ass, causing her to whimper with arousal. She was sopping wet and her juices dripped Escort Ankara like honey from her labia. I smiled, bringing my tongue down and catching the creamy nectar on the tip and licking inward towards the source. My mouth came alive with her taste. She was hot and tasted almost of strawberries with a slight sweet tang.

I licked her pussy from behind and as she moaned and lifted her ass, I licked faster and thumbed her enlarged throbbing clitoris. It was more pronounced than my own and highly sensitive as I found out when I sucked it and she twitched and moved more, almost bucking her ass to me. I focused on her rectum. It was soft pink and inviting and as I licked it she arched upward and looked back at me in delight. I think she was delighted to know that I loved eating ass. I looked to see Arthur with his legs drawn up to his chest as the man who had been sucking his cock only moments ago was sliding his large thickly veined cock into Arthur’s tight ass. He stretched it open as Arthur jerked himself off and watched from between his legs. I didn’t see the woman anymore. She had moved on and maybe found someone new to indulge her desires with. I looked up to see she had found Pam. Pam had her bent over and was eating her ass. A brief jealousy rushed over me as I saw her tonguing this woman’s asshole but soon realized how sexy it was.

The woman obviously never had her ass paid attention to as she was cumming hard and shaking, sending puddles of cream down the front of Pam and the back of the leather seat.

Pam did the same with me as she came. Flows of cream poured over my tongue in thick creamy waves that covered my tongue and seemed to stick to the roof of my mouth. I savored each delicious drop as I licked and swallowed.

It was soon time and Andre came out and got everyone’s attention.

When Andre announced that the Round Table was open he let us know the rules of the game. He stood before a set of large double oak doors. He was naked, and his chiseled body glistened from sex. His large flaccid cock swayed as he talked and moved. He was hung, and with a coke bottle sized cock he was a proud and a popular lover. Andre was a pumper. I knew that from watching him on occasion. He loved pumping his cock to make it larger and thicker for his lovers. Both men and women alike. He was always too big for me though, and he had to settle for a nice blowjob.

“One person is the centerpiece,” He began, “The centerpiece sits in the middle of the table for all bidders to see. The bidders, twelve in all, sit around the table placing their bids. The higher the bid, the better. The winning bid after sixty seconds gets five minutes of oral sex from the centerpiece. Do I have any volunteers to be our first prize?”

He looked around the room and saw me and Pam. Pam had her arm raised and was pointing to me. “She wants to be the centerpiece, darling.” Pam grinned, cupping my ass. She pulled me in front of her and I felt her dark bush touching my ass.

Andre looked at me and gave me that look to see if I really wanted to do it. I was shocked at first but as I looked at Pam, I knew she had something up her sleeve.

“Rox, my love?” He asked, “Are you up for it?”

I shrugged. Why the fuck not? I was up for anything at this point. “Let’s do it, baby.” I said, downing my drink and setting the glass down. Andre held out his hand and as I took it he escorted me to the double doors opened them and let me go in first. He turned and closed the doors with a smile as he backed in ad turned to me. The room was pitch dark except for a small light above us. He stopped me and put his hands on my shoulders.

“My sweet Roxanne, just so that you know, the opening bid is at ten thousand, you won’t know who bid the highest. It could be any one of us, male or female and you won’t know who you are performing oral on. Are you Eryaman Escort Bayan cool with that?” he slipped his arms around me and held me loosely.

“Just make sure I don’t taste ass and I am in.” I said. Looking up at his handsome face.

“Everyone will be bathed, I assure you. This is all for charity too, so suck or lick like it’s your last.” He smiled, giving me a kiss. He pressed a button and the room lit up. A massive round table sat in the middle of the room with 12 large throne like chairs situated evenly around it. They were tall and wide with soft leather padded seats and with plenty of room for spreading legs.

In the middle was my spot, a flat center area that rotated like a large display tray for a delicious desert for all to see.

“As the bidding begins, you will rotate so that everyone has a chance to see you. When the minute is up you will be lowered down inside the table. The table itself will spin so that you don’t know who you are facing. The door will open and your winning bid will be waiting. Bon Appetit.” He smiled.

Andre helped me up onto the table and I sat there while he let the people in. He had previously selected 11 other people aside from himself. Pam was one of them, which explained her anticipation earlier. There were 6 men and 6 women that would be seated evenly around the table. All of them were attractive. The men were well hung and the woman gorgeous. I watched as the 12 were bathed in separate tubs by beautiful naked servant girls. Rinsed and escorted to their thrones.

“Rox, please, feel free to indulge us with your beautiful body.” Andre said, taking his seat.

A board displaying $10,000,00 lowered from the ceiling and shielded monitors popped up in front of the bidders. Andre stood again. “All of you have been informed of the rules and are willing to participate, but I must remind you that there is a five minute limit on the winning bid. If you do not achieve an orgasm within that five minutes it will not be the fault of our centerpiece, as I know for a fact she is very good at what she does.” he smiled.

Andre winked at me and blew a kiss. I opened my legs and leaned back as the center began to rotate. I smiled as I slid my fingers between my thighs and slowly fingered my shaved pussy. I focused on their eyes every time I came around to them. Pam’s mouth was parted as she looked up at me and then down to the screen she was bidding on. I looked up only once to see that the $10,000,00 was now at $115,000.00.

They were bidding and watching the dollar amount increase rapidly as their fingers pressed. I saw Pam grinning. He final amount was $ 312,000.00. I was more than overwhelmed at the amount. I was thrilled at the response that I had received.

A bell sounded and the table started to lower. I descended down inside the table and found myself in darkness. I could hear the table whirl and begin to turn and then I turned again, and again the table. I had no fucking idea where I was. A flat light lit up on a door and the door opened. I crawled out to see a pair of women’s legs. They were pale. I smiled and moved forward and started to kiss her thighs. I could see she was sopping wet already and wondered if she knew she was going to win. She smelled divine and I dove in right away and lapped up her juices as I licked and sucked her clit. I don’t know if it was in the rules or not, but I inserted a finger up her rectum and ass fucked her as I sucked her clit.

She held my head to her and pulled my hair and I could hear her moaning as her legs stretched out and back as I devoured her. She arched her hips up and clenched my finger with her ass as she cried out and came hard over my tongue. I sucked up everything that I could for the remainder of the five minutes and continued to finger her tight little asshole and suck her clit. A buzzer inside the little leg area told me my time was up and I crawled back inside the center. I was still licking my lips when the table opened up and I ascended back up to the top. I looked around and saw Pam smoking a cigarette and smiling at me. I laughed and looked at Andre. “Who’s next?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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