The Sisterhood Ch. 04

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Patty rubbed her clit furiously. Her fingers were sore, but she needed to cum again. The water splashed out of the tub, but she continued. Her blonde hair was wet against her scalp and her face was rosy from the heat of the water. She switched hands and kept rubbing. She grunted and moaned, desperately trying to cum.

Patty had had a horrible night. She had been asked out by one of the senior lawyers at the firm she was working at for the summer. Patty was taking law at university and was excited to get a job in her field of study. Jack was tall and muscular and much older than she. He had teased her and flirted with her and she had been driven crazy. At the end of the night, he had simply dropped her off at her door explaining that it wasn’t a good idea for coworkers to date. She had stomped into her parent’s house and rushed into her bedroom. She had started a bath and jumped in.

She loved masturbating in the tub. It felt good to have the warm water against her clit and she loved lathering up her whole body with the lavender soap. She had cum four times in a short period and was now working on her fifth orgasm.

“I can’t wait for Lucy to send me the rabbit.”

Patty panted so hard. She and her three girlfriends had made a strange arrangement. Over the summer, they were going to share Simone’s vibrator. She had mentioned it at Lucy’s wedding at the beginning of the summer and it was to arrive tomorrow. Patty was a virgin, but was addicted to masturbating. She loved making herself cum and the release was so intense that sometimes she’d pass out.

“Oh yeah!” Patty came for the fifth time and then lay back, relaxing. Once the water turned cool she climbed casino şirketleri out and after drying off she stumbled to her bed and passed out.


Banging on the front door waked Patty up. She opened her eyes and saw that it was nearly nine in the morning. She had slept in and was thankful she had the day off. She wouldn’t have to see Jack at work and she could spend the day hating him and thinking of ways to make his life hell. There was someone at the door and she jumped out of bed to answer it. She looked down and realized she was naked. She grabbed her red silk robe and wrapped it around her body. She ran down the stairs and opened the door.

“Package for Patty Patterson. Please sign here.” Patty smiled at the cute delivery guy. Had she not just woken up she probably would have made a sexual comment about his statement. She didn’t however, instead signing her name and taking the small box. She knew exactly what it was and the moment the delivery guy left she locked the front door and ran up the stairs.

She had read reviews about this vibrator. It was one of the best and was perfectly designed for a woman’s anatomy. She had checked out the different types and figured that Simone had the regular type, in pink. She had laughed, wondering why she had chosen pink. Simone was sexy and bitchy and a complete flirt. She probably never owned anything pink, but she assumed that owning a pink vibrator would make her look feminine and soft.

Patty locked her bedroom door and opened the package. Lying inside was the vibrator. It had a little note and Patty swore under her breath as she read it.

“Hey sweetie, the batteries are dead. Chad loved the vibrator so casino firmaları much we used it every day. Lucy.”

Patty frowned. Lucy was her newly married best friend who had delivered the vibrator to her. She was angry that her friend had left her with a toy with dead batteries, but on the other hand she was happy that her friend and husband had a good sex life. She grabbed the vibrator and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Her dad kept batteries in the freezer since that was supposed to make them last longer. She opened the freezer and felt the cold air touched her bare breasts. She had removed her robe and not thought to put it back on again. Her parents were gone to work for the day and she was an only child. She found the right size batteries and put them in.

“Finally!” Patty was happy that once she put them in correctly it turned on and began to vibrate. Patty couldn’t wait to go upstairs to play with herself. She needed to cum now. She pushed the tip against her clit and came suddenly. It was a violent orgasm and she gripped the marble counter for balance.

“Holy fuck!” Patty stared at the vibrator and realized there was a section that rubbed your clit. She pushed it hard against her clit and turned it on high. Suddenly her whole body was convulsing. Her clit was sore from the night before and she was just pushing against it harder. She collapsed to the floor and lay on her hands and knees, thrusting the vibrator deep inside her pussy. The rabbit ears wiggled her clit and the white beads were rubbing the entrance of her pussy. Patty was in complete heaven. Her body was covered in sweat and the cold tiles felt good on her knees and stomach.

After her third güvenilir casino orgasm she sat up. The vibrator was covered in her juices and she was hungry. Patty stood up and made herself some breakfast. She could get addicted to this vibrator. She realized that this might not be a good thing though, since she was already addicted to masturbating.


It had been a week since she had gotten the vibrator. She brought it everywhere she went. She would play with it in the morning, at lunch, before dinner, and before bed. During the day she’d go to the bathroom at least four times to get herself off and she thought no one had noticed. The vibrator made her cum so hard and so fast it was easy to sneak off for a short masturbation session. Patty felt amazing. She was always happy and the feeling of a shaft stretching her tiny pussy was so hot. She had been called in her boss’s office and was listening to him talk.

“I’m sorry Patty. We just don’t need your services anymore. I’ve noticed you’ve been leaving your desk many times a day. You really have not been working and so I think it’s best if you left.”

Patty blinked and processed what he had said. He hadn’t minded when he flirted with her the first part of the summer. He hadn’t minded when he asked her on a date and flirted and teased with her. He only started to mind when he started dating the bitch in accounting. Patty stared at Jack.

“You’re firing me?”


“Then why are you letting me go?”

“You’re being let go. Deal with it.”

Jack got up and motioned for Patty to leave. She grabbed her things and stormed out. This was not what she thought was going to happen when she got addicted to the little pink rabbit vibrator.

Patty stormed out of the office building and walked to the nearest post office. She grabbed a bag and threw the vibrator into it. She was sending it to Sharon as soon as possible.

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