The Stepsister Part 13

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The Stepsister Part 13

~~Start of Part 13 ~~

They finish up the final things and we all get a plate and sit down at the table and start eating. I notice Mandy has something on her mind, so I say, “what’s up Mandy you are thinking hard about something?” She says oh nothing, just thinking hon…”

Becky looks at her and says, “come on now, we have all had some pretty deep discussions here…hell you all know my husband is fucking a 17-year-old…”

Mandy relents and says, “Ok, god this is embarrassing…ok, Hon, would you mind if I sleep with Becky tonight?”

Without skipping a beat or even stuttering I say, “I was wondering when one of you was going to ask if I minded you sleeping with her…” “She is amazing, and I know you and Sis have to be a little curious to play with an older woman or you would not have gone to so much trouble to get her here.”

I look up and all three of them are staring at me…I say, “opps, was I not supposed to know you and Sis were bi?”

Sis looks at me and says, “how long have you known?”

I put the fork down and put my hands out in the center of the table so we can all hold hands and the girls indulge me. “Pretty much from the first time I was in the room with you both and you were so comfortable with each other being naked and never had an awkward moment when a boob, or ass, or some cum that was not yours made contact with you…”

Sis and Mandy turn a little red and I look at them and say, “My two lovelies, does it sound like I am judgmental or scorning you even in the least?” “I think it is sexy and hot as hell that you two play together, I am just very happy and thankful that you trusted me enough to let me join you both.” “I am not an expert, but I would guess this is not something that you go around campus saying…Hi I am bi, how are you…” They both laugh at my little absurdity and I can tell they both feel a great deal of relief that I am not being a stupid narrow-minded idiot.

Becky looks at me and says, “So how did you know I was Bi?”

I look at her and say, “don’t be upset, but I see you looking at them like I do and like they do with each other. Really ladies I do not have a problem with it at all, it is sexy and what did you say the other day Sis… One person’s turn on can be another’s turn off? It is a turn on for me atleast…”

Sis and Mandy’s jaws are hanging, and Becky looks at me with these very approving eyes and says, “It takes one to know one ladies, your man here is much more mature than any of us figured and we were already giving him a large amount of credit there.”

I can see Mandy and Sis’s wheels turning so fast I think there is actually smoke coming out of their ears and Becky is just sitting there with a cute little grin on her face and rubbing her foot on my leg.

Sis speaks first, “Ok, so you are ok with Mandy and I having alone time with Becky and all those permutations in between?”

I look at Sis and say, “yes hon, I want you two to be happy and sexually satisfied too. The past 4 days have been amazing do not get me wrong, but I know you two have to be wanting to get some alone time with Becky too. I love you all, I already told you guys that.”

Mandy looks at me and has a kind of shameful look on her face and says, “So you really are not turned off by me wanting to be with Becky for a night?”

I motion Mandy over and move the chair so she can sit on my lap and she comes over and sits. I look her in the eyes and say, “what kind of boyfriend and lover would I be if I did not want you to be fully sexually satisfied?” “As much fun as we all have had, there are things I just can’t do for you hon…one would be letting you lick my pussy…” we all chuckle at that one, “none of you have balked at any request I have made, why would I be an ass and say no?”

Mandy looks down at me and lays a big huge passionate kiss on me and says, “wow, I already loved you but, you are just…damn…I love you, hon!” I get a big hug and she goes back over to her chair.

We finish up with eating and the ladies clean up and refuse to let me help again, so I go out to the couch and sit down. The ladies are having a little meeting in the kitchen and then they break it up and come out. Sis sits down next to me and Becky and Mandy sit down on the other end of the couch and are talking.

Sis wraps up on to my arm and looks at me and says, “are you really ok with this hon? Mandy and I do not want to do something that is going to hurt you…”

I look at her and say, “yes hon, I am very good with it, besides…we have not had much alone time in the past few days and you know you still drive me completely insane right?” She gives me a kiss on the cheek and says, “oh you have plans for me, do you?”

I just wink and we all are talking back and forth and finally Becky says, “Ok if everyone is still ok with our little sleeping arrangement tonight, I am going to bed.”

Mandy looks over at me and has those is it really ok eyes and look…

I say, “good night ladies, have a wonderful evening!”

Mandy and Becky go into the extra bedroom and close the door.

Sis looks at me and says, “ok what did you have in mind tonight then hon?”

“I would like to give you something you have been asking me to do for you, and I would also like to give you something I think you might like as well.”

She looks at me and says, “ok I am pretty sure I know what #1 is and yes that would be amazing if you would like to try…but what is #2?”

I say, “I might be wrong, but I think you would really like it…we will just see how the first one goes and let it develop from there ok?”

Sis looks at me with a little excitement in her eyes and she says, “Ok, I am going to bed too hon…see you there shortly!”

I make sure everything is locked down and turn out the lights and go into the bedroom. As I walk in, I can hear Becky and Mandy having a great time in the next room and I close the door, so Sis and I have some privacy.

She is laying on the bed completely nude with her beautiful breasts poking up towards the ceiling. She is an amazing sight. I walk over to the side of the bed and get my clothes off and slide on to the bed next to her and rub my hand over her smooth and supple skin. casino siteleri

She looks at me and says, “I really cannot believe how great you are being with all of this hon, I did not see that last little bit tonight coming at all.”

I tell her, “well everyone has to have at least one little secret right?”

She smiles at me and gives me a hug, “yes I guess your right honey.”

I look at her and ask her what her dream of me being rough with her looks like in her mind…

She looks at me and says, “Ok one second” She gets up and comes back to the bed with what looks like a scarf, and a blindfold. She looks at me and says, “Ok, I would like you to blindfold me and then tie my arms behind my back so I cannot move them and have to rely on you to move me around and to make sure I don’t get hurt ok?” I nod in agreement, she continues, “I would like you to start doing it doggy style and then flip me over and pound me as hard and as deep as you can for as long as you can ok?” I agree again.

“then I want you to eat me out, and finally I want you to gently and very caringly enter me anally and then make me cum using your finger and thumb trick Becky taught you ok?”

I look at her and say, “oh is that all?” We both start to laugh loudly, and she give me a hug and a kiss, and I look at her and say, “Ok now, if there is pain or something is wrong just yell out…” and she says, “Panties” and giggles…

“ok that will get my attention…lol”

I want to make this as close to her dreams as possible so I put the blindfold on her and flip her over a little roughly, and I take the scarf and tie her wrists together so they are tight, but not hurting her and she is not able to slip out of them. I prop her up on her knees and make sure she has a pillow under her face and one in front of her head, so she does not bang up against the headboard too hard… I rub her pussy which is getting very wet now with this dream of hers coming true and rub quite a bit on to my cock that is very hard now with all of this prep and touching her. I put my hand on her butt and say, “ok here we go honey…”

I spread her lips apart with one hand and I insert my cock into her beautiful blond mound of love and I smack her ass with my hand and say, “ok little girl, I see you did not learn your lesson the last time. So, this time I am going to make you remember. Understand?”

She whimpers, “yes I am sorry…”

I start driving my cock in to her very hard as she is driving back on to me and I smack her beautiful cheeks again and tell her, “you were very bad…but that is good because now I get to discipline you and laugh a little…

She whimpers again and says “sorry…” I really start pumping into her hard now and she is literally bouncing off of my hips when I drive forward and moaning loudly. I keep smacking her butt and telling her “remember not to be a bad girl…”

This goes on for about 15 mins and I stop at this point because I am afraid I will bruise her if I keep up with the butt smacks so I pull out of her and tell her, “Now you are going to fuck me like a proper girl does…”

She moans and says “ok, I promise I will be a good girl from now on…”

I move her legs up over her now and press down on them like I did with Mandy and start to really drive my cock into her beautiful blond pussy. I get up on my hands and toes again and am really driving as hard and as fast I can into her and she is moaning loudly and keeps saying “yes, yes, oh my god this is amazing, keep going honey!”

I am able to keep pounding at this rate for about 10 minutes and then I tense up and so does she at the same time…I explode into her love canal with several pumps of cum (getting to be a regular thing for me now) and she lets out a very loud moan and says “my god I love you!”

I now move down and start licking her pussy like I was the other night with Becky, and I dart my tongue down and around her little button several times which gets her to tense up and I get a flood of her appreciation.

After about the 2nd or 3rd time she has sprayed me in the face with her amazing love juice I push her legs up and bury my cock in her pussy and then pull it out and rub it around on her getting as much of her natural lubrication as I can on the head and then I spread her butt cheeks apart with one hand and slowly and gently slide my cock right in…Wow, no problem this time!

I position her so that she can control the speed on the anal side as I put my finger in her and find those wonderful excitement ridges inside of her and I clamp down with my thumb right on her very swollen clit.

As I do that, she cums very hard and squeezes down my cock pretty hard but not as bad as I experienced the other night, so we are all good. She is slowly keeping a rhythm with my circular motions and squirts another time or two…suddenly she stops, and I freeze in position she says, “Panties!”

I reach up and take off the blindfold and look at her and say are you ok? She looks at me with loving eyes and says, “yes, I just could not take any more on my clit…it was getting sore.” I tell her ok hon, one sec…I gently slide out of her anal entry and roll her over to the side very carefully and pull the slip not out of the scarf and release her arms and gently put her down on her back.

She is smiling widely as I look at her, and I give her a big passionate kiss and rub her tits while I am doing that. She giggles a little, I am tickling her with the way I am rubbing her boobs, so I stop and look at the door. Standing in the door are Becky and Mandy with dripping wet pussies and looking on in awe at Sis laying there completely ravaged and glowing like a bar of gold.

Sis sees I am looking at something and looks at the door and does a little giggle snort…and says, “what you two did not get enough together you want some of this too?” They both get red in the face and I wave them over to the bed. Sis is still bathing in the afterglow of one of her longest dreams coming true and says, “sorry ladies, I just feel…well like I have never felt before.”

Becky says, “yeah we could tell, and that was pretty amazing, he was really going at it with you and was being very rough…it tipobet was very exciting just watching…we both came without touching each other or our little girls…”

Sis looks at me and pulls me down to her and gives me a big hug and tells me to lay down. I am still worried I hurt her clit, so I ask Becky to check her clit, just to make sure…” she told me it was hurting her.” Becky goes and looks and says, “Yep, all good it is swollen like a mother…but it is fine no damage hon.” I breathe a sigh of relief and Sis hugs me again and gives me another very deep and passionate kiss.

Mandy and Becky decide it is time to leave us alone again and go back into their room and Sis looks at me… “That was fucking amazing honey, I have dreamed about that for close to 6 years now and you did everything even better than I dreamed it sweetie…thank you so much!” I just give her a hug and then move down and start sucking on and playing with one of her nipples…

Sis was completely satisfied with her dream come true, which made me really feel amazing that I was able to give her want she wanted so badly. She was also exhausted after our little session, so I just kept caressing her beautiful body and she fell asleep with the most amazing look of happiness and joy on her face that I just curled up behind her and wrapped her up in my arms and decided this was a perfect way to end the night and joined her.

I wake up the next morning with a soft jab in the chest…Sis was awake now and she needed to get up so she could get ready to head to work…but I was still d****d over her sound asleep. She nudges me again and says, “hon, I have to get up so I can ready for work…” It sinks in this time just barely, and I roll over and she gets up and grabs some stuff to head to the bathroom. She looks back at me and says, “I think Becky is still sleeping too if you want to go join her and rest some more…”

All I heard was Becky and sleep and I stumble into the other bedroom and slide under the covers with Becky and snuggle up to her and I am back out again…I wake up with a start as I feel someone kiss my cheek, it was Mandy and Sis and they were just heading out the door and wanted to say bye, I give them both a kiss and they motion me to be quite and let Becky sleep, so I do and they head out.

It must have been about an hour or so later and this time I wake up because I feel cold and for some reason I seem to have a harder than normal morning wood going on…I open my eyes and Becky is standing at the end of the bed with a cup of coffee looking at me…I say, “good morning beautiful” She grins at me and says… “it looks that way from here…” And looks at my cock standing up at attention for her. I look at her and say, “sorry hon, it is that way everything morning…” She just smiles at me and says, “coffee is ready in the kitchen sweetie.”

I decide I should probably get up and I roll out of the bed and go into the bathroom for the morning routine. Go over to Sis’s room and get on a pair of underwear and shorts and head out to the kitchen. When I get out there, I see that Becky has already been hard at work, there is hot plate of food siting there and a cup of coffee and she smiles at me from her seat at the table and says, “good morning!” I go over and sit down and start eating.

Becky is sitting there watching me and I look up at her and ask her “Is something wrong?” She looks over at me and says, “No just watching you eat and wake up hon.” I finish up and take the plate to the sink and get another cup of coffee and sit down at the table again.

Becky looks over at me and says, “From what Mandy tells me, that was something that took a lot of effort and persuasion to get you to do for your Sister last night, how are you feeling this morning?”

“I am really happy that I was able to give her exactly what she wanted…but it is not something I would want to do every time…I was very conflicted the whole time, but I wanted to give her what she has dreamed about, so I just did exactly what she asked me to…”

Becky looks over at me and says, “That is something that is called love honey…It is when you put your own feelings and thoughts aside and give the other person what they need…”

I look at her and think on that awhile, “yeah I would have to agree…have not really thought about what love is…I know what making love is, but that is pretty easy to figure out as long as you have the parts around….” We both laugh at that.

I look at her taking in her beauty and pause a second and then just blurt it out, “I am worried that I hurt Mandy with that…I just have a sinking feeling in my heart she feels like she lost me or something…”

Becky looks at me and says, “Did she? I mean are you not interested in being with her anymore?”

I shake my head no and say, “No, not at all; but that was a very special thing that Sis wanted last night and Mandy knows how much she has dreamed about it then she saw her in the midst of it happening…I just felt bad…Like I was betraying her…” “Sis snapping at you guys did not help either…”

Becky looks at me and says, “Come out to the living room hon. We will sit and talk ok?”

I get up and grab my coffee and she goes and sits on the couch and we put our mugs on the table, she turns towards me and says, “This is not a normal type of ‘arrangement’ hon, these two women have brought you in to their sexual world and it would seem have discussed it for quite some time as well.” I nod my head in agreement. “So, do not go making assumptions about their feelings, Ok? Just let them know tonight you need to talk, and I am sure they will be fine talking with you.”

“The one variable they can not account for is how you are feeling, so it is your responsibility to let them know. They are both very mature women and I am sure they will love you even more for telling them, rather than just making decisions for them. You will be treating them like they are treating you, as an equal member of this arrangement…”

I look at Becky and give her a big hug and huge kiss…she is recovering from that as I look in her eyes and say, “How do you know the right things to say? I was completely lost bahis siteleri in the woods there and you made it all very clear and reasonable to me…”

She looks at me and says, “well as you said the other day honey, I have lived and loved and hurt many times in my life…and although it would seem I am still a work in progress, I thought talking with you about your situation might help…”

“I think you might have just kept me from making a very stupid mistake…I was not sure how to approach this and was not sure what to even say…but I think I know now, just be honest with them and let them know I coming from a place of love and not trying to direct anything…”

Becky looks at me and says, “If only you were about 15 years older hon…I would have told you to just run away with me and we would figure it out somehow…” She leans over and takes my head in her hands and gives me one of the most passionate kisses I have ever had…

I look at her and say, “I did not hurt you, unintentionally did I?”

She looks back at me and says, “No sweetie, but you have restored my faith in men…at least the strong, caring, thoughtful ones like you.” “Just keep being yourself, it is irresistible to women that have any sense…”

We sit back on the couch and just kind of act like vegetables this whole day, taking about little things along way and just generally relaxing and enjoying each other. Becky finds a movie on and we sit there and watch it… some old love story thing…but it had a good story to it and of course the ending is some tear jerker for the women… She looks over at me and says, “is that tear in the corner of your eye?” I of course jump up… “uhm no…I got something in my eye…one second….”

Just then the whirl wind of the girls showing up happens and when the dust settles, I figure I am in the clear and they are all sitting on the couch talking. I get up and go to get a drink and when I return, they are all sitting there with their big puppy dog eyes on and giving me that isn’t he is just the sweetest thing look… Uh oh what is happening now.

Mandy looks over at me and puts her hand on my knee and says, “Did you tear up at the end of Gone with the Wind honey?” I look at her and say, “what?”

“The movie you were just watching with Becky…”

Oh geez…she went and told them….

Sis and Becky are looking at me so I figure easiest way to get out of this is just fess up, “Yeah I guess so then…But I will deny it if you tell anyone!”

They all look at me and almost in unison say, “damn he is a great guy.” Now I am blushing and sweating of course. Becky looks at me and says, “Ladies your fine man here needs to talk to you, I will be back in my bedroom to give you all some privacy.”

Mandy and Sis look at Becky and then at me…I wait for Becky to get in the bedroom and then go over and sit in between both of them. They both turn towards me and put their hands on my leg and say, “what is wrong hon?’

I take a big gulp of air and start, I look at Mandy and say, “Hon, I was really feeling bad this morning after last night…I felt like I hurt you when you saw Sis and I making her dream come true.”

Mandy looks at me and then at Sis and says, “Honey you did not hurt me, I was very excited for Sis, I know how long she has dreamed about that specific event happening and it has always been you she dreamed about…” “I think you may have misinterpreted the reaction I had to seeing it actually happen honey.” “I knew what this meant to her and I knew it took a great deal of you just trusting her to tell you if you needed to stop, you are not the kind of person that gets on causing people pain.”

I start to say something and Mandy puts her finger on my mouth, “let me finish honey, I told you once before and I think now perhaps you will believe me, I want you to create that for us…not what Sis wanted, but what we want from each other…it will be beautiful whatever we come up with, but I am so happy that you were able to give Sis what she wanted…I really hope you believe me…” She gives me a huge hug and a kiss and then she gets up and goes into the room with Becky leaving me and Sis there on the couch.

Sis looks at me and has tears in her eyes, I give her a big hug and tell her I am sorry I am a messed up k** still…she looks at me and says, “you are not messed up sweetie, you are just more incredible than I even imagined…You are being a man and letting us know what you feel and that more than anything is a very huge turn on to women in general, let alone ones you are in a romantic relationship with.” She gives me a big hug.

I look at her and say, “Well I did not come to this easily, credit where it is due, Becky took her time with me this morning and helped me to understand a little of the Woman’s perspective and was actually really easy to talk to…not that you and Mandy aren’t, just I had a third perspective…does that make sense to you?”

Sis looks at me and gives me a big kiss and then grabs my hand and leads me back to the bedroom where Becky and Mandy are sitting talking. She walks in and gives Becky a huge kiss and hug and sits down on the bed and motions me to sit down too.

Sis looks at Mandy and says, “I think we have our house mom here to thank for this going so well…” Becky turns a little red. Sis continues, “It seems she really cares about all of us even more than we thought, and she was Bro’s sounding board for how he was feeling about everything last night.”
Mandy looks over at Becky and takes her hand. Sis continues, “She was able to help him past what he thought was something he did wrong and allowed us to tell him if we thought it was wrong…instead of just making that decision for all of us.” Mandy leans over and gives Becky a kiss too now, and then turns over to me and gives me a kiss.

Becky is still a little red, but says, “ladies, I understand how much you love each other and now this amazing young man too. It is not a ‘conventional’ relationship you all have, but you are all very good for each other, so if I could help, I wanted to.”

Sis and Mandy both lean over and give her a big kiss on each cheek and she gets a little red again. I look at all three of them and say, “I see how it is now, I am chopped liver eh?” And much to my delight I was attacked by all three of them hugging and kissing me. We just laid there for a few minutes and felt like everything was right in the world.

~~End of Part 13~~

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