The Tub

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Armed with the knowledge that she would be alone for a couple hours once she got home, she drove a little faster. Her heart beating faster and her imagination in overdrive, she began to feel that familiar moistness between her thighs. “Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned, rubbing her thighs together. “I’m so glad I decided not to wear panties today.” She reached between her legs and rubbed a finger across her wet slit, sending shivers up and down her spine, then brought it to her lips and traced them lightly with her finger, her lusty scent filling her head. Sucking on her finger, she pulled into her garage. She almost dropped the keys trying to unlock the front door, trembling in anticipation of what was to come.

As soon as she was behind locked doors, she began to strip off her clothes as she walked quickly to the bathroom. While the tub was filling with hot steamy water and a mixture of jasmine and cinnamon bubble bath, she lit the candles around the bathroom then went into the kitchen to pour herself a large glass of wine. Then she locked herself in the bathroom, a wicked smile on her face. She turned off the water and slipped her naked body into the tub. As she sipped the wine, her other hand began to explore her body.

Her fingers softly traced their way down her neck and between her breasts. Cupping one breast in her hand, she squeezed and pulled forward, sliding her fingers along her breast and across her nipple. Her nipples have always been sensitive, but in the tub with wine and candlelight and the hot water, her body shivered as she tugged and twisted her nipple. She then took a large swallow of her wine and put the glass down so she could casino şirketleri enjoy her body with both hands. Leaning her head back, she grabbed her breasts and started massaging them, teasing her nipples. As she tugged and twisted them, she rubbed her thighs together, biting her bottom lip and letting out a gasp.

The water and wine were getting her very hot indeed. She bent her legs and spread them, then, while still playing with one breast in one hand, moved her other hand down her stomach. She first let only her fingernails run along her inner thighs, teasing herself, moving up and down her legs, closer and closer to her now incredibly hot pussy. Still tugging on her nipple, she brought her breast up to her mouth and licked her nipple, flicking the end of her tongue on the hard nub as she squeezed her inner thigh.

Not able to tease herself any longer, she placed her hand flat on her pussy, gripping it, the palm of her hand pressing against her swollen, throbbing clit. She then brought her second hand down to her hot box and spread her lips with her index and middle fingers. She then took the middle finger of her other hand and began to rub it between her engorged pussy lips, up and down, then pressing the tip of her finger against her clit, she began furiously rubbing it in circles. Bucking her hips up, she moaned loudly and came hard, trembling, her toes curling, her finger pushed hard against her clit as her orgasm subsided.

Catching her breath, she grabbed the glass of wine and drained it. The she reached into the linen closet next to the tub and pulled out her favorite toy–a nice thick dildo in the shape of a cock. This casino firmaları toy was her favorite because it reminded her of a former lover. It had a nice big head and life-like veins running up and down it, but the best thing about this fake cock was the fact that it had a suction cup on the end of it and when she stuck it against the wall of the tub it stuck out far enough for her to have some serious water-splashing fun.

Before she was ready to stick it to the wall, and herself, she leaned back in the tub again and started licking the fake cock up and down its shaft, circling the head with her tongue, then sliding it between her lips. As she slid this cock in and out of her mouth, she slid her middle finger into her hot pussy, moving it in and out in rhythm with her cock sucking. When she felt her orgasm about to strike, she stopped and stuck the cock to the wall and got on her hands and knees.

She didn’t need to adjust it to see if it was in the right position, for she had done this so many times she knew exactly where to put it on the wall. She bit her lip in anticipation as she backed her ass up to the cock, moaning as she felt the head press against her anus. She moved her ass down a bit and let the cock shaft slide up and down the crack of her ass. The she arched her back, pushing her ass up, and let the cock press against the entrance to her pussy. Pushing back, the head slipped into her, making her moan louder. She moved her ass back and forth, allowing just the head to slip in and out of her pussy, until she could stand it no longer and slammed her ass back, taking the entire cock inside her. She screamed and came hard, her güvenilir casino pussy muscles contracting around the cock, her body shaking as the orgasm ripped through her body.

When she was able to continue, she began the slow thrusting motion, sliding the cock in and out of her pussy in long, slow strokes. She could only do this for about two minutes, then she really worked herself over. Holding onto the edge of the tub with one hand, her other hand darted between her legs and attacked her aching, throbbing clit as she fucked herself harder and faster. Thrusting her hips back and up, she drove that cock into her, over and over again, as she rubbed her clit with lightning speed. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body, water splashing everywhere as her body went into orgasmic convulsions. In her orgasmic daze, the cock slipped out on a forward thrust. Lost in lust, when she shoved her hips back, the cock was aimed a bit higher this time and the head penetrated her tight asshole. As soon as the head was inside her ass, she began long slow strokes to allow her ass to loosen up a bit. When she was ready to continue, she used the same slow strokes she fucked her pussy with, then as she rubbed her clit harder and faster, she thrust her ass up and began to fuck herself faster.

She always had more intense orgasms with anal sex, and this time as definitely no exception. She was ready to cum again quicker this time, and cum she did. In one last thrust against the cock, she came harder than she had in over a month, the cock buried deep in her ass, contracting and releasing around the cock, her orgasms exploding one after the other, until she fell forward, pulling the cock off of the wall, barely able to hold herself up with trembling arms. After catching her breath somewhat, she pulled the cock from her ass and lay back in the tub again and relaxed, content, at peace, and totally spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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