Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

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Jessie looked in the rearview mirror with dismay as the lights on the patrol car behind her lit up. She knew without a doubt in her mind that her driving days were over with. There was absolutely no way that she could afford another speeding ticket. Her insurance just couldn’t handle another point and she was already paying out the ass as it was.

As Jessie pulled over to the side of the road, the thought “paying out the ass” was stuck in her mind. Actually, she thought, that wasn’t such a bad idea. So as she rolled to a stop she began unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse, exposing as much cleavage as possible without being completely topless. Once she was satisfied that enough of her flesh was exposed, she let out a nervous sigh and hoped the patrolman was some horny guy.

Jessie wasn’t above using her body to get her way. She was pretty and she knew it. Standing at 6’1 with long flowing blonde hair, she was all legs and ass. Of course her 40 DD breasts were another useful asset in her arsenal. There wasn’t a man alive that could resist her charms, when she wanted it bad enough. Right now, she would do anything to keep from losing her license.

Jessie had to keep from looking into the rearview mirror as the cop turned on all of his overhead lights and highbeams. For some reason it had become an accepted practice for cops to effectively blind the person they pulled over. It worked, because all Jessie could see was the swagger of a dark shape making its way along the side of her car.

With a last minute thought, Jessie hiked her skirt up higher up her legs exposing the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Once again satisfied she rolled down the driver’s side window and waited patiently.

“Ma’am, can you please get me your driver’s license and registration?” a slightly feminine voice asked.

Jessie looked up and tried to hide her shock. She never expected a lady cop! Granted the cop’s hair was cropped as short as a man, and there was obviously more than average testosterone running in her blood. If Jessie hadn’t heard the cop speak, she would have sworn it was a man that was standing next to her car.

Jessie had second thoughts about her obvious attempts to entice the cop since it was a lady and not a man. But these thoughts quickly faded away as she remembered what another ticket would ultimately cost her. She had never been with a woman, but in the back of her mind she figured this lady cop was obviously more manly than womanly to begin with, so what the hell!

Turning on her most flirtatious smile, Jessie turned to the cop and said, “Why, yes. Yes I can.”

Jessie leaned back farther in her seat reaching for her purse, intentionally causing her skirt to ride up higher and her blouse to open even further. Out of the corner of her eye, she happened to catch the lady cop assessing her figure. Encouraged by the response she was getting, Jessie asked, “Is there any way we could work things out that would benefit both of us?”

“What did you have in mind?” The lady cop asked.

“Well…” bahis firmaları feigning embarrassment, “I have always admired a strong lady in a uniform. I bet you like to take charge, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am, I sure do. Where are you heading with this miss?”

Jessie swallowed the lump that formed in her throat, it was now or never, “Well, I only live two blocks from here. If you had the time, I would really like to experience sex with a lady that really knows how to take charge.”

“Ma’am, are you trying to solicit me?”

“How dare you suggest such a thing!?” Jessie demanded. “I don’t want any damn money for this…” “Ok…Ok…look I’ll follow you to your place. I think I’ll keep this license for a little bit…just in case.”

Jessie watched the lady cop make her way back to the patrol car and turn off the blinding lights. Again she had a second thought about what she was doing, but quickly shrugged the feeling off. Who knows, it may be an exciting new experience for her. Starting her car, she drove slowly towards her apartment complex.

Once in her apartment, the lady cop didn’t waste any time. “Alright honey, strip out of what is left of those clothes. C’mon, I don’t have all damn night!”

Jessie did as she was ordered, pulling her blouse and skirt off, standing before the woman in her bra and panties. With slightly shaky hands, she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, letting her large breasts spill free from their restraints. Then hooking her fingers into her panties, she pushed them down to the floor exposing her shaved crotch to the lady cop.

Jessie looked at the cop, trying to figure out what she needed to do next. She was a little relieved when the cop began undoing her utility belt. The cop’s fingers worked the buckle expertly, quickly undoing it and laying it carefully on the couch. The cop slipped out of her shoes looked up at Jessie and said, “Well… c’mon damnit! Get over here and get these pants off of me.”

Jessie approached the woman, got down on her knees and began undoing the cop’s pants. Grabbing both the hem of the pants and the panties she pushed both down at the same time. Jessie wasn’t certain what she was expecting when she pulled the cop’s pants to the floor but it definitely wasn’t what was before her eyes. She gasped as her eyes took in the largest cock she had ever laid her eyes on. It was still limp, and was at least 7 inches soft, things were definitely beginning to look up!

Noticing her surprise, he said, “Weren’t expecting this were you bitch? I’m gonna teach your dyke ass a lesson! Now suck my cock bitch!”

Jessie tried to hide the gleam of joy in her eyes, as she spread her lips and sucked the head of the huge cock into her mouth. It felt wonderful having it slide between her lips, and she began gobbling it up, pulling it deep into her throat. The thing felt massive between her lips, and she was happy when she managed to engulf the whole thing.

She almost bit down on his shaft when he grabbed a handful kaçak iddaa of the hair on the back of her head. He began roughly guiding her head back and forth along his huge shaft. The rougher he got, the harder he got. Jessie was amazed at how large the shaft between her lips was becoming.

It wasn’t long before Jessie was only able to swallow a little more than half of the huge cock between her lips. This didn’t cause him to let up any, he just continued to forcefully guide her lips and down his coke can thick cock. Several times Jessie had to fight the urge to gag as his bulbous head slipped into her throat.

Finally, he released her head. She pulled her mouth off his cock to have a better look at the prize that had developed before her eyes. It was a damn monster. She couldn’t have planned it any better, and she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter at the thought of having this piece of meat buried between her legs.

Obviously he had a different agenda. The cop began smacking her in the face with his hard cock. It felt like she was being hit with a hard steel shaft, but at the same time it was such a turn on. His thick shaft smacked her on the cheek, her forehead, and her lips repeatedly.

“You like it when someone takes charge, huh? You like me slapping you with my cock bitch?”


“Are you my bitch?”


“Are you my fucking whore?”

“Gawd, yes…”

“Get on your fucking knees whore!”

Jessie obediently got on her knees in front of the cop. Her ass raised high in the air. She didn’t know how she felt about the whole thing. She wanted his massive cock deep inside of her and quickly. However, at the same time, she worried about the “how” she had gotten into this position and “how” he was going to fuck her. She loved a take charge kind of guy, but this shit was almost too much.

Jessie felt him slide up behind her, and felt as he began beating on her asscheeks with his massive cock. He would slam his cock down hard against her backside, then forcefully run it up and down her wet slit. She began moaning loudly as his thick cockhead slightly penetrated her moist opening then slid further up to tickle her sensitive asshole.

“You want this don’t you whore? You want me to fuck your whore pussy with my thick cock, huh?”


“Beg for my cock you whore! Beg me to fuck with this hard piece of meat!”

“Gawd… please…”

“Please what, whore?”

“Please…please…fuck me!”

Jessie had never felt like such a slut in her life, and she had never begged for any man’s cock. She felt so dirty, yet so filled with lust. As soon as she felt his cock beginning to penetrate her moist opening she began to cry with joy. He pushed her bulbous cockhead into her wet canal, stretching her pussy lips to accommodate his large girth.

With one huge thrust he buried his cock deep inside of Jessie’s pussy. He stretched her pussy in ways she didn’t think was possible. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but as she kaçak bahis adjusted to him it felt good as hell. She had never felt so full of cock in her entire life.

He couldn’t fit his whole cock inside of her, so he only shoved it in ¾’s of the way in. Jessie could feel his cockhead slam against her cervix, pressing hard against her sensitive area. He began sliding his cock in and out of her wet canal deep and hard. He was relentless, shoving his cock as hard as he could deep inside of her.

The louder Jessie moaned, the harder the cop thrust. Each thrust lifting her knees off the floor. She felt his hand slide up and grip the back of her long blonde hair. He pulled it hard while continuing to thrust in and out of her pussy as hard as he could. “You like this, don’t you? You like me fucking you like a whore, huh?”

“Yes…yes… YES! Fuck my pussy, make me your whore!”

She felt his cock slide almost all the way out and push back in forcefully. Jessie’s body began to shake with an orgasm and her juices literally shot out of her pussy squirting over his balls. While she shook with an orgasm, he pulled his cock out and positioned it at her slick asshole.

With one quick push he was buried deep inside her anal passage. This was a first for Jessie, and thankfully her orgasm made the whole ordeal bearable. As he began force fucking her tiny asshole, she kept thinking to herself that it would all be worth it in the end. She would get to keep her license, and she had enjoyed the most intense fuck of her life.

He was just as relentless with her ass as he was her pussy. Over and over he shoved it deep inside of her, stretching her asshole impossibly larger as it slid back and forth over his thick cock. To alleviate some of the pain, Jessie began playing with her clit.

The combination of his cock sliding in and out of her backside and her finger working her clit was almost too much for her. She began moaning uncontrollably and uttering swear words she didn’t think she knew. Gawd it felt so good, but damn hopefully the fucker would cum soon, was all she could think.

He gripped her hips and shoved his cock in deeper and harder, pulling her back on his shaft with each forward thrust. Finally, with a loud grunt he began to spew his hot, white jism deep inside of her bowels. As soon as she felt the first splash of cum hit her, she slipped over the edge into the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced.

She felt so full of his hot fluids as he began pulling his rapidly deflating cock from her rear entrance. He pulled his shaft out with a pop, and his cum ran out of her asshole down to her pussy to mix with her own juices. She just lay there on her arms sobbing with joy and pain as the cop went to the bathroom to clean up.

He reappeared completely dressed, put his utility belt on and stepped back to look at Jessie. She had stayed in her position of submission, her ass high in the air, her anus still stretched and leaking his white fluid. He chuckled as he looked at her rear end, “That reminds me.” He told her.

“What’s that?” Jessie asked.

“Your rear end, it reminded me that your taillight is out on your car.” Then he dropped her license and a twenty on the couch and left the apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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