Tiny Bubbles

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“Let’s take this party outside, shall we?”

Who was I to argue with Carrie? Stuck in a Marriott for 5 days in the middle of a smallish Virginia town with nothing going on but business meetings was enough to make anyone crave some excitement. Our company always seemed to send us where no one else wanted to go. We never got to go to L.A. or Boston or anywhere there might actually be something to do. We grinned and bore it, making do with what we had until we soared up the corporate ladder to bigger and better assignments.

My name is Dave. Carrie, Sheryl and I were the newest sales team at the company. We always traveled together to give presentations to prospective clients. This particular trip had gone very well. The client liked what we had to say and on our last night we decided to celebrate with a drink or two at the hotel bar. Our mini-celebration was hitting its stride when Carrie made her suggestion.

“Sounds good to me” I said. A nice soak in the outdoor hot tub with a couple of pretty ladies did sound like it would hit the spot.

Carrie was 34, had been with the company for 5 years and was engaged to a guy back home in Houston. She had long, wavy brown hair down to about mid-back, long legs, and was endowed rather generously, thank you.

Sheryl was 28, single, and a bit on the reserved side. She didn’t say much outside of the business environment but was pleasant and easy to work with. Her build was smaller than Carrie’s: a lean, lanky frame, pretty face, and shoulder length black hair.

“Let’s get changed and meet in the tub!” Carrie said, polishing off her margarita. We signed for the drinks and headed back to our respective rooms.

I changed into my bathing suit and was the first one back to the hot tub. I hit the button for the jet streams and stepped in as they started to flow. My bathing suit bubbled up with air as it always does upon entering a jacuzzi. I relaxed and positioned myself so a stream pulsed against my lower back. “Aaaaa…does this feel good” I thought, the warmth of the hot bath lulling me into a mild, relaxed trance.

About a minute later Carrie appeared wearing one of the white hotel bathrobes. “How’s the water?” she asked.

“Ohhhh, it’s good.” I said on a deep exhale. I casually eyed my co-worker, just a bit curious as to what might be underneath the terry cloth. I shifted so the jet stream hit a little lower on my back, flowing just a little into my bathing suit.

“Especially after a couple of margaritas, huh?” she said with a smile as her hands reached for the tie on her robe.

“Absolutely.” I replied flatly. The tie came undone and she slipped the robe off her shoulders. There Carrie stood in a snug fitting two piece as she tugged upward at the sides of the bottom half. She stepped into the hot water one foot at a time.

“Brrrr…it’s cold before you get inside!” she said, crossing her arms and shivering a little. This was the first time I had seen Carrie with so little on and I was enjoying the slight thoroughly. Her breasts were large and well proportioned, her stomach was nice and flat, and as she turned to lower herself in the tub I got a nice look at her rear end, displayed prettily by her not-so-subtle bikini bottom.

She sat on the top stair level so that the water came up to her mid-section, “Oh, those jets feel nice!” she said. Her arms stretched outside of the tub, resting on the concrete as she leaned her head back and exhaled deeply. “Feels so nice after all our hard work, doesn’t it?” She looked at me.

Little did she know how nice it felt for me right about then. I had always noticed that she was an attractive woman of course, but until then I hadn’t really thought of her in a straightforwardly sexual manner. Maybe because she was engaged I hadn’t allowed my thoughts free reign with her, but right then I was finding it difficult to keep my eyes off her breasts. I wondered if she was aware of that, or if she would be offended in any way. Knowing her, I didn’t think it’d be much of a problem. The water began to feel extra smooth over my body. I shifted around a bit and let the jet stream hit me where ever it might go, over my upper thighs, buttocks, through my suit against my ass. I began to feel a bit of a stirring sensation in my loins, not knowing if it was the jets, Carrie’s body, or both that were doing that job.

“Do you do the hot tub often?” I asked her.

“Not really. They have one at my gym but I feel weird in there with a bunch of strangers. I think hot tubs should only be for friends and lovers.” She chuckled and I followed suit.

“Well, I feel honored then. I didn’t realize a hot tub with Carrie Simpson was such a hot ticket.”

This drew a bigger laugh. “Oh, Dave..You’re more than qualified, my dear…more than qualified.”

I was relishing in the warmth of the tub and the conversation, trying to think how to respond when Sheryl appeared, wearing a hotel robe identical to Carrie’s.

“Hey guys.” she said in her usual understated manner.

“Hey, Sheryl!” we responded.

She silently removed her robe while Carrie and Escort Sincan I observed. Sheryl was a pretty girl. She had on a black bikini which fit loosely around her small breasts. I glanced down at her slight body. She was nicely tanned and had a small tattoo on her right hip. Maybe this quiet girl had a bit of a frisky side after all, I thought.

“Sorry I took so long. I had already packed my bathing suit. Took me a while to dig it out.”

“You could’ve just come in naked.” Carrie joked. “Nobody would’ve minded!”

Sheryl flashed a rare smile but didn’t say anything. She sank into the tub a few feet to my left. Carrie sat directly opposite from me, continuing to prominently display her well formed physique.

We spent the next 20 minutes or so engaged mostly in small talk about business, families, life in general. We never really got much time to chit-chat so it was nice. At one point Carrie got out to get us three more margaritas. I stole another glance at her tail as she got out of the tub. It had what I would call a sexy little bounce to it, and it inspired me to maintain my semi-erect state, conveniently aided by the friendly jet streams pulsing against my back and butt. I wondered if the girls might be enjoying the jets as well. Carrie returned with the drinks and leaned forward to place them on the concrete outside the tub. I couldn’t help but admire that view even more.

I felt myself getting a little bit harder and hoped I wouldn’t have to get out of the water for anything. We continued drinking and talking. Sheryl had her eyes closed and was arching her back as the jets hit her. My mind was drifting more and more toward sex the longer we stayed in there. I wondered if the girls might be having similar thoughts, seeing as none of us had had any sex for at least a week and had been working very hard. Realizing the cloud-like cover of the jets prevented anyone from seeing underneath, I had begun to play with myself a little, pressing and rubbing myself through my suit. My eyes drifted from Carrie’s breasts to the pleased look on Sheryl’s face as she enjoyed the steamy water. My erection grew until it reached fruition.

What the hell, I thought, no one can see anything. I kept an eye on Carrie’s heaving breasts, trying to make out the outline of her nipples underneath the top, picturing myself kissing and fondling them, cupping and squeezing them, sliding my erect member between them. I tried to smile and maintain conversation and look away a bit so as not to be too obvious. Carrie was jutting her breasts out fully, so if she noticed my stares she didn’t seem to mind.

“Would you guys mind if I took my top off?” The voice was Sheryl’s, not Carrie’s. I was momentarily shaken out of my Carrie fantasy. We both looked at Sheryl.

“I just don’t feel right in a tub with clothes on. If you guys would be uncomfortable I don’t have-“

“No, no, go right ahead.” I instinctively urged. Carrie echoed, “It’s fine with me, Sheryl. Live it up!”

“Thanks.” Sheryl said. She was submerged up to her neck in the tub so we couldn’t see anything when she removed her top, only her reaching behind herself, pausing a moment, then dropping the garment outside the tub. I looked back at Carrie who actually seemed a little embarrassed, to my surprise. Seems her extroverted nature covered a somewhat shy interior. Sheryl went right back to closing her eyes and enjoying the water.

“Man, these jet streams sure feel good.” I said, to move the conversation along.

“Oh yeah, they do!” Carrie said. “Feels great.” She arched her back, giving her nipples the most advantageous display so far.

“Mm,hmm.” Sheryl murmured, a smile crossing her lips. A moment of brief silence passed.

“I have an idea.” I said. “Does anyone want to play truth or dare?”

The girls looked at each other than at me. Carrie smiled inquisitively. “Truth or dare?” she said. “Someone’s had a few margaritas, huh?” She laughed a semi-nervous laugh.

“Sure, I’ll play.” Sheryl responded quietly. I was getting the feeling that Sheryl was someone who really liked to get her freak on.

“How ’bout it Carrie?” I coaxed. “C’mon, we spend a lot of time together but there’s so much we don’t know about each other. It’ll be fun.”

“OK, that’s fine.” she said defensively. “I’m not afraid, let’s do it……So, who goes first?”

“Dave does.” Sheryl answered quickly. “It was his idea.” She sat up so the water level was just above her breasts. I tried briefly to make out her nipples under the water, but to no avail.

“OK, I’ll go. Carrie, truth or dare?”

“Um…truth I guess.” She was hesitant yet seemed to have an air of nervous excitement. She brought her arms into the tub and sunk down lower, awaiting the next move.

I thought for a moment. “OK. Carrie, how old were you when you had your first kiss?”

“My first kiss? Oh, God why did I agree to this?” She laughed aloud, and took a moment to respond. “OK, my first kiss was with Jimmy Taylor in the eighth grade so I must’ve been about 13 or 14. He was always looking at me during class Eryaman Escort and one day he asked me out on a date. My parents wouldn’t let me date then but I wasn’t going to miss out on this. I told my Mom I was going to study at a friend’s house and me and Jimmy walked to the mall. I was praying I didn’t see anyone who would tell my parents. On the way home, Jimmy stopped us a few blocks from my house and told me he really liked me. I was so excited! Then he said he wanted to kiss me which I let him do. We kissed for a looong time, probably 2 or 3 minutes. In a daze, I said goodbye to him and walked home. That was my first kiss.”

“Awww, how sweet!” Sheryl smiled. “Just like the movies. So what else did you guys do back then, after that?”

“Hey, just one question per turn, isn’t that how it works?” Carrie protested, giggling.

“All right, all right. Just curious is all.” Sheryl said. “Your turn, Carrie.”

“Ahhhh, goood.” she said in a devilish tone. She looked back and forth at both of us before deciding. “Sheryl, truth or dare?”

Sheryl shifted her body so she faced Carrie. In doing so her right breast peeked out over the water for a split second. I caught a quick glimpse of a rigid, dark nipple peering out into the cool air. “Truth” she said.

“OK, tell me about YOUR first kiss.”

“The same question? That’s not very creative.”

“Well hey, I’m new at this!…Anyway, I want to know. I told you my story.”

“Well, mine’s not quite that sweet. My first kiss was actually with a girlfriend of mine, Kaylie. We were in high school at the time. Neither one of us really dated much so we were pretty curious about what it would be like to kiss a boy. One day after school I was at her house and we were talking about sex and boys and stuff like that. She had a magazine and I was laying on her couch feeling kind of, well, excited…so-“

“Wait, she had a magazine?” Carrie interrupted. “What kind of magazine?”

“Well, I don’t remember which one, but it was rather suggestive if you know what I mean.” She smiled.

“Ahhh, I see. So who was looking at it, you or her?” Carrie asked, obviously intrigued.

“We both were. We were passing it back and forth, looking at it.”

“Uh, huh. Wait, was it men or women in this magazine?”

“It was both. It had some of everything. Anyway I was looking at it and laying there and, well, I asked Kaylie to come over, which she did. I knew neither of us had kissed anyone before so I asked her if she wanted to try kissing, to see what it felt like.”

Carrie was quite curious. “You hadn’t kissed anyone yet?”

“No.” Sheryl said. “I was pretty skinny and had glasses so I didn’t get asked out much.”

“Oh. Was Kaylie skinny too?”

“No, she was pretty. She had blonde hair and was bigger up here than me.” Sheryl cupped her breasts under the water, indicating where she meant. “So Kaylie said OK and she leaned down to kiss me. We started kissing and experimenting with our mouths, exploring a little bit. It was really cool. She was a good kisser, I could tell even then.”

“Did anything else happen right then?” Carrie pressed.

“Well…after a while we put our arms around each other and started–Hey, wait! I thought it was one question per turn, Carrie. No fair!”

To say I was rock hard at this point would be a major understatement.

“Oh, I know, I know!” Carrie said. “Couldn’t help myself. This is too fun!” We all laughed. “All right, I guess I’ll let you go now Sheryl.” Her voice was tinged with mock deference.

“OK, big guy, it’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

Words were hard to come by for me right then so I opted for some action. “Dare.” I said.

“Ooooo, OK.” She took a long moment, looking back and forth at Carrie and I. “All right, Dave…I dare you to take off Carrie’s top for her.”

“WHAT??” Carrie almost choked on the words. “No way! That’s not fair.” But her tone was playful enough to make us think she could be convinced.

“Come on Carrie, that’s the way the game works.” Sheryl said in her most prodding manner. “Besides, the water feels better that way.”

Carrie laughed in near disbelief but the excitement was still written on her face. “Now, wait…It….” She couldn’t seem to get out the thought and soon gave up trying. “OK,” she conceded, “but I’m getting under the water for this.”

“No, it’s no fun that way!” Sheryl protested.

“But you-“

Before she could finish, Sheryl read her thoughts. “OK, I’ll sit up if you stay where you are.”

Carrie hesitated. “OK. My God I can’t believe I’m doing this.” she muttered to herself. “You first!” she demanded.

Without a word, Sheryl hoisted herself onto the top step so that only her lower rib cage and downward was submerged. Her breasts were cute with the aforementioned pert little dark nipples protruding about an inch. “Brrrr, it’s cold!” Goose bumps began forming on her wet skin. I looked at her with a smile. “OK, Dave, get to it.” she said.

I slid over to Carrie under the water, not wanting my hard-on to be too egregiously evident. “OK, Keçiören Escort hon, I have my orders.”

She exhaled in mock disgust and turned her back to me. “At least it’s not a front clasp.” she said, pulling her hair up to give me access. I unhooked her bra and let it fall to the sides. I could feel her breasts fall and settle into position as the clasp released. She lowered her arms allowing me to reach to her shoulders and push the thin straps aside. The weight of her breasts still supported the garment so I reached underneath her armpits grabbing the straps on either side and tugged gently downward, letting it fall into the water. I could now make out just the side of her left breast as it dangled freely in the night air. Sheryl had a much better view and stared with a pleased, curious look on her face.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, Sheryl. Thank you very much.” she said with accusatory humor. She turned back against the side of the tub leaving me a clearer view as I shuffled back to my area. Her golden orbs hung gloriously just above the water line like two heavy teardrops, jiggling just a little with each subtle movement she made. Large, puffy brown nipples capped the heavy mounds of flesh.

“Don’t stare too hard, Dave. You might hurt your eyes.” Sheryl taunted, knowing exactly where my gaze was fixed. I looked back at her, my eyes instinctively lowering, admiring her contrastingly petite glands.

“Hey, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.” I mused, not really knowing what to say.

Carrie took a second to mentally accept her new state of undress and then spoke. “All right, now Dave’s the only one not exposed. Not fair!”

“I agree.” Sheryl concurred.

“Well hey, I haven’t been asked and now it’s my turn. Looks like you’ll have to wait.” I teased.

“Hey buddy, when two half naked girls ask you to strip, it would be a wise move to go along with it.” Sheryl encouraged firmly.

Given my state of arousal I wasn’t sure if exposing myself was wise right then, and I told them so. “Um…I’m a little…uh…preoccupied down below at the moment. I don’t know if now’s a good time.”

They both just laughed. “Ah, you say that like it’s a bad thing, Dave. Come on we wanna see!” Carrie wanted a measure of revenge. Might as well go along, I thought.

I stood in the tub and pulled my suit down over my hard member, stepped out of it and tossed it toward Carrie. I was sporting a full erection which the girls were quick to take note of. Big smiles crossed both their faces.

“Well, someone’s enjoying themselves, aren’t they, Carrie?” Sheryl remarked. I found the girls ogling to be quite a turn on and I stood tall, allowing them a nice, long look.

“I’ll say!” Carrie replied. “Is it something we did, Dave?” They laughed. Any fears of them being offended quickly vanished and I now felt more comfortable examining their attributes.

“Those might have something to do with it.” I said, looking straight at Carrie’s breasts. “And those, too.” making manual reference to Sheryl’s. I sunk back down into the water, warm and soothing against my naked skin.

“Well now we’re getting somewhere. Glad we could help, Dave.” Carrie said with a wink.

“I believe it’s my turn, correct?” I asked rhetorically. “Let’s see….Carrie, truth or dare?

“Oh, me again, huh? I’ll say….truth.”

“OK, let’s see….” I thought for a moment. “When was the last time you masturbated?”

She inhaled sharply. “Dave, such a naughty question! This is getting a little personal, no?”

“Well, we’re away from home for a week with no real chance of physical contact, I was just wondering if you, uh, took care of yourself or not.”

“C’mon Car, you chose truth.” Sheryl chimed in. “Gotta answer the question.”

“Oh, you guys! OK, the last time I masturbated was…this morning right after I got out of the shower. I was drying myself off and got to feeling some skin and, well…I had to lay down on the bed for a few minutes. Hey, like you said, no physical contact for a week, a girl has needs you know.”

“Hey, no argument here.” Sheryl said.

“OK, Dave, I think that hard-on is going straight to your brain, dirty boy!” Carrie snapped. “There’s your answer and now it’s my turn….Dave, truth or dare?”

I was afraid what she might make me do so I thought I’d rather talk instead. “Truth.”

“Hmmmm..” she rubbed her hands together mischievously. “OK…have you ever had a sexual fantasy about Sheryl before?”

Sheryl turned toward me and subtly pushed her chest out a couple of inches, waiting for my response. I thought my hard-on pretty much answered that question but I guess Carrie wanted to hear me say it.

I looked right into Sheryl’s eyes. “Yes, I have. I’ve fantasized about both of you actually. We spend a lot of time together, so I think it’s perfectly natural, don’t you?”

Carrie seemed surprised by my blunt response but Sheryl was right there with me. “I think so too, Dave. Perfectly natural.” She moved about a foot closer to me and leaned back on her elbows, accentuating the rounded contour of her perky breasts. Carrie just smiled at me as I stole a glance at her weighty orbs again, so full and rich hanging just over the bubbling water. We sat a moment in silence, enjoying the heated mood that was gradually sinking in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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