Traders Assistant

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Turning the alarm off my eyes adjusted to read the time 06:30. It was my first day at work and I didn’t want to be late.

While showering I worked out what to wear today. My pinstripe skirt suit seemed the most appropriate, even if the skirt was a little short for working in the city. My mind then added black high heels and a white blouse to the image I would get in the mirror shortly. I was only 5’4” but my long hair, fit body and as some say good looks, I do tend to stand out.

After drinking a glass of juice I slipped off my dressing gown, went to the dresser and opened a drawer. I have always loved lace so my hands automatically selected cream lace French knickers, a matching camisole and bra. These were followed by a pair of black tights and a crisp white crepe blouse. Looking in the mirror the lace from the camisole and bra showed through the blouse with little difficulty. On closer inspection I noticed my nipples were starting to harden and protrude through the three light garments.

My breasts had always been a part of my assets being 34D and on many occasions found others enjoying the sight. So long as they left it at that I didn’t mind.

As the alarm clock blipped 07:30 I returned to the present realising one of my hands was caressing a nipple and my other hand was massaging between my legs.

I was damp but I didn’t have time to change so I quickly slipped on the short black pinstripe skirt, my 4” heels and the jacket.

After grabbing my small handbag and making sure I had everything, I made a dash for the door.

As I walked into reception of the large impressive glass office block the clock on the wall showed I was fifteen minutes early which helped my confidence.

Once my ID card had been created I was shown to the Escort Çankaya third floor where a lot of the trading was done. Passing two long lines of desks each with a computer half covered in papers and printouts, I was directed into the office at the end where I met Jonathan the team manager.

We chatted about a number of things but especially what I had done at college. The conversation finished on what I got up to on my eighteenth birthday only weeks before.

As Jonathan walked me out of his office, I noticed pretty much all of the desks had now been taken up by a range of guys in their twenties and thirties. One stood out and I found myself in a fixed gaze as Jonathan introduced me to the sixteen traders.

The chap I couldn’t take my eyes off walked over and Jonathan introduced me to Matthew the head trader.

Matthew was over 6”, his face was rugged but with gentle eyes. I could see he worked out lots as his physique wore the well-tailored suit perfectly. His short brown beautifully cut hair showed he took care of the way he looked.

After chatting for what felt like ages I was thrown in the deep end as the assistant to these guys, sorting their filing, getting coffees if I had time and generally help them to make money for the firm.

Jonathan had told me at the interview that I was expected to work very closely with these guys and help them in any way possible.

After lunch I found myself carting stacks of paperwork into the storeroom for filing.

Once I had got through about half of the pile, Matthew came in to see how I was doing. As Matthew talked he came closer, his cologne was soon making my mind and eyes wander to his body.

I them felt one of his strong hands on my shoulder pulling me towards him. Ankara Escort Even with the 4” heels I was looking up into his soft eyes. Soon our bodies touched and lips followed soon after.

My hands were still at my side, but Matts were now round my back keeping me close as the heat from his lips electrified me. Our mouths opened and both our tongues adventured together.

Any resistance I could have had was soon dashed as I lift my arms up, one hand to his chest and the other to a shoulder. Matt now had slipped his right hand down to my small pert bum and by caressing, it was lifting my skirt slowly.

It just seemed like I was in a daze, as I soon found my jacket was being carefully taken off my shoulders and placed on the pile of papers. Matts left hand now massaging my breast with his thumb stroking my nipple through the blouse. I could feel my nipples hardening as I looked to the ceiling and shut my eyes.

A soft gasp for air came from my mouth as Matts right hand was now venturing inside my French knickers.

As Matts fingers sought a damp place, I couldn’t stop my hands working down his body to the semi hard lump in his trousers. Matt didn’t stop as the sound of his zipper falling seemed to set the event in stone.

Matt had now worked my tights and French knickers down below my knees and was stroking the inside of my damp inflamed lips.

My hands had now worked his lump from the confines of his trousers. I could feel it was a good six or seven inches, but freed it got harder and longer. Soon my hands were holding eight inches of wonder capped by a beautiful deep blue crown.

With little difficulty Matt lifted me up, my hands on his shoulders now, I could feel his crown touching the edge of my hot wet flaps. Sincan Escort I thought with his member being that big it might hurt, but I was so wet that it slid in sending me into another daze of ecstasy.

Matts started to pump and soon my shoes hit the floor with a crack. My gasps for air became more urgent as Matts thrusts got bigger and stronger.

As Matt kept the rhyme I could feel my blouse being removed, followed soon after by both my camisole and bra. All I now wore was the short skirt hitched up around my waist.

Matts thrust lengthened as something inside me felt like a dammed raging river. The waters inside me were building to a high I could never have dreamt of.

As Matts hands worked my breasts and rock hard nipples I felt a twitch from below. Soon Matt let out a low long grunt, clenched roughly on my breasts and a wave of semen gushed into the depths of my vigina. It was just too much for me and the dam within me burst making me dig my nails into Matts shoulders. My legs quivered and back arched as the river flowed through me, sending me to a far off place. More shorter thrusts followed filling me with more of his seed which was now dripping down the inside of my legs.

As Matt lifted me off I knelt in front of him and placed his shrinking penis into my mouth and cleaned every surface with my tongue. It then plopped out of my mouth and I slipped it back into his trousers and zipped him up.

After stroking my hair and looking at me with a smile on his face, Matt left me to clean myself up as best I could.

I found some papers from over seven years ago and used those to clean the mess between my legs.

Finding my tights ripped I threw them in the bin and then searched for my other clothes. All I could find were my shoes and jacket.

I them heard the door to the storeroom open, so I quickly slipped on the jacket, straightened out the skirt as best I could and got the shoes on my feet just as Jonathan came round the corner.

He asked if everything was okay?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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