Valena the Witch

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Valena liked things disciplined. When she entered her bedroom she saw everything in place. Harold came towards her in all fours and quickly placed himself between her legs and with an open tongue reached for her hairy crotch, which she allowed by parting her legs slightly. Lack of any undergarment under her skimpy and short nightdress allowed Harold the desired access easily. Harold has been trained well. He was almost possessive of Valena’s pussy and always worshiped it even when she was taking other men’s boners in it.

Valena liked the rest of the arrangements which although routine, never failed to excite her. On the bed laid four hung naked men on their backs on a massive queenbed, their massive cocks erect and perpendicular. With the moisturising she received from Harold she needed no further foreplay. The boys were all erect only with the anticipation of being with her. She forbade them to pleasure themselves which they have complied with their whole heart making Valena the only source of their release. Without much further ado, Valena moved herself on top of Samen and lowered herself onto his long erect cock. Samen immediately started to thrust upwards and she met his motion with her own grinding as Harold resumed licking her clit. As the motions continued Samen soon grunted loudly ejaculating inside her pussy, also soliciting a purring from Harold and a lewd “Aaaaaaahh” sound from Valena. But Valena did not leave Samen right away and continued pounding him hard till a second ejaculation was released inside her. Still she continued as Samen struggled underneath her. His cock creamed and drenched in cum now. But Valena’s incessant fucking paid off as she climaxed again with Samen releasing his third and final load into her for the night.

Letting their third orgasm subside a bit, Valena lifted herself from Samen and shifted on top of Vedro with Harold latched onto her pussy keeping the juices inside by locking it with his tongue and mouth. Valena knew and felt that the hungry cuckold did take a few slurps inside but she did not mind. Harold was hungry and his impatience could be forgiven. But when Valena lowered herself onto Vedro his cock made way inside her creampied pussy pushing Harold’s tongue out to accommodate its thick girth inside Valena’s moist hole. Harold continued his licking of her hairy crotch and the dark pink knob. Vedro was a hard fucker. He pounded her pussy like a madman. The cream from Samen lubricated her insides well and it helped the frantic fuck. Vedro did not last long before he gave up the gift of his seeds inside Valena. As usual she did not withdraw and continued to ride to two more orgasms and also had two more herself.

As she withdrew from Vedro and moved on to Jerak, her first two exhausted love slaves held her from both sides and Harold started eating the her double creampied pussy. Valena now let the weight of her big body fall on the strong shoulders of Vedro and Samen. Harold for once giving up his selfish need of eating Valena’s pussy held Jerak’s cock to align it to Valena’s slimy dripping nether entrance. now lowered herself onto Jerak. Vedro and Samen held her thighs apart and lowered her onto Jerak’s erect shaft. Harold resumed his duties on her clit. Valena thoroughly enjoyed the vigorous sex without doing any work herself. Jerak twisted and twitched under her buried inside. The delicious sweat that covered Vedro and Samen had culminated into the extreme pleasure at her core. The hardworking boys also understood her needs and that is why they pushed her down at the time of climaxing ensuring Jerak is buried deep inside to the hilt when he discharged his big loads in the darkest depths of her core. When Jerak blew his third load inside her she ateşli gaziantep escort dismissed him with Vedro and Samen. Harold now feasted on her triple creampied pussy. He ate most of the juices before Valena decided that Tony has been tortured enough and may be granted release like the other boys.

Tony started slow. He did not just fuck like the others like the rest of them. He was like a desert and Valena always kept him for the last for slow fucking with long strokes. Tony continued in his usual manner underneath her worshipping her well fucked pussy and massaging her insides rigorously with his massive shaft. Soon after two ejaculations and some earth shattering orgasms she could feel he was getting hard again. She decided to finish the night with one final stroke. She lifted her body far up with Tony’s big cock only touching her dripping entrance slightly. Harold’s mouth latched onto her clit as hard as he could, anticipating a sharp descent. And she did go down in one deliberate move burying Tony completely and hopelessly inside her. Valena felt the twitch and liquid heat swell inside her pussy as Tony screamed in pleasure and agony. At the increased pace with which Harold now licked her clit, Valena knew that Harold well understood what it is. Tony was cumming inside her pussy and her cuckold slave had enough practise to know what she liked. He licked her pussy harder.

She moaned in pleasure as her cuckold slave drooled her hairy pussy wet as Tony ejaculated a big load of semen inside her for the third consecutive time. The combined sensation was too good and she had her eleventh orgasm loudly. As Tony withdrew his softened meat, Harold’s trained mouth quickly covered her licky hole and his tongue darted in as much as it could, locking her and Tony’s combined juices and also the leftovers from Vedro, Samen and Jerak inside her. Valena opened her thighs wider to give Harold better access. She knew very well that her cuckold slave will slowly clean her as he greedily eats the entire slime from her pussy. Valena closed her eyes in pleasure and continued to enjoy the pleasant sensation in her sore pussy. The sensation between her legs became stronger as Harold started to now kiss and lick her with open tongue. She rewarded him with another big squirt which he ate with urgency.


Valena dismissed Harold with a light slap on his head. Harold understood and immediately moved back bowing his head silently and like an obedient dog. He got on his fours and got inside a small door leading to his designated place under the massive queenbed. This is where he sleeps – right underneath her, where she sleeps with her lovers. Samen, Vedro, Tony and Jerak, her four love slaves were asleep. The middle of the bed was vacant with space designated for her, two lovers on her each side.

Valena lovingly observed her sleeping love slaves. Each of them a perfect male specimen with strong muscular build and handsome features. Each has an especially large package hanging between his legs. All are shaved and oiled from head to toe, to her taste. Their cocks free of any pubic hair and the entire lengths apparent. She loved to be surrounded by naked men even naked of body hairs and with cocks erect that she knew was only for her. Valena could not help but chuckle a little. She has double standards. She makes her love slaves shave themselves completely but when it comes to shaving her own body parts she is a strict naturalist. Her full bush between her legs and armpit hair also remain untouched. She is a stark contrast to her chiselled body love slaves. She was tall and plump, but voluptuously so. She was not a perfect specimen ateşli gaziantep escort bayan but had a certain earthly beauty to her with a round and heavy butt and massive udders that are very firm and perfectly shaped. She lied down between her sleeping lovers. In the mirror in the ceiling of her bedroom she stared at her own naked body. She looked like a fertile fat cow huddled between four stallions. She fell asleep in some time.


Early in the morning Valena felt hungry when she woke up. The refreshing wind of morning was blowing inside her hilltop secluded home. Her four love slaves are still asleep. She looked at them with concern. They are exhausted all the time. The demands of her body are not easy to meet even by these four strong men. They must be fed soon.

She entered her bath. Harold had already drawn a bath for her with warm water and scented candles. She entered the bath and Harold bathed her with open unstated hunger in his eyes. Valena saw Harold’s small cock straining in his cock cage as he bathed and rubbed her clean and even dried her with a towel. Valena slipped on a white gown she usually wore around the house. Which did not hide much being transparent silk but it accentuated her sexuality. It was lacy and was sleeveless and the fabric continued down till her toes and trailed behind her as she walked. It was wide open in the front and ended in a small knot under her navel leaving a massive cleavage exposed between her mammoth breasts. Also, it was slit right in the middle till the small knot allowing glimpses of her hairy crotch whenever she walked.

After this Valena went down to the kitchen downstairs to find some food. She had gone down to the market in the foothills of Red Mountains to purchase some supplies. She had some fruits and a cooked a steak for herself. She ate alone. She still needed to eat and drink unlike her body slaves. Her four love slaves and her cuckold slave did not need to eat or drink except the special diet they received from her. They received all the nourishment they needed from her. It was high level fluid bonding magic. After Becoming a witch she discovered it from the Book of Natural Bonding which changed her life. It mandated that the witch must choose any of her bodily fluids as a bonded slave’s sole source of nutrition.


It was about seven months back when Valena got bored with only Harold and the headache she got to take for arranging regular food supplies for him and herself. She worked part time in a few bordellos. She needed to eat and Harold too. It was then in a local circus where she spotted the four Ranta Gladiators sitting in their cages with lost and stone cold faces. They were to fight each other till death for entertainment. It was under King’s orders these ferocious fighters were sent to different parts of the country for such shows. Ranta Gladiators were trained to kill as deadly fighters from their childhood and were prohibited to have any female contact all their lives. But they were scared still. No one wanted to die. Valena remembered the look on their faces when she approached them with her offer. She could see the hunger with which they looked at her and at her ample cleavage. She promised them a fresh chance at life and a home. Valena delivered on that when she teleported them in her small hilltop home. She casted a charm so that no one can find her secluded home and her new boys were safe there with her, under her protection.

The boys were about nineteen or twenty years of age. They almost treated the thirty six year old with like a mother as she prepared for the bonding ritual. But ateşli escort gaziantep Valena discarded the little pang of guilt as she casted her permanent binding spell on them. “My Breastmilk” was the magic fluid which she chose as bonding fluid for her four love slaves who now lived exclusively on her milk. She suckled them daily and they became her love slaves.

For Harold it was a little more twisted. Harold was her horrible husband in past, in the life she had moved on from when she did not know she was a witch. He cheated, he lied and he stole from her. Many a nights she had cried herself to sleep when Harold has been frequenting brothels. She was hurt and angry and could not forgive him even when she gained her powers. So Valena came up with a special diet for Harold – “My pussy juice mixed with other men’s semen”. Naturally, Harold became an interested party to ensure Valena receives regular doses of creampie loads inside her pussy which he needs to eat to survive.


After a hearty breakfast Valena went upstairs. She had much to do but first her love slaves must be fed who gets their only meal every morning. She entered the open terrace overlooking the valley. Valena preferred it here. She could enjoy the natural beauty of the beautiful Red Mountains while feeding her love slaves. Her special throne was ready and she was also pleased to see Harold in his position under her seat and his face socketed inside the cushion of her seat. Valena was pleased. Harold has made a good cuckold. He can tantalise and energise a witch’s core by licking her pussy. In this case Valena’s milk flow always improved when he licked her when breastfeeding. She needed her milkwagons to function at their peak, she had four full grown hungry men to feed.

She sat on her throne. Her hands rested on the wide handrests which are wide enough to expose her armpit hairs. Her legs also parted wide to allow Harold’s eager tongue enter her moist lovehole from below and start licking, eating and pleasuring her. Tony and Jerak approached her from right standing on their knees looking at her reverently and with open hunger. They were about an inch away from her barely covered right breast, but they did not move and patiently waited their mistress’s command. On the left there were Samen, and Vedro breathing down on her left breast but also waiting mistress’s command. Valena enjoyed that they were drooling with mouths open and their tongues wagging a little.

Harold voraciously ate her from below and her juices were now flowing freely. She could feel droplets flowing from her nipples too. Usually she lets one man feed on each of her breasts and then the other. But today she was in a naughty mood and Harold was especially performing well. She said “Well, Tony and Jerak you two start together, each one of you drink for a minute and then let the other have my nipple. Samen and Vedro you do the same here”, she said indicating her left breast. They needed no further encouragement. Reverently they tugged the flimsy fabric to reveal her giant lactating breasts and started feasting and sucking her nipples. Valena loved the cruel game when each man was not satisfied with the milk they got but had to allow the other to feed on Valena’s boobs. Each breast was alternately sucked by two men. Her hard lactating nipples were hard with all the attention and repeated suctions they got. “Don’t waste” Below her by repeated squirting she gave Harold a treat. Valena knew well it could not nourish him unless mixed with semen, but still Harold seemed to always love it. Valena closed her eyes in pleasure and a feeling of fulfilment as the morning breeze caressed her body along with five eager mouths.


In the past one year as a witch, Valena has come a long way from being a scared housewife no one cared about to become a powerful witch. She has been living alone in her secluded small home in the Red Mountains with her cuckold slave Harold and four love slaves Samen, Vedro, Tony and Jerak comfortably. But something bothered her. She felt she needed to do more. But she was not sure what.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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