Vicki’s Surprise Sandwich

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This story follows on from Naomi’s Swinging Debut: A Sequel.

There was a postscript to our association with Mike and Tina. After Naomi and I split up a couple of years later, I got a call one day from Mike. He was back in the state and was married by now with a one year old. We chatted on the phone for a while before he got round to what must have been the real intention of his call.

“I was wondering,” he said, “how you and Naomi first got interested in the party scene.”

“Why do you ask?” I replied.

It turned out Mike wanted to get his wife into it. He was as frank as he’d always been, describing how he’d already got her interested in talking about it while they were having sex, making up fantasies which she was really getting off on. But when he’d talked about it outside the bedroom, she was nervous about the idea in reality. “She’s interested – she just has cold feet,” he said. He figured if he could really pique her interest, she’d go along and he seemed to remember something Naomi had told him about how it had been with us.

I explained how the original threesome we’d had by chance one evening had set us going.

“So it was just something that happened by accident?” he said.

“That’s right. If that hadn’t happened, we might never have done any of the parties.” I paused, a thought entering my mind. What the hell, I figured. “You know,” I suggested, “something could always happen accidentally on purpose…”

“I think I know what you mean,” he replied.

Mike dropped round to my place a couple of days later and we downed a few beers and – I could hardly believe it – plotted an evening soon when I would join him in fucking his wife.

Virtually the next thing he did after sitting down with his first beer was to pull a bundle of Polaroids out of his pocket and spread them across the table.

“Meet Vicki,” he grinned.

The 30 or so instant photos showed his wife in varying degrees of nakedness and a variety of poses, everything from showing a glimpse of stocking top while sitting on a bar stool to lying completely naked on a bed, legs spread and a vibrator protruding from her vagina.

He told me that Vicki was 24 years old and 5 feet, 6 inches tall. She was somewhat plain in looks but I could see from the photos that she was fairly slim, perhaps even as slim as Tina had been so perhaps girls on the skinny side were his type. But where Tina had had tiny breasts, Vicki’s were huge, disproportionately large to her slender figure.

Mike proudly announced that she was a 38DD. I guess he was a big tit man too.

Her relatively short height, slim figure and big boobs made her look spectacular in a nice dress or still in her bra, and horny as hell nude in an upright position but I found the way her breasts sagged to either side when she was naked on her back a bit of a turn off. Always usually preferring smaller breasted women, it was something I’d never got used to with Naomi either, although her tits weren’t as enormous as Vicki’s.

Vicki was also, apparently, a natural blonde but there was no way of confirming it – Mike had persuaded her too to shave off her pubes.

He was convinced by now that, following an ‘accidental’ threesome, he could clinch his desire to get his wife into swinging.

After a few more beers, we’d developed a scenario in which their child would be farmed out to Vicki’s mother for the night, I’d go over for dinner, he’d ensure that Vicki was well plied with alcohol and then, through various machinations, a threesome would unfold.

“She’s wild when she’s a bit drunk,” he said, “she’ll do anything.” He paused a second. “Actually she’ll do most things stone cold sober too – suck cock, tit fucks, facials, play with herself, bondage… Do you like anal?”

His question, so typically frank, took me a little by surprise. I chose to deflect it. “Does she?”

“Loves it. I can’t wait to make a sandwich of her. Whaddaya reckon?”

I found the image appealling.

And so it was a couple of weeks later on a Thursday evening I showed up at their place across the other side of town. Mike introduced me as an old workmate he hadn’t seen for years and had run into a couple of weeks ago.

Vicki was much more attractive in the flesh – even fully clothed – than she had been in her photos. Her facial features were a little plain but she had a vivacious smile and a strangely attractive, barely noticable lisp along with an English accent. And that figure of hers! In a flowing floral dress with a plunging neckline which showed off her spectacular cleavage, she looked hot. I wondered what she would have thought if she’d known I’d seen her in Mike’s Polaroids looking even hotter.

She fixed us some pre-dinner drinks then, as we dined, we polished off the bottle of red wine I’d brought with me. I should say Vicki polished it off – Mike was pouring and managed to get two and a half glasses into Vicki while we lingered over one apiece. Then he opened another bottle with dessert and managed to pull the casino şirketleri same stunt. By the time that was done, Vicki was a happy girl, giggling at the way she was slurring and swearing that she’d better not have any more as she didn’t want to make a spectacle of herself in front of a visitor.

It didn’t stop Mike from persuading her to join us in a liqueur coffee – into which he dumped twice the amount of whiskey he served us.

Then I ‘discovered’ that I was out of cigarettes and, pleading the desperate smoker, said if they’d excuse me I’d drive to a neighbourhood bar and pick some up.

But after driving out of the street, I turned straight back around and cruised quietly back to the front of their house. Slipping round the back, I found the back door open as Mike said it would be.

I’d been gone a mere five minutes but as I let myself quietly in through the kitchen, I could tell by the lack of conversation Mike was already at work. I slipped down the hallway and peered round the open living room door to make sure they were there.

The second I’d left the house, Mike had drawn his wife over to the sofa and started necking with her, whispering in her ear that he’d love it if she gave him a head job before I got back. She hadn’t needed too much persuading – as advertised, she was always randy when drunk, thought I was away on a 20 minute round trip and thought it would be a turn-on to have had a quickie on the sofa in their guest’s absence.

From where I stood, I could see Mike sitting back with his trousers round his ankles. Vicki was curled up alongside him on the sofa, her head in his lap and her dress pulled up around her waist. Her white panties lay across the arm of the sofa and Mike’s hand was between her legs from behind and he was fingerfucking her. Vicki was making soft wet sucking noises as her head bobbed up and down.

Mike saw me and raised his eyebrows in acknowledgement at the same time as putting his free hand on his wife’s head to make sure she didn’t look up. He motioned his head to remind me of my next task.

Moving as softly as I could, feeling that my now heavy breathing could be heard from one end of the house to the other, I slid back into the hallway and found the downstairs bathroom. Mike had said there’d be a large tube of water-based lube in the cupboard under the basin. Taking it, I made my way back to the living room doorway, signalled Mike I was back and managed to find a good view of the sofa through the gap on the hinge-edge of the open door. From there I was able to watch with no fear of Vicki seeing me as Mike now ad-libbed his way to the point at which I’d make my entry.

I had suggested that if I had the chance I’d simply come into the room behind her back, sit down and watch. Then Mike could simply carry on until Vicki saw me and we’d just figure it out from there.

But as I peered through the gap in the door, Mike was working on a much better opening.

Easing her head out of his lap, he told her to take her dress off.

“What if your friend gets back?” she slurred, smiling wickedly.

“You’ll either have to get dressed again quickly or put on a show,” he replied.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she said, standing unsteadily and starting to unbutton the front of her dress.

“I think I might,” he replied, risking a glance over to where he knew I was hiding.

She stumbled a little stepping out of her dress and giggled. Swaying in front of him wearing only a voluminous lacy white bra which matched her discarded panties and softly supported her large breasts, she continued: “What would you make me do in front of your pal?”

He grinned. “I’d tell you to get on top of me.”

Facing him, she climbed astride him, lowering herself onto his hard cock.

“Then I’d grope at your tits while I fucked you for a while,” he said, doing just that. “Then I’d tell you to bring yourself off to he could watch you cumming…”

Vicki put her hand between her legs and quickly brought herself to climax. Man, was she turned on – and so was I.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this when he could come back any minute,” she said breathlessly.

“Maybe he’s already back and spying on us,” hinted Mike, “what would you think of that?”

She giggled. “I’d hope he had a good view!”

I certainly did.

“So what would you do next?” she continued.

“Well…” Mike put his hands under her bottom and pulled her forward, parting her tight little arse cheeks as he did so. He wet an index fingertip on the cunt juices running down his shaft and deftly found and penetrated her pouting pink anus.

“Next I’d get you ready to take it in there,” he said, slowly fucking the fingertip in and out of her in time with her rocking her cunt back and forth on his cock.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out where this was going. As much as possible I kept my eye glued to the crack in the door while shedding my clothes. By the time I was stripped, Vicki was leaning forward casino firmaları on Mike, her chin resting on his shoulder. And he now had the tip of his middle finger in her asshole as well and was lubing up the index and middle of the other hand with her cunt juices.

She let out a moan as he eased the other fingertips in and started gently stretching her. “Would you fuck me there while he watched?”


“What then?”

“I’d stay exactly where I am and invite him to come and fuck you in the ass.”

“Ohhh!” she moaned, dropping her hand between her legs once more to pleasure herself. “Both of you at once?”

“Yeah. Would you like that, baby?”

“Mmm, yeah… Oh, that’s… so hot…”

“Yeah,” he grinned, dilating her anus even further. She moaned in the back of her throat and wanked herself harder.

“So what would you do if he was standing behind you right now?” said Mike.

Vicki couldn’t help an instinctive glance over her shoulder. It made me jump back just as instinctively. “I’d want him to fuck me,” she moaned, her orgasm rising, “I’d want him to push his cock into my asshole and fuck me there, all the way up like you do….”

I flipped the cap on the lube, dumped a more than generous amount into my hand and worked it over my rigid cock as I padded into the room.

“Tell me more,” Mike prompted his wife, glancing up at me standing directly behind her, “what next?”

“Ohh! I’d… I’d… want him… to fuck me… hard… in my ass… and you… to fuck me… hard as you could… in my pussy… at the same time and… I’d cum… and cum… and you’d cum… and so would he… and you’d both… oh!… fill me with your cum!”

Vicki cried out, spasming and riding her husband’s cock wildly. He responded by pulling her distended anus momentarily even wider, adding emphasis to her orgasm and spurring me into action.

I stepped in and put a hand on one of her buttocks to steady myself as I guided my throbbing cock to its target. I expected her to react immediately but, in the midst of her orgasm, she didn’t even notice my touch or perhaps though it was Mike. He slid his hands quickly to the middle of her back, holding her down against him, and I pushed my cock in one careless thrust straight into her ass.

“Ohhh!” she cried but for a full couple of seconds she didn’t do anything except carry on cumming as she had been. Then she craned her neck to peer back at me arched over her, the expression on her face one of distant shock – and she started cumming all over again.

I was ramming my oiled-up cock into her back passage, Mike was doing his best to keep up thrusting into her cunt from below and between us Vicki thrashed and screamed: “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” over and over.

Her anus, relaxed and stretched by Mike in readiness for me, had barely resisted my eager entry but now was gripping fiercely in rubber band tightness around my plunging shaft.

It had been some time since I had fucked a girl in the ass and the sensation of taking Vicki there was intense enough. But the usual hot void beyond her ring was also filled with sensations of pressure and movement along the underside of my cock as with each thrust into her body I also felt Mike’s cock moving in her cunt through the thin walls between her front and back passage.

Slumping forward, her involuntary mutliple orgasm subsiding at last, Vicki gasped in her husband’s ear: “It’s real, Mike, it’s real! He’s fucking me!”

I missed his reply and her response of “Yeah, but…” was cut off as I suddenly punctuated a passage of gentle, shallow movement by withdrawing until my cock head met the resistance of her gripping anal ring then immediately plunging from a standing start as deep into her as I could thrust.

Mike had certainly been telling the truth about Vicki’s anal experience. If she had been unused to it, she would have been reacting very differently at this moment. But her cry at my rude, violent thrusting into her asshole was not one of pain but a gasp for breath followed by an exclamation in a voice that was thick with lust: “Oh my god, I’m so full!”

“Does it feel good?” Mike asked.

“Yeah…” she replied uncertainly.

“Does it turn you on?”


“Oh baby – I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed and immediately hitched his hips up and blew his load. The twitching and thrusting in her cunt had quite an effect on me in her ass and I knew I wasn’t far from losing control either.

I leaned forward and slipped my arms round her body, filling my hands to overflowing with her big soft breasts, still encased in the sheer lacy fabric of her bra, and began a thrusting into her that was only going to end with one thing.

Vicki groaned with each of my inward thrusts. Mike stroked his wife’s hair, whispering a stream of endearments and obscenities in her ear: “Come on, honey, make it good, fuck him back, oh, you’re so beautiful, come on baby, I love you, make him cum in your ass…”

And Vicki did güvenilir casino indeed fuck me back, rocking back to meet my inward thrusts and seconds later I was grunting streams of cum into her ass, going weak at the knees and collapsing across her back.

“Get up, I can’t breath!” said Mike at the bottom of the stack.

I took my own weight again and reluctantly withdrew from Vicki’s fabulously accomodating asshole. Her anus gaped wide and wet above her cock-filled cunt. Cum was oozing from her vagina around her husband’s cock, running thickly down his ballls and between his butt cheeks. A dark patch was spreading on the sofa cushion beneath him.

I stepped back and Vicki looked dazedly over her shoulder at me.

“Hi,” I said. It was all I could think of.

She smiled at me, her eyes half glazed. “Hi…” Then she looked back at her husband. “Did you set this up?” she demanded – but there was drunken good humour in her voice.

“Maybe,” he said.

“Really?” she giggled. “I know I should be mad but…”

I sat down on the sofa beside Mike. Vicki leaned over to me, steadying herself with a hand on my shoulder, and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and accepting mine in return. When she pulled back, she giggled drunkenly again. “There. Wrong order but it’s ok now…”

“What?” I asked.

She shook her head, as if clearing it. “You came in my bum and I hadn’t even kissed you yet!”

It looked like we’d done quite a job of getting her pissed. When I’d gone out to ‘get cigarettes’, even when I got back, she’d been lucid and able to stand. Now, maybe accelerated by the sandwiched fuck she’d just got, it looked like the booze had really kicked in.

Her speech was all slurred, her eyes blood-shot and she swayed atop Mike. I took in a nice long ogling view of her breasts for the first time. They bulged out of her bra as Mike squeezed at them and with her slim, compact body, they looked even larger than they actually were.

Vicki gave Mike a sloppy open mouthed kiss then turned back to me, looking me up and down. She reached out and grabbed my still hard cock and just about fell off Mike trying to lean over and take me in her mouth.

“Let’s get her turned around,” said Mike and he rolled her off him and urged her from the sofa and onto the floor. He quickly got her on her hands and knees before me and pushed her head down into my lap.

She plunged her mouth over my cock heedless of the fact that I’d only just pulled out of her ass and started sucking enthusiastically if somewhat unsubtlely on my cum and lube slicked shaft.

Behind her, Mike had grabbed the lube from where I’d dropped it on the carpet and was getting Vicki ready to take it in the ass yet again, finger fucking the viscous fluid into her anus with his index and middle fingers. Then he splashed some on his cock and lined himself up.

He had a little difficulty pushing in at first, his cock was only half-hard as indeed was mine in her mouth. But after a little fussing about he managed to stuff his meat into her and he immediately grabbed her hips and fucked her violently for several seconds.

He looked at me and grinned. “She likes it rough sometimes. Don’t you. baby?” He stroked the back of her head, bobbing up and down on my cock.

“Mmmph-ummph!” she went with her mouth full.

He took a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back but not completely away from me. “Do you want it that way now?”


I guess that must have been ‘yes’ because Mike pushed her head down so far that my cock poked the back of her throat. She gagged and drooled but held in there, even after he let go of her hair.

I took over, holding her head down and fucking her mouth without regard for her gasps for breath. Mike withdrew from her ass and slapped her hard across the buttocks several times. The impact of his hand on her flesh went off like rifle shots in the room and his wife jumped and moaned around my cock with each slap.

I felt a bit uncomfortable for a moment and backed off my too deep thrusts into her mouth. I thought Mike was going a bit too hard in his excitement, maybe even to impress me.

But when he plugged his cock back into her, this time I believe sliding it into her cunt, and fucked her just as roughly as before, she dropped one of her hands down to between her legs and started frigging herself wildly. Within a few minutes, she came, a twitching spasming piece of hot flesh pressing herself back onto Mike’s cock and moaning indistinctly as she gobbled greedily at mine.

While Mike had been fucking away at her, both hands gripping her hips tightly, he’d caught my eye and nodded down at her. “Get her bra off.”

I unclipped the back and she interrupted her masturbation to help shuck it off her shoulders. Her big breasts swung free at last, large, soft and white and tipped with tiny dark aureole and nipples which stood proud. They hung down, swaying and bobbing with the impact of Mike’s thrusts into her and the motion of her right hand frigging away at herself. She brought her left hand up to caress my balls as I more enthusiastically pressed her head down onto my cock, watching it disappear to the root between her drooling lips and feeling it grow again to full hardness.

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